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Leonardo DiCaprio: Mountaineer Business Man

Leonardo DiCaprio: Mountaineer Business Man

Leonardio DiCaprio puts on his sunglasses as he leaves a business meeting wearing a West Virginia University Mountaineers hat on Thursday (January 27) in North Hollywood, Calif.

The 36-year-old actor partied the night away later in the evening alongside Gossip Girl actors Chace Crawford and Sebastian Stan. Leo will soon be starring with their co-star Ed Westwick in the film J. Edgar.

According to reports, Leo‘s girlfriend Bar Refaeli has purchased a luxurious apartment in Tel Aviv, Israel for nearly $3 million!

10+ pictures inside of Leonardo DiCaprio leaving the studio…

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leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 01
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 02
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 03
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 04
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 05
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 06
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 07
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 08
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 09
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 10
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 11
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 12
leonardo dicaprio wolverine business man 13

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  • lauren

    love leo

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Hes soo handsome and cute :D

  • cure

    He looks younger! i think he has lost weight.

  • Sayuri

    Coisa mais linda esse homem =)

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Hes my favi actor :D

  • On-and-off-again

    If I was Bar, I shall distrust: it is not good sign when your man loses weight and goes out more and more with his buddies without you but surrounded with a heap of models ready for everything….

  • pett


    you are a stupid! he is in character, Leo stars filming his new movie february 5.

  • mir

    Shame on you JJ!

    Report on drug-Charlie, but no report about

    Walk of Fame for Donald Sutherland!

  • Amanda Knotts

    This is clearly a West Virginia University hat!!

  • Juicy

    @On-and-off-again: I agree, Leo seems like he’s not trustworthy. All he wants are models and to hang out with the likes of Paris Hilton and Jersey Shore cesspool. Makes you wonder what he does to get these roles. He’s so overrated.

  • carol

    Slim but bloated and pudgy face. Leo may need to lay off the cocktails for a bit.

  • AINH


    and you?? hahahah.

  • AINH


    what he does to get these roles?? He has a lot of talent ! his movies and his sucessful career is about his amazing acting and no about stupid crazy stories about his private life, friends or his girlfriend!

  • mailey

    he looks young/better when he’s clean shaven.

  • Juicy

    @AINH: It’s about whatever I perceive it to be about, loser. I think there’s something fishy about his film roles. He’s so mediocre.

  • AINH


    whatever you perceive is only your problem, loser. and if he is so mediocre … it is very easy, you always can avoid his movies.

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Leo so cute and sweet leo the best my faves 4ever ^_^

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Leo so cute and sweet leo the best actor my faves 4ever

  • Lori

    I love when he wears his WVU hat!

  • Juicy

    @AINH: Clearly the problem is yours, dimwit. Does it make you crazy that someone isn’t licking Leo’s boots? Aw, poor, poor little piggy. Go eat a box of Swiss Cake Rolls and it’ll be all better. I don’t need you to tell me to avoid his movies, short bus, I already do.

  • han

    @carol: He doesn’t look bloated and doesn’t have a pudgy face, what on earth are you babbling about?

  • AINH


    good for you!! if you avoid his movies … and his post!??? hahahaha reading and commenting about so mediocre actor!

    — eat a box of Swiss Cake Rolls and it’ll be all better!!!

  • ela


    juicy boy /girl your comments are always so … disgusting, talking about leo, or gerard … you need a new hobbie!

  • bzfrks

    @pett: LOL! Clearly he is in character. Going out and clubbing, dining with a big group of models… That`s his main character! LOL!
    What`s wrong with his roles? They are pretty much the same. And it`s getting boring. Always the depressed guy crying over his lost love and being miserable. He picks Oscar-worthy roles and directors and to me that screams desperate. I enjoyed his older movies much more. Then he started doing these depressing movies, started hanging out with people like Hilton, Campbell…etc. and most importantly started dating that airhead model whose career depends on him big time. Sorry but he is getting more and more disappointing.
    Juicy, #21 good point. For some he is like god and you cannot say a bad word about him. They just blindly accept everything he does. :eyeroll:

  • Mrs. DiCaprio

    is he wearing a power balance hand bracelete ( sorry, i don´t know how to say it in english, but you know what i´m talking about) ?… now the question is: is the same hand bracelete that Bar was wearing when she was in NYC whit Rafael Nadal for the tennis match? please, search the pics, compare them and tell me what you think..

  • ela


    sure his two Box office HITS Inception and Shutter island and very very disappointing! And his new role with Hollywood legend Eastwood will be very dissapointing too… very very dissapointing!! …..

  • belay

    @Mrs. DiCaprio:

    yes! the same.

  • On-and-off-again

    @Mrs Dicaprio : It looks like yes nevertheless it is of the swindle this thing…

  • Mrs. DiCaprio

    ups… my mistake, it´s not the same… Bar´s one is diferent.. sorry

  • Why ?

    Why speak about Bar’s flat while this has nothing to do with the subject. Or it is just because these PR pay so that she is systematically quoted in articles on LDC?

  • Juicy

    @ela: You have no idea what I need, soggy brains. Comments are for everyone, and if I think Leo is overrated and mediocre or Gerard is greasy and disgusting, I can damm well say it. If you don’t like it, kiss it.

  • Zooey Franny

    He was robbed completely from the Oscars this year. He should have been nominated for Shutter Island or Inception!

  • belay


    you are really very rude person.

  • belay


    you are really very rude person.@Zooey Franny:

    i love Leo but no. i think Hoover is a very good opportunity for him.

  • On-and-off-again

    @pett : Perhaps i’m stupid but I don’t see the report between the shooting of Hoover and the fact of having dinner with 2O models…
    I am really very stupid

  • From Paris with Love

    Ugly fat face. He completely lost his looks after The beach.
    To think after the Titanic frenzy he was supposed to be the new Brad Pitt lookwise, turns out he didn’t even make it to his 30′s as a hunk. LMAO
    As an actor he is good yes, but kinda always the same acting, no reason to swoon. It’s just that so many other actors and movies are sh*tty that they make any watchable movie look like a masterpiece.

  • YOU

    @From Paris with Love:

    He never wanted to be a hunk or a new Brad Pitt lookwise. He hates that kind of crap.

  • umm

    he lost weight. good for him. he looks 10 years younger.

  • bzfrks

    Who bares about that bracelet???
    @ela: you cannot exlain everything I wrote with box office numbers. It wasn’t only Leo who brought in the audience. Two big name directors also attract people. Nolan has a huge fan base and no matter who stars in his movies they are always box office hits. You can also ignore the fact that even though a lit of people went to see his movies not everyone liked it. I read a lot of comments and tweeds from people who paid to see those movies and they didn’t like it. Ever since Shutter Island I have been reading opinions about his roles being the same. What does it have to do with box office numbers? Or that peole noticed that he hangs out with those z-list friend and girlfriend? Nothing!
    Juicy, I like your comments. Keep them coming! Some people don’t get it that this is not a fan site and all kinds of opinion is allowed!

  • CanadaGirl

    Holy sh*t, did Leo ever get a haircut! lol… men are far braver than me in that department. It literally looks buzzed.
    Hi all. Horray.. Friday!

  • Ms Bar that Leo Gaga Fan

    Lots of Leo hate on the last few threads. We know what that means, right, Leo-fans. :)

  • MR Bar that Leo Gaga Fan

    Glad to hear he’s hanging out with friends again. Do you think we’ll get more reports of him being out since Hoover is being filmed in LA?

  • bzfrks

    Yeah, it means he is disappointing in many ways…

  • gawsh

    lol @ all the 40 year old women on this thread “nooo dont say bad things about leo, hes not fat, hes soooo attractive and is totally the best actor in teh worldz!!!!!!111!!!”

  • YOU


    it means you have a lot of personalities.

  • xxx

    @MR Bar that Leo Gaga Fan:

    He has J Edgar Hoover hair cut!

  • Joan

    TO COMMENT # 37 “but kinda always the same acting” WHAT?? Leo is a versatile actor… Why do you think that Mr. Marlon Brando said that Leo and J.Depp are the best actors of their generation?? Woman, are you crazy?? Watch all his movies

  • Glamourous

    Can someone explain the purpose of this bracelet? Is this like metal bracelets sold on late night infomercials (forgot the name) that are supposed to promote good health, etc? Ummm…. do people actually believe these things? Seems like a waste of $30 bucks to me.

  • Shy

    I look at those pictures and can’t understand what’s wrong. And then I noticed that our Leo SHAVED!!! He always goes with that little beard and becomes almost recognizable when shaved it :)

  • everio

    For all you haters, why do you come here every time Jared posts on Dicaprio? Don’t you have something better to do, than to come here and constantly diss this actor? Its funny that you say, his movies are all the same, and yet you guys posts always the same hate. Its boring people who have no lives. Nobody forces you to watch his films, simply don’t go. I happen to like this actor, and I enjoy his films. So let us fans who enjoy news about him, leave us in peace.
    He is getting ready for his role as Hoover, so thats cool!
    Thanks Jared for the news.