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Willow Smith: Vanity Fair Shoot!

Willow Smith: Vanity Fair Shoot!

Willow Smith busts a move as she shoots with Art Streiber for the February 2011 issue of Vanity Fair magazine.

The 10-year-old pop phenom shared with the mag about her budding music career.

“It is very cool, because Jay[-Z] really welcomes me and makes me feel like the record label is a place where I can have fun and talk about my career,” Willow said. “He and his people make me feel like I’m a part of something. And I love Beyonce”she’s awesome!”

Willow recently shot the video for her next single “21st Century Girl” and also gave fans a sneak peek of the song!

FYI: Willow is wearing a pair of Claire’s gloves.

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  • Izza

    These Smith kids have such an arrogance about them.
    Will and Jada aren’t hurting for money …. why not let these children be children for as long as possible. Their not going to have a “normal” life bc of who their parents are but geez let them have that semblance of normal for as long as they possibly can. :SMDH:

  • Rita

    In my next life, I want to be born as one of Will Smith’s kids.

  • In The Know

    A “Pop Phenom” is someone that sells a million downloads.

    Not hating just asking for a little reality here?

    The deals are clearly financially back-ended by Will Smith, and everyone in town knows this.

  • please pp

    Work It Girl!

  • Kerri

    Really??? She has a Bruce Springsteen shirt on?

  • please pp

    @ In The Know

    Willow’s song did sell a million. Think before u speak!

  • Crazy Oldie

    who cares.

  • kizbit

    Disturbing on so many levels.

  • Thai


    Blame the parents and leave the kids the alone. I dont want to see any more news about these 2 abused children, Jaden and Willow. To hell with u, Will and Jada, u are nothing but pimps to ur own kids!

  • Julie

    So sick of this little girl already. Does anyone really know how she really sounds? Shouldn’t she be on the JJ Jr. blog?

  • http://snicker prairie pig


  • deedith

    I have mixed feelings about these Smith kids. They’re obviously talented but they need some serious growing up to do first. and start by learning Humility first, because it’s obvious that they don’t judging by their interviews.

  • JS

    It’s not what you know or if you have talent for the children of celebrities. The public are sheep LOL!

  • Isabelle

    Having successful parents is sure helping her career…it’s so obvious.

  • carol

    Why is she not on JJ Jr, because she is the mighty Will’s daugther? Well since she wants SO MUCH to be in public eye so with that comes critisism good and bad here goes…She can’t sing, she’s all autotuned and she’s not a very cute little girl, ugly in fact. Lucky for her she can maybe grow into better looks, she’s still young so she may not be ugly forever. And for those who say “aw, she’s only a little girl”, I say, nope, she is not a typical little girl, she wants fame so needs tot take the lumps of fame too.

  • boston61

    I will never by Vanity Fair again. They have become a big part of the nepotism machine in our country. It is obscene. It is UNAmerican!!

  • Vero

    omg. she looks horrible.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute


  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Need more music 1 2 3. . Gooo

  • Melissa

    I guess using the phrase pop phenom is a marketing skill, they think if they say it enough we will believe it, this little girl annoys me for some reason.

  • Melissa

    @6 she didn’t sell a million, I believes she had over a millions hits on you tube, I may be mistaking but I believe that is what they said.

  • honey

    People, let her be herself!! Maybe she’ll fail and die or maybe she’ll succeed and become someone so relevant. It’s the circle of life!

  • anonymous

    She’s very unfortunate looking isn’t she. Good job her parents are rich!

  • Sarah

    @anonymous: She might be not so pretty but she’s very clever!!

  • MllleF

    Like if she only knows who’s the Boss, Bruce Springsteen is…lol

    She must think, that is so cool to wear a shirt with as ass on it…

  • Me

    The son seems very cocky too. Alitle attitude like the mom. No humility. I thought will smith grew up poor. U would think he would want a good education for his kids and keep out of limelight til 18

  • boston61

    Please she is no more talented than millions of other kids. I’m sure there is a well paid army of talented adults who are molding her behind the scenes. The American public must revolt!!!!!!!!

  • amensister

    how is it fair that this CHILD get in Vanity Fair, and major mags and TV shows when other artist trying hard to established themselves are being ignored

    this is so unfair

  • ABE


  • marie

    I feel sorry for that little girl. Her parents did a very bad job with her. She’s so used by grown ups, and ok, she may have a strong personality, but parents should try to manage it and not develop it. Gosh, she’ll be so abhorrent in the future !

  • In The Know

    @please pp:

    Show me a link to a legitimate industry site or legitimate news site saying she sold 1 million downloads.

    I’d like to see it.

  • In The Know


    Its Will Smiths Money insuring this against failure. He is back-ending the whole thing……….that is why this is happening. Now they are going to ruin “Annie”, and Martin Charnin will let it happen because he will make tens of millions whether it succeeds or fails. Its not about talent its about money.

  • Mikado

    She is 10 yrs old. She shouldn’t be on this site. She is a very young kid. Leave her out of here.

  • Gag Me W/ A Spoon

    Please send those children to school instead of show boating their untalented garbage through wasteful pr campaigns.

  • to boston61

    so, Vanity Fair is unAmerican all because they’re foolish enough to feature Willow Smith?? you have said some strange and stupid things in your time but this one is truly funny!! i’ll have to send your post to my friends so they can enjoy latest pronouncement. please continue!

  • T Pain

    When I was 10, i was the 5th grade playing with kids my own age, playing with video games, and my dog. I wasn;t worrying about what I’m wearing, doing photoshoots for magazines, or whipping my hair back and forth. I had a GOOD childhoood.

  • muna

    @t.pain dat was ur childhood…if it were u haterz dat was will nd jadas child nd u ve dis opportuinity wud u refuse,so pls tink b4 u kill dis gal wit ur bad comments

  • Anon

    Listen guys I don’t like her either, but this kind of thing happens all the time and no one say boo. I don’t think it’s mostly about race but I think the reason most people are hating on this girl is because her parents’ influence are so obvious and public. Paltrow, Cage, Demi’s kid (tater head), the chick from Twilight, they all got their first chances because of their families involvement in the business. A lot of child stars got their first big chance because of familial relation.

    I think the reason people (myself included) hate on this girl and her brother is because it’s one thing for you to get a audition simply because of your family name and quite another for that recognition to allow you to think you don’t have to prove yourself as an artist before you start acting like the second coming of Jesus. The nepotism is more blatant with Will and that’s what people hate, that and the fact that he keeps putting his kids in remakes because he has no originality.and also the ego.

    Then again let’s be honest, a lot of roles in Hollywood aren’t written for people like her, unless she’s down for playing the sidekick, the token, or unless she’s playing an adopted kid as most the leading roles written for adult characters call for white actors, and as such their kids have to be white. I can’t blame the dad for wanting to give her a chance but I hate the way he’s going about it.

    Anyway the thing that really bugs me is that she’s not really all that talented. Her music is catchy but so is Gaga’s garbage but that doesn’t make her some musical genius just because of her age. Write catchy lyrics and have any kid sing over good beats and auto tune the hell out of it and you end up with same result. I’ve seen better, younger singers on talent shows that never got a chance but I suppose the same can be said of most professions; there’s always someone more talented that will never be recognized.

  • Anthony

    Willow’s storm is about to get real big, she is really coming onto the music scene with no let up

  • Dina

    Pop Phenom??? LMAO I can’t wait till her parents payola has gone as far as it can go! and she’s left low and dry.

  • Ilsa

    Garbage and child abuse

  • all



    Please get her out of our faces!!!


  • all

    I bet Bruce is pissed!

  • Christine

    She’s only 10 years old she shouldn’t have a “career” already… celebrity kids just don’t know how to be kids anymore

  • http://dnica Mann

    @In The Know: Its way more then a million down loads and all you have to do is use wikipedia the song has gone platinum (1 million sales) in the U.S alone and was topped # 2 on the U.K charts.

    P.S. I think Bruce would love to know 10 year old up and comming star had his shirt on… This girl has real talent and she really loves music which is rare for a girl her age to be a Billy Idol fan because she likes how he sings… crazy stuff… can’t wait to get her album : )

  • from these pics,i cannot tell this kid is a “HE” or a “SHE”?

  • Ana

    It is a shame what these parents are doing with their children. And worst that the industry help them sell the kids.

  • Sonya

    I used to respect Will when he talked about his strict upbringing in Philly and how he was so down to earth and everything. Now I guess he is drinking his own kool aid. Jada was no good from the beginning, ask anyone in Baltimore. Their kids are no talent, cocky and arrogant and UGLY as hell. Will’s first son is much more grounded. Seems his mother (Will’s first wife) did a very good job in raising him.

    What is it with people? The Smith’s have money, and Jada seems to want to be a singer and movie star, but these kids are young! And as a black woman, I want to see young blacks who are talented and have struggled to get where they are not some spoiled, daddy’s money twits.

    Will has clearly disappointed me. He should have married someone more his educational level and moral upbringing. Maybe his parents should bring up his kids. take them out of Hollywood for a while.

  • Stilton Bomerr

    nm cute

  • Ms Barleo Gaga Pitt Fan

    I think she is going to be model beautiful when she grows up – you can tell – those eyes and she is so tall for her age. Not a big fan of the blatant nepotism but she is a pretty and smart lil girl.