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Katie Holmes: 'Son of No One' Premiere at Sundance!

Katie Holmes: 'Son of No One' Premiere at Sundance!

Katie Holmes hits the premiere of her new film, The Son of No One, during the 2011 Sundance Film Festival at the Eccles Center Theatre on Friday (January 28) in Park City, Utah.

The 32-year-old actress met up with co-star Channing Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan, at the event and the private after-party at Silver.

Katie is reportedly “very upset” over false reports that people walked out of the drama’s first screening.

“There wasn’t a mass exodus. The people who did see it, liked the film,” said The Son of No One producer Cassian Elwes.

“We’ve already received three offers on the film. We’re 100 percent behind [Katie] and the entire cast’s performances in this film. She loves the film and she’s great in it. She’s very upset by this attack,” he added.

Showbiz 411 also reiterated that “no one walked out of the film. There was no exodus, no running for the doors. No ‘collective groan.’”

FYI: Katie is wearing an Isabel Marant shirt and Current Elliott jeans. She finished her look with a Jennifer Meyer Initial Necklace in “S” for Suri.

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Credit: George Pimentel; Photos: Getty
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  • Belle

    I love katy , she is so pretty and classy . Suri have a great role model to look up to which is her mom. she is an all American midwest girl.

  • What’s Going On???

    OMG! Katie looks sickly!

  • believe

    Am so glad to hear this JJ. I like Katie and Channing. Thank you for pointing out the truth where the tabs just print lies.

  • Ricki

    She must be smoking a lot this week. Her teeth are so brown.

  • poor thing

    she looks uncomfortable. i this the stress of the end of her career is getting to her. she should focus on tom and their hot love.

  • From Paris with Love

    She looks great here.

  • Where’s Tom?

    Did they get divorced?

  • uh…

    did her makeup artist rub some chicken wings on her forehead?

  • LALA

    Zenu necklace – check
    Paid “friends” – check
    Delusional enough to think she belongs at Sundance – check
    Vomit working its way up my throat – check
    Obviously Tom called in a favor from Redford….

  • Gaga Goo goo

    no comment……not worth my time. LOL


  • ollie

    katie showed up! hope park city replenished their supply of tar and feathers.

  • girl

    Uh-oh. I smell botox…

  • resident

    Its a shame she has no identity outside of Tom. Financially she is set for life but I think more than anything she wanted a career and now shes not taken seriously.

  • Ghost

    Are you kidding me ? This moron is a Satanist in a cult called Scientology. This Looser was nobody before she was with Tom cruise, and is a brain-washed reject since… If you say things like Pretty and Classy, then you are either using mommy’s computer while she is out, or are in need of counselling which is a good thing she is out to make money for the aforementioned.

  • Gaga Goo goo

    too bad…..she married tom for all the wrong reasons.

    hot love? ughh gag….lol

  • lily

    I wish she end up with Joshua Jackson
    they look great together

  • Poor Katie

    Her carrier is nonexistent.

  • Poor Katie

    oops career

  • edimam

    I think people should judge her seperately from Tom. We should be giving her cheers for making use of such an opportunity. She is living the life.

  • lucy2

    Josh and Diane are a beautiful couple, so the probability of J&K “ending up” together is basically 0%.
    HOWEVER it IS really sad that Katie threw away Josh’s friendship when she joined the cult. Just to think that they were such good friends that she flew to London to spend time with him 2 weeks before hooking up with Cruise’s people, and never spoke to Josh again.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    She not great and i dont like

  • Lol

    I still believe she is Tom’s beard. I believe she was already knocked up with someone else child. She does not look happy at all.

  • umm
  • miami

    one of the prettiest faces in hollyweird. she’s so damn beautiful

  • j

    i feel like katie would’ve had a greater movie career if she didnt end up being Tom’s event patron. looking at michelle’s success (oscar nom) katie must be feeling disappointed.
    i mean, she has to pose with a someone whose only socially relevant for marrying channing tatum.

    not to mention posing next to that face, that looks like its going to bite off someones arm or somethin…lol, really goes to show how much more beautiful and naturally gorgeous Katie is.


    Hahaha !!! Yes indeed, she’s right to be upset !!! Hahaha :-D
    Nobody will EVER think she gets an acting part without Tom Cruise being the one pulling the strings behind a film production.
    It’s obvious the only reason a director would think of her is for the extra-cash Tommy will pay for her to get a role.

  • skjfie

    At least she could have got a little dressed up don’t you think?

  • AEP

    I CAN’T STAND HER!!!! That stupid azz grin and pig nose, looking like she spread Vaseline on her face. Just gross. And BAD ACTRESS!!!!

  • Jenn

    The Necklace is an S for Suri. It is a mother thing. She is a good actress. She is beautiful and so far has not hurt or disparaged anyone in her career or the press. Not even Chris Klein who was a beast to her in the press. Just stop.

    Watch Pieces of April. Good movie – good part for her.

  • annie

    Katies career is not going down at all . Seems sales for Don’t be afraid of the Dark, are under way for international distribution, and Miramax is handling it in N America. Son of None seems to be going international too.
    She’s the face of Ann Taylor…….the video of Katie modelling the clothes is just gorgeous.
    Guillermo del Torro thought enough of her to give her the lead role in his movie. That says a lot in itself.
    Now if the Kennedys sorts itself out, Katie will be on a roll. like it or not!

  • AEP

    AT JENN. You had to go back 8 years to find a movie that she was so-so in? And it was Platt and Clarkson that made the movie good, not Cankle Pig girl.

  • lucy

    I think Katy looks pretty, and I’m sure her outfit costs more than I make in a month, but I would have liked to see her a little more dressed up. It is a move premiere.

  • missy b

    I think Katie looks great. Sundance is supposed to be casual. Look at what her director and cast mates are wearing.

  • Lavito

    OMG, her hair actually looks clean. So sad that she thinks and some of you believe she has a career.

  • Lavito

    OMG, her hair actually looks clean. So sad that Katie and some of you believe that she has a career. She is a loser. BTW, where is the little baby bottle drinking spoiled brat?!?!

  • Lavito

    Sorry about the 2 posts, I waited several minutes and didn’t see my first post, thought maybe JJ didn’t like too many negative comments on the cult princess.

  • Joanne

    She looks nice here, I just don’t get the hate.

  • Americans are Idiots


    I don’t like her one bit, IMO she can’t act, raises a spoiled girl and is married to a disgusting nutcase but Americans don’t deserve other stars. Calling those teeth brown shows that Americans are only used to bleached and ortodentic treated fake teeth.

  • to Lavito

    LOL, wake up. JJ is only reporting about this non talented woman, because of the negative comments and JJ knows that those threads get many hits and brings a lot of money

  • mailey

    katie’s so tall.
    she’s got her joey hair here.

  • Seriously?

    I agree with you #39, but she really doesnt get that many hits compared to real starts.

  • Seriously?

    STARS, sorry.

  • Paula

    So sad that all positive comments ended up being hidden due to low rating. No doubt this one will end up hidden as well. Definitely a witch hunt. And Katie Holmes does not deserve such a treatment:(

  • Ginny

    Let’s see:
    – Belongs to a cult
    - Sold one man’s child to another man and has been living a fraudulant life over the situation since Oct of ’05 when her “3 month”(haha) pregnancy status was anounced.
    - Sold her soul to TC
    - Is a neglectful mother. Allowing her child to be outside in NYC and BC withoug proper clothing in winter.
    - Can’t act, sing, or dance, but still gets jobs (Katie: dance all you want in your shower or livingroom, but don’t be surprised when we don’t want to watch.)
    I could go on and on…That all being said; yes I gave your moronic comment a thumbs down.

  • SamIAm

    Why should it be sad, Paula, that folks have an opinion? I find it sad that so many people are blindingly positive about people just because they are so called stars. “Oh my gosh she’s so beautiful, her kid is so cute, she’s such a great actress, such a great mom, etc…” said about Holmes or any other star strikes me as the crazy comment. Most “stars” are average at best, and I frankly don’t think Holmes get to even average on most days. I’m not a hater – she may get there one day, but she hasn’t yet. She’s young yet. But her camp and her fans think she’s owed some sort of kudos for a level of excellence she has simply not yet produced.

  • Romeo

    I don’t know where to begin cutting your post down, #25.

    You’re a moron, #26.

    You’re an idiot, #44.

    It doesn’t sadden you that so many comments are blindingly hateful of people they’ve never met, #45?

  • SamIAm

    Well, Romeo, I think you’ve shown a great capacity to hate total strangers, so I think you could speak to that better than anyone. But to answer your question, I do think people go overboard in their comments, and I think it is a reaction to people like Holmes getting opportunities, kudos and comments that she simply does that deserve. She is not a “beauty” simply because she is married to Cruise. Like many stars, we would not look twice at her if she were walking down the street and she was not famous. She hasn’t done anything of worth in this world, yet people like you seem to worship her. You lash out viciously at anyone who dare criticize her.

  • AEP

    Romeo is just paid PR. He or she, has to say those things. Don’t even read.

  • Romeo

    I don’t worship anyone and it’s their opinion if people think she’s beautiful or a good actress, #47.

    I don’t even know TomKat and I’m not a Scientologist, #48.

  • Juliet


    Well you certainly go out of your way for someone you don’t know. You have stated it is because they are so viciously attacked that you just can’t help yourself. Yet there are others on JJ that are even more viciously attacked and I don’t see you defending them. What is the difference? You also seem to know every little detail about TomKat. This is not normal behavior for someone perusing a blog. We all know it. Appears you don’t.