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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Check out Faith Margaret!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Check out Faith Margaret!

Here’s a first look at Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban‘s new daughter Faith Margaret!

“She looks just like [Nicole], don’t you think?” Keith told reporters at the SAG Awards, while showing a picture of the 1-month-old baby on his iPhone.

The 43-year-old actress also revealed why she kept Faith‘s birth under wraps.

“We just decided this was our thing together. It protects her and it protects everyone in the situation,” Nicole said about her newborn, who was born via surrogate.

As for the name Faith Margaret, “It’s that southern double name,” Nic shared, adding that Margaret was her grandmother’s name.

Bigger pic inside

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nicole kidman keith urban faith margaret picture

Photos: Channel 9/Herald Sun, Frazer Harrison/Getty
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  • Mooriah


  • 999999

    the alcoholic keith and his grandma. what a creepy “couple”

  • xtina

    Nicole’s face is FROZEN. she should stop the botox and the lip injections. her husband is ugly

  • Willy

    She looks old enough to be his mother, and Urban, back away from the foils already.

  • latisha

    her first baby was born via a surrogate too. FAKE pregnancy.

  • lisa

    From the tiny bit I can see the baby is a cutie.

    I hope she and Keith are happy together for a long time..

    that is the answer to the negative. Live a good life together and let the people that don’t know you talk and talk and talk. YET you continue to thrive and be happy.

  • andres

    love u nicole,, u look so amazing

  • Ewww

    They are so weird. Keith’s scruffy boy look is wearing thin now, too. But anyway, he’s a philanderer and mark my words, it will happen again.

  • mama angie

    FAKE lips FAKE pregnancy FAKE couple

  • Ji

    The usual haters are out again!!! Beautiful Baby Girl, looks like Sunday in a similar pose!!! Keith & Nicole, Congrats!!!

  • zizi

    Keith will cheat. he’s an addict too. this marriage won’t last

  • sammi

    So cute, One of the realest and cutest couples in hollywood!!!! Leave them alone., they did what they wanted to do and how do we have the right to judge them.

  • sammi

    So cute, One of the realest and cutest couples in hollywood!!!! Leave them alone., they did what they wanted to do and how do we have the right to judge them.

  • So obvious

    Haters in full force again. Why bother ladies we all know it’s you. Oh that’s right you can’t help yourselves. And SuRad is back copying post after post from Twitter. Didn’t she say she didn’t know how Twitter works? LIARS.

    Faith has the Kidman chubby baby cheeks. A cutie just like Sunday.

  • Babs

    Dang…You people are just mean. I think this is a very happy couple. How can a baby not be exciting news. Also, have none of you ever asked for forgiveness. Yes! People make mistakes but its important to learn and grown from them which Keith is doing. I don’t see them out showing off their babies in a park. I think Nicole is a very talented actress.

  • Celion

    This is a happy and loving couple who are the true meaning of the word love. It’s sad how others are so jealous and mean. Just keep throwing stones and they will continue to prove everyone wrong.

  • @1, 2, 3….etc……

    You really think we don’t know your the same petty jealous person posting over and over again……lol…….get a life and move on!.

  • KC

    Although this was not a conventional pregnancy I don’t think it is fair to judge them. I wish the entire family best wishes. It is obvious they love each other and their daughters. That is all that counts!

  • julie

    I had to laugh when reading the first several posts–same person posting minute after minute. Get a life. What is wrong with you? Can’t stand for two people who are beautiful, rich, talented, and A listers to have love and family too?

  • what happened

    Why is it that every time Nicole looses at an awards ceremony, they pull out the children to reporters? The baby is beautiful, but it annoys me how they use these poor children as porns for publicity

  • Frozoid

    She looked ticked off at the SAG awards for not winning. Her face has never looked more plastic.

    Please, no more posts of this never-was.

  • Jordyn

    You hardly ever see pictures of Sunday, except coming and going in airports. I think they’ll be as private with Faith. Showing a picture is actually smart. It’s out there now, and takes the heat off. Otherwise all the paps would be stalking them to get the first pic.

  • hopeso

    Congrats to Keith & Nicole…I think that Nicole is a great mom and God bless her, Keith Sunday Rose ans Faith Margaret.

  • Karrie

    Beautiful family!!! Keith and Nicole are a true class act celebrity couple. Their love is an inspiration!

  • mary

    Mooriah @ 01/31/2011 at 9:23 pm

    where do you get off calling an innocent baby a freak?

  • mary

    Frozoid@ 01/31/2011 at 10:38 pm

    oh please! more posts of nicole if for no other reason than to annoy you and all the other uneducated trolls.

  • missy

    she couldn’t get her botox while pregnant, so HIRED someone else to do the dirty work.. New occupation girls!

  • tellaB

    Faith looks exactly like Sunday when she was an infant. She looks exactly like Sunday looked in the photo Nicole showed on Oprah a couple a years ago. Same chubby cheecks too.

  • nn

    she is old. time to retire.

  • eliza

    So funny. The Urban happiness has stirred up a feeding frenzy among the haters. Same old few, changing their names, posting over and over. Well, eat your hearts out ladies. The marriage is still going strong and another precious daughter has been added to the family. I couldn’t be happier for them!

  • Eve

    That’s the comment on alot of the fan boards. Faith is such a mini-Sunday. Practically the same face. So cute.

  • Naty

    I love Nicole!
    Although I don’t like the idea of a surrogate, unless the couple has a medical problem or something … I wish them all the happiness and health in the world!

  • Tree

    Is his wife and hair stylist trying to embarrass him? Bad enough he straightens his hair so much, but now the bangs are curled?

  • betany

    All these “fan” comments are suspiciously like the same person posting over and over.
    Anyway, I’ve always thought Nicole was just weird.

  • blue

    One tiny baby has pushed the E haters over the edge. They can hardly stand it.

    Kieth and Nicole have another beautiful little girl, and they are basking in happiness and a happy life.

    The haters have nothing, no man, no looks, and mostly no sense !
    Can you imagine old ladies acting so foolish?

    They run around the net posting silly lies all over , the whole day long. They pretend they have lives, but it isn’t true. WHO WOULD HAVE THEM?

  • molly


    Why would E put up with them?

  • love

    Beautiful family!

  • Joann


    I think there might have been some risks involved had she carried the baby herself.

    Anyway, how cute baby, and this couple always looks so happy, together, and laid back.

  • Colleen

    The Urbans have some psycho fans.

  • marta

    Faith looks just like Nicole and she really reminds baby Sunday

  • ImAMac

    @Colleen – that’s an understatement but they’re former Urban superfans who became exfans when he got married to Nicole and not them. Like they had a chance!!

  • SarahHey

    LOL, time to move on, haters! Nicole and Keith have been together for 6 years and have 2 beautiful daughters. They’re not going to get a divorce so you can marry Keith. They’re going to live happily ever after while you spend the rest of your life sitting on your fat arse in front of a computer, stalking their every move.

  • Jimmy W.

    Cyber stalkers are scary ! It has taken over their lives.

    They sit on the internet 24/7 , waiting for someone to post something , so they can get information.

    They even take shifts , to make sure the E board is covered at all times. They have thousands of posts.

    They post with one screen name and answer themselves with another.
    Its creepy .

  • Trish

    Beautiful family, love the names of their daughters!!! It’s a shame that there are such hateful, spiteful people in the world!!! Keith & Nicole& many other happy couples, people, and other living things are enjoying their lives while they sit and stew hatred and lonliness, SAD!!!

  • Jimmy W.

    The hater that pretends she is a expert on additions and mental health is a real nasty old gal.

    They have screen names who pretend they are insiders, experts in all things, star readers, mothers, christains, young gals, old bags, blogers , writers , have jobs, you name it they got one. lol

    Or I mean they have a screen name to cover it. lol

    Takes all kinds to make the world go round. And this crazy few have perfected the art all in 5 years. Yea I said ” five ” “” years.
    Which is because 5 years ago Keith got married!

    Why would old women care?

  • Look In The Mirror

    @Jimmy W.: Taking shifts? Are you nuts? Of course you are because you are tracking who is on a message board. Who does that and thinks that is normal? Let me guess; it is the Skewering Mistress and her lunatics. How are all those legal proceedings coming along that you promised on your pathetic, shut-down blogs? You are cyber stalkers, who are scary and creepy. How much time do you spend in the real world?

  • Miyako

    @Jimmy W.:

    The only reason they care about any of this is because these are the same type of people in junior high that wanted attention. Maybe back then they got attention for positive reasons, but as they aged & life passed them by, they’ve went for ANY type of attention. Before Keith married, they got attention from the roadies & band. It made them feel important. I don’t know that most of them thought that Keith would ever give them the time of day, but it was enough that they felt like “insiders”. Once access to Keith started becoming less, and info from those surrounding Keith dried up, they had to start their own information pipeline. Private hate boards & sleazy bloggers like Lainey & Ted, became their life.

    Now, they can claim to be know-it-alls of anything!

    Anything to do with alcoholism – they have the expert keithkitty. Anything to do with mental health – Mimosa.
    Anything to do with astrology – middlesea
    Anything to do with Keith’s reproductive abilities – I’m Still/Oh So Leery
    Anything to do with groupies or musicians – astilbe/neverland47
    Anything to do with Nashville & nastiness – oldhickory
    Anything to do with bitchiness – YoureScaringMe
    Anything to do with “JMO” – hit n run
    AND anything to do with ANYTHING – nomorefan

    Of course there are other names, but it’s just the same crazies logging in & out! What “happy with your own life” individuals would behave like this? This is NOT normal folks.

  • Look In The Mirror

    @Miyako: Thank you for proving my point Mipsycho. Cyber stalking at its finest right there.

  • Miyako

    @Look In The Mirror:

    Yeah, keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. :)

    Anyone can click into the negative thread only a couple times to see the kind of crap that’s posted HOURLY by the haters. No stalking needed.

  • Look In The Mirror

    @Miyako: Stalking is the need to go over there and read what is said. Think of an ex-boyfriend turned stalker, they can’t leave the girlfriend alone. They have to spy on her and even threaten her. A healthy ex-boyfriend walks away with no interest.

    If you don’t like what is said over there, then why the need to read it a couple times a day? If you don’t like brussel sprouts, do you keep eating them?