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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' First Look!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' First Look!

Check out this first look shot of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz together in their upcoming film Dream House!

Synopsis: A couple (Craig and Weisz) relocates their family to a quaint New England town. But as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her children. And the entire city believes it was at the hands of the husband who survived. When Will investigates the tragedy, his only lead comes from Ann Paterson (Naomi Watts), a neighbor who was close to the family that died. As Will and Ann piece together the disturbing puzzle, they discover that the story of the last man to leave Will’s dream house will be just as horrifying to the one who came next.

Dream House is set to hit theaters on September 30th!

Bigger pic inside…

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daniel craig rachel weisz dream house first look

Photos: Universal
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  • to 79 Wrong Again LOL!

    @to Gavin:

    you do know that Satsuki lived with Daniel for 5 years. that is what is called a domestic partnership. which means that in the state of New York Satsuki was entitled to an equitable distribution of monies Daniel made while they were together
    You are WRONG again and you keep repeating false, inaccurate misleading statements, citing them as facts of New York Law, which they are not. You have no idea what you are talking about!
    The ex was Paid Off, To Get Lost, pure and simple.
    There is NO such law in New York State for ANY equitable distribution of monies after ‘ living together’ for only 5 years. They were not married, and they DID NOT LIVE TOGETHER for 5 years in NEW YORK STATE! The ex (or any live-in gf for that matter) gets nothing after living together for only 5 years and moreover, New York Sate does not have any legal jurisdiction in this situation with Daniel and the ex . New York was not their place of residence. They did not live here for any amount of time, just visited here. They lived mostly in the UK/London.
    New York law does not apply in Daniel’s pay-off situation with the ex. And it well could have been the end of her contract, (therefore, the pay-off) as others have stated.


    @And Then There Were None:Who is Freakin’ Libby………is your imagination toying with you cause, um, I think you need to get some help. This could actually be other people and not your precious Libby. What a stupid ass. What are you Cybil or something. Lol WAY LOUD!!!! Ha ha ha.

  • to Hater


    GIVE IT UP!!!!

    Daniel and Rachel are deeply devoted to each other, love each other.

  • to 102 GAVIN

    why do you react? you admit that you are the hater…. how foolish!

  • to 104

    The hater always is doing the inside jobs.
    Because nobody agrees (thumbs up) with her/him.


    Do you know rachel and daniel well enough personally, to say,no, know that they are in fact ” deeply” in love? Did they say actually say that? To you? I think not!!! Got ya there. And even more so, baby, do you know me well enough to say that I am Hmmm or a hater for that matter? I think not go check yourself cause your wrong again baby. Now I really think you’ve got mental issues…..CYBIL!!!! And by the way me and this Hmmm person completely two differen people. Look at how I write and then go look at his. Not everyone writes the same or has the same writing voice….you people are so relentless. Your like chipmunks can’t get a grasp on your ACORNS!Lol again.

  • to Hater

    Hey, GAVIN (HMMMMM MAYBE?), I repeat your exact your comment.
    MIND over this post, just thoughts!!!!!!!!

    JUST THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!

    Daniel and Rachel are deeply devoted to each other.

  • And Then There Were None

    to GAVIN
    Why do you respond? 99 was comment for “HMMMMM MAYBE?”.


    Again not Hmmm maybe. Go back and read their post again then read mine. Ya know what honey, I don’t have nothing to prove to you I know who I am and I know who I am not. You of all people CAN’t and WON’T define me. Suck on that you hating leech. You obviously haven’t answered my question: “Are you affiliated with Rachel and Daniel enough to day and know that they are deeply in love” or deeply devoted to eachother. Cause ya don’t. And if you do well what are you waiting for….speak now or forever hold your peace!
    Come on tell everyone. You just go by what you read from the headlines which by the way are from supposed “sources”…..take a bite out of that one. And while your doing it go hide in all your hatred from the new HBIC. Fabulous!!!! Lol (cause that’s all I’m doing laughing all you guys. Talk about hatin’ people.

  • to Libby

    Why do you dislike them (Dan&Rach) so? Or only Daniel?

  • to GAVIN

    Don’t worry honey.
    We all know you are already laughingstock


    What are you parrots? I feel like I’m constantly hearing repetitive parrots when it comes to your comments. “Your a hater gavin, uh pauley wanna cracker”. Don’t care what ya think parrots. You all sound like a broken record. Go fix your scratch… f-ing annoying. And “to Gavin” I know you are but what am I. Your just sad cause I’m calling you out on all your backstabbing hatred against those who freely express themselves and their thoughts and having fun doing it. Awww do I make you look bad?


    And further more, your just upset because this is Hollywood and you know that no matter how insanely good-looking any hookup can be that it won’t last and many here would agree with me. To da loo…now.

  • to GAVIN

    you easily get angry at trivial things. i think you are not cut out for JJ board.

  • to GAVIN

    I sympathize with you. Poor the hater……..
    You are desperate every night.


    Oh I’m getting to you am I? I don’t think I’m being quite as trivial as people making comments on someone here having psycosis….your just upset I’m telling it like it is…..don’t hate appreciate. And JJ is just my cup of well liptonized tea, baby.

  • to GAVIN

    you have misunderstand us. unlike DTD, we do not do “conviction” here. they may be over sometime, but nobody forces it.

  • to GAVIN

    Too bad, i disagree with you. Because you said this yesterday. Your logic is always prejudiced. You are just the hater.
    Rachel and Daniel did have an affair and the scenario is that both sats and darren were innocent and got hurt

  • to 101

    calm down, i mean really!! is this how you usually behave towards others; if so i have to tell you it’s not cool. read what the poster 79 said. he/she may have been mistaken. it happens; not the end life as we know it.


    To gavin, um I think your twisting my words. Anyone could go back to that particular post and realize that before the “rachel” I said ” what if”. I even said that I was writing such a scenario as a way to start a conversation hence the “how far can actors really go”. With that statement I wasn’t talking about the probability of just this rachel and daniel situation…..I also was suggesting all actors. And I never said if I thought my scenario was true or not. You think you got me but I have got you swirled around in your own lie about me. Accusations,accusations will they ever stop…..

  • to 110

    Because Rachel is Jew. Libby is a racist.

  • to 120

    your “supposition” is always negative. you tried to construct an argument based on it. then you tried to persuade and induce argument…..
    “what do you all think? I think it’s a hollywood thing as I previously said but share please….I think it makes interesting conversation.”
    however, no one listened to your story. no one wanted to do conversation with you. only one argued against you, and many people did “thumbs down” to you.

  • to ALL

    What happens here? This thread had become a Eldoraro for the psychopaths. LOL Only people with very low self-confidence and severe mental issues argue like that on a stupid gossip board.
    Go and start to live a REAL life. Suckers!

  • to ALL

    What happens here? This thread had become a Eldoraro for the psychopaths. LOL Only people with very low self-confidence and severe mental issues argue like that on a stupid gossip board.
    Go and start to live a REAL life. Suckers!


    Your thought is completely illogical because your logic is based on wrong information. The rumor that Rachel has negotiated with the Bond producers came out from the Sun. You have believed it. But at the same time, the Sun reported; ”An insider said: But the fly in the ointment is that they are now dating” Get it? Do you know what i mean? The producers are dissatisfied with relationship between Daniel and Rachel. It means they never made up their relationship. And then the Gossip Cop denied the rumor. “There is no truth” Yes, Rachel has not negotiated with the producers, and she does not want to play a Bond girl for her carrier. Rachel isn’t using Daniel for her own
    convenience. There’s no logic in your argument, so your logic is inconsistent in many places. There is a leap of logic in what you says.

  • to to ALL

    you keep coming to here. none of us are any different from you. hi, the psychopath!

  • smoother

    @ # 125

    I want add Rachel was always an arthouse/independent actress with exceptations like “the mummy 1 + 2″ and “constantine”. Her career shows that she doesn’t need Daniel to be successful. Her movies were rarely box office hits because of the genre.

  • Guinness

    this is going to be great with any villian, but i do appreciate all the eyecandy for BOTH genders!!!

    and are they planning a 50 year bash for Bond? “50 years of Bond-age”.
    Has everyone been lurkiing like me? nothing too great to post about. And if interested, there is a fantastic article on Assuange slug in the NYT Mag. it is going to be a fantastic movie–dan should get in on the reporters side, not Julian(he is 6 feet 2).

    Night Mendel! missed you this weekend…gaol? Fio will post about it tomorrow if you are there…she is THAT good.

    when does the premeire parties start for Dream house? maybe i can be in NYC when it happens…i want to see him in person again. ~M

  • Mendel

    Hi Guinness

    Javier Bardem??? Yes please! He’d be a fabulous (ly sexy) villain!

    “50 years of Bond-age”

    One can say that, lol! There were rumours that Sean Connery doesn’t want to attend one of the events, but maybe he’s just bored discussing Bond’s impact on his life…

    “Night Mendel! missed you this weekend…gaol? Fio will post about it tomorrow if you are there…she is THAT good.”


    No, not in gaol, so no need for Fio’s skills (yet ;)

    “when does the premeire parties start for Dream house?”

    If the film is released on 30 September…maybe…a week or two before?

    ~G ;)

  • second that

    Javier Bardem as the villain in Bond 23 sounds great. he was brilliant in No Country for Old Men. I really hope that Gossip Cop is right on this; but i won’t believe it until the official announcement is made.

  • Dan’s Fan City

    Gossip Cop is a reliable source, but they have only confirmed that the role was offered to Bardem. I’m of the opinion that he will probably turn it down.

  • 201

    @to 79 Wrong Again LOL!:


    Under British and Commonwealth countries Family law and property settlement, if a couple have been together for over 12 months (even if married it remains the same, regardless of who left who) and one has given up working to support the other, then on a breakup, the one whose not working is entitled to 50% of the others financial earnings, and if so it is all recorded and therefore made public. So I am assuming Daniel must have had to have given a VERY GOOD payout in order to avoid this happening, the publicity/scandal from it could well have ruined his career.




  • to 201

    “easy profit”
    i wish satsuki retains her pride. the life that only thinks of sponging off someone is miserable. ill-gotten gains are short-lived. the only way to make real money is to earn every penny. work hard, sats! work!

  • Fio

    Sorry…I can’t see… I wish Babs didn’t offer her the role!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!
    Kim Kardashian: I Want to Be a Bond Girl!
    Is it any wonder that now Kim Kardashian wants to do some acting?
    And leave it to the E! reality star to aim high for her dramatic debut.
    “I would love to be in a Bond film—a Bond Girl!” Kim just told me as she walked into the Screen Actors Guild Awards tonight. “That would be the ultimate.”
    So wait, does she have a date with Daniel Craig, then?
    “There are a few offers on the table, but I definitely want to make the right decision for the right part.”
    That doesn’t mean Kim isn’t considering other gigs. “I love acting,” she said. “It’s challenging for me, and I love it.”
    Now I wanna hear from you. Kim Kardashian as a Bond Girl? Sound off below!
    Hi, Guinness
    I helped my friend to move last weekend. Please don’t move in driving snow if you don’t want to lose a friend. lol
    As for Bond villain, Gossip cop isn’t a source of information. They just reprinted the Deadline article, and they have not confirmed to his rep yet. But you know, Deadline is considered to be the most reliable source of information. Babs/Michael seem to hope for man with rather too strong a personality as opposite of Daniel. Sounds great.
    It’s really exciting and I hope he accepts it, but he also offered big role in The Dark Tower… Yeah, Roland Deschain!! Well, Guinness, you might be not a little disappointed.
    Hi, Mendel
    Maybe Daniel bought cornflakes or marmite…He’s used to cooking for himself :)
    aprilbegins: Spotted: Daniel Craig at WeHo Whole Foods. We smiled at each other. Right on.
    about 8 hours ago via txt
    Like father, like son :)
    mailreturns: Marmite, sardines, tomato, horseradish, spring onion and mayonaise sandwich on toasted brown bread, now that’s a good lunch time snack
    3 days ago via web
    Thanks for the article…umm, Connery remind me of my grandpa. lol
    Since he was such a contrary person, he never spoke candidly.
    Don’t press Connery, he will only dig his heels in all the more stubbornly!

  • Fio

    I really want more further informations!
    Daniel Craig And Rachel Weisz To Appear In Film About Hungarian Show Trials?

    Total Recall and Rambo producer Andy Vajna is preparing a Czech-filmed picture about the Communist show trials of Hungary. The film will apparently focus on the execution of Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Laszlo Rajk in 1949. According to Budapest Life, Daniel Craig will be appearing as the executioner who killed Rajk, alongside his Dream House co-star Rachel Weisz in an as-yet unspecified role. Production is set to begin in March.

    While no more details are given, I’d assume that the film will be in the English language and… nope. That’s it. Everything else would be a blind guess.

    The fate of Rajk was previously dramatised in Istvan Szabo’s Sunshine, though it was a very fictionalised account with names and details changed significantly.
    May God prosper her!
    New glow on Aussie star radar

    FROM screen testing with British hearthrob Daniel Craig to shooting an action sequence in an upside down car, meet Confidential’s Class of 2011 – the latest line of fresh-faced celebs to hit our radar this year.

    Speaking of scary, indie actress Sarah Snook recently found herself in the “unusual situation” of going up against the creme-de-la-creme of Hollywood for the titular role in Girl With A Dragon Tattoo opposite Craig.

    “It was pretty mad – I would walk past someone really famous in the hall and be like ‘Hey, you’re in the same outfit as I am,” she laughed.

    “[Craig] was a really nice guy, very calm and very aware it was an unusual experience … doing the same scene over and over with so many different people.”

    The part was eventually given to little-known Social Network star Rooney Mara, who beat out Snook, Scarlett Johanssen and Carey Mulligan.

  • Fio

    These comments made me laugh!! Look at pics!

    Thank you for the side-by-side photos.
    Yum. Yummy, yum yum, Yum.

    Comment by bond lover — Sunday January 30, 2011 @ 6:53pm EST Reply to this post

    I agree. Roger and Gary are a very sexy duo.

    They make good movies, too, ladies

    Comment by side-by-side — Sunday January 30, 2011 @ 8:28pm EST Reply to this post
    Javier Bardem Offered Big Bond #23 Role; MGM Leveraging 007 Distribution With Co-Financing Deal To Improve Its Cash Flow: Jockeying Studios “Increasingly Frustrated”

    EXCLUSIVE: Deadline has just learned that Javier Bardem has been offered a starring role in the upcoming James Bond film recently set for a November 9, 2012, release. Details about the character are being kept under wraps for now. But traditionally the biggest male role opposite 007 is the villain, and Bardem played a truly villainous villain in his Oscar-winning turn in No Country For Old Men two years ago. The EON Productions offer by principals Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli to Bardem to join star Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes was made last week, at around the same time that the WME-repped Bardem received his Best Actor nomination for Biutiful and another high-profile offer of a lead role, that of gunslinger Roland Deschain in the Ron Howard-directed trilogy based on Stephen King’s novel series The Dark Tower. (Amidst all this career activity, Bardem and Penelope Cruz welcomed their first son into the world.) But it should be noted that Bardem was offered the high-profile villain role in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and turned it down.

    The other Bond #23 news is this: Deadline has learned that MGM’s new leadership is trying to leverage the next Bond pic, and indeed the Bond franchise, to create more cash flow for the post-bankruptcy studio. The new brass, Spyglass Entertainment co-owners Gary Barber and Roger Birnbaum who are now the Co-Chairmen/CEOs of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc, are in the middle of negotiating to make an overall deal for worldwide theatrical and home entertainment distribution of not just Bond but also MGM’s new product as well as its library of films. But what isn’t known is that, as part of that deal, MGM wants whichever studio is chosen to distribute Bond 23 to co-finance a number of films with MGM. “That would provide MGM quick cash flow,” an insider tells Deadline. “The quick cash flow allows MGM to have revenue which it hasn’t had in a long time. Thereby their books look better, and therefore the possibility of getting more funds for production is increased. So expect whichever studio lands Bond to also announce it is several co-financing deals allowing MGM into other pics that are already shooting.”

    There’s no doubt this is a shrewd move by MGM, but Deadline has learned it’s not sitting well with the majors. Top execs at Sony and Fox and Paramount and Warner Bros who are all involved in the negotiations to distribute Bond “are growing increasingly frustrated with the way that the Spyglass duo are playing one studio off another — and enjoying it,” in the words of one exec involved. One studio even described its strategy to win Bond #23 was reduced recently to “pleading”.

    Back on September 8th, Deadline first reported that Paramount and Fox and other studios already were jockeying to distribute Bond #23. (The Hollywood Reporter recently claimed this as exclusive news a full five months later!) Here’s what Deadline’s Mike Fleming wrote back then: “Warner Bros, Sony Pictures Entertainment and 20th Century Fox are the obvious outlets, but don’t count out Paramount. That studio has been co-financing partners with Spyglass on Star Trek and the upcoming sequel. That has grown into a strong relationship. I’m told that Paramount is making an aggressive push to win that franchise, much the way that it captured the Marvel Entertainment deal before that enterprise was sold to Disney. Obviously, Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson hold a lot of say in where the films go, but it will be a hotly contested property… Deadline was first to report the distribution outsourcing plan by the Spyglass duo, on June 29th.”

    Broccoli and Wilson had been in pre-production on Bond #23 for release in 2011 but then it took almost a year for MGM’s future to sort itself out what with the failed auction sale of the studio, then the pre-packaged bankruptcy getting approval, and eventually Spyglass taking over studio filmmaking. Daniel Craig will be returning as the legendary British secret agent, with Sam Mendes directing a screenplay written by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and John Logan. That script is being kept under wraps but the story begins after Quantum Of Solace leaves off.

  • to 132

    Under British and Commonwealth countries Family law and property settlement, if a couple have been together for over 12 months (even if married it remains the same, regardless of who left who) and one has given up working to support the other, then on a breakup, the one whose not working is entitled to 50% of the others financial earnings, and if so it is all recorded and therefore made public. So I am assuming Daniel must have had to have given a VERY GOOD payout in order to avoid this happening, the publicity/scandal from it could well have ruined his career.
    You know where you can stick it.
    VERY POSSIBLE Satsuki walked away with her empty wallet. and also possible Daniel waits for his salary for making Dragon Tattoo.

  • to 138

    it’s not likely Satuski walked away with an empty wallet. think about it, for a minute. Daniel is a very private man; the last thing he would want is for his ex to sell her story to the paps. also, you gotta know that she probably hired a lawyer to help deal with the financial issues of the breakup. i don’t know about GB or NYC but i do know California. this is a community property state. both would keep the money/property he/she entered into the relationship. all money made between the time the two people starting living together and the time it all ended would be split 50-50. that means Satsuki would be given by the courts 50 percent of everything Daniel made during the time they were together. you may not like it but it is the law.

  • to 138

    when her wallet is empty she can sell the NY flat LOL

  • to 139

    So what? LOL
    Why do you give examples about CA?
    CA is nothing to do with their case.

  • got it!

    Libby lives in California

  • Daniel is Hot

    JJ you are behind times. There’s pictures of Daniel coming out of a camera shop in LA on Jan. 29th and driving in his car. He is smiling and looks so cute. Oh that is why you don’t want to print them – he looks happy.

  • Mendel

    There is quite a bit of buzz about Javier Bardem as a possible Bond villain – lots of papers are reporting the rumour. It would be fabulous if that were true!

    Our news here have all reported extensively about the death of Bond composer John Barry:

    to Fio

    “Sorry…I can’t see… I wish Babs didn’t offer her the role!! Nooooooooooo!!!!!”

    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo indeed!!!

    “Marmite, sardines, tomato, horseradish, spring onion and mayonaise sandwich on toasted brown bread”

    Oh I think I’ll try that :)

    to DiH

    “There’s pictures of Daniel coming out of a camera shop in LA on Jan. 29th and driving in his car. He is smiling and looks so cute.”

    What? Where? Linkyyyyy!

    Hi Guinness,

    not here yet?

  • elise


    Hi Fio:

    I think this is what the person who posted that comment was referring to this:

  • Guinness

    Thanks Elise. Thx DIH–yes, there is no intrigue or questions why he is smiling!! Happy? Happy? oh, how could he? whatever jj. But we do have those who are nice, and thankful to those who are nice. now I can sleep with that visual of him smiling at me…thinking…”aaaw Guinness, you can’t go everywhere with me! I will call you…”. thx Dan.

    and Mendel–nice to see you. (you are NOT hooked up to D2d? its worth it, just dont’ get bannnned…) Javier would be cool, but alas, no villian confirmed? JHC–someone call ME ffs–I will whip James until –wait, that was done, I will smother James with my thighs…ah, has that been done?

    night…tomorrow we are supposedly getting the snow storm of the decade. ah, there is 3-4 feet of snow out there already–i am concerned. And Fio–one can do ANYTHING in the snow…what you got for a vehicle?????? just put it on a sled and there ya go……

    ~night again….sweet smilin’ Dan dreams-”what is he thinking”……..

  • to 142

    no idiot, i’m not Libby and i don’t live in California. but i do know the law there especially when it comes to community property. anyone who has any intelligence, even you, is capable of reading the relevant acts in California State Law

  • second that

    got it @ 01/31/2011 at 2:57 pm

    i admit that Libby is annoying but saying that every poster you disagree with is here is rather silly. and it’s not helping my cause any. see, i’ve come into contact with people who work with MGM. since they work for the studio that’s going to be making Bond 23 it stands to reason that they may, sometimes, have information they can give out. but, and here’s the problem, when i mentioned that i come on to this board the temperature in the room suddenly went way down; in fact it became downright frosty. i don’t know why; but here i am trying to convince these people that everyone on this board is reasonable and nice. and you pull this??

  • to second that

    I totally agree that it is silly to say this poster is Libby and this poster is Noomi (well except the Gina girly), but it’s more silly to tell that one is friend or in contact with people who work in the business, esp. MGM and than go to a GOSSIP BOARD with very nasty poster and to think people are believing this ……

  • Fio

    Hi, DiH
    Yeah, he’s smiling, wow!! I wonder if anything happened to him? lol
    I have some idea of what happened, well, Rachel was spotted in LA last week… The eyes are as eloquent as the tongue!! Right?
    Bardem might play Roland but I hope he works Bond work into his tight schedule :)
    Hi, elise
    Thanks for the pic! Daniel has a paroxysm of giggling!
    Hi, Guinness
    “Happy? Happy? ”
    Yes, yes, he’s soooooooooooo happy!!!!!
    “I will smother James with my thighs”
    Awwwww What a…….gorgeous view!! Alright, I’m gonna sit astride Daniel :)
    “And Fio–one can do anything in the snow…what you got for a vehicle?????? just put it on a sled and there ya go……”
    It’s a damn good idea!! lol
    But the snowstorm blotted out the view on last Sun…an awful risk…
    So I picked up it at MI6. Thanks, Germanlady!!