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Natalie Portman: Engagement Ring Details!

Natalie Portman: Engagement Ring Details!

Natalie Portman covers her face from the chilly weather while going to lunch with fiance Benjamin Millepied on Friday (January 28) in New York City.

Earlier this week, the couple took her dog Whiz out for a walk on the snowy streets of Manhattan.

Details about Natalie‘s engagement ring were also recently revealed.

Benjamin designed the custom handmade sparkler along with jewelery designer Jamie Wolf and with Natalie‘s ecofriendly and vegan ideals in mind.

“The stone is an antique (round old mine cut diamond), the pave diamonds are certified as conflict-free, meaning no one was hurt or treated unfairly in the mining of the diamonds, and the platinum is recycled metal,” InStyle reports.

Ben was exceptionally thoughtful and dedicated and patient to make sure we had everything right,” Jamie told the mag.

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepied going to lunch in NYC…

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natalie portman benjamin millepied lunch 01
natalie portman benjamin millepied lunch 02
natalie portman benjamin millepied lunch 03
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Photos: WENN, Fame Pictures
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  • Trin

    Aww..nice ring.He put a lot of thought into it. Congrats to them :)

  • commonsense

    I’m sure Ben will also be “exceptionally thoughtful” as he runs out the door with her money when they divorce.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Poor Natalie…the paps aren’t going to leave her alone until she gives birth! But it’s good she’s bundled up – it’s cold in the Big Apple.

  • From Paris with Love

    My god, does their poop smell ecofriendly? do they do it “vegan style”?

  • http://snicker prairie pig


    LOL! The divorce documents will be on recycled paper. How socially and environmentally aware (barf)

  • Svetlana

    ecofriendly and vegan my ass

  • Not Amused

    I liked Natalie when she kept stuff private. Now we have to know every detail, wtf cares about where her ring is from?? TMI!

  • http://Tj Sligo ^ _ ^ cute


  • me

    Yes, what a stupid b!tch for caring about the environment. You people are ignorant.

  • conflict free blather

    Ecofriendly and vegan diamond and platinum engagement ring? Oh gag me! He should have just made her a daisy chain.

  • Olga

    I bet her farts are ecofriendly and vegan too

  • mailey

    poor ben.
    god, natalie is so sanctimonious.

  • boston61

    He is using her. He is in love with her celebrity. He wants to be someone.
    HaHaHaHaHaHaHaHa! She will be getting a very vegan divorce shortly. She is such a jerk.

  • ljfdxh

    A side-note: Why is his hair always so fluffy on the sides?

    Is he balding at the sides and trying to comb over it or something? Well if he is then this is not better. He needs a new hairdo…or to just shave it off. It might suit him.

  • Ron

    I think that Natalie don’t deserve the Oscar,because she’s not a good actress,and she was not so great so Black Swan.I’ve seen better performances from true actresses.Also “if” she won the Oscar she would be more bitchy than the usual :D

  • Claudia

    One time when I so Natalie in the airport,she say to me when I ask her-Hey Natalie,I’m one of your biggest fans.Can I have a picture whit you?” And she say to me ( Can You move,please and keep your distance.OK”———–Can you imagine what would happen if she won the Oscar. ( Goodbye Fans;and please don’t forget to check and buy all my movies.OK..Oh,and please remember to keep you distance.Thanks : )<3

  • haha2

    @ron true

  • Eric

    He is hotter than her.

  • Angelica

    she’s ashamed of her fiance cos he is a ballerina. hahahahahahaha


    And what about latex in condoms ? Is it eco-friendly or not ?
    Is that why she didn’t use any and got pregnant out of the blue ?

  • XYZ

    Oh, the “sweetie” together with her user and abuser… How nice!

  • Jokergurl

    Amid some of these stupid comments I hope she gets the Oscar. That is all.

  • reb

    Is it just me, or does anyone else get the feeling he may be gay?

  • lexy hates bilson

    I don’t blame her for not signing autographs at the airport or anywhere else. When she’s on her personal time she’s not working and doesn’t want to be bothered. What would have happened if she stopped and signed an autograph – next thing you know more people would have come up and wanted pics and autographs and there would have been a mob!

  • The Truth

    @lexy hates bilson: Natalie knew what she was getting into whe she went public with her relationship. Don’t feel sorry for her. She should have messed with another girl”s boyfriend like that are she ouldn’t hve follow him everywhere he go. Have she thought are where she’s going ive with the child.He don’t like living in la with her and shedon’t want to live in newyork all the time. I guess that’s why she did all those movies to be with him. And cheater is always a cheater.I thought she knew that Don’t see her getting married to him to soon either. This relationship is just for show for him to get something out are her and then he;s gone. Going to have make another movie with him for him to stay with her, I mean then she wouldn’t have to follow him everywhere he go. She seem like she is clinging on to dear like. But ashame to be with him in public.Really don’t care about the ring or engagement its how she got it.She wasn’t noticed by anyone until she got pregnant. Now she’s like everone else in the tabloid magazines.Als he is lying about when he is due .She really due by march or april. Starting off lyling like everyone else.

  • Noli

    @Not Amused: So why is SHE TO BLAME¿!!??! They (the paps) chase her!

  • Amanda

    Damn he is so fu**** hot I’m so jealous Natalie!

  • The Truth

    @lexy hates bilson: That’s her job to do that. She should have sign up for being in showbiz. The people are the one that pay their money to see her. She owe them that much,She is not above anyone else that is an actress. There are better actess then her.HerCo-star hayden don’t mind doing it. Why shouldnt she? She got to realize that all this attention will soon go away and no one will notice her after this award season is over.

  • bella

    who gives a f–k if she messed with someone else’s BF… obviously there was problems there if he fell into the arms of another woman, why do women get blamed and not men….its her life, her man, her baby, and her money..and her karma!

  • Dee

    Natalie Hershlag’s choice/taste in men has always been a question mark to me but who cares… It’s her effing life and she’s the one who deals with it so other people should better mind their own lives as well… I hope she wins tomorrow at SAGs

  • Anna2

    She looks ridicules cover up like that like she in Alaska and it 50 below zero and if she was trying to hide from the paparazzi it didn’t work.

  • jess

    I don’t like her anymore, she used to be a different girl =/

  • omg

    @Anna2: Maybe because she’s cold?

    @The Truth: She doesn’t owe anyone anything. Are you a moron? She deserves to do whatever she wants and if she wants to be left alone then let her f*cking be. Wth is wrong with you?

    She got the role for a reason, because she did a good job acting the role and making it believable. Those commenting about how horrible of a person and actress she is needs to relax.

  • Abigail

    Why is Natalie Portman in NYC?

  • skinny legs and all

    i saw her on letterman and found her to be unbelievaby unlikeable!! she looked so uncomfortable every time letterman paid her a compliment. If she’s that much against praise than why is she in the industry she’s in….what a hypocrate. And she looked constipated through out the entire interview. And i think it was letterman or leno who had asked her if she prepared an acceptance speech for the golden globes if she won, & she fired back that shw would never do that, & finds people who prepare speeches cheesey and presumptions and tacky. Well, she just about insulted every one in hollywood, since most of them do prepare a speech, which is just a decent thing to do, in case they do win, and don’t leave out any names to thank that deem thanking. She’s one of those very pretentious, full of themselves, typically Israeli attitude. She’s arrogant, & maybe she should have prepared a speech, because the one she delivered about her boyfriend wanting to screw her, and then laugh creepily needed some editing. Sorry, don’t like her, & her boyfriend reminds of of eddie cibrian. And Isabella boyten is a breath taking ballerina, who i’m sure will do much better!!

  • @above commentor

    Your comments make me like her even more:)

  • Claudia

    To Lexy Hates Bilson:
    When I ask her for the Picture it was 6:43 AM and no nobody was there.If you’re a big fan of her let me tell you that if she win the Oscar,you would never be capable of get an honest smile of her. Let’s say the truth. :D

  • Foreigner

    @Ron: Couldn’t agree more.
    I think she’s using her Psychology skills in the movie to manipulate the audience in believing her character. I couldn’t see the emotion coming out of her eyes much. That’s not called good acting. I think that’s what she made me feel uncomfortable.
    I bet she won’t get the Oscar.

  • skinny legs and all

    @@above commentor: if my comments make you like her even more, than you must have a thing for narcissistic, ungrateful, homewrecking arrogant celebrities….to each their own:)

  • skinny legs and all

    @@above commentor: if my comments make you like her even more, than you must have a thing for narcissistic, ungrateful, homewrecking arrogant celebrities….to each their own:)

  • Claudia

    @The Truth: It’s the truth <3

  • dud

    is she wearing a dior CALF LEATHER bag?????? if it’s a fake dior then wooowhhh

  • @skinnylegs and all

    Then you must be talking about your own self hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • *******

    he will leave her, sooner or later.

  • *******

    @skinny legs and all: I soooo agree with every word you said! Finally someone normal on JJ!

  • lexy hates bilson

    No it’s not her JOB to sign autographs just b/c she’s in show business. Her job is to act and show up on time for her job and go out and promote movies. I don’t think she signed any contracts that insisted she sign autographs and deal with fans in her PERSONAL time.
    I don’t care if she fakes a smile or not. I think she’s a talented actress and she deserves the Oscar. It’s always refreshing to see someone who’s serious about acting and the craft of their JOB. Instead of these wanna-be deadbeats who just want to be famous and have NO acting abilities and no interest in learning anything about acting. They’re just looking to cash in and be famous!

  • Jennifer Linsdale

    I have to say that Natalie’s got GREAT taste in diamond rings! No matter all the gossip going around about her, I’m impressed with most of her choices. Count me as a fan.


  • Claudia

    You’re a failure as a fan;people like you make this kind of “actors” untouchables. too bad and sad…I’m just saying the truth…. : ( :

  • star

    her ring is exquisite!

  • yo sista

    He’s GORGEOUS and so is she!