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Britney Spears' New Album Dropping March 15!

Britney Spears' New Album Dropping March 15!

Britney Spears still-untitled LP is set to be released March 15, a label rep confirms to MTV News.

The 29-year-old pop princess’ seventh studio album will feature tracks from super producers Max Martin and Dr. Luke, among others, along with three or four additional tracks.

Choreographer Brian Friedman recently teased what fans can expect from Brit‘s “Hold It Against Me” video.

“She’s taking fashion risks. Things we’ve never seen her wear before she’s wearing in this video, and I think it’s just very sexy and it’s a little bit playful,” Brian told MTV News.

“She’s going to be doing something in this video that we’ve never seen her do. I’m not gonna tell you what that is but she’s going to be sweating and she’s going to be getting bruised and battered,” he added.

Choreographer Brian Friedman Dishes on Britney Spears’ New Video
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Photos: Zomba Records
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    Britney Spears is about to show the lessers how its done!!

    YESS All Hail the Princess of Pop!

    Banging Single can only result into a fantastic video

    Cant Wait.


    Old, ugly, photoshopped hag.

    I propose rounding up the lunatics who support her and getting rid of them.

  • Lisa


    To be honest, I think her album will be WAYYY better than Gaga’s.

  • ephrammx

    Hell YESSSSS!!!! she will rock this year and dont hold it against her…. the legendary ms. Britney Spears is back……

  • BEAN

    Hold it against me is a terrible song and only in America would it be number 1! The only reason people still even listen to her is due to the fact most of the younger generation grew up with her and we all kind of feel sorry for her. Lets face is. She is hardly trying is she? It’s not fair that she can be mediocre and we all let her off because she is Britney. If you think hold it against me is a good song you are ABSOLUTEEEELY out of your mind; no buts. If you think it’s catchy. well fair enough.

  • Brandon Hilton

    I’m excited for this video. I’m not a huge fan of the song but I LOVE Jonas Akerlund. his videos are AMAZING!

  • rocky


    LMAO it reached number 1 in 17 countries…so shut up. and BOW to the Legendary MS. BRITNEY SPEARS!

  • Jokergurl

    Britney STILL RULES, enough said.

  • BEAN

    @rocky: Not in my country it didn’t. And this is the internet dumbazz. Im not speaking. And your opinion, or even mine no matter how many thumbs up it gets isn’t the view of the entire world. So kiss my azz. Yeah through the internet.


    Brian is oddly sexy to meh. ;)

  • Brandon Hilton

    @BEAN: AGREED! she’s kinda lost her “it” factor, now people just watch her because they want to see how much of a hot mess she’s gonna be. Its sad really.


    @Brandon Hilton: Not True. Her Fans love and support her like me. How is she a hot mess? That was years ago she went through her little issues. And who are you and why is your name in blue??

  • Madhatter

    WOW, that picture of her is majorly photoshopped.
    I can’t decide if that is good or bad.

  • renzkiG

    Wow.. i love your opinions about Britney. I don’t care whatever people are saying regardless to Britney, she already established herself in the past decade. Shes an icon in MUSIC and POP DIVA, a true MUSIC ROYALTY.

  • Stacy

    OMG. I love Britney. and that Video sounds like its going to be amazing!

  • Brandon Hilton

    @DION-ISH: google me boo! :)


    @Brandon Hilton: so basically knowbody. oh.

    And when you said “AGREED! she’s kinda lost her “it” factor, now people just watch her because they want to see how much of a hot mess she’s gonna be. Its sad really.”

    You basically just described Gaga. not Britney

  • skskj

    @DION-ISH: but gaga never had a britney-style meltdown so hows she a hot mess? Ive never seen her walking through gas stations barefoot pregnant and with cheetos in hand? Im glad Britneys making a name for herself again after so much though.

    Oh yeah by the way its ‘NOBODY’….


    @skskj: Gaga is just a hot mess period! Walking around with her ass out, wearing meat, and deliberately using “gay” issues to sell records. This woman is so slutty and trashy yet trys to category it and herself as art *Rolls Eyes* pleasee her nor her fans wouldn’t know what true art was if it slapped them in the face!

  • gio

    OMG OMG OMG can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Masoud


  • retire

    ZZZzzz, her new song is already droping off the chart as to be expected because her music is rubbish hot 1 sec and gone the next. Real artist make classic music not generic pop music. Mariah song spent 14 weeks at #1 even Beyonce song spent 9 weeks at #1. GAGA album spent a whole year in the top 10 this is what you call a hit record. It not shocking that she is going nude in her video, she always do and it gets old because she is not attractive. she is no Rihanna , katy or Beyonce. There is no misery left with her because she have expose it all.

  • Candy


  • Anthony

    Wow! so does this mean that she will be competing with Lady Gaga on the album charts come this time. Should be interesting

  • lalas

    She has a steady, loyal and young fanbase that supports her. Most people with taste doesn’t.

    She really has nothing going for her except her fanbase.
    Let’s be honest.

    She’s old-looking, ugly, not a singer, not a dancer and is brain-dead or mentally ill. She’s nothing.

    The song is lame, and it’s understandable why it would drop off the charts– her fanbase would have to repeated do the same thing week after week to keep her on top, and as crazy as they are, even they can’t do that.

  • Marquez Jerel

    Why is everybody acting like she’s making her comeback with this song, video & album? First off I hate how I just said comeback cuz I don’t consider taking a break to be your career being lost especially if it’s as amazing as britney spears career lol. She already made her “comeback” with her circus album. & even though she still was going thru’ stuff with her album b4 “blackout” she still had awesome songs on that album. She has been working hard before this album & song hiam. But I will admit I am sssoo excited she is doin some hardcore dancin! I think she’s an amazing singer but I love her dancing as well! I love the song! I especially love the bridge. The song is pop-techno but when she gets to the bridge it gets R&Bish & it’s sexy. I am a huge britney fan, but I’m not just saying I like the song because of that. She has had songs in the past that I didnt care for at first but then it grew on me & now I listen to it almost everyday hahaha. Britney has that effect, & I hope when I make it I do too. She has that sparkle & that it thing. I hope I can someday work with her.

  • Britneys team

    is there someone who really thinks that gaga became better/bigger than britney??Seriously??? Oh please you must be very agnorant to follow to persona who tells you to be love yourself for who you are cuz you born this way *BLA BLA BLA* while she does EVERYTHING just to cover her boring self.take off all gagas craziest costumes, meanless hand symbols and that stupid stammering in every song–>you get a shallow person whos basicly NOBODY.

  • haha2

    agree with brandon,bean and stacey

  • Jake

    Can’t wait for March 15th, this makes me so happy Feb is a short month.

  • Jules

    Hold it against me is a good song. Can’t wait for the video. The only reason it dropped this week was bc everyone bought the song already when it first came out. It’s still doing good on the radio. Seriously, look how many reviews it got compared to ANYONE else on iTunes. Even songs that have been out for months don’t have as many ratings or reviews. No one is sick of Britney! Fans will keep loving her and the haters aren’t getting tired of hating her either.

  • Ellie Mae Clampett

    Please stop posting about this dumb hag; you’re better than that. Her songs are awful and boring and so is she. Her psychotic fans are the only ones keeping her around, tormenting those of us that do have good taste in music and an eye for the truly talented.

  • ladysdsandiego

    i can’t wait for march!!! another #1 album on the way!!

  • lass

    I dont understand why people who dont like brintey read stuff about her, its like you just come on her for an excuse to whinge, if people enjoy her music let them enjoy it, what right do you have to judge anyone! get over it!

  • yo sista

    Lesser b!itches could never!