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Jennifer Aniston: Not Adopting a Child

Jennifer Aniston: Not Adopting a Child

Jennifer Aniston keeps close to some friends as they exit the Sunset Towers on Saturday (January 29) in West Hollywood, Calif.

Despite recent reports that the 41-year-old Just Go With It actress is planning to adopt a child, her rep tells People that they are completely false.

“It is completely false,” her rep said. “Jennifer is not adopting a baby from Mexico, nor does she have a nursery in her home and she has not hired a nanny. It is all a work of fiction.”

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jennifer aniston not adopting a child

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  • Unfortunate

    Thank God no child has to endure her constat whining…

  • mallory

    oh gawd, who said she was?! stfu aniston, u and ur attention-seeking antics. why the need to deny something that’s obviously not true???

  • Mad

    Her mental state is going to endangering the child’s well being. I really hope this news is false because she is in NO WAY capable of parenting a child.

  • just be done with it

    ….. that should be the title of the movie. did anyone see the preview? she looks like crap. couldn’t they find a hotter actress? pick any actress, ANY actress, her age or older and she’ll be way more attractive than jenn.

  • Hotels Cyprus

    Ah….well.. a baby got a good time and it escaped from Jen..

  • http://justjurd tota

    she is hot and amazing
    waiting for your movie jut go with it

  • Brightside

    However, if she did choose to have children at some point in her life, it makes sense at her age to adopt. She’s 41 years old, no spring chicken any more, and her fallopian tubes are shrivelling up. Women shouldn’t be encouraged to have children naturally after the over-the-hill mark and she’s definitely heading up the hill even if she’s not quite over it yet.

  • jemima

    She always answers the silly rumours about her including the baby food.Proof that she wants to be in media spotlight.

  • Kelly

    Probably for the best – the baby would need to like suntanning, drinking, smoking ciggies, travelling to Mexico and whining about her ex for PR & attention.

  • Lidia

    I can’t stand this woman – don’t see why people find her so fresh and friendly. She is a total PR hag who used her divorce to further her crappy rom-coms career. Pitt may be a womanizer, but at least he didn’t go to every single magazine, newspaper and talkshow to exploit his divorce.

  • Tim

    She used to be hot, but now she just seems old & desperate.

  • Liz

    I don’t get how she can have anything to do with Chelsea Handler after the way she is bashing Jolie. If Aniston wanted to move on, she would never mention anything to do with Jolie/Pitt. Yet Aniston manages to bring up her divorce in every single interview.

    Handler is constantly bashing Jolie and now Aniston and Handler are good friends???????????

  • Sally

    Who let the dog out?

  • Helen

    Another awful movie coming out – another round of annoying Aniston interviews where she talks about her divorce and how she is moving on and still believes in love.

  • Jill

    If you want a good long laugh – read her Allure interview where she describes taking risks with her acting by not wearing mascara in some scenes. She is such a vapid fool.

  • Mark

    She has the meanest little mouth with nasty looking teeth. I find her cute, but not when she speaks – something is weird/tight about her mouth. Not sure what it is….

  • Mark

    Do you think any man would ever date her after she mouthed off so much about her ex in the media? Everyone knows she used the media to get sympathy after Pitt dumped her. I think Aniston is cute, but she is no beauty like Angelina Jolie.

  • ron

    When is gonna get through everybody’s head? She doesn’t want a child! Not by giving birth, via surrogate, adopting….None of them! If she wanted a child, she would already be having them when she was in her late 20′s.

  • jmay



  • Kiki

    She doesn’t want children, she just wants fame & attention.

  • Linda

    She has a very big nose. I don’t think it is very pretty. I also agree with the earlier comment about her mouth – so small with such thin lips.

  • Reality Check

    Face it: Even if she adopts a child, she will be for ever compared to Pitt and Jolie. What’s even crueler is that even the child will be compared to those of Pitt and Jolie. Maybe she knows it and simply cares enough not to want to involve an innocent child in this mess.

  • LittleFocker

    Jennifer is such a liar! The very respected local weekly Hollywood Classy is reporting that she has already received the kid, sometime back around Christmas, and is secretly keeping him in her basement, or luxury guest house, slash pool house. Sources say that she went through the very same private adoption agency to the stars that Sandra Bullock used. And get this, the kid has not one, but two live-in nannies, who are staying with him full time. They also report that Cameron Diaz has been seen coming and going there numerous times in the past few weeks.

  • jmay

    @ Reality Check: ohhhhhhhhhh do you think she thinks the way you think??? because in the 1st place if she cares about a child then why would she bring up to the world that she`s adopting a baby?? didnt you think that this adopting story was all made by her and her PR???

    I agree with you when you said that she`s always compared to angelina jolie because she`s very SUPERFICIAL WOMAN. she only think about herself!! i can see the reason why brad left her and chase angelina all around the world just to get her and settled with her because i think angelina jolie is more classy compared to her.. and thats the REALITY :)

  • PUKE


  • Speak Now


    Angelina’s mental state is far worse than Jen’s. HELLO?

  • Speak Now

    Wow, I hope all you Jennifer haters have black auras from all hate you are saying.

  • oh please

    @Reality Check: If it is, It is because she made it like that by hanging on the dead old relationship and spinning crap year after year after year. Without the comparision, she knows she is irrelvant.
    Angie is allowed to adopt 3 times because she is stable, strong and pass the impression that she can give love and normal guidance to a child. She is not the one at 42 who is out there looking like a lost child trapped in 6 year old body who give stupid interviews with tedy bears.Also the way she handle life is a total mess that prove she has something wrong with her cuz after 20 years therapy she is still a adult-child. cucu.

  • Talia

    so everyone here hates Jennifer Aniston because the media and press write articles which they say she said things…did it ever occur to you all that media/press have a tendancy to twist things….dont belive everything you read and hear is all i can say, no one here incluiding myself knoiw her in any capacity just through reading newspapaers, i think you;re all very gullible and celebrity gossip obsessed to have the opinions you have just by reading some article which she probably had nothing to do with

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    I dont like here

  • BeautifulJen

    JJ you really outdid yourself photoshopping these pics of Jennifer. Anyway, whether she adopts or doesn’t or has a child of her own is completely her business, of course. I love her whatever she decides to do.


    She is a child herself who can’t spreak properly the only language she knows. She better go to evening school before raising a child.
    Plus the woman is friend with the likes of Handler and joe francis and like Boytoys like Mayer. How can she raise a child with friends like these in such a nasty environment ?
    I would be scared to death if i my child comes any where near to that peadophilic Joe Francis, or had to hear boozing obscene conversations of ‘auntie’ Handler, as well as derogatory and raunchy comments of various uncles she’ll choose as yearly boytoys..

  • Fan

    I think you should relay this mgs or speak to ellie’ or yep directly…

  • Fan

    How come she didnt get any invite (so far) to be a presenter on the GG or SAG anymore, thought she is the golden girl, girl next door, etc?
    Or they only invite her to a more “private party”, hmm

  • schoolmarm

    If Jennifer wants to adopt how about her adopting an age
    appropriate shorter hair length and longer skirt length?

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Talia @ 01/31/2011 at 4:13 am

    Well, you Jolie-Pitt haters believe everything the tabs said about this family. Maybe some of you should take your own advise.

    I doubt MANiston’s going to adopt. She is a child herself. Always acts or dresses like she is 12.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Fan @ 01/31/2011 at 7:43 am

    Because she is no longer with an A list star. That’s the 1st thing. Secondly, Brad & Angie will not be at the Oscar this year. So, Huvane didn’t want to PR the ho unless Angie & Brad are there. Has anyone noticed that since Brad dumped this leather face hag, she hasn’t been invite to Cannes, Toronto Film Fest. SAG, Oscar, GG CCA, or any major RC events unless she gets to coattail Brad & Angie. I thought MANiston is America Sweetheart.

  • Me


    HER mental state is going to affect a child? I’m sorry, did she make out with her brither on live tv? Did she used to cut herself? Was she on heroin and probably any other drug she could find? Did she once try and get a hitman to kill her? Did she take almost nude pics with a dog collar and electric tape on her breasts? You are totaly right, she’s the one who is going to harm a child with her mental state. You are a moron

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Me @ 01/31/2011 at 9:32 am

    You are a fcuking moron. Stop bringing up Angie’s past. Stick with the present will ya. Jen’s mental state might be fine in the past but with all the fail relationships & BO bombs her current mental state could be fcuk up.

  • PH

    @Me: Ummm, Angelina Jolie is NOT the one who has had a therapist for the last 20 years, and drove her husband into a therapist too two years into the marriage. So Angie had youthful shenanigans — did she kill anyone? Did she have a DUI? Was she ever in rehab? All the things she did were harming to herself, not to society in general. And at 35, she has not posed semi-nude in pink jammies and a teddy bear in magazines unlike a 41-year-old we know, exciting pedophilic tendences.

  • Dawn

    People who spend day after day after day coming to this site to write obsessive hate filled essays about Jennifer and Angelina’s mental states shouldn’t be throwing stones at either one of them.

  • Dawn

    @WHO IS SALT ?:

    She was seen once with Joe Francis at his compound in Mexico years ago when she was dating Vince Vaughn. Show me proof that they have hung out since then?

  • Dawn

    @Media Wh@re MANiston:

    Like Jennifer haters don’t believe everything in tabloids about her. It works both ways.

  • O’Sullivan

    Jennifer is gorgeous and a great actress.

  • Dawn

    And if hanging out at Joe Francis’s house means that you are not fit to parent, I guess that means Orlando Bloom shouldn’t be one. He’s apparently hung out at Joe’s house, too, in the past. Or does that thinking only apply to Jen?

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Dawn @ 01/31/2011 at 10:40 am

    That’s exactly my point. If the Jolie-Pitt haters don’t want the JP fans to believe in what the tabs write about Jen then they should do the same with Brad & Angie. But I doubt some of the fans will do that.


    Why does JJ insist on perpetuating the myth that anustain is 41? As of February this year, she will mark the START of HER 43RD YEAR!!!!!
    Last year February on her birthday she marked THE END OF HER 41ST YEAR AND THE START OF HER 42ND YEAR!!!!
    This year in February when she marks her birthday, she will be marking THE END OF HER 42ND YEAR AND THE START OF HER 43RD YEAR!!!!!
    And in February 2012, when her birthday comes around and she ‘turns 43′, what it means in reality is that she will be marking the end of her 43rd year and will begin the 12-month march into her 44th year.
    If this is a bit confusing for some of you, just remember that when an infant’s family celebrates the baby’s 1st. birthday, its after the infant has completed 12 months on the planet – thats one whole year. So the baby’s family is in fact celebrating the END of the baby’s first year and what that means is that it also marks the BEGINING of the baby’s second year of life.
    So lets not get it twisted and perpetuate the myth that this woman has youth on her side and all the time in the world to decide whether or not she will have a baby, when the reality is that she is fast approaching her mid 40s and it is obvious that she has already made the decision and it is a ‘no go’ on the baby front.
    JJ might want to play her and huvie’s ‘jen-is-forever-young’ games, proving their point by having her dress up in silky pyjamas as a kittenish, 20-something posing with a teddy bear and biting on her lower lip but we’re not all fools here.
    That sad, pathetic display in Allure is a classic case of ‘mutton dressed as lamb’, as my grandma would say.

  • viva la aniston

    ya habeis venido todas las zo-r-r-a-s aburridas y desocupadas del mundo a meteros con este angel que no ha hecho daño a nadie.
    Si asi el nivel de delincuencia baja ,con vuestros desahogos aqui ,pues bienevenidos sean.

  • truth is

    Hey! i thought Jen already adopted a man from South Africa last year. Jen went to South Africa and met him. Where is he now? Did he ran and hide and calling Angie for help? Yeah! another man that can add to Jen’s list who try to run away from her.

  • viva la aniston

    i can´t wait for JUST GO WITH IT ….