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Ryan Phillippe & Amanda Seyfried: Holding Hands!

Ryan Phillippe & Amanda Seyfried: Holding Hands!

Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried hold hands while sharing lunch at The Oaks Gourmet on Friday (January 28) in Los Feliz, Calif.

After their meal, the two strapped on their helmets then hopped on Ryan‘s motorcycle before driving off.

The day before, Ryan, 36, and Amanda, 25, were also spotted together in Los Feliz grabbing some juice.

10+ pictures inside of Ryan Phillippe and Amanda Seyfried holding hands at lunch…

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amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 01
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 02
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 03
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 04
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 05
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 06
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 07
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 08
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 09
amanda seyfried ryan phillippe holding hands 10

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Svetlana


  • Lemme

    She has poor taste in men.

  • Olga


  • bee

    Oh my! Let’s see how long this show-mance is gonna last.

  • Halli

    The more I see of him, the more I wonder how Reese stayed with him for so long.

  • ModestMouse

    He likes his blondes.

  • willanka

    Usually I don’t mind seeing couples about people think are wierd. I just wait and see how long it’s going to last. But if I see Amanda(whom I like) and Ryan together – I’m so sick of them, can’t stand them. Ugh.

  • http://dnica Looky

    I guess she really loves her legs. LOL . So staged!

  • gary

    Beautiful girl, hot legs and bod, in all an excellent upgrade

  • Pattycake

    Aw come on you bitter, frustrated old hags. They look lovely together. Two very good looking young people. The paps are on the prowl for them but they have to right to go out in public.

  • Madhatter

    They are a show-mance? I didn’t know that! That makes me feel better because he is a d…
    (I love her outfit and she looks great in it-though, not something a lot of people could pull off.)

  • Izz

    Her lovely legs wouldn’t look so good if she came off that bike, riding on a motorbike in clothes like that is moronic

  • twofools

    They look good togeher. Amanda is not a dumb girl. The age difference is fine he is imature and she is mature for her age. It all equals out.

  • hillary

    ryan definiately has a type doesnt he

  • Ewww

    He’s vile and disgusting. She’s definitely slumming it.

  • jessica

    I just love them together. I think Ryan seems like such a great dad. I don’t get people who think he is so awful.

  • ali

    sexy couple is sexy haters to the left

  • Maria

    i think they make a cute couple and i kinda like them both together but Ryan is a D (but not a bad father). I do wonder why Reese stayed with him for so long.

  • TJ

    Are they promoting a movie or something? Love how people either start dating or break-up right around the time they have something coming out.

  • cheese

    Unlike this at all

  • godric

    I don’t think this is a showmance at all. She’s exactly his type. Young, talented, blonde.

  • Staney

    He is more beautiful than her

  • j

    she is going to regret this moment one day lol.. look at his face what a playa wanna be! cute but hes gonna cheat

  • mary

    Stupid girl STUPID!!!!!!!!!! Some1 talk some sense to her people!!!

  • kiki

    Wow, you guys are harsh. Ryan is hot and so is she. They look great together and I like them both. Hope they are happy.

  • hyoid

    idk but this looks so forced and unnatural…

  • Emma

    She can do sooooo much better!!!
    Dominic cooper was hotter than this douche bag!

  • Emma

    She can do sooooo much better!!!
    Dominic cooper was hotter than this douche bag!

  • ali

    Dominic Cooper has a squished face and is a huge d bag.

  • Wishing him well

    Oh, come on. How long are some of you going to crucify him for that one big misstep with Reese? She was (is) a ‘control freak’ and I’m sure he was up to here with her controlling ways. Besides, she’s moving on at full speed with her own life. I wish him happiness and agree that he’s a good dad.


    Never did and never will understand the appeal of Ryan Philippe.
    He looks like a smug teenager and when I see him with his kids, he seems to be more like their big brother than their father.
    He doesn’t look a year over 20.
    Anyway, I don’t know much about his reputation in Hollyweird but some of you posters mean he’s a douche and a cheater.
    Well, I doubt the gorgeous Amanda Seyfried sees him as husband-material anyway.
    She’s hot, she wants some dude in her bed, he’ll do this just fine.
    I don’t think he’ll walk her down the aisle so no need to bash them.
    Just one last thing : is it a new fashion to ride motorbikes with naked legs ?? It’d be a terrible mistake to hurt such beautiful and lean pins.

  • Pattycake

    @HOLLYWEIRD: Never understand people who hold Ryan’s youthful good looks against him. He’s helped raise those two kids of his, has never been on the sideline, and that takes maturity and good judgment as well as a self sacrificing love. He loves to party and have a good time, but he is quite capable of loving a woman like she needs to be loved, I imagine, if I’m to judge by Amanda’s face. No one is talking marriage, except the blogs. Let’s just enjoy the view.

  • ali

    I absolutely agree w/ #32 I don’t get the people who want to send this guy to relationship prison. He seems just like most other actors (if not a bit better) and a MUCH better father then all of them.

  • Rattlesnake

    Just goes to show you how stupid they are, riding anyone on the back of a motorcycle with shorts and flip flops on is totally ignorant not to mention careless… no to mention she is holding her coffee cup with one hand … I love smart people :)


    Okaaaay Amanda, we get it , you have HOT legs !!!
    (and I’d kill to have the same …)
    But for the love of God, she’s almost putting them over the bar !!!
    Does she want to help the waiter make sandwiches with her pedicured toes as well ???
    Come on lady. This is rude and non-hygienic.

  • K

    OMG…it looks like Amanda is using her feet to pleasure Ryan in these photos. LMFAO!

  • Robin

    I am SOO jealous! They look good together, now I want a Boyfriend =)


    Ryan’s not aging well at all! He’s only half as cute as he used to be back when he was in his 20s.

  • Jenny Rivera

    @Halli: #5: “The more I see of him, the more I wonder how Reese stayed with him for so long.” …


    Talk about not wanting to get old! Hasn’t anyone noticed that he’s never dated anyone his own age since Reese dumped him? He’s such an insecure little man that he has to date girls that are a decade younger than him so he could feel better about himself and not feel like an old dude. Amanda is 11 years his junior. And that other hippie girl he dated was also notably younger.

  • Kelly

    I remember seeing that Oscars video on youtube when Reese won. Ryan was acting super excited (but it was over the top and looked forced) when they announced her name as the winner. But then in his excitement he grabbed her arm super hard or something like that and she grimmaced in pain! A lot of people were saying that he did that subconsciously because he’s actually filled with jealousy and bitterness over Reese who’s obviously had a much more successful and stronger career than he has. Watch it on youtube. You will see how strange his behavior is. He definitely seems to have some insecurity issues and an inferiority complex.

  • Good dad but wouldn’t date him

    i think he’s a good dad or atleast seems that way but i wouldn’t want to date this guy. i do believe that he does have self-esteem issues by all the things that i’ve heard about him over teh years.

  • UCLA Girl

    Clooney really needs to get over himself. He’s an old man with grey hair. He thinks if he dates women half his age (who only want him for his fame and money) that he can somehow stop the clock or even turn it back. What an old fool!

  • UCLA Girl

    @UCLA Girl: Sorry, I know it’s not a Clooney post. But every other day JJ posts something about Clooney. It’s like I can’t come to the website without seeing something about him up at the top of the page. LOL

  • Mike

    UCLA Girl: I think Jared has a weird daddy crush on Clooney. Most of his posts are either about Clooney or Kate Bosworth.


    @Mike: hahahaha. jared wants to bone clooney and wishes he looked like bosworth! that’s funny. but seriously, how come the majority of his hot guys posts (hemsworth, chris evans, ian somerhalder, zac efron) end up in the jared junior website for the teens and preteens?! these are grown men in their 20s and 30s. i don’t get why jj only posts about them on the teen website. and meanwhile the regular adult website gets all the gray haired old men like clooney. it’s very very bizarre!

  • JJ Junior

    @JJ IS WEIRD: I KNOW! Ian Somerhalder and the Vampire Diaries has a huuuuge following of middle aged and older women. And everyone knows that. Of course teens like him as well. But so many of his fans are girls in their 20s and beyond. Every Vampire Diaries/Ian post ends up in the kiddie websites. Why?????

  • She has BAD taste

    Amanda could do better than BOTH Dominic Cooper & Ryan Philipa. Ryan is looking old and worn. Dominic looks like some kind of pug or bulldog crossed with a pixie fairy. That’s the best way to describe him. Not to mention both men are short and have bad skin due to heavy smoking.×608.jpg

  • Lisa

    @ #30: You think Reese was a control freak just b/c she was more successful and made more money than him? Ummmm how about maybe she’s just a better actor and more well liked by the public? And perhaps also has more business sense than Ryan (who doesn’t seem very bright at all). You sound like a woman hater. Sexist much? LOL

  • Melanie

    @#31: “He doesn’t look a year over 20.”
    I wouldn’t say he looks as young as 20. Maybe 27/28. But Ryan looks like a young man with BAD skin. His face looks young but at the same time his skin doesn’t look young. It’s very strange. Probably b/c he smokes a lot. Also I think he dresses too young for his age. This is partly why you think he looks like he’s 20. I’ve seen him dress even younger than here in these pics. It’s kinda pathetic a grown 30something year old dressing like a college kid.