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Carrie Underwood: Knicks Game with Mike Fisher!

Carrie Underwood: Knicks Game with Mike Fisher!

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher head into Madison Square Garden on Wednesday (January 27) in New York City.

The 27-year-old country singer watched the New York Knicks beat out the Miami Heat, 93-88.

Earlier this month, Carrie arrived at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards looking gorgeous in a Badgley Mischka dress at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Carrie‘s new movie Soul Surfer hits theaters on April 15, 2011. Check out the teaser trailer in case you missed it!

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  • blair

    She’s so cute, but his hair always looks greasy.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Party dinner or what?

  • carol

    Woah does she ever wear a lot of makeup!!!! It’s caked on with a shovel!! Considering this is not stage makeup, it’s a huge amount to wear. I agree her hubby’s hair always looks like he could use a good shampoo (nice blue eyes though).

  • yep

    sweet couple!

  • Madhatter

    His hair doesn’t look greasy- it’s just heavy product (he’s a hockey player…).
    Her hair looks amazing, too bad it doesn’t look this good when she’s on the red carpet.
    She looks adorable but, her make-up does kind of look troweled on. What is it with Southern girls and the make-up?

  • anonymous

    He looks annoyed yet she looks like she is loving the attention. Maybe it’s because she made him color coordinate and wear that coat which doesn’t suit his style, he’s a masculine hockey dude, so maybe he knows his hockey teamates will LOL at him for being all metro henpecked. She did go to all that trouble to put on that enormous amount of make-up, so she prob wants to show it off.

  • jenMS

    Why does this guy always looks like he needs to wash his hair??

  • Kookabear

    he looks miserable because his team, the Ottawa Sens, are so rotten this season !!!!!

  • s

    it seems like her really hates the paparazzi..i don’t blame sure he isn’t used to it

  • gigi

    cake face never a good look. I mean why do gals do tat, ewww.

  • jillyro

    Hahha, on laineygossip she has pics of them and they are sitting in row #5 and she looks so annoyed!! Like how dare she not be in the front row look!! Howard Stern and his wife and the 30 Rock dude are all in 1st row, but Carrie did not make the cup and she looks pissed!!

  • Alleycat

    They are so cute! I love Mike’s coat. Carrie looks adorable and tiny next to him! Go Knicks!

  • Alleycat


    Lainey Gossip hates carrie for some reason, and trashes her all day long like an obssession. Lainey is an evil witch who should not be allowed near a computer. I bet she is the ugliest, fattest hag in the world, yet she trashed everyone else. Karma, baby. She will see it someday.

  • Alison

    Beautiful couple!!

  • DH

    I so like Mike….
    He looks GREAT..
    Mike is very good
    looks cute.
    People I hope you
    can have positive
    opinions. Mike
    is a suberb hockey
    player and Carrie
    can sing…I hope
    they can stay
    grounded..NO one
    is pefect..let them
    have their ife.

  • Lily

    Yo……. .Mike; how many squares d you need? Cute couple.

  • flutters

    Cute couple! They both look like they’re trying to get by the paparazzi without falling in the slush. Thanks for posting Jared!

  • lucy

    does anyone else think she looks pregnant?

  • lucy

    they’re cute!

  • bella

    about the “cake face make-up”…why do girls do that question??…i’ve done it before..yea im guilty, and sometimes when you look in the mirror you honestly dont think its a lot, until u see yourself in pictures and your then your regretting goin out in public like that, lucky for me papparazzi dont hunt me down, but i am a guilty corporate. carrie is a really pretty girl when shes natural i seen her with little make-up and she looks best thats way…pretty gurls dont need to do that

  • matilda


    oh gosh who the hell goes to that site and listens to that witch lainey? off course she picks the pictures with Carrie looking bored for two seconds even though there are a million of Carrie looking happy. she is not important, has not clout, and neeeds to burn away. just vile.

  • Billie

    Carrie ROCKS!!!!!!!!!

  • Shell


    Obviously after reading that article on laineygossip….which I had never heard of….I can tell this person is extremely jealous that someone with actual talent is doing well. While she sits at her house running a gossip website trashing the people with talent. :) As matlida said, lainey posted 6 pictures of her sitting down. SIX!!! When I can guarantee there are dozens more. I can tell you right now, I’m not always smiling at a sporting event. As I’m sure you aren’t either.

    Going off of what Bella said…Try getting followed by paparazzi all the time and then not wear make up. It’s easy for you to judge because you can go out to the store and wear no make up and not run into anybody. Either way, make up or no make up Carrie is gorgeous and you jealous douchers can shove it.

  • sue

    Lainey has always trashed Carrie calling her country bitch and other things. SHe works for e talk to. Has far as the makeup Carrie looks beatiful . But on a lighter note i like the one pic where it looks like Mike is dragging Carrie to get away from the paprazzi.

  • sue

    Soryy for some of the typos. Had a brain freeze.

  • BJ

    His eyes are weird…..they’re looking in different directions lol

  • truthfinder

    Carrie is a natural beauty & she looked so much better without those heavy makeup & fake tan.

  • Jenna

    Such a cute couple. Carrie looks so beautiful!!! Thanks for the pictures!

  • Kim

    Love NY and think that Carrie & Mike are a great couple! Question: anyone know why laineygossip is so cruel to Carrie…all of the time? Her comments so uncalled for.

  • Kim

    Love NY and think that Carrie & Mike are a cute couple! Question: anyone know why laineygossip is so cruel to Carrie all of the time? Her comments are very uncalled for.

  • Kim

    …thought that my comment didn’t post the first time…whoops!

  • chelsey

    WOW those pics on laynie carrie does look PISSSSSSED that she got bumped! lmao!

  • Tina

    Stop talking about his hair guys. Mike’s one of the nicest guys on this planet, he doesn’t deserve any snarky remarks.

  • e stevens

    Here is a video making fun on the hard feelings in Ottawa

  • e stevens

    People comparing Carrie to Yoko….But I like Yoko.