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Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab

Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab

Charlie Sheen has checked into rehab a day after being hospitalized for severe abdominal pain.

The 45-year-old actor “voluntarily entered an undisclosed rehabilitation center today. He is most grateful to all who have expressed their concern,” his rep said on Friday (January 28).

Charlie‘s show, Two and a Half Men, will go on hiatus due to his decision to check into rehab.

“We are profoundly concerned for his health and well-being, and support his decision,” CBS, Warner Bros. Television, and the show’s executive producer Chuck Lorre. said in a statement.

Charlie previously headed to rehab back in February 2010.

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  • Lemme

    I DON’T feel sorry for him. I feel sorry for his children.

    You make your bed and you lie in it.

    It’s unfortunate that this person is the highest paid person on television, despite being a pathetic, drug-addicted wh0re.

  • Manlay

    He’s a wh&re! and he has no talent. He needs to go away.


    No self-respecting female would ever date, muchless have children with this person.

    He’s disgusting and STD ridden.

  • CJ

    How many times in rehab?..this man needs to figure out why he self-medicates with booze, drugs and women and get some real help…his children have to live with the image that is Charlie Sheen…like they say even idiots can reproduce…people like this should never have children..they are still children themselves..

  • http://snicker prairie pig

    he f@cked me in the ass

  • ck

    Kinda feel sorry for all the crappy posts I made about La Lohan.

    This guy is 100x worse, and he’ll get another chance because his show is popular.

  • BEAN

    Who cares? This guy is way past it and he’s a loser.

  • Liz

    He needs more than a month or two in rehab. The road he is on will surely lead to his death.

  • Jokergurl

    Good luck to him, I think he is talented, he obviously has had a long battle with substance abuse, and drinking, he should have a sit down chat with Robert Downey Jr, they’re known each other forever.

  • laverdadduele

    Why bother? He’ll be back to his old ways, there’s no fixing him.

  • Zoe

    Addiction is cunning and baffling.

  • Madhatter

    He’s just doing rehab for PR reasons.
    I think addiction sucks some people up and they lose control. Almost like getting sucked into a riptide when you are surfing. You are spinning and literally have no idea which direction is up or down, which direction to swim towards for air. It’s very scary.
    For some reason, I don’t get that feeling from him. I think that he has some level of control over his drug abuse. I feel like he just likes it and likes being submerged in his little happy place filled with coked up wh*res and parties. So, he keeps diving back in.
    He is a spoiled, self-indulgent rich kid that unfortunately has/chose a job that exposes him to the public and their opinions on how he should be living. Therefore, his Producers + Publicists decide he needs to go to Rehab to pacify the public.
    He’s not going to change because he doesn’t want to. I can’t seem to care about him or what happens to him.

  • pereky

    he looks like a fat old man…

  • circa

    i feel bad for his kids and the people that work on the show that might lose their job because of him…they should continue the show with his character going to rehab it’s not that far off from the story line.

  • From Paris with “Love” ;)

    He is slowly committing suicide..I’ll be surprised if hes still alive in 6 years..does he have fans?? *sign* Americans

  • jack

    @From Paris with “Love” ;):

    I give him a year! is vegas taking odds?

  • Victoria

    I also feel sorry for his children, who must endure his parting with adult film actresses, his alcohol, his lack of respect for all women, and not visiting them often. Charlie made the remark, that he makes 2 million dollars a week, his show is in the top 10 every week, and he shows up for work on time, ” so what’s the problem? ”
    He still does not get what he is doing to his reputation and his health by partying this way on a nightly basis with whomever he picks up. He really is acting like his television version of himself, but sadly, in his own life in the real world, there are no re-takes.

  • Brightside

    Never understood the success of Two and a Half Men. Watched it once and did not find it funny except in the obvious ‘saw-the-joke-coming-a-mile-off’ way.

  • From Paris with Love

    @From Paris with “Love” ;):
    let me guess you’re a Leo fan upset that not everyone gets wet over him? lol

  • resident

    He is disgusting, sexist and abusive. Attempting murder so many times cannot be forgiven. We need to boycott this pig and stop making him so rich and in demand.

  • Anthony

    Lets just hope he is going to take his stay there seriously. I am guessing though he will not and will be out in 1 months time

  • eternalozzie

    a lot of comments here from people that have no clue what they are talking about

  • Calm down

    Charlie Sheen is bashet crazy, immoral, stupid, nasty, is gentically flawed, is drug and alcohol addicted , ugly, perhaps amnic/bipolar depressive, and these are the god things about him.
    He is a lucky,talented actor and he is and never was a role model.
    Don’t try to say he shouldbe.he is not an athlete so don’t try tosay he should be.
    Now,Denise Richards got with this guy and had who kids who may or may be gentically flawed like their father. She knew of his reputation before . She got big ,tax free dollars of about 25 million from him andthat is most important. . Brooke Meuller,a drug addict,got with this guy and had twisn,two babies in one pregnancy asap, IVF anyone,and is going to get her 25 million .
    Ihopethose kids are not doubly gentically flawed.
    Charlie just needs to off himself and be done with it. Drink a drug cocktail Marilyn /AnnaNicole/MichealJackson style. Eat a bullet.

  • Lol

    Tittle should read Charlie Sheen does DAMAGE CONTROL REHAB.
    This guy does drugs/liquor and abuse women for days then show up to the set to play the same drug/liquored up $hit head on camera and low life people eat that up. What Sheen do takes no talent at all. Sheen is a disgusting db and I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. Why don’t he have the nerve to end it already. Sick of these celebrities faking like they are in rehab while the clinic continue to let them do what they want to do.

  • Bella

    He’s such a loser!
    Don’t see why so many people like him, or his crappy show!