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Jason Statham Covers 'Men's Journal' February 2011

Jason Statham Covers 'Men's Journal' February 2011

Jason Statham puts on his thinking face for the camera on the February 2011 cover of Men’s Journal magazine.

Here’s what the 43-year-old English actor had to share:

On green-screen work: “It makes my blood boil. I’m almost at the point of a contractual bind saying, ‘I’m never, ever allowed to do green screen, ever.’ Like, if they ever bring up the subject of a freaking CG shot, they’d better do it over the phone, so they’re out of arm’s reach. It’s to the point of killing something that’s really cool. They should just take extra insurance out or something. In The Mechanic, did you see me jump off the bridge? That’s a real stunt. Free fall! I love s–t like that!”

On his current relationship with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: “Giving you information on what I desire in a woman would indicate what I have, and I’m not going to do that. I’ve got my girlie, and she’s precious to me. If you say nothing, you can’t get f–ked over. So I’m saying nothing.”

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23 Responses to “Jason Statham Covers 'Men's Journal' February 2011”

  1. 1
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Where rosie cute?

  2. 2
    lol Says:

    ehhh JJ hes 37 not 43. do your homework bro

  3. 3
    Super Cool Says:

    he’s not 43, he’s 38. born in september 12, 1972.

  4. 4
    Jordan Says:

    In the interview her calls her ‘Little Rosie’ kind of creepy.

  5. 5
    Sligo ^_^ cute Says:

    Bad cover. Better cover young actor

  6. 6
    cf10 Says:

    i like her attitude

  7. 7
    cf10 Says:

    his* oops

  8. 8
    wild Says:

    Jason is hot but that cover sucks.

  9. 9
    heather Says:

    @Jordan agree totally, more than a little creepy.

  10. 10
    WHAT THE HELL? Says:


  11. 11
    mir Says:

    Shame on you JJ!

    Report on drug-Charlie, but no report about

    Walk of Fame for Donald Sutherland!.

  12. 12
    sert Says:

    he’s 43, born in 1967

  13. 13
    heather Says:

    @Sert, You are correct about 43, making him 20 years older

  14. 14
    From Paris with Love Says:

    FOR GOD’S SAKE pedophiles are into prepubescent children!!! into kids that’s haven’t reached puberty yet, no body hair, no hips, no boobs, no pheromones, nothing. I’m sick and tired of people misusing the P word.
    As much as we find it disgusting even an old dude who is into 17 year olds isn’t a pedophile. Sexual majority and pedophilia are two different things. They like them because they’re hot and young, not because they lack grown up characteristics.
    Anyways if you thing a guy who dates a 23 year old is a pedo then hello every man on this planet has had pedo fantasies, it’s just that only rich sucessful dudes can still nail them when their “old”.

  15. 15
    From Paris with Love Says:

    *that haven´t

  16. 16
    umm Says:

    @Jordan: I thnk it was cute

  17. 17
    mailey Says:

    this guy really creeps me out.

  18. 18
    oops Says:

    he’s totally gay.

  19. 19
    xax Says:

    terrible actor

  20. 20
    AshXD Says:

    he was born september 12, 1972.
    and now he’s 38

  21. 21

    “I’ve got my girlie ” !!! DUH !!! I bet she’ll be pleased to read this ……
    He seems to be talking about a pet or a blow-up sex-doll waiting on his couch when he comes home.

  22. 22
    Rattlesnake Says:

    that is soooo ” SOFT ” … he was on jimmy fallon the other night, you can tell by his body language he just hates people in general ….

  23. 23
    Jokergurl Says:

    I love how he’s protecting his relationship with Rosie, that’s classy, that’s a real man. @ Rattlesnake, he was totally cool with the gal on Mike & Molly, and he was funny, and charming, he seemed very open to me. ” Girlie, is a term of endearment, and he’s very cockney English, that’s how they talk. @ What the hell look up the that word in the dictionary before you use it jackass.

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