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Gisele Bundchen: Colcci Runway Model

Gisele Bundchen: Colcci Runway Model

Gisele Bundchen is red hot arriving at the Colcci show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week on Sunday (January 30) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The 30-year-old Brazilian model strut her stuff on the runway during the show, which presented the looks for the 2011-2012 Fall/Winter collection.

After the show, Gisele joined Colcci designers on stage for the curtain call.

Last week, Gisele bundled up while running errands in snowy Boston while checking email messages on her Blackberry.

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Credit: Mauricio Lima; Photos: AFP
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  • janice

    Has anyone seen this woman in person? Is she better looking? On camera she is very masculine looking and not at all “beautiful” as she’s always billed. I’m still trying to figure out how she got to be a supermodel.

  • Liv

    That is a supermodel!!!!!!!

  • ilia

    WOW Mama! She is a firecracker.

  • lol


  • E. Norma Stitz


  • hell no

    She looks too muscular, not attractive at all.

  • Hotels Cyprus

    I love the picture in red (she raised a leg)..

  • Lily

    @janice: My brother saw her in Manhattan and let’s just say he was less than impressed.

  • i agree


    i agree that she’s always looked very manly and I have a hard time understanding why she is such a big deal in the fashion world. But this is what they look for in models, thin as a rail, tall and very strong angular features. At least that’s the only way to become really successful like Gisele status.

  • k

    She looks like a man!

  • LittleFocker

    She makes me feel like a man. But I’m only 14.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Where other models

  • lexy hates bilson

    Looking stunning as usual!!

  • Erin


  • cosmo

    a lot of hate and a tremendous amount of jealousy………….

  • Glamour

    as usual haters coming out to say the same old same old. YAWNNNN. she is #1 for a reason. she walks a catwalk like no other,has legs for days,can take a tremendously good photo and has cheekbones to die for. I have seen her haters and let’s just say; they are the ones who are less than impressive, lol. (what is up with ppl on jj saying how they meet these celebs all the time in real life, get real!) lol

  • lala

    @i agree: yep and too bad no one can reach gisele like status. bc they don’t look like her or have her personality or modeling talent.

  • Jamesa

    @Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!: well as you can see they are insignifigant as always when it comes to Gisele. Gisele brings the press. No one has as many lovers and haters as she does. That is one reason why she is #1 for those of you to dense to understand…People say how they don’t like her yet, they can’t stop stalking her. mkay….

  • ggd

    @janice: Maybe instead of hating; put yourself to use and learn a little about her. Hard work does pay off ya know. Not everyone is bound to their computer chairs hating hating all the time. She certainly wouldn’t be a Supermodel if that were the case! take note

  • Henry

    Lawd Hammercy the minute someone doesn’t look like some plastic Hollywood clone she gets called names? wtf????!!!

  • Kate

    actually when you have more prominent features it can photograph not so lovely all the time, but in real life it’s far more STRIKING than any average flat faced chick could ever be. They would literally disappear with Gisele in the room.

  • gimme

    Always the star of the shows, never a seat warmer <3 Go Gi!

  • mattchew

    She isn’t classically beautiful, but she isn’t ugly by any stretch. And that body is bangin’.

  • Annie

    @ Kate – I’ve noticed that. Gisele is much prettier in motion than in photos. People with deepset or prominent facial features tend to photograph very differently to how they look in real life whereas people with flatter features take more accurate photos. She still looks pretty WOW here though.

  • valentina

    @mattchew: classically beautiful, while pretty to look at; make some of the most boring models in the world! She looks like a Latina (face structure) but has white girl coloring. I think that is a unique combo.

    Plus she gained about 1500+ twitter followers last night,Colcci was a trending topic, made a few mill,AND this event will make it onto about 3-4 magazine covers. “10 years from now we’ll still be on top
    I thought I told you that we won’t stop” Go Gisele!

  • s

    she’s not my fav model but she doesn’t look that bad, older maybe.

  • KISS

    she rocks the runway!

  • lisali

    Gisele is looking really good… hard to believe shes 30. Rock it girl!!!

  • Gisele is a real man

  • Gisele Does Not Represent Sexy

    Gisele does not work hard. Bridget Hall is much prettier and deserved the kind of success Gisele has.
    I am not interested in buying anything associated with Gisele. I agree with the comments made by Janice. She can post her feelings if she wants to. She is not being obnoxious. Someone is not a hater when they post their comments in an intelligent way. Smart people who come on here make sense. You can’t label someone a hater because you can’t deal with the truth. That’s your problem. Gisele does not represent
    a healthy figure. I don’t care if she is naturally skinny. She should not
    represent what a healthy female figure is. There are other models that
    are much prettier and are what is considered sexy by men.
    Isn’t that why women want to buy what a model is selling?
    To attract men? So then why would I want to be like Gisele? I want to
    buy products and clothes from a sexy woman and I don’t believe she is

  • karama

    @Gisele Does Not Represent Sexy:

    saying she is merely sexy is not a compliment anyways. Christy Turlington is one of the biggest models of all time, was she some sex bomb? no. Kate Moss? no. Linda Evangelista? no. I think saying someone is only sexy is a models downfall. Gisele is more than just some sexy panty model. She can look like a 18th century queen in her photos. She is not a modern cheap looking girl and thats why I personally like her. If she were I doubt she would get Vogue covers galore and just be downgraded to catalog and bikini work. no thanks.
    If you don’t buy her things that;s fine, lol. That is one of her legacies; things sell when she models for them. Its documented in many Vogue,pop culture and history of models books by now.

  • KISS

    @Gisele Does Not Represent Sexy:

    But if you dislike her,what the hell are you doing here?Stalking much?HATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kiki

    “One of the biggest misconceptions about modeling is that its practitioners are required merely to show up and look pretty. In reality, a great model has opinions and style and ideas all her own, plus a desire to participate in the creative process” Anna Wintour

  • fatfriend

    watch and learn haters because you will never experience it for yourselves.

  • buttercup

    I can give a flying F*** what people think of her or not. As Miranda Kerr says: “there are no right or wrong answers, just differences in opinion.” We all know that “haters”. I don’t think everyone in Hollywood is dynamite either, but guess what?…I don’t go wasting my time looking them up or caring what they say or do if I don’t like them!!!!!! so quit contradicting yourselves over and over again.

  • carla

    Gisele’s haters = Cinderella’s step sisters Anastasia and Drizella. They just HATED everything she did, and you know why….

  • CanadaGirl

    Gorgeous! I love the orange dress and the heels. wow. I agree with the OP, the one leg pose pic is fantastic.
    The bathing suits are not my favourite, and they even make G’s legs look short. I wouldn’t hold out much hope for the general public looking even remotely presentable in them.

  • g

    @Lily when saw your brother gisele?
    Because she lives in boston

  • Brie

    At least she is pulling the show together. Seriously, Colucci has to be the worst at styling their shows. It takes someone like Gisele to make you see through the horrible styling.

  • Mari

    Do you have photos of Ashton Kutcher? He’s the new it boy for Colcci and was on the catwalk as well. Demi came to Brazil to support him and was on the first row!

  • Mari

    do you have pics of Ashton Kutcher as well? he’s the new colcci’s it boy and was on the catwalk with gisele and alessandra ambrosio! demi went to brazil to support him and even watched the show from the first row!

  • 007IAM

    i live in NYC and i saw her here recently, lets just say BIG BIRD ! not feminine at all and not pretty and yes manly looking if she wasnt 6 feet tall she would be back in Brazil working at that hamburger joint! adriana lima is gorgeous and so many other models beat her by miles and miles and miles! my opinion and everyone is entitled to there opinion deal with it, thats what this site is here for!

  • nycwanabe

    @007IAM: lmao at ppl on jj constantly insulting celebs by saying they “saw them in person”. Well i got news for you; her career speaks otherwise. Go on twitter when people have picture proof that they saw her, and guess what they always say how unfair it is to be that gorgeous. Adriana Lima is dulllll. One look model with 2 Vogue covers. She can’t compete with Gisele’s 100+ Vogue covers. Her portfolio is laughable when compared to Gisele’s. FYI; go look her up! so sick of Adirana fans hating on Gisele. we get it, you only like in your face porn star looking types. Gisele is and never will be just that, hence her beyond magnificent career. now go on your way and look up your favorite Sears catalog models. YAWNNNNNNNNNNN.

    Oh btw; this shoot was for a Vogue Paris cover. She only gets and does the best work.

    fyi tardo; she doesn’t live in NYC, so your credibility just flew out the door, LOL

  • Gabriella

    @janice @ggd The reason why Gisele’s such a famous and powerfull model isn’t just because of how she LOOKS. It’s how she WORKS. She’s a focused, dedicated and serious model.
    She may not be the pretiest one, but is it really that good to be dazzling beautifull and STUPID?
    She’s a wonderfull person, not fake at all, and trully dedicated.
    Maybe people should start learning from her career instead of complaining. After all, SHE has been there for a loong time, in a career that shouldn’t last that long.

  • Supermodel

    we all have different tastes. Personally I find models like Gemma Ward,Behati Prinsloo,etc beyond average looking and others will not think so. now this is my definition of an UGLY model:,0.jpg looks like she permanently got her wisdom teeth pulled. Not cute. Models should ALWAYS have striking faces with nice cheekbones. Haters to the left; gisele’s paycheck says ALL.

  • Miss

    well that’s just the thing; there isn’t such a thing as “the prettiest model”. That opinion is SOOOO subjective.

  • bgdhdg

    Arent’ you glad you don’t have to see what commentators say about YOU!!!! lol Gisele’s haters look like rejects. End of story.

  • Tally

    @Mari: Probably because last time Alessandra was posted about she got like 9 comments. Gisele gives jared good traffic and publicity, just like anything else she is associated with. So keep on lookin her up! kisses!

  • Tally
  • Vogue

    ok why do people constantly compare other models to her? It never fails. Is she really the standard of which to compare supermodel-dom too? I guess so!…Just as Linda and Cindy before her; the meaning of Supermodel now = Gisele. Everyone loves to compare their sub par models to her, I think its funny, lol. why not compare them to Alessandra? to Doutzen? to Heidi? to Tyra? nope its always (in a Jan Brady voice) “Marsha Marsha Marsha!” lol