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Chris Brown: Jack in the Box Celebrity Shootout MVP!

Chris Brown: Jack in the Box Celebrity Shootout MVP!

Chris Brown hits the basketball court for the the Jack in the Box Celebrity Shootout, held on Saturday (January 29) at US Airways Center in Phoenix, Ariz.

The 21-year-old R&B singer played on the orange team with Frankie Muniz, Common, and The Game‘s Pooch Hall!

Chris‘ team won and he was named MVP of the game!

All proceeds from the shootout benefited Phoenix Suns Charities and Suns Nite Hoops.

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Credit: Max Simbron; Photos: MediaPunch Inc.
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  • woman beater.

    screw forgiveness.

  • Mikado

    I will never be able to see a pic of him while not seeing how he beat Rianna.

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    He say this ball rihanna head and i want brokin

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    I forget he say i hate rihanna like shi*t

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    Why he hate rihanna?

  • sunflower27828

    Just one comment……”LOVE is blind to faults and HATE is blind to virtues.”

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    How cares like this boy

  • jenn


  • SandeePB

    I think it’s awesome of Chris Brown to always contribute his time for the positives in life. He does more for this world than I do and I admire his attitude. I can’t say a bad thing about a person who is doing right by his wrong except to keep doing good. Much continued success to him and I hope he continues to contribute to charities as he’s been doing in the past years :)


    love chris!!! =D cant wait for his F.A.M.E album!!!!! 22nd March!!! =D

  • nimaa

    damnn since when did he have all those tattoos. I know he had some but not this many

  • smiley miley fan1

    omg i love chris and rihanna and as true rihanna fans i think we should get over it and move on with our lives just as she did <3

  • SarahNL

    Gosh, I used to really like him. His songs, video clips and especially his dancing.. but after the whole Rihanna thing everything just changed for me.. :( Maybe if he makes really good music.. everything changes back again.

  • Pretty P

    Chris Looks Happy here. Good for him!

  • Pretty P

    @smiley Miley fan. If she had forgiven him she wouldn’t always be using his name to get sympathy from others!

  • King Makers

    If i owned this site, i would block or selectively delete negative comments cos its obvious that 2/3 of the world need anger/hatred management class. Its like a sickness, to always persecute or pursue opportunities to execute hatred without ant sensible reason. That why its hard to stop war in this world, cos people cant distinguish what requires their concern and what doesn’t.

    Elders say “use one hand to rebuke a child & use the other one to bring them back close otherwise if you use both hands, the child will not come back, will grow a thick skin, and will get worse”. Acknowledge his effort to improve his character and stop judging him for an action whose author is dead. This is a charity game, not even part of his community whatever, yet you guys find something to hate.

  • Julie R.

    People,you can be still angry at him,but he paid for what he did,and this case happened 2 years ago.He obbeyed ALL the judge’s orders,completed ALL the programs and behaved well…and stayed away from Rihanna too.He deserves to have fun and live his own life,if Rihanna is doing the same,why wouldn’t he do the same?This episode is old,past now.He learned his lesson,so,stop dissing him.
    Come on,guys…you know both were guilty of what happened,remember Rihanna planned to set him up for an alleged cheating,but unfortunately forgot he was stronger than her.It’s not his fault only.If Rihanna had kept her mouth shut and had stayed quiet…nothing bad would have happened to them.
    I tried…english isn’t my native language,sorry…so,if the grammar is a little weird,it’s not my fault.At least i’m

  • betany

    He’s despicable. He doesn’t deserve praise.

  • Censorship?! Are you joking?

    # 16, people don’t need anger management class for feeling unforgiving of someone with a recent violent past, and they have a right to speak out against violence. It ‘s not about hatred, it’s about common sense! Chris may very well prove himself to be healed and cured, but it will take time, and it will take time for the public to take him back. So get over it and quit babbling.

  • trish

    Both were NOT guilty of Rihanna being beaten and briuised, Julie. Chris was. Women need to be careful about feeling sorry for these violent men. The women who take pity and enable them are the ones who get beaten.

  • nope

    Rihanna didn’t punch herself in the face, Chris did it all by himself.

  • Sage

    I’m so proud of Chris for being so strong in the face of all this judgement coming from his fellow flawed human beings. He has so much more character than many of those that judge him because those that speak the loudest of his flaws are most certainly silent about their own….

    I can’t wait for Chris new cd to be released.

  • LEB

    @SandeePB: I agree!

  • Rita

    to Sage: How do you know that Chris Brown has “so much more character than those who judge him”? And how do you know that “those that speak the loudest of his flaws are most certainly silent about their own”?

    Do you know this guy or any of us personally? Are you psychic?

  • Shania

    So he was named MVP! Well that does it, I guess I forgive him for being an abuser and having a gay bashing rant on twitter now and will run out and buy his music! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • King Makers

    How can a good boy like Chris brown lose this much credibility cos of a single mistake in his 21 years of existence? And this grudge/protest is extending past 2 years already! isn’t that an unbelievable joke?.

    Statistics show that women make up 85% of this protest. Question is, why do women have this much hatred towards men? How can you remain in your relationships( for those that can keep one) without love?

    You are instinctive victim players & with the law backing the feminist movement and the most powerful woman- Oprah leading the movement, men really don’t stand a chance. Its unfortunate for Chris, but i like what he is doing now…LIVING HIS LIFE REGARDLESS.

  • WTF

    @King Makers:
    What, are you his daddy? Are you the one who taught him to hate the so-called “feminist” women? Did he watch you put his mama in her place? You sound like a scary woman hater.

  • WTF

    What, are you his daddy? Are you the one who taught him to hate the so-called “feminist” women? Did he watch you put his mama in her place? You sound like a scary woman hater.

  • Neickha

    Chris had fun and Im glad he was happy #TEAMBREEZY

  • SandeePB

    Sage I agree with you. We are all flawed in one way or another and because of my past experiences I do know that those who are so quick to judge and put down others are those who are trying to run from something and so they try to get the attention off of themselves. As for RITA. I think she’s just a confused person with many questions :) Much love to Chris Brown for being positive and for his continued good will :) I admire his positive qualities.

  • eshaneua

    If Sean Penn can win Oscars and Golden Globes after beating the brakes off Madonna on a REGULAR BASIS, then Chris Breezy should be afforded the SAME OPPORTUNITY. I DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTATES, BUT WHAT I ALSO DO NOT CONDONE IS HYPOCRISY!!!!! There is example after example of domestic violence incidents but to hear some tell it, HE IS THE ONLY MAN IN THE HISTORY OF HUMANDOM WHO HAS EVER BEAT HIS GIRLFRIEND!!!

  • eshaneua