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Alex Pettyfer: 'I Am Number Four' Is a Thrill Ride

Alex Pettyfer: 'I Am Number Four' Is a Thrill Ride

A shirtless Alex Pettyfer gets sandwiched between actresses Lydia Hearst and Leven Rambin in this new shoot from celeb photographer Tyler Shields.

The 20-year-old actor is gearing up for the release of his sci-fi action thriller I Am Number Four.

The film, which stars Alex‘s on- and off-screen girlfriend Dianna Agron, has already received rave reviews!

“It will leave you thoroughly exhausted and blown away like an edge-of-your seat thrill ride,” says one review.

“Based on the bestselling book by Pittacus Lore (the pen name of authors James Frey and Jobie Hughes), I Am Number Four manages to stay true to the basis of the book and is nothing short of suspenseful. It delivers a true movie experience that leaves you wanting five, six and seven.”

ARE YOU EXCITED for I Am Number Four to be released?

Alex Pettyfer Video Portrait
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  • pixy

    lame photo shoot. Blah.

  • ciara

    He´s so gross

  • Alias

    He has a weird looking face, reminds me of a rapidly aging Spock from Star Trek III when his face was pulsating

  • BEAN

    He even LOOKS like an arrogant douche.

  • alex

    This is not exactly a good image for a Disney and Dreamworks actor starring in a new movie for them. Because it has the Disney name on I Am Number Four. Alex did this photoshoot well before being cast but It is a terrible image to present when they are expecting young girls to watch the movie and like him. These photos are bad PR for some actor suppose to wanting to star in young teen franchises. Disney has fired other actors for less than this.

  • http://j cf10

    his smile :)!

  • Brenda

    This was the stupidest thing ever. I guess it relates to his character in Beastly and THAT’S why he did it???
    Either way, its just gross.

  • mary

    Oh looky, Pettyfer is not wearing a shirt again!!! LOL! Serlsy dude, we get it, you’re a douche! And… “rave reviews” Jared? Really? REALLY??? You’re siting a fanboy’s review dude, cool it!

  • Lexy

    This is the hottest thing ever!

  • Carla

    lol…I hope Disney craps on him for this.. He also lied to fans at the recent #4 signing saying that the Sony Studios didn’t want him to play Jace. They offered him the role of Jace and what he wants is more money. So Sony is going to look elsewhere.

    Robert P. from Twilight and Daniel Radcliff from Harry Potter had to wait awhile after a few films before they got the deserved pay. They were paid cheaply in the beginning but got the higher pay when they earned it. Alex believes he deserves it now without having to prove himself at the box office.

  • jean

    @Brenda: no dear, he did it for the Disney movie, that’s why it’s out now!

  • Christopher


    No dear, he did it three months before the Disney film even starting shooting.

  • Christopher


    He doesn’t even work for Disney. I Am Number Four is a Dreamworks film that Disney is distributing. Dreamworks want him to star in the James Hunt biopic where he does drugs and screw around. Why would they be bothered by this. And btw, you have no idea what he said to fans or what is going on with the negotiations for The Mortal Instruments. You can’t just report the crap you make up in your head as being real.

  • Karen

    Alex did this shoot way back in March. Alex does not have a contract with Disney. I think the shoot is really sexy. Come on … are you guys really that prudish? It’s hot! Enjoy and lighten up.

  • Carla

    @Christopher: Sorry but I went to San Bruno I Am Number Four signing event and he said the same thing to a few girls asking him about playing Jace. He said that the studio did not want him and that the fans should write and let the Sony know that they want him for Jace. You can find others online that went to the event and they will tell you the same.

    Dreamworks works for Disney that is why Disney bought Dreamworks studio. A little intelligent research besides your Alex Pettyfer fangurl site and you would know that Disney is Dreamworks boss and it is up to Disney to decide whether to finance any Dreamworks films. Spielberg works for Disney too now.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Whats this color and photo bad

  • Janella

    Whatta ya know! More doubebag users b***ing about Alex again. You whiny women are like rotting sh**. Yeah that’s what happens when you know you can’t have something as good as Alex like ever what do you do you come on here and write the most atrocious things. Go back to humping your low life minimum wage druggy boyfriends and die.

  • Karen


    LOL – that is f– hilarious. My favorite post ever.

  • Sammi

    Aye, because telling people to die is soo funny.

  • .

    i’m starting to re-think about me liking him with Dianna Agron. i mean, i wouldn’t really like my boyfriend doing such a photoshoot, haha. :p but he still looks hot as ever, just not in his best angle, i guess.

  • Karen


    Carla, I swear I am not being skeptical but…. did Alex really disclose major film negotiations at a PR event for another film. Did he actually say this think about MI to you directly? Or is this heresay?

  • Candace


    It’s not bad PR at all. Especially with it being just two Tyler videos. When I see the video I just see a guy who did an artistic sexy photo shoot and had fun with it. It’s not like he’s some male pinup or someone who should be looked at as and idol or anything I do mean that respectively. So if little teen girls and boys get whatever type of ideas from watching these Tyler videos that’s not Alex’s problem. He’s a type of model and actor and this what he does sometimes. I think he’s doing a great job now he’s been traveling everywhere to promote the movie along with doing interviews. What these Tyler videos do is it just adds more to his bad boy vibe which is all the more merrier!!

  • Sammi

    Thats why i thought. But he made it seem it was fateful when he was dating emma R.

  • Sammi

    Thats why i thought. But he made it seem it was fateful when he was dating emma R.

  • Karen


    Sammi – lighten up. Come on….stop already.

  • Sammi

    @ Karen
    Sorry one of my family members are sick. So i get touchy with those death remarks.

  • dannie

    oh gosh.

  • godric

    His mere participation in a Tyler Shields photoshoot/video proves what a douchebag he is. No respect for women, objectifying them, etc, which is really how Alex Pettyfer is in real life. If I Am Number Four blows up in his face and fails to open, then you bet he’ll crawl back to Mortal Instruments.

  • Queen X

    He is REALLY good actor…. He is the next big thing.

  • carla

    @Karen: One girl and a couple others ahead of me kept asking him about being in Mortal Instruments as Jace. They just kept asking him about Jace so he said that if you want me for Jace then make sure “they” meaning the studio or whoever behind MI know about it. He said “they” don’t want him for Jace so keep letting them know. I was skeptical about his response since it was reported that he was offered the Jace role. I didn’t ask him about Jace since I only went to get Dianna Agron’s autograph. I’m more of a Glee fan to be honest. He made those comments to a few girls.

    I don’t know why he made it seem like the studio did not want him for Jace.

  • go sox

    Not a fan of photoshoots that make men look like man-wh**es. Ever. I think there are far sexier ways to photograph a guy. But this is the photographer. Think I’ll pass on any more of his work. Makes the guy look like trash.

  • IHateStupidPeople


    Carla, you don’t even know what you are talking about. Disney did not buy Dreamworks, and telling people that they should let Screen Gems know they want him for TMI is not lying. By the way, I have heard from several people who were at the event who don’t agree with your version of the story. So I think that maybe you are the liar.

  • IHateStupidPeople

    @.: Are you aware that these photos were taken before he and Dianna even met?

  • Karen


    Oh my – I am so sorry. I hope they get well soon!

  • Eric Boito

    Pop a hole in his ego balloon and do not go see [and waste your money on] I Am Number Four. He is cheating on Dianna and she is about to throw him to the curb. Just as he did with Emma. I’ve spent time with this creep and he deserves to fail. Go read the article in the Hollywood Reporter about him. The trade has never ever written a bad word about any new up and coming young actor before. The town hates him. You should too.

  • Eric Boito

    And he looks like a porn star – ick – in this video.