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Halle Berry: Custody Battle with Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry: Custody Battle with Gabriel Aubry?

Halle Berry is ready to go to court with her ex Gabriel Aubry to fight for custody of their daughter Nahla.

Halle has serious concerns for her daughter’s well-being while in the care of her father for any extended period of time and is prepared to take all necessary steps to protect her,” her rep told People.

“She has attempted to resolve these custody issues amicably with her daughter’s father, Gabriel Aubry, directly, but given his lack of cooperation, Halle has no choice but to seek swift judicial intervention,” added the rep.

The 44-year-old actress has also pulled out of the film New Year’s Eve, which was scheduled to start filming this week, and will be replaced by Katherine Heigl, in order to clear her schedule.

Halle and Gabriel, who in December filed papers asking the court to be formally recognized as Nahla‘s father, split in April 2009.

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  • Fauve

    Okay what harm can he get her into? He’s taken very good care of that baby. He has a right to see his child and be with her and a part of her life. What about Halle flying all over the world how is that good for the child? All children need both parents I hate when I see women mistreat men who do have interest and love for their child.

  • anthony

    Why would you let your rep give public comment on this kind of personal matter?? I always liked Halle but every now and then she does something that has me questioning her taste level

  • LOLz

    He at least has been silent! I really like her but this is an obvious attempt to discredit him. She had that baby with him and they both deserve time with her. He seems reasonable and out of the two she s the one flying all over the world. Hopefully they can resolve it nicely.

  • huh?

    Nothing wrong with her publicist or manager making a statement? They always have. How do we know how he really is as a father and if he’s been mistreated? He wasn’t around for most of Nahla’s rearing anyway other than maybe the very beginning and a little bit towards the end near the break up. He was away most of the time. Don’t judge Halle for working,

  • hmm

    maybe he’s trying to get child support from her. that would a big factor in him establishing paternity, then next claiming his schedule is more open to be the primary caregiver to the child which would equal $$. that’s what happened to anne heche… so sad.

  • Berlin

    I think Halle is not of sound mind. She has a rough history and I believe it has irretrievably damaged her. Behind that exterior is a mad woman. She needs to be institutionalized before she hurts herself or someone else.

    These custody battles are usually not about the child, they’re about who gets to win. No matter what, it’s the child who loses every single time because adults can’t play nice and their egos are at stake.

  • Anon

    This is just wrong……. Halle that has stated that he is a fantastic father over and over in the public now all of a sudden she has concerns. Ugh! I hope he get joint custody without a problem :)!

  • Kate

    No matter maybe how bad a father he is, it seems a bit far for her rep to say Halle doesnt trust him with their daughter. Its not necessary to make a public statement like that, after all that is his daughter as well. Of course there are two sides to every story and maybe the guy is a big jerk but its uncalled for to let the whole world know your personal issues with your babys daddy. And im sure because of that statement he’ll fight even harder for that child, way to keep it classy.

  • Wren

    Halle Berry is beautiful, and a classic nutcase.


    I thought Halle had learned her lessons but she continues to be an emotional wreck with no rational. Relationships are not about dominating your spouse or ex spouse. While Gabriel was following her around, all was well. Now she is dragging Olivier around the world. Let’s see how long before he too gets tired of her controlling behavior.

  • maxigirl

    get a job Gabriel!! he is a fame whore dating kim for attention, ugh!

  • dannie

    why do they get married in the first place.

  • dee

    That’s sad if it’s true. Maybe he’s just scared because in these type of situation the mother almost always get the better end of the stick. As a woman I think sometimes fathers don’t always get a fair treatment/deal when it comes to their children’s custody.

  • meeeeeee

    @Wren: LOL

  • Twix

    There’s something odd about thus woman.

  • Serena

    I’ve seen alot of this through my work, and I understand exactly why Gabriel would be reaching out for custody. Halle’s relationship with this new guy could get all Leanne/Eddy Cibrian….how much have you seen Brandy with her two kids while Leanne gets them every five seconds? When you deal with a celebrity whose the mother or father of your kid you worry that they’ll be taken away unfairly because the majority of court proceedings do unfairly judge. Every pic I’ve seen with Gabriel and his daughter they seem fine, and Halle has stated that he’s an excellent Father. She just wanted to use him as a sperm to help her have a child, sad but true. He is only asking for joint shaired custody, not soul or bodily custody. She should be glad.

  • The B is BACK

    @Twix: Oh please grow up….there is something odd, about you people coming on here talking about somebody you’ve only read about and do not know. 99 percent of you would normally argue that you believe nothing you read…EXCEPT if its about a celebrity…

  • The B go BACK

    @The B is BACK:
    Rather than coming back, why don’t go you go back and concentrate on your B’s :)

  • The B is BACK

    @Serena: How stupid are you. This issue raises its head when two people have a child and are unmarried. I suspect Gabriel wants to move back to NYC and wants joint custody of Nahla, which would mean he would be able to travel with Nahla out of state. No mother is going to allow her three year old to be that far away from her with no idea who is taking care of her. Gabriel, unless is extraordinary needs to work, so who takes care of his child when he’s working? No mother will be willing to allow an unknown nanny 3000 miles away to care of her 3 year old. It’s nobody’s fault, just the complications that come with a breakup

  • Madhatter

    He wants her $$
    If he has the kid more often then Halle Berry would have to pay support (keep the kid in a similar environment, etc.).
    He got used to the easy life and now he wants to coast.
    Halle never married him so, the courts better not make her support him.

  • The B is BACK

    @The B go BACK: YOU FIRST!

  • Reese

    I’m sure he’s much more fit than this disturbed woman. I feel bad for the daughter, she already looks a little disturbed just like Halle. I can only imagine what Gabriel went through with her. He deserves as much time with his daughter as Halle.

  • The B is BACK

    @COACH: What utter silliness. It’s not about being emotional…It’s about the complications that arise when you have a child and are not married to the child’s mother or father. I suspect Gabriel wants to move back to NYC and wants joint custody so he can take Nahla with him out of state from time to time. Halle and about 85 percent of most mothers will not agree to taking this child that far from the mother. No matter how great a dad Gabriel is, he has to work and has to find someone to take care of Nahla…no mommy is goint to have her small child 3000 miles away being cared for by some nanny. It’s a tough problem for both Halle and Gabriel, both love her and both want to be able to see her, but Gabriel will be more successful in NyC and Halle lives in L.A.

  • The B is BACK

    @Reese: And how are you so sure? my goodness, you’re online at an entertainment site. You silly twit. You know nothing about children and parents and who is or isn’t a good parent. You idiots actually forget how little you know about life and anything else for that matter. You remind me of the old man who kept writing checks and overdrawning his account. When the bank reprimanded him that he did not have money in the bank, he said he thought he had as much money as he had checks. I think you people actually think as long as you have a computer, whatever ever spills from your tiny brain means something…surprise. you are as dumb on the computer as you were when you awken this morning.

  • Maria

    this is so sad all around. i wanted Halle and Gabriel to marry especially since they have Nahla. Now this? Sad.

  • uhhh…

    ….french kissing Jamie Fox on tv….screwing the womanizer Olivier…yeah real healthy for her daughter. She seems to be too concerned about herself. Gabriel seems like a decent guy who isn’t in front of the paps 24/7 like Halle. For the child’s sake, I hope he gets custody.

  • pete

    She should have gotten an anonymous sperm donor instead lol.

  • DarkEmpress

    i think halle was looking for a sperm donor not a man who wanted to be a father, so now she has a problem on her hand that she did not anticipate.

  • The B is BACK

    @Kate: Her rep isn’t saying she doesn’t trust him with his daughter. I would bet your car, that the problem has arisen because Gabriel wants to return to NYC, where he had his own life and work and he wants joint custody so he can demand the right to take Nahla out of state with him from time to time. Or even to Canada to visit her grandparents. The reality is that no mother is going to willingly allow anybody even the father to take a three year old out of state for a period of time. It is called being a mother, who when your child is three or six or eight years old, wants to know exactly what is happening in their lives. Even good dads are often clueless about little girls or little boys for that matter. He would have to introduce a nanny into her life so that he could make a living if she were visiting him. Halle nor 95 percent of the mothers in this world would allow that with a child that young. So the conundrum…this problem is nobody’s fault…it would be a problem even if they were married and got a divorce.

  • The B is BACK

    @Berlin: Sorry to disappoint you Bro, but it is you who sounds like the nutcase~

  • LJ

    Isn’t this the same woman who had issues with her own father? Now she wants to destroy Nahla’s relationship with hers. She has some serious issues that she needs to take up with a psychiatrist asap.

  • The B is BACK

    @Wren: How is she a nutcase? Gabriel cannot make a living in L.A., he is simply Halle berry’s ex here…he wants joint custody so he can take Nahla out of state with him from time to time. No mother is willing to allow her 3 year old to travel out of state for a period of time without her even if she is traveling with the father. I think Halle and Gabriel were on good terms until Olivier because a person in Halle’s life. I don’t think Gabriel likes watching the relationship grow and is probably a little jealous that this guy has access to his daughter. Just as Halle would be if it had been Gabriel who have found a new partner first. Parents are jealous of each other, when their new child seems to like one of them better, you can be sure Gabriel is not thrilled that Nahla gets to see her mother liking another guy…other than him. It’s a natural reaction. This problem is no one’s fault it was bound to happen sooner or later. The problem is that Gabriel wants to get on with his life in NYC, but doesn’t want to leave his daughter.

  • Serena

    @The B is BACK:

    Well, the fact that you have to call another person stupid just shows us all how much knowledge you have. First off, Halle is going to be working as well so Nahla will no doubt be with a Nanny most of the time. Gabriel, with his modeling job, goes from job to job and its not always an all day thing. Therefore he will have more time to spend with her. Movie’s last for hours and hours a day. Where do think Nahla has been while she’s running around with her new boy toy? Either with a nanny or Gabriel.

  • Predicted this 2 years ago!!!

    I predicted this ish! I always said Gabriel would be the one dude who would expose Halle…I know America is afraid of the truth when it comes to race relations…but Halle’s black husbands could never talk about her in the media and people believe them…it will take this white dude to expose Halle for people to believe Halle is crazy!

  • The B is BACK

    @dee: It depends on the age of the child. This is the time in a child’s life when a happy home life is critical in helping to get a child a strong sense of security with as few significant changes. It isn’t about Gabriel being a good father or a decent guy. It’s about whether he is truly equipped to care for a three year old toddler, no matter how much he may love her. Even fathers who live in the same house with their kids will admit, they haven’;t a clue how to really take care of their kids, why? because their mother has always been around to clean up any mess the father makes. Too many of you mix up the fact of being a loving father, with being a high efficient and capable caretaker. Most father’s aren’t good caretakers. Why? because most men’s brains don’t work like a toddler’s brain, so they haven’t a clue, a kid will actually put something that doesn’t taste good in their mouth, or that a child will walk away from them in a store while they are paying the bill. Most of them do not understand the nuances of a toddler. That doesn’t me they wouldn’t do anything for a child, but most men until they have a child have no clue what is suppose to be done to raise a child. Most women do because we live in a society wherein most women , even childless women are required to multitask to the inth degree. So stop thinking not trusting him means anything other than I don’t think he has a clue what it means to have this child alone to himself over a long period of time. Can he learn? of course he can, but not on a three year old, not his and Halle’s three year old. It’s just how mothers feel about such things. Let’s see what the courts say.

  • The B is BACK

    @Reese: You idiot! He’s better? Halle and the child look disturbed? You sound like someone who is mentaly ill. It’s utter psycho babble…with you being the reigning psycho!

  • irene olson

    She wanted to have a baby out of wedlock;; pay the price. What is with these Hollywood sl–s? I think it is digusting the number of women pregnant without marriage. Natalie Portman is disgusting.

  • Tazlena

    Halle is trying to make Gabriel look bad. Her comments to the press are very negative as she’s trying to get sympathy for her cause. Unfortunately, she is the one who has more money so she can fight harder and longer to win her case. It’s too bad they can’t act like grownups. The one to suffer will be the child of course.

  • Predicted this 2 years ago!!!

    @DarkEmpress: Yep! Don’t forget she asked Nate Berkus off stage during the Oprah Show…and he revealed that convo via Oprah’s “After the Show” that use to air on Oxygen…he said Halle pretty much wanted him to donate sperm and not be completely in the child’s life…she felt he was perfect because he was “gay” and would be okay with JUST being a sperm donor…but Nate stated he was kind of taken aback by that – he said he would have for sure wanted to be a part of the child’s life…here’s a link to an article stating this fact:

  • so so obvious

    The B is Back=Halle Berry herself!!

  • The B is BACK

    @Serena: I always love it when women make the Woman, the problem, never the man. It is an odd psychological brain freeze for some women who seem incapable of admiring a woman who has worked hard to make her own life successful. Serena, honey get a clue. Gabriel is a grownA man, so stop making him the victim of Halle Berry. I bet you think Angelina STOLE Brad too. Sorry honey, nobody steals anybody. If he was happy he would still be hanging out with that boring JAniston. Gabriel is years younger than Halle…ever hear of men maturing more slowly than women. I also think it is tough for a guy in Hollywood, where there are rich powerful men, to have your wife or girlfriend, the more powerful and famous person in the relationship. It’s tough for both her and him. Not only was Gabriel younger, but he didn’t have his own financial resources…they knew that in the beginning, but love blinds people. I don’t think Halle needed Gabriel to be rich, but I think she needed him to be ambitious in ways he wasn’t ambitious. No fault of his…but I think that ended the relationship for Halle. Life is complicated.



  • Verity


  • Stephanie

    I completely understand Gabriel wanting access to his child, he seems like a good dad and i find it insulting that Halle’s rep would put out a statement insisting Nahla is in danger every time she is around her dad. Halle shouldn’t have even released a statement, thats private. I wouldn’t be surprised if he trashes her in his own statement. The worst thing you can do is insult your child’s father in public, that just makes you look bad.

    Halle should refrain from flaunting her new boyfriend and focus on her child’s well being.

  • Marie

    Hahahah Halle is a Joke. He is a perfect father to Nahla. The only reason for this is caus’ he does not do everything in HER way. Halle is an ego woman and wants everyone to do exactly like she wants it to be.

  • Nita

    I just hope they can resolve this peacefully.. Nahla should spend same quality time with each of her parents..

  • latam

    team gabriel, by all accounts he is a good father and has every right to have joint custody. If anybody looks unstable here its Halle, her statement was low.
    The hit and runs shes done, shes got some moral issues.

    Why is it ok for her to carry about with other men and its not ok for him to date?

  • o.o

    she is dating that handsome french guy, that´s all and that´s is why she is talking about her little girl and dishing her ex in public

  • JJ#1

    Can’t believe how much most of you on this board are a total bunch of idiots! Both Halle & Gabriel Aubry are not saints and are not perfect. You need to watch out for the quiet ones. Known fact he has a temper subject to temper tantrums because I witnessed it on several occasions at his former restaurant while eating there.

  • JJ#2

    Re: going back to NYC? Who knows? His modeling agency has a LA office. He’s worked more from LA over the last 4-5 w/Halle & now than he did preHalle don’t kid yourself. Don’t think Halle would care him having the Nanny. Why do think he had the restaurant?She was supposed to film in NYC, guess he didn’t want to play sitter?Who knows if he has a gig?

    Re:Olivier is as fake relationship as her arrangement with Gabriel.