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Brad Pitt: Leather Liftoff at LAX

Brad Pitt: Leather Liftoff at LAX

Brad Pitt keeps warm in a black leather jacket while making his way through LAX on Monday (January 31) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actor was accompanied by a bodyguard as he caught a flight out of town.

Brad and Angelina Jolie recently shared a fun date night at The Spare Room inside The Roosevelt Hotel.

The couple left their six kids at home and hit the new bar and restaurant, which features two bowling lanes, backgammon tables, board games, and classic cocktails, Hollywood Life reports.

The night Brad and Angie were there, Elijah Wood also dropped by and DJ’ed!

FYI: Brad is wearing an LNA black zip up hoodie!

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  • Bee

    First!!! Beautiful!!!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow Im first. Nice to have a new thread . Glad to hear that Brad and Angie had a nice out. What a handsome creature. Hello to all JP fans.

  • Yes

    Hello Handsome!!!

  • Yes

    Hello Handsome!!!

  • Elizabeth

    Sorry Bee I guess you first…..something wronf with JJ it keep rejecting my comments.

  • Elizabeth

    What a lucky TSA people those security people must be so happy to see Brad…I would be so crazy probably smile all day at work…to see the famous Brad……

  • naturally

    escaping the kids again

  • A Lurker


  • nakedoldjennifer

    Always Handsome!! Thanks JJ
    God bless the jolie-pitts

  • Dakota

    What a good looking man!!!!! And a great humanitarian! Thanks Brad for all you do for people!

  • Brad Fan

    Thanks JJ

  • Sci


  • Jokergurl

    Buff, beautiful, Brad. :) Those gold trimmed shades are looking a little Elvis haha! Love the newsboy cap. I have to say this man does NOT look 47 more like in his mid thirties, good genes.

  • LAXLurker

    Yup, saw him inside Terminal 2 getting shuttled to the Gate to get on an Air France flight to Paris.

  • grampa bradley

    Just for Men brush-in gel penetrates coarse facial hair. Lasts until the gray grows back. Each shade matches the same Just for Men head haircolor. Plus, you get multiple applications from one carton.

  • busted

    Well we get a sighting.. wonder where he is heading.. He does look good..

    great body.. love him

    Hope we get a sighting of Angie too..

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Old man cry

  • Bella

    Brad Pitt is gorgeous.

  • vickifromtexas

    i never get tired of looking at that man.

  • busted

    So because he is a father he is not allowed to travel..

    Some of your freaks are beyond reason.

    And regarding Brad’s beard.. many men (sorry trolls.. I know you all have never had a man before.. so hear is a lesson..

    Many men have gray in a beard before it really covers the top of their head.. Brad had gray in the beard for years. I saw Dennis Haysbert on the SAG RC..and he has lots of gray in his beard…but his hair on his head is dark.. not much gray at all.

    If a gray makes a man OLD..then you better call every man OLD.

    YOU freaks are just pissed because he is still the HOT AS* he has always been. wearing those jeans and leather jacket.. fit body.. yeah.


  • Lynne

    “hit the new bar and restaurant, which features two bowling lanes, backgammon tables, board games, and classic cocktails”
    - sounds like a real fancy old folks home

  • Kirsten

    Looking good Brad. Hope to see your beautiful kids and Angie soon.

  • Catshit

    Did the TSA agent grab his crotch?

  • groundcontrol

    For those interested in the rather archaic and Hidden-from-the-public labyrinth of film financing and profit, I’m bringing this over fromt he end of the last thread.
    groundcontrol @ 01/31/2011 at 8:17 pm 0
    Okay. Try this on for size. It’s a labyrinthian world of smoke and mirrors.
    X-Raying Lara Croft: Risk Management
    by Edward Jay Epstein
    Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is a minor masterpiece of the arcane art of studio financing, or as Sumner Redstone calls it, “risk management.” The trick, though applied in subtle brushstroke, is to use OPM– — Other People’s Money.
    Here is the triple-play through which Paramount made a $94 million movie for only $8.7 million.
    First, Paramount got $65 million from Intermedia Films in Germany in exchange for distribution rights for 6 countries: Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Japan. These “pre-sales” left Paramount with the movie, and all the rights, the rest of the world.
    Second, Paramount arranged to have part of the film shot in the Britain so that it qualified for a Section 48 tax relief. This allowed it to make a sale-leaseback transaction with the British Lombard bank Paramount on paper sold the movie to British investors, who captured the British government subsidy, and then via a lease and option, returned it to Paramount. Through this financial alchemy,Paramount netted, up front, a cool $12 million.
    Third, Paramount sold the copyright through Herbert Kloiber’s Tele-München Gruppe to a German tax shelter. Because German law did not require the movie to be shot in Germany, and the copyright transfer was only a temporary artifice, the money paid to Paramount in this complex transaction was truly, as an executive put it, money-for-nothing.” Through this maneuver, Paramount made another $10 million.
    Before the movie was ever green-lit or cameras ever began turning, Paramount had gotten back, risk-free, $87 million. to be sure, for arranging this financial legerdemain, Paramount paid about $1.7 million in commissions and fees to middlemen, but that left it with over $85.3 million in the bank. So, its total out-of-pocket cost for the $94 million was only $8.7 million. And Paramount could cover even that paltry risk by selling the Pay-TV rights to its corporate sibling, Showtime, for $10 million.
    The lesson of Lara Croft: Tomb Raider is that things in Hollywood– and especially numbers– are not what they appear to be to the outside world. According to the public numbers, it cost $94-million to make a movie that earned only $62.8-million in rentals in North America. That equation changes radically when the $85 million that Paramount netted from its non-public”risk management” is added in, proving, yet again, in Hollywood, the real art of movies is the art of the deal.
    Epstein’s site

  • http://deleted angierocks

    Brad Hot damn!He is so yummy….I hope we get to see Angie and the kids soon too.

  • Impulse Magazine

    I think that Brad’s jacket is a little bit too tight

  • Catshit

    Jen’s picture is inside that locket he’s wearing.

  • Hey there, papaw!

    @Lynne: That was hilarious! Seriously, Mt. Dew spewed out my nose.

  • Jowley

    and Jolie is home

  • busted


    well….Unless she all of a sudden looked like Angie or the kids.. don’t hold your breath on her mug being anywhere near Brad or his body.. LOL

    move on fool. This man has not thought of Aniston in years. And the fact that you keep trying to connect the dots that are not even on the same page.. ONCE AGAIN WITHOUT THE HELP OF THE JP FANS. YOU MAKE ANISTON LOOK LIKE A LOSER WHO IS WAITING AROUND FOR A MAN THAT MOVED ON 6+ YEARS AGO.

    see we didn’t make her look foolish and Pathetic.. you just did..

  • oh my

    Brad Pitt was born for blue jeans. As for people that say he’s getting old, look in the mirror, so are you. Or look at the other aging heart throbs, Brad is doing just fine. He’s got a lot to show for it in his life too and done so much for others and so much more to accomplish. Brad Pitt has real mature love in his private life but yet, is loved by millions like an old friend. Life doesn’t get any better then that. Good for you, Pitt. Wherever you are going, at least it is not…a dead-end anymore.

  • not a locket fool


    How much of an idiot can you be, LOL. Brad has been wearing this necklace with his family members star signs since at least 2006 off and on. There are plenty of pixs out there that you refuse to acknowledge. Brad loves his Angie and their 6 kids, and has now done so for 6 years plus.

    Why being his EX of over 6 years ago into this thread? She has certainly moved on and it was her life to do so. Is she nothing to you without trying to tie her to a long ago EX?

    Guess you are the one fixated on this man and refuse to face reality, he never was yours and never will be. LOSER!!!!!

  • http://deleted angierocks

    @catshit maybe you should change your name to fullofshit!

  • not a locket fool


    Yes IT is!!!!!!! Quite full!!!!!

  • mervyn

    Catshit @ 01/31/2011 at 9:28 pm -6

    Jen’s picture is inside that locket he’s wearing.
    Yeah, I guess that’s why he divorced her forgot she existed and made sure his new love was tied to him forever by having children with her pronto.

  • just so you know


    All 8 of the JPS will be in NOLA in 2 weeks or so for Brad to begin filming Cogan’s Trade around 2/21.

    Angie is still editing her film, will continue that in NOLA, all arrangements made for that to happen. Brad will likely get credit as a producer on that film.

  • oh my

    Jennifer likes to match her jeans with a ‘lucky’ necklace which she wears most days.

    “A friend of mine gave me a gold necklace, which I like to call my ‘lucky’ necklace,” she said.

    “It has a charm which blends good-luck symbols from all around the world. There’s an elephant on there, a horseshoe and an owl. It’s very special to me.”

    nasty tabloid trolls or really washed up, aging publicist of c-listed X wants people to think something special about necklaces…recycling is good, but Jennifer knows nothing about recycling or she wouldn’t promote bottled water that pollutes our planet…she and her washed-up rep just recycle their plant and deny paid tabloid pieces try to grab a coat-tail of former life or that of his new love and their children. Whatever it takes to keep the has-beens relevant.
    Down with Huvanes, Aniston and SmartWater, any Tabloid trolls.

  • groundcontrol

    mervyn @ 01/31/2011 at 9:53 pm +3
    Catshit @ 01/31/2011 at 9:28 pm -6
    Jen’s picture is inside that locket he’s wearing.
    Yeah, I guess that’s why he divorced her forgot she existed and made sure his new love was tied to him forever by having children with her pronto
    LOL! You tell em, Mervyn.
    Reality is not a strong suit of these crazy females.

  • From Paris with Love

    He looks hot here, sexy!

  • Amy

    The Jenhags crack me up. If Brad was so in love with Jennifer, why doesn’t he leave? It’s pathetic that people are so invested in complete strangers who have been divorced for years.

  • Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

    To determine the ‘relevance’ of actors and actresses, I believe most movie investors are looking at the GROSSES of their movies, although that’s not the only factor. The grosses determines how much an actor/actress can pull at the box office. It is a constant. The NET is not a constant, because its value is calculated using the BUDGET, which can be truthful (close to the actual numbers), or theorical. In other words, it’s adjustable. You know, ‘accounting’: add something here, subtract something there, add something here, subtract something there, and so on.

    To make it short, at this point Angelina and Brad are really doing very well.

  • ajpfan

    Nice to see Brad out again. We haven’t seen him since GG two weeks ago. He is looking good. He always wears the neckless he said it is a gift from “my girl”.

  • julie


    You know anyone can manipulate numbers to show whatever it is that they want to show.

    Lara Croft actually made $156 mil world wide and that didn’t include pre sale deals for TV or DVD/VHS rentals.

    And presales of international rites is very common. Everyone in film does it in order to jockey their film into the best position for overseas viewing.

    Wasn’t sure what your point was.

    However, people said Salt and The Tourist were massive FAILS, but if you look at the production budget and then look at the “discounts” offered to film the movie in their various locations etc. and look at the combined overseas and domestic returns along with DVD rentals–both films are very successful movies. Tourist is still going strong overseas. And DVD rentals haven’t started yet. Like Salt it is probably on track to make at least $350 million. Not bad for a FAIL!

  • maxigirl


  • FYI
  • aseret64

    Damn, you are one hot poppa Brad…can i bring you home? lol

  • TJ

    Brad farts. Angelina kicks him out of bed.

  • lylian

    @Don’t Worry, Be Happy!:
    The grosses determines how much an actor/actress can pull at the box office. It is a constant. The NET is not a constant, because its value is calculated using the BUDGET, which can be truthful (close to the actual numbers), or theorical.
    You are thinking thoughts I see. But you know, you are confusing the h e ll out of the JP haters here!
    Popularity and relevance based on gross BO receipts. Not profitability based on how cheap you are to hire. LOL!!

  • JP fan

    Brad is such a gorgeous man.

  • a moment for Mr. John Barry

    Hollywood lost a giant yesterday. Thank you Mr. Barry, specifically for, Out Of Africa, Some Where In Time, You Only Live Twice. Others will have their favorites. Those were mine.
    John Barry, aged 77.
    RIP Your music lives on.