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Adam Lambert: Melrose with My Mustang

Adam Lambert: Melrose with My Mustang

Adam Lambert does some shopping on Melrose Avenue with a friend before riding off in his black Mustang GT on Friday (January 28) in Los Angeles.

The singer and former American Idol runner-up turns 29 tomorrow (January 29). Happy early b-day, Adam!!!

Adam recently tweeted that he wants to hang out with fellow pop star Ke$ha.

“Hey girl!! Miss you!! We must have a Hollywood adventure to out-do our Parisian one!” he wrote on his Twitter page.

10+ pictures inside of Adam Lambert shopping on Melrose Avenue…

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adam lambert mustang 01
adam lambert mustang 02
adam lambert mustang 03
adam lambert mustang 04
adam lambert mustang 05
adam lambert mustang 06
adam lambert mustang 07
adam lambert mustang 08
adam lambert mustang 09
adam lambert mustang 10

Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • jess

    He’s so gorgeous!!

  • http://littledoodie Elow

    it’s already january 29th in France so happy bif to Adam :D

  • Telise

    OMG, I am liking the longer hair on him!! But I have to say Adam sure does love the colors black and silver!!! But GlamFather indeed wears the colors well!!!!

  • Natalie

    *coughcoughnewboyfriendcoughhack* All that mustang needs is some glitter paint and a disco ball in the rear mirror to be Glamorized. Rock Star Wheels!

  • Jen

    Adam is so cuuute! Thanks for the pics, JJ. Happy early bday, Adam! <3

  • WE

    Rock Star cool. Happy Birthday Adam!

  • Me

    Oh!!! He looks hot and his “friend” is cute too.

  • lane

    he SOOOOOOOOOO gorgeous

    Happy B day Adam!!!!

  • J.Taylor

    ADAM!! ♥

    Can’t wait to see what he wears to The Grammy’s :)

  • Jory


  • Annie

    Adam looks HOT!! Loving the longer hair on him! Gorgeous car and cute friend too!! Adam’s doing all right !!! Thanks for the pics – can we have some more please ?? Can’t wait to see Adam at the Grammy’s!! Happy Birthday Adam!!

  • jack

    you girls realize your drooling over this guy who screws other guys in the butt, right? that’s so sexy, NOT

  • Candy

    He is fug. EWWWWWWWWWWW!

  • Nickie

    Adam looks GORGEOUS !! Love the car too and cute friend!! Happy Birthday Adam!!

  • Nickie

    JEALOUS MUCH !!!!!! HA, HA ,HA

  • dannie

    Love his hair like this now!

  • DD

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous!!!!!!! So he did go out and buy himself a Mustang!!!!! I am so happy for him!!!!!

  • B

    What a beautiful man! He epitomizes fabulous!!

    And to @jack……yes…..we are aware that Adam is gay. Can you make a straight (or lesbian) woman ‘drool’ with your uber-sexiness,well-kempt exterior and off-the-charts-intelligence?? Yeah……..I didn’t think so!

    I think your ‘bitter parts’ need a little adjusting. Excuse me while I look the other way!!

  • mike

    like his car

  • Audrey Lambert

    Omg hes looking so gorgeous!! Hopefully his boytoy will stick around for the Grammys :) Lovelovelove his car!

  • Audrey Lambert

    Oh and BTW #happybirthdayadam ! :) 29, golden birthday! make it great!

  • annie

    Looking mighty fine Mr. Lambert. Love the pictures.

  • Salli

    And jack, you realize that everything about this fiercely charismatic and brilliant Grammy-nominated artist is so frickin hot that girls don’t give a shit about that or your opinion, don’t you?

  • annie

    Oh Yes Happy Birthday Adam…Hope you have a great one. Good luck at the Grammies.

  • http://NONE ROLANDO

    ur crude so vulgar u say that in whole world that has gay singer or gay people ? all over the wrld are you crazy?dont say anything like that be decent will you?

  • Harley

    Vomit! This freak is fuglier than he was on Idol. Too many cheese fries and not enough pro-active.

  • Anthony

    Ok, we get thast he is gay, but does he really need to make himself look so much like a woman

  • Marilyn

    Thanks again JJ. I could leave a crude comment, but I’ll restrain myself. ; ) Anyway, I love everything about Adam. An early Happy Birthday bb. Your birthday charity:water has raised over $123,000 already with 6156 people getting fresh water to drink worldwide. Proud of you.

  • B


    There is nothing ‘fuglier’ than a jealous bitter hater!!

    There aren’t enough cheese fries to saturate your comment,pro-active to cover the nastiness,and buckets to hold the spew you deliver!!

    Do you have a mirror??

    Adam,don’t pay any attention to these neanderthal-like comments……’re living proof of the evolved,intelligent being……er……@Harley…..not so much.!!

  • Janet

    In response to Jacks vulgar comment, let me tell you what is sexy in a guy and maybe most straight guys wouldn’t get this. Adam is gracious, charming, so hot when he performs, oh I forgot to mention honest and not afraid to be himself, he’s sexy without trying. This was the only reason I watched A.I. he oozes sex appeal,that is what’s sexy, the mystery without manipulation, it’s what gets ladies turned on, are you listening straight guys, I’m just a 61 year old broad who’s had a few lovers in her time, but watching Adam perform for 10 minutes gives me more excitement and thrills than any of them put together, but Jack you’re probably still trying to figure that out. Oh! wait a minute that was my first husbands name.

  • jack


    speaking of ****! a whole lot of pooh-pooh! sexy, isn’t it

  • elin

    Happy Birthday

  • Me

    @jack: unf gay sex. unf

  • kat

    @Harley: hahah you mad? He looks great

  • sarah

    @Anthony: long hair makes you look like a woman? you lost

  • lite


  • MC

    Keeps getting hotter.

  • deke

    Happy Birthday you uber talented man!!!!!

  • yesman

    So happy that adam is enjoying himself and Sauli is the name of the dude he is with…Sauli is from Finland…I was hoping that Adam would get his personal life 2gether after his tour…it looks like he’s doing that. The boys look good 2gether yall!!!!! To the HOMOPHOBES….LOVE IS LOVE…LEARN TO LOVE ALL…We love Adam period…

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Adam so cute and great ^_^

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Adam so cute and great ^_^

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Adam so cute and good looking

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Adam so cute and good looking

  • Telise

    You haters are a trip! Most of you are stans of other Idols who aren’t doing all that well even though they “supposedly” have a new album coming out soon. Others I suspect are just inbred. But also you feel confident making your homophobic comments from the safety of your computer screen, like most cowards do. And I’m happy to say that the “gay freak” as you like to call him is doing extremely well and couldn’t give a rat’s ass about what you think. He’s gonna make money regardless.

  • http://justjared adamluv1000

    @DD: He did not buy a mustang. Ford gave him the car for being a runner up on American Idol. Surprised the gossip sites haven’t picked up on who Adam is with Ha ha

  • umm

    he’s old and gay. why do teenies love him?

  • Debbie


    Hey Candy:

    FUG YOU !!!

    I’m lovin Mr. Adam Lambert !!!

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday Adam , hes soo sweet ! I love hes style :D

  • tina

    Actually Adam won a Ford Fusion Hybrid but he chose to upgrade the vehicle to the Mustang. He had to pay the difference between the vehicles. lol.
    I remember him winning the Fusion but had to dig around to see that he picked the Mustang instead and paid the difference~
    The mustang is a better choice for him!

  • http://@glitterlicious saaandra

    Wow, I love his new hair!!!!
    Happy bday!!