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Orlando Bloom: Bike Riding for TV Commercial!

Orlando Bloom: Bike Riding for TV Commercial!

Orlando Bloom rides a bicycle as he shoots a commercial on Wednesday (January 26) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The 34-year-old English actor got back to work after the birth of his son, Flynn, earlier this month!

“Our little man is now 17 days old and we are still pinching ourselves as to the reality of having had a baby and of having brought this beautiful little soul into the world….. and a beautiful little soul he is,” Orly‘s wife, Miranda Kerr, wrote earlier this week.

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  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    He always loser and boring

  • Jayne

    Hes always good looking to me.

  • Endrid

    He’s beautiful and sweet.

  • YAY!!

    Such a DILF!

  • sara

    Looks like a new UNIQLO advertisement.
    Guess that they got such good feedback when they used him for their Fall/Winter, so they signed him on for Spring/Summer, too!
    He is so beautiful!

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    Beautiful man .

  • yes!

    So gorgeous!

  • Jokergurl

    He’s HOT but he cut that flowing hair :(

  • reb

    He looks so much better when he cleans up! Not that he isn’t sexy in general, but man, what a good-looking man when he cleans up+++

  • Not so much now

    Only thought he was hot as Legolas.

  • wow

    He looks fantastic!


    Bike? I was expecting him on his motorcycle – not a two wheel scooter, lol!

  • LOL!

    copy/pasted cuz I’m too lazy to type it all again….
    Hey, did you guys know that the delphites are the biggest hypocrites on the web?
    Sure you did.
    Here’s a few MORE examples… if we needed more.
    Miranda = famewhore
    Doutzen = such a private person
    Miranda papped out and about = set up
    Doutzen papped out and about = oppps, she (who 99% of Americans don’t know) got caught!
    Miranda marries Orlando in a private ceremony = planted for publicity
    Doutzen marries = such a loving couple
    Miranda DOESN’T release wedding pics = stringing us along for publicity
    (so private) Doutzen DOES release photos = so beautiful and intimate
    Miranda does three covers while pregnant = not working
    Doutzen does one photo shoot and one benefit = so busy!
    Baby Flynn photographed where we can only see part of his face = whoring out the baby for publicity.
    Phyllo Dough photographed showing a CLOSE UP OF HIS VERY PRIVATE FACE WHEN HE HAD NO SAY IN THE PIC = so cute and amazing
    Come on delphites, defend yourself against this evidence.
    Come and tell us how you just “call ‘em as you see ‘um”.

  • ha!

    How is showing a baby’s face more private than only showing part of his face?
    And who cares about their kid, anyway?
    Doutzen is a gorgeous model, but very limited due to her size. And she isn’t married to an international movie star like Orlando, so no one really cared if she was pregnant or that she had her baby.
    She released pics of her wedding to get attention (wearing white while obviously pregnant was hilarious), and now she releases a picture of her baby on a public site, not on a more personal site like Miranda did,
    And they are saying that Doutzen is the private one?
    H Y P O C R I T E S ! !

  • SSDD

    Just like if Orlando is photographed outside the house, he “couldn’t get away fast enough”, or that it is “proof” that he doesn’t care about the baby.
    But yet they are still carrying on about him dropping out of Albert Nobbs. They think that he should have abandoned Miranda to give birth alone, and to not give up such an ‘important’ role.
    Of course, if they had filmed during the Summer, when they were supposed to, the haters would have claimed that it was just another ‘nothing’ role.
    It’s pretty funny to watch the delphites twist themselves into knots to fit every action into their idiotic alternate reality.
    Ted C confirmining that they ARE married fried their brains.

  • @LOL!

    Why have you called Doutzen’s baby Phyllo Dough? What’s the actual name? You seem to be mocking her baby, who certainly doesn’t deserve it.

  • LOL!

    You are absolutely right.
    His name is Phyllon Gorre.
    Phyllo Dough is what some were calling him on ONTD, and I got carried away.
    He’s innocent of all of the “private” shenanigins that his parents have set up.

  • @LOL

    You forgot that they called Doutzen “classy” for whoring out her baby.
    Such shameless hypocrisy would be funny if they weren’t so pathetically oblivious.

  • ooh ooh

    AND, Phyllon has his own Twitter account!
    Yep, mommy and daddy are soooo private and classy!

  • WHAT?

    OK, FatCamp, we get it.
    You like living vicariously through Orlando, but enough is enough.
    Not only have you claimed that his mother is a child abuser, and painted him as a drug addict, you are now claiming that he is a woman beater.
    His people need to sue your fat a$$, and show you and your cronies that there is a limit to their tolerance of your libel.
    You claim to be writing fiction, then claim to be the real Orlando.
    You need a serious reality check. And I hope that Orlando’s lawyers are the ones that give it to you.
    You shouldn’t be working with children. You are obviously unbalanced, and in need of serious help.

  • @WHAT?

    But they pretend all of the time.
    They pretend to be other people, and make up fake facebook personas to post idiotic insults on Miranda’s pages.
    They pretend to be the real people when they make fake blogs in Miranda’s, Orlando’s and Kate’s names.
    They pretend to have insider knowledge of the private lives of total strangers.
    They pretend to be fans of Orlando’s when they treat his life with such horrific disrespect.
    They pretend to have lives when they obviously spend every waking moment searching the internet for news on total strangers.
    Especially “FatCamp”. She seemed to tip over the edge when they got married. Calling her “FatCamp” seems justified after she called a pregnant woman “fat”, when she herself is overweight (without being pregnant). Hypocrite.

  • Mayfrayn is the Scary One!

    She is the type of fan I would not want to have if I were a celebrity. She spends so much time promoting both Orlando and Miranda. Talk about a boot licker! She makes me very nervous and sick the way she talks about them. It is like she is trying to get as close as she can to both of them, so that should Miranda ever mess up, and Orlando decides to leave her, she thinks she will be the first in line for his affections.

    She is the one who needs Serious Help. She makes the Delphi lunatics look like the girl scouts.

  • @22

    Mayfrayn is harmless.
    She is a fan, nothing more.
    Reading bad things into her actions says more about you, than it does about her.
    She praises Miranda as much as she praises Orlando, so there is obviously no jealousy involved. And she has never pretended to be one of them on a sick internet blog.
    Delphites have even suggested disrupting the event, if Miranda ever had a book signing in NY. They even staked out her apartment building when Orlando was pictured coming and going on his motorcycle.
    They stalk every internet site devoted to her, and live their lives to spread their sick hatred.
    Mayfrayn may be an enthusiastic fan. But the delphites are twisted and unbalanced. They spend more time in their hatred, than Mayfrayn spends on her devotion.
    And with every delphite theory being proved wrong over and over again, I worry about one of them snapping.
    Miss Camp has shown how desperate they are. I wouldn’t put anything past them.

  • @22

    Hmmmm, I don’t know.
    FatCamp (I like that name) takes her obsession and creates a blog that libels a well liked celebrity.
    Mayfrayn takes her obsession and raises over two thousand dollars for UNICEF in the name of said celebrity.
    One positive, one extremely negative, and you think that Mayfrayn is the loon?
    I think that says it all.
    You may as well have signed ‘delphite’ to your post.

  • @24

    I am very thankful she raised so much money for Unicef that was very inspirational and positive yes.

    However would it not have been just as positive to do so without using Orlando and Miranda’s name…..or are people just not that giving unless some celebrity is behind the cause first.

    When people start caring so much about the welfare of others without having a celebrity bring attention to it first…..then I will be inspired by what they are doing.

    Until then.

    When I saw the movie Free Willy, the first thing I did as soon as it was over was adopt two Orca’s to help them live a better life…..I did not do so because of who was playing the characters in the film…..I did so because I am passionate about wanting to care for all animals.

    I am grateful that Orlando and other celebrities have brought attention to the children and people that UNICEF is trying to help…..He is not the reason why I would donate any funds to help them.

    If Mayfrayn would have started a fund raiser without using their names claiming it was to honor their new born child, then I would have been more inspired to give to the cause……It sounds to me that what she is saying…..the only reason why these children are worth saving is because “Orlando” went to the country himself…..otherwise they were not worth her time.

    I watched the movie Free Willy because I have always loved Orca’s, and I wanted to help them, not promote the careers of the actors who played in the film…..I did it on my own without advertising it or making a big spectacle of how wonderful I was for doing so.

    Self Praising of ones own actions, no matter what the cause, has never been a very beautiful feature on anyone.

    Sorry…..I am thankful that she did what she did, and raised the money for it……but only for the children’s sake, not for her ego,,,,,,or her wanting to get in with Orlando or Miranda’s good graces.

  • @25

    You say that people should give money to worthy causes without a celeb having to endorse it, and that is true.
    But then you say that you were inspired to adopt two orcas after seeing a film about their plight. Why didn’t you adopt them before the film? If you cared for all animals, why did it take a movie to spur you to action?
    A movie bringing awareness is no different than a particular actor doing the same thing.
    Whether it is a film about orcas, or George Clooney in the Sudan, or Orlando Bloom in Nepal, the fact remains that awareness is the key to any cause. And celebs (or movies) bring that awareness.
    I can’t remember where I saw it, but there was a list published last year (or maybe late 09), that listed the stars that had the greatest fund raising impact on the charities that they represented. Orlando was very high on that list. His name raised millions of dollars for UNICEF. If a fan is inspired to donate money in the name of his son, where is the harm?
    You seem to be projecting your own beliefs and values onto Mayfrayn. You don’t know her motives, but claim that it is only to stroke her own ego. Maybe it is, who knows? But that doesn’t matter in the end. In the end, UNICEF benefits. And if Mayfrayn gets a thank you card in the mail from Orlando, good for her. That’s a far cry from the cease and desist letter that may arrive at a certain delphite’s door.

  • @25

    You must be kidding. Giving money to UNICEF, even if for the wrong reasons, is NOT worse than accusing someone you never met of beating women or being a drug addict. That’s so obvious that nobody should have to explain why.
    You don’t have to admire or even like Mayfrayn, but being too interested in two celebrities in a positive sense doesn’t hurt anybody.

  • @26

    “Why didn’t you adopt them before the film? If you cared for all animals, why did it take a movie to spur you to action?”

    That is a very good point you made…..and you are right.

    However right at the end of the film they list just before the credits a toll free number you can call to help the Orca’s……I have never seen that phone number or information listed anywhere else…..if I had then you better believe I would have called and done so long before that movie ever came out…..and then I probably would have called again.

  • @28

    But again, you proved that movies and/or celebrities raise awareness.
    If you had really felt the need to help before the movie, you could have found that number easily.
    Just as people who want to donate to UNICEF or other charities can find the donor pages easily, without the help of a celeb.
    But celebs and movies bring those issues to the forefront. It has been proved time and time again that celebrity endorsements raise money.
    So again, what is the harm of using a healthy, priviledged child to raise money for those less fortunate?
    How can you see something wrong with what Mayfrayn is doing, and feel OK with what Miss Camp is doing?
    When has hatred and lies ever been better than helping a child in need?
    You say that Mayfrayn is doing it because of her ego, what then is Camp’s excuse? Ego also? You bet. That, and a serious break with what makes for a healthy psyche.
    I read that some haters were even posting their vitriol on the UNICEF page. They thought that it was funny to post hate on a site dedicated to helping children. If that isn’t a twisted ego, then I don’t know what is. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • @29

    Who is this Miss Camp?

    I never said I felt okay with what the haters are doing.

    The way Mayfrayn promotes Orlando and Miranda gives me the creeps where as what Miss Camp and the haters are doing does make me angry, but I am sure that Orlando has plenty of bodyguards and protection for his growing family.

    But what about the ones who seem overly zealous in their praise and adoration…..there are lots of people who do so only to get close to those for the wrong reasons…..those are the ones you need to be careful of….”wolf in sheep’s clothing”

    just saying

  • SSDD

    That oh “so private”. “classy” Doutzen has whored out baby Phyllon again.
    ‘He’ posted on ‘his’ Twitter a thank you message to two pram (stroller) manufacturers.
    Selling out your baby for a few hundred dollars worth of baby gear sure is classy and private, right?
    C’mon delphites, explain that one away.

  • @31

    I don’t think Mayfrayn goes over the line between an enthusiastic fan and a dangerously obsessed one.

    She doesn’t act as if Orlando or Miranda are personal friends. She didn’t send them baby clothes; she organised donations to a cause Orlando cares about.

    She went to see them go into the Vogue Italia exhibition, but she didn’t try to greet them like they were supposed to know her, or to get into the exhibition, or find out what hotel they were staying at.

    He’s had admirers who went over the line before, but she’s more in line with other enthusiastic fans who don’t seem in danger of getting carried away, like the Clickers who made cakes for him during the In Celebration run.

    It’s also great that she finds interviews on the Web and translates them.

  • @32

    I agree.
    She is a far cry from the ‘Carmens’ of the fandom.
    She never even really called out to them as they were going into the Vogue event. All she did was say “hi”, too softly for either Orlando or Miranda to possibly hear her.
    Seeing them at a public event is a far cry from staking out their apartment in NY, IMO.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    I love how Delphi loons throw stones at Myfrayn but they are worse than she could ever be they obsess and talk ,talk,talk,talk and stalk 24/7 a person who they claim to hate Myfrayn is 1999329 times better in my book at least she spends her time for good causes and on people she likes nothing strange about that.

  • http://justjared Mjforever

    @33 Yeah I remember the Delphi psychos stalking Miranda’ s apartment back in the day scary stuff .

  • YAY!

    Even while visibly pregnant for half the year, Miranda placed at number 5 in the AskMen’s 99 most desirable women poll.
    You go, girl!

  • LOL!

    They never fail to entertain us, do they?
    If Miranda had not made the list, they would have said that it was ‘PROOF’ that no one likes her. But since she not only MADE the list, but placed in the TOP TEN, they are saying that anyone on that list of the 99 most desirable women are wh*res.
    So that means that ALL of the models, respected actresses, and public figures are wh*res?
    Or do they only mean those that happen to place at number five?
    Or only those models married to Orlando Bloom who place at number five?
    You know how they LOVE their double standards!
    Too darned funny!

  • @LOL!

    If you’ve had 4 or 5 boyfriends by the time you hit 27 or don’t panic at the sight of a pair of boobs, you qualify as a wh*re to those women. So yes, all the women on that list, and almost every woman not on that list are wh*res.

  • @38

    So true.
    I guess that since most of the haters have never had a boyfriend, anyone who has, must be a harlot.
    I thought about it, and I have had NINE boyfriends!!!
    If you count the deeply serious relationship I had with a fellow four year old….we were going to get married, after all.
    I must be a wh*re too!
    My husband will be so excited!!