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LeAnn Rimes: Snowboarding & Snuggling with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes: Snowboarding & Snuggling with Eddie Cibrian!

LeAnn Rimes hits the slopes with fiance Eddie Cibrian on Sunday (January 30) in Aspen, Colo.

The couple went snowboarding before taking a seat and cuddling near the fireplace.

Later in the evening, Leann, 28, and Eddie, 37, bundled up and grabbed dinner together at Italian restaurant Campo Di Flori.

15+ pictures inside of Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian snowboarding and snuggling in Aspen…

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leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 01
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 02
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 03
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 04
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 05
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 06
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 07
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 08
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 09
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 10
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 11
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 12
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 13
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 14
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 15
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 16
leann rimes eddie cibrian snowboarding 17

Photos: GSI Media
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  • KeptMan

    Eddie dont need no work. He working it real good HERE

  • Kathy

    What do you people expect from Eddie & Leann? Do you want them to jump threw hoops for you? Get a life and leave them alone.If you can’t think of one nice thing to say then don’t say anything. You can state your opinions, but this is getting ridiculous. Have a good day all! Especially Eddie & LeAnn.

  • Speak Now

    The fact Gwen keeps calling Leann by a childish name shows her lack of maturity.

    Honestly, if she devoted her time to charity or something she’d be a more happier person. Instead, she’s BITTER and accuses everyone of being one poster.

  • Speak Now


    Gwen is the troll, period.

  • Lisa


    As long as LR and EC pap themselves out and make appearances, it is our right to post our comments just as it is their fans’ rights to post their comments. Public figures open themselves to public opinion.

    There are lots of nice things to say about others, just not about LR and EC who were mean and ugly and brought this all on themselves. They are frustrated that their careers have suffered and they try to blame the ex. But it was and is THEIR ugly, selfish, and mean actions that caused the negative backlash.

  • Seraphina

    Why worry about any of it?

    Eddie’s worst karma is having to stick to Leann for boarding, food, vacations. You just KNOW a cheater won’t change his spots because it’s some grand love. I hope he lives the rest of his days with Leann as she ages. Won’t be pretty. hee

  • 1 Corinthians 13

    Whoever says “they fell in love,” reminds me of this verse.

    Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

  • Seraphina

    @Big Mike:


    Big Mouth/Racy said Denise Richards never says anything bad about Charlie Sheen. Bwahahahahahahaha!

    She did MANY times, GOOGLE is your friend, Racy. Now Charlie is loaded and can pay Denise MUCHO $$$$ to remain quiet.

  • Seraphina

    Big Mike is so damn funny!

    Still laughing about “Denise Richards never says anything about Charlie.”

    Year 2010 Charlie is making millions per episode of Two & a Half Men, MANY people wont talk bad about him because he PAYS THEM NOT TO!

  • Big Mike

    Everyone in this world who is with a partner that they can’s stand should do everything they can to stay in that relationship, til death do us part. Continue to live a miserable life until waking up every day is simply painful and you don’t want to live. Drag your children through brutal verbal abuse between you and your spouse, it will only make them stronger. Love your partner through any type of chemical or alcohol or physical abuse. This is what life is all about! Stay right where you are and don’t even try to make your life better. If a sweet soul shows up to bring you what your heart has been desperately missing stomp on it until it runs away.

    Gwen, You are an ugly soul! Your friends are ugly souls! You and your friends are meant for each other and the above paragraph is what you wanted from Eddie. If you want a beautiful man that no other woman would ever be interested in you should marry your gay friend. A man like Eddie has had flawless women throwing themselves at him since puberty. Marrying Eddie Cibrian turned out to be quite a challenge for you. To keep his heart you needed to give him something no other woman could offer. You needed to give him honesty, sweetness and love. Every time you point out LeAnn’s flaws you qualify the reason Eddie is with her. FOR HER HEART! SOMETHING YOU DON’T HAVE! WHERE YOU GO! THERE YOU ARE! SUCKS TO BE YOU!

  • blair

    @RimesWOReason….that’s great news for Brandi, she deserves the best after all the crap she’s been through. If she joins RHOBH everyone will be watching!

  • Big Mike

    E! is rooting for Brandi. What a surprise! So are E and L! Get a job! Please! Get married! Get Happiness! GET WELL!

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Big Mike You forgot her big bucks.Eddie was with Brandi for 13 yrs. supported her and gave her all the perks. So what was the challenge?.Leann is the insecure one clingy,obsessive ,jealous Brandi does not need Eddie,Leann does. If their relationship was so secure Brandi would not be relevant. Brandi is moving on with her life . Tell Eddie to get a job and stop pimping the woman he is suppose to “love”and Leann to get over her Brandi phobia.

  • Kaylyn

    @Betty-No Brandi is not moving on with her life-everything she does reeks for Eddie’s attention. Just remmember what I have said-Brandi love that loveable, handsome, got a good sense of humor man. She may say She rememmbers why she loves him still! I don’t have to explain. Also to those who may say Le is copying Brandi-notice the sunglasses in the latest photos of Brandi, those are Le’s style. Also the long softly curled hair is in now, notice most stars who wear long hair have that look. Is all the stars copying Brandi-they would say Who???Please go away Brandi!

  • Seraphina

    Yes Eddie the most wonderful DEADBEAT alive. Such a wonderful, wondeful man. hee

  • charity

    can’t figure out if Leann looks like cindy lou from whoville up above or if she looks more like the Grinch doesn’t matter fugly ugly any which way and my god what an ugly outfit now I understand why she copies Brandi she has no style sense

  • Seraphina
  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Kaylyn Why are you telling me about Eddies attributes,I’m not interested and Brandi know him through and through.Eddie is the father of her kids and she might have some love for him but not “IN” love with him . Eddie has neither job nor money so whats to want.Why does Leann keep switching her look same hair color as Brandi wasn’t she blonder? Only insecure woman think the way you do.

  • Seraphina

    Well would you look at that! The picture of Brandi and her adorable boys was taken years ago and she’s sporting the same sun glasses and ugg boots.

    Leann Rimes fans are puney.

  • Racy

    @Paulie: Where is the begging? We have top name country stars on radio stations all the time on telephone or just dropping by. You just had to put Eddie’s name in there, huh? Tell us, what have YOU done that was half as much as Eddie has? Do you know anybody personally who has done as much as either one of them with their lives. You are jealous and a poor excuse for a human being. What are you worth? Does your wife or husband do for a living? How much do you make? Bet I don’t get an answer.

  • Racy

    @betty: The bikini was no worse than we have seen the ex wear – AND SHE IS A MOTHER!! LOL Please let us hear some criticism of the DUI and all the scanty clothes the ex wears. Pretend you are talking about LR – it shouldn’t be difficult to come up with something. Two-faced bunch of weirdos!!

  • Racy

    @Beth: WHAT exactly are you saying? Whew! Like I said, brains.

  • Racy

    @Beth: I think LR is a beautiful girl and the ex might be beautiful if she wasn’t so overly botoxed. Her face looks plastic. I know what you were saying about “their.” LeAnn is smart enough to make 48Mil and smart enough and talented enough to hold on to it. Another person that we are all VERY familiar with has proven several times that she is not aware of the difference between “to, too and two.” Whatcha think?

  • Racy

    @KeptMan: Correction – the word is doesn’t not “dont.” As I said before, what have you done that is so grand? Compare what you have and what he has – does your wife or husband work and support you? ‘Nuff said!! Do you have a job worrying about someone else’s bucks? How do you know what Eddie has?

  • Seraphina

    Racy, Leann is full of plastic and will get more to be with Eddie. Leann nose job, boobies.

    WHY is Leann wearing a toddler’s hat? She looks SILLY

  • Seraphina

    It will be MAJOR karma IF Brandi gets on Real Housewives show. Leann and Eddie will be wetting their pants. So will Leann fans. HAHAHAHA

  • Seraphina

    No you didn’t Racy. “Leann is a beautiful girl”. She’s almost 30 not a girl.

    She sure is BEAUTIFUL to a delusional person. Lazy eye never looked so appealing.

  • Crystal

    Leann has a mouth full of FAKE CHOMPERS. Plastic woman

  • Marie
  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Racy Don’t get bent out of shape.You keep harping on that bikini. Since Leann was trying to act like the kids mother why was she wearing one since you want to establish a dress code for mothers. The DUI has been commented on the new info is Brandi won’t be facing charges but she remains guilty of drinking while driving and she is aware of that. What else do you wish to nit pick? If Brandi gets selected for the RHOBH she can have financial independence and Eddie can stay on his permanent vacation. If not I’m sure something else will turn up for her.

  • Racy

    @1 Corinthians 13: Of course, we all know that you stick to all that, don’t we? I wish I could remember the verse for hypocrits. The bible also says, He who is without sin cast the first stone.” How many rocks have you been able to throw today?

  • ddc

    Looks like Chase has been canceled

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    Racy You have thrown enough for all of us.!!! By the way the word “hypocrite” is spelled with an”e”on the end.Since you are like correct grammar.

  • Racy

    @RimesWOreason: We know that you know more about what each side has than anyone else including the people involved. Don’t care what you read, that doesn’t make it true, does it? If you need 1500 month for make-up and you aren’t even working, guess you need a really super paying job, huh? Also read in another area that there wasn’t a big chance that she would get the job. Do you think she will try to buy Eddie back? She doesn’t hold on to a boyfriend very long but I wish her luck with a job. I don’t resent anybody for their salary, etc, like some of you. Read the article again, where they say she is a talker. Don’t think she is getting it, if she does, on looks.

  • Racy

    @Seraphina: Speaking of being quite, if the ex gets this job, there will be plenty of people to tell what they know about her – or guess at it like you people do LeAnn. Hope you don’t stop posting on here. This is where I get my laughs when I see how many stupid, meann mouthed people there are running around loose. Why in the world am I being compared to Denise Richards?

  • Racy

    @Seraphina: Are you suggesting that if LeAnn paid you people wouldn’t talk nasty about her?

  • Racy

    @Big Mike: If you have ever been there, you know it is true what you said. Of course, some stay with all that misery so they don’t have to work or be responsible for anything. Some of these people very probably will wake up one day and face this situation and then we shall see how they handle it. I am amazed at the attitude they take about this situation. I don’t know these people involved but I know it takes something out of you to live with somebody you don’t love. Not only do these people have ugly souls, as you said, but it appears there is some evil to go along with it.

  • Racy

    @betty: Eddie gave the ex something else also – a LOT of time away from home. If she was then like she is now, I would give her anything and stay gone all the time. Get over the great love you dream up about the ex and E – I think he proved all that was not true.

  • Racy

    @Seraphina: Why would we wet our pants because the ex gets a job? All the world isn’t evil and small minded like you people.

  • Lady Beth

    Darn! Isn’t this all old stuff, Eddie left the hag for a younger women???

  • Racy

    @Crystal: Most of Hollywood has veneers and caps, etc.. I am not from H’wd and I have 4 veneers. Pay for them and you d**n well won’t call them plastic.

  • Racy

    @betty: WHY DO I NITPICK???? I certainly hope that the saying ignorance is bliss for your sake!!!!

  • Racy

    @betty: That isn’t correcting grammar – that is correcting spelling. Dumb a**

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Racy isn’t spelling a part of grammar,.I know you are angry when you resort to name calling.Eddie leaving that old hag is probably the best thing Eddie could have done for Brandi hopefully she will go on to bigger and better things. Why would she want Eddie back? Why buy a graying mare when you can have a stud.Brandi was with Eddie when he was young she probably got the best he has too offer.Leann got the leftovers. Brandi kids and trying to get on track are her priorities you can get a man quicker than a job nowadays. Leann is the one desperate for a man look at the lengths she goes to keep Eddie around. LOL

  • Marie

    @Lady Beth:

    I’d sure love to look like that hag Brandi then. She’s gorgeous compared to Leann Rimes.

  • Marie

    Racy really believes there’s some great love between Ed & Le. WAKE UP. He may have loved his ex but had a serial weener problem. He’s living with Le for a roof over his head. He’s not exactly rich! He’s a gigolo now, I think the term is.

  • gwen

    @Big Mike:

    Hey WEWE, so you are STILL upset over the fact that the ACM didn’t give you ANY noms?

    1) Leann is mad @ The World because they just won’t condone her actions like JJ and People mag.

    2) Eddie told Leann that trying to convince people that he is in love with her is completely hopeless.

    3)I really hope that Gwen is not Eddie’s ex because if she is, Eddie and LeAnn are stuck with this forever.”

    TRANSLATION: Leann is having some major trouble with her album and single, so she thinks that she can convince the record execs that all the backlash is caused by BG and isn’t at REAL.

    4)”Mason and Jake are stuck with LR and EC trying to pimp them out for their careers forever.

    5) The world is stuck with LR stupidity forever.

    6)”Eddie, I’m so sorry that you have endured years with Leann.

    7)”Living with Leann, who has a mental illness is the most difficult thing a person can do.

    8)”When people say Leann’s crazy, I had no idea that they really meant she’s mentally ill.

    9)”If there’s any saving factor, we all need to know that this is not Leann’s fault. People with mental illness really don’t know how they impact the lives of others, hence why LR keeps tweeting about those kids and staging these vacation photo-ops.

    10)”Different drug concoctions eventually transition a person from being bipolar to being schizophrenic and the lives of everyone around these people gets demolished.”

    What? So Leann is taking drugs? Didn’t someone say that LR gets high all the time? If Leann is smoking marijuana, it is possible for her to cause a drug induced schizophernia.

    11)”Why anyone deserves this is beyond human comprehension., what is wrong with the court systems that they allow LR to be around those kids?

    12)Any outsider reading this blog can clearly see through the petty back and fourth and see a clear pattern of mental illness from Leann Rimes.

    13)Why anyone other than Leann would make these arguments seems quite impossible.

    14)Who would wast that much time, and for what? No one but Leann would come here EVERYDAY to try to redeem herself by depicting BG as the villian.

    15)”A very sad realization, and definitely not funny. Leann REALLY needs some help.

    16)RACY has reinventd herself as Mike.

  • gwen




    Hey RACY(aka BIG MIKE)

    And then you just can’t figure out why people think that you are posting under different names.

    You are just too stupid for your own good. You boo hoo over the fact that people are saying that you are posting under different names, and then like a ****** you show up with a different name saying the very same thing you posted as BIGMIKE or RACY. So WEWE, your rep must really be very bad if you have to resort to such things as this.

    Hey WEWE!!!!

    Why are you posting under all these different names?

    I’m starting to think that your single and album are having some really bad problems.

    1) “I’ve come to the conclusion that the ex is never going to let Eddie work. ”

    Why won’t Leann let EC work? Is she afraid that he will try to sleep with his co-stars?

    2) Leann’s constant harrassement of BG is unreal.

    3) I would agree with the last statement, there is mental ilness there, ”

    Of course YOU agree with BIG MIKE, YOU are BIG MIKE.

    So since you couldn’t get other posters to agree with you, you had to change your name and offer some support for yourself.

    This is so sad, that Leann fanbase is so low that she literally has to pose as her own fans.

    4)”Leann really needs to seek help she so adamantly needs.

    5) Hope God takes care of those boys when they are in Leann’s care.

  • gwen

    @Big Mike:

    Hey WEWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    What a SORE LOOSER( in honor of KAYLYN and BIG MIKE who are “different” posters who just so happen to spell loser wrng).

    So is this your last resort? You think that you are going to save your rep by blaming BG? If this was working in your favor, you wouldn’t have to keep coming back, now would you?

    1) “Blair, Despite every attack imaginable from someone, Eddie is still considered to be one of the hottest men on the planet.

    Why whom? People mag? We all know that you have some deal with them, just like you have a deal with JJ, so they are going say whatever you pay them to say.

    2) EC is NOT an amazing father, just look at how he continues to go on vacations when he knows that he told a court that he can’t even afford to pay his child support.

    3)”who has put up with more crap than any one of us can possibly imagine from Leann.

    4)”This blog is just a glimpse into Leann’s mind, a very sick woman who has done everything possible to tarnish Brandi’s image.

    5)” Bring up Eddie’s name to any woman and they simply melt.

    So that is why most women use the word DOUCHE whenever EC name comes up?

    6)He’s charming, sweet, fun, and a great person.

    That’s a lie. If EC was charming, why are you on twitter 24/7?

    EC is sweet? WEWE, sweet men don’t usually reduce their child support so that they can “buy” engagement rings.

    Great? Did you even say that with a straight face? The man is on vacation every month, despite the fact that he told a judge he can’t afford to take care of his kids.

    7)” The only thing LeAnn is guilty of is helping Eddie escape the nightmare of a woman that is now Leann Rimes by allowing him to sleep with other women.

    8)”As for work, please keep up with the news…”

    You do know that Chase has been cancelled, right?

    Or are you once again trying to tell us that the info doesn’t say what it really says?

    9) RACY has reinvented herself as MIKE.

    The sad part is that RACY is too stupid to even see all the backlash she is causing EC and LR by posting as MIKE.

    Do you know why RACY picked the name of MIKE?

    BTW, by using Mike’s name, RACY you just confirmed that it’s you who is hijacking our names.

  • Big Mike

    Gwen, Can you please tell us what Eddie did to you in the bedroom? It must have been insane. It must have been epic! Do you realize you’ve been posting this crap since last years Aspen trip? I’ve heard of a guy rocking a girls world, but never to the point that she obsesses for this length of time. 505 posts from last years trip. 251 so far for this years trip. And that’s just on JJ. You have completely lost your mind! No wonder you need money from Eddie, you spend every waking minute wasting your life with this crap.