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Gerard Butler: Premiere Party Guy!

Gerard Butler: Premiere Party Guy!

Gerard Butler makes a quick exit from the side door into his car after partying at Premiere nightclub on Thursday (January 27) in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Scottish actor was joined by Leonardo DiCaprio, who also spent time at Trousdale earlier in the evening with Chace Crawford and Sebastian Stan.

Earlier this month, Gerard spent the Golden Globes weekend at the InStyle/Warner Bros. after party and at the Art of Elysium Gala the night before the big show.

FYI: Gerard is wearing Kenneth Cole New York‘s “The Dream” leather jacket.

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  • lukersville

    Wow Gerard looks loaded!!!! Dude time to quit the hard partying and try to settle down with someone.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Omg like in jail

  • umm


  • Anna

    His so handsome & i love his smile,his eyes & body.
    I fu-ked him

  • S@n

    Gerry looks tired!

  • commonsense

    Please, I doubt Leonardo DiCaprio was tat either club WITH any of them. I’m pretty sure he was just there at the same time.

  • IRMA

    I think the same way!

  • joey

    Why is he hanging out with a bunch of 20 something twinky boys anyway?? OK Gerard your secret’s safe with me :)

  • hahaha

    @6: And why is that? Leo hangs out with people like Paris Hilton, Naomi Campbell, Jersey Shore clowns or as a matter of fact his own girlfriend, bar. Why is it so surprising or hard to believe that he would hang out with those guys?

  • Lucky17

    Night at the Roxbury! What a bunch of douche bags.

  • peacesister

    Is this the Colorado tee??? Welcome back then. A new chance for us to see it disintagrate, right on the man. :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  • Juicy

    @hahaha: EXACTLY! Leo’s just a party guy. Makes you wonder what he does to get all those roles. This looks like gay guys night out.
    Butler is so nasty.

  • Dubya Bush

    He’s looking kinda haggard these days.

  • Jenn

    Some men never want to grow up. This is unappealing to me but it’s not my life so yea.

  • stella

    I think he looks great, only not too happy to have been caught on camera. Is that Ariel? Looks like the guy doesn’t know how to drive the car and Gerry has to show him how to make the fast getaway.

  • M

    He looks like sh i t all the time these days.

  • angelsrock

    Out with his friend Ariel again. They’ve remained loyal friends for a long time. The last time Gerry was out partying was the InStyle GG party on the 17th. That was 11 days ago. Nothing wrong with hanging out in a club with friends, food, music, and dancing. I guess he and Ariel could have hung out at Gerry’s house in L.A., played checkers, and enjoyed some hot cocoa and shortbread.

  • MysteryHer

    Oh, leave him alone. He’s a man about town celebrating Mozart’s birthday. Next it will Bach, whom he adores. He’s more culture to him than meets the eye.
    Glad he’s missing the nasty east-coast weather. Yuck, yuck, yuck.
    Does have an anxious look and body language though. Quick getaway for certain! =)

  • JS

    a 40 yr old hanging out in clubs regularly is someone who doesn’t want to grow up. End of story :D

  • http://veryverysexy!! sharyllee

    not handsome

  • Hil

    @Dubya Bush:
    That’s what hard partying will do to ya!

  • shannen

    I think he’s beautiful. Love the hair. I think people are right. Ariel brought the car around and Gerry tried to hurry, jump in and avoid the photogs. Didn’t work and he’s p’ssed. Then, to top it off, Ariel apparently couldn’t get the car in gear. lol. A Keystone cops moment.

  • He is a………….


  • Vegas

    @shannen: It also looks as though G is sucking on a booboo on his thumb. I wonder if he smashed it in the car door in the big rush. I bet the expletives were unleashed big time as that car pulled away.

  • broomhilda

    Gerard is especially hot when he’s angry. It’s the eyes. Good thing he wasn’t outside the car or some pap might have been in trouble.

  • jillyro

    It is pathetic a dude his age who parties this much and in clubs where the average age is like 20-something!! Maybe he needed a few to console himself for his career nosedive with his Razzie noms for that bomb The Bounty Hunter. He’s had a few bombs where is European counterparts are getting the good roles. He must be getting mad at his reps and agent LOL.

  • bijou

    Beautiful. He sure does it for me. Just give me 15 minutes with him.

  • ????

    @jillyro: People of all ages go to clubs. Do you ever get out from behind your computer? His career is in no nosedive. Two films coming out this year. And a number of biggies like White Jazz on the horizon.

  • mold and mildew

    ahhh my favourite party boy, reaping and sowing his seeds in LA LA LAND again.

    like an appearance from Guido the universe has righted itself so it should be a good weekend for all.

    I especially like how they are looking into the side mirror to see if the brunettes they scored in the club are in tow.

    oh happy day!

  • Razzie winner

    Bunch of old gay guys! He and this Ariel guy must be a gay couple who swore to be faithful to each other till the end of their days. And don’t tell this Ariel guy is married (to a woman). I don’t believe that.
    I like Gerard, he can act and he’s handsome and sexy, but he’s a closeted gay.

  • minerva

    Don’t hate him because he’s beautiful.

  • jane doe

    @Razzie winner: Ariel is not gay. Just the opposite. Ask his ex-wife. Birds of a feather …

  • lol

    If all the guys who hang together in bars in just my little town were gay, there would hardly be anyone straight in existence. In fact, 3/4 or more of the people in any regular bar on most nights are guys, playing pool, bsing and having beers.

  • stella

    Def the Colorado T.

  • mama

    He needs to eat. He’s getting way to thin imho.

  • Vesper

    Oh Gerry Grow UP,before you turn into another Charlie Sheen :(

  • http://LOLA Lola
  • delilah

    I have to laugh at how some of you guys are so “up” on this random actor that you know who his driver is! LOL!

    I think Butler’s gay. I also agree with whoever said he was at the same club as Leo, not WITH Leo. Butler would probably cut off his arm(!) to hang out with Leo’s posse. In fact it was probably Butler’s
    pr guy who “leaked” that he and Leo were at the same club.

    Here’s a guy in his 40′s and I never read about a serious girlfriend. I do not buy the cr@p about him either being “too busy” or he has these “secret” girl friends no one ever sees.

    His reputation for chasing women is a big smoke screen. He’s a fake, and he’s in the closet. I know I’ll get flamed by the crazy fangurls who chase after him, but this is the truth as I see it. My opinion is just as legitimate as anyone else’s.

  • MysteryHer

    Can’t help noticing the +/- thumbs up/down rating of posts and how it works here. Positive comments have more negative counts than negative comments?! ha-ha-ha
    That’s AV alright, a long-time friend and buddy. No news there. What is new is that he’s still in the LA. Wait? Av’s divorced? Really? How do you know? Sad if true.
    Butler is not gay. And not a fake of any kind. Not so! The women he sleeps with agree or are convinced it is better for them to not be photographed with him unless he wants like MA with RC at TND premiere.
    He’s had serious relationships before. Just keeps them very private. It can be done. He’s seen when he wants to be seen. This joint is a celeb draw. He looks a lot like Jesus.
    There’s no use chasing after him. He hates that. It’s a total turn-off for him.

  • Caramel

    Man, he looks so young! Not a day over sixty!

  • Amber

    GB is not gay.

  • Scout

    His hair is completed grey, you can really see it in the pics from GB Gals!

  • v8anT


    You make it like it’s sooooooo important or presitious to be in the same club or group with DiCaprio. Why? Gerry likes to socialize with movie stars or lesser known ones. That pancake faced Leo can kiss Jersey Shore gangs butts but would be incredibly privileged for Gerry to be in the same room with him? You are out of your mind.

  • oh please


    If all the guys who hang together in bars in just my little town were gay, there would hardly be anyone straight in existence. In fact, 3/4 or more of the people in any regular bar on most nights are guys, playing pool, bsing and having beers.

    This is a nightclub in L.A. (the same people who started BOA) not a poolhall bar.
    I guarantee it is filled with clubrats and gold diggers – all looking for one thing. Gerry fits right in.

  • so wrong


    He looks a lot like Jesus.

    Read more:

    Now I’ve heard everything. He is obviously your own personal Jesus…

  • mama

    @delilah: Ha. As for many of us knowing a lot about a “random” actor … you seem to know quite a bit (or think you do) about this “random” actor yourself there delilah! Your slip is showing.

  • angelsrock


    The man has a heluva profile.

  • If he’s not gay…

    ….he’s doing a great job trying to make it look otherwise. Acting!

    Clubrats and golddiggers sounds about right. He looks terrible.

  • Vegas

    @angelsrock: Yes! Back in the old days of Hollywood they used to call John Barrymore “The Great Profile.” I think Gerry has now taken that title.

  • Clamsie

    @delilah: I agree wit ya, Delilah. He’s closeted. There’s no other explanation for him travelling with other gay men and the staged piccies and the fake gfs. Kevin Spacey won’t be seen in public with a woman, either, and we know he’s gay. I don’t care if he’s gay or not, it would be nice to see Ger happy or in love. Ger is never with anyone, it must suck to be totally alone except for your friends. Friendship is great but it’s no substitute for love and romance. I’m starting to feel sorry for him because he really does seem lonely.