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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' First Look!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' First Look!

Check out this first look shot of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz together in their upcoming film Dream House!

Synopsis: A couple (Craig and Weisz) relocates their family to a quaint New England town. But as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her children. And the entire city believes it was at the hands of the husband who survived. When Will investigates the tragedy, his only lead comes from Ann Paterson (Naomi Watts), a neighbor who was close to the family that died. As Will and Ann piece together the disturbing puzzle, they discover that the story of the last man to leave Will’s dream house will be just as horrifying to the one who came next.

Dream House is set to hit theaters on September 30th!

Bigger pic inside…

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197 Responses to “Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' First Look!”

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  1. 101
    to 79 Wrong Again LOL! Says:

    @to Gavin:

    you do know that Satsuki lived with Daniel for 5 years. that is what is called a domestic partnership. which means that in the state of New York Satsuki was entitled to an equitable distribution of monies Daniel made while they were together
    You are WRONG again and you keep repeating false, inaccurate misleading statements, citing them as facts of New York Law, which they are not. You have no idea what you are talking about!
    The ex was Paid Off, To Get Lost, pure and simple.
    There is NO such law in New York State for ANY equitable distribution of monies after ‘ living together’ for only 5 years. They were not married, and they DID NOT LIVE TOGETHER for 5 years in NEW YORK STATE! The ex (or any live-in gf for that matter) gets nothing after living together for only 5 years and moreover, New York Sate does not have any legal jurisdiction in this situation with Daniel and the ex . New York was not their place of residence. They did not live here for any amount of time, just visited here. They lived mostly in the UK/London.
    New York law does not apply in Daniel’s pay-off situation with the ex. And it well could have been the end of her contract, (therefore, the pay-off) as others have stated.

  2. 102
    GAVIN Says:

    @And Then There Were None:Who is Freakin’ Libby………is your imagination toying with you cause, um, I think you need to get some help. This could actually be other people and not your precious Libby. What a stupid ass. What are you Cybil or something. Lol WAY LOUD!!!! Ha ha ha.

  3. 103
    to Hater Says:


    GIVE IT UP!!!!

    Daniel and Rachel are deeply devoted to each other, love each other.

  4. 104
    to 102 GAVIN Says:

    why do you react? you admit that you are the hater…. how foolish!

  5. 105
    to 104 Says:

    The hater always is doing the inside jobs.
    Because nobody agrees (thumbs up) with her/him.

  6. 106
    GAVIN Says:

    Do you know rachel and daniel well enough personally, to say,no, know that they are in fact ” deeply” in love? Did they say actually say that? To you? I think not!!! Got ya there. And even more so, baby, do you know me well enough to say that I am Hmmm or a hater for that matter? I think not go check yourself cause your wrong again baby. Now I really think you’ve got mental issues…..CYBIL!!!! And by the way me and this Hmmm person completely two differen people. Look at how I write and then go look at his. Not everyone writes the same or has the same writing voice….you people are so relentless. Your like chipmunks can’t get a grasp on your ACORNS!Lol again.

  7. 107
    to Hater Says:

    Hey, GAVIN (HMMMMM MAYBE?), I repeat your exact your comment.
    MIND over this post, just thoughts!!!!!!!!

    JUST THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!

    Daniel and Rachel are deeply devoted to each other.

  8. 108
    And Then There Were None Says:

    to GAVIN
    Why do you respond? 99 was comment for “HMMMMM MAYBE?”.

  9. 109
    GAVIN Says:

    Again not Hmmm maybe. Go back and read their post again then read mine. Ya know what honey, I don’t have nothing to prove to you I know who I am and I know who I am not. You of all people CAN’t and WON’T define me. Suck on that you hating leech. You obviously haven’t answered my question: “Are you affiliated with Rachel and Daniel enough to day and know that they are deeply in love” or deeply devoted to eachother. Cause ya don’t. And if you do well what are you waiting for….speak now or forever hold your peace!
    Come on tell everyone. You just go by what you read from the headlines which by the way are from supposed “sources”…..take a bite out of that one. And while your doing it go hide in all your hatred from the new HBIC. Fabulous!!!! Lol (cause that’s all I’m doing laughing all you guys. Talk about hatin’ people.

  10. 110
    to Libby Says:

    Why do you dislike them (Dan&Rach) so? Or only Daniel?

  11. 111
    to GAVIN Says:

    Don’t worry honey.
    We all know you are already laughingstock

  12. 112
    GAVIN Says:

    What are you parrots? I feel like I’m constantly hearing repetitive parrots when it comes to your comments. “Your a hater gavin, uh pauley wanna cracker”. Don’t care what ya think parrots. You all sound like a broken record. Go fix your scratch… f-ing annoying. And “to Gavin” I know you are but what am I. Your just sad cause I’m calling you out on all your backstabbing hatred against those who freely express themselves and their thoughts and having fun doing it. Awww do I make you look bad?

  13. 113
    GAVIN Says:

    And further more, your just upset because this is Hollywood and you know that no matter how insanely good-looking any hookup can be that it won’t last and many here would agree with me. To da loo…now.

  14. 114
    to GAVIN Says:

    you easily get angry at trivial things. i think you are not cut out for JJ board.

  15. 115
    to GAVIN Says:

    I sympathize with you. Poor the hater……..
    You are desperate every night.

  16. 116
    GAVIN Says:

    Oh I’m getting to you am I? I don’t think I’m being quite as trivial as people making comments on someone here having psycosis….your just upset I’m telling it like it is…..don’t hate appreciate. And JJ is just my cup of well liptonized tea, baby.

  17. 117
    to GAVIN Says:

    you have misunderstand us. unlike DTD, we do not do “conviction” here. they may be over sometime, but nobody forces it.

  18. 118
    to GAVIN Says:

    Too bad, i disagree with you. Because you said this yesterday. Your logic is always prejudiced. You are just the hater.
    Rachel and Daniel did have an affair and the scenario is that both sats and darren were innocent and got hurt

  19. 119
    to 101 Says:

    calm down, i mean really!! is this how you usually behave towards others; if so i have to tell you it’s not cool. read what the poster 79 said. he/she may have been mistaken. it happens; not the end life as we know it.

  20. 120
    GAVIN Says:

    To gavin, um I think your twisting my words. Anyone could go back to that particular post and realize that before the “rachel” I said ” what if”. I even said that I was writing such a scenario as a way to start a conversation hence the “how far can actors really go”. With that statement I wasn’t talking about the probability of just this rachel and daniel situation…..I also was suggesting all actors. And I never said if I thought my scenario was true or not. You think you got me but I have got you swirled around in your own lie about me. Accusations,accusations will they ever stop…..

  21. 121
    to 110 Says:

    Because Rachel is Jew. Libby is a racist.

  22. 122
    to 120 Says:

    your “supposition” is always negative. you tried to construct an argument based on it. then you tried to persuade and induce argument…..
    “what do you all think? I think it’s a hollywood thing as I previously said but share please….I think it makes interesting conversation.”
    however, no one listened to your story. no one wanted to do conversation with you. only one argued against you, and many people did “thumbs down” to you.

  23. 123
    to ALL Says:

    What happens here? This thread had become a Eldoraro for the psychopaths. LOL Only people with very low self-confidence and severe mental issues argue like that on a stupid gossip board.
    Go and start to live a REAL life. Suckers!

  24. 124
    to ALL Says:

    What happens here? This thread had become a Eldoraro for the psychopaths. LOL Only people with very low self-confidence and severe mental issues argue like that on a stupid gossip board.
    Go and start to live a REAL life. Suckers!

  25. 125
    to HMMMMM MAYBE? Says:

    Your thought is completely illogical because your logic is based on wrong information. The rumor that Rachel has negotiated with the Bond producers came out from the Sun. You have believed it. But at the same time, the Sun reported; ”An insider said: But the fly in the ointment is that they are now dating” Get it? Do you know what i mean? The producers are dissatisfied with relationship between Daniel and Rachel. It means they never made up their relationship. And then the Gossip Cop denied the rumor. “There is no truth” Yes, Rachel has not negotiated with the producers, and she does not want to play a Bond girl for her carrier. Rachel isn’t using Daniel for her own
    convenience. There’s no logic in your argument, so your logic is inconsistent in many places. There is a leap of logic in what you says.

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