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Rachel Bilson: Reusable Bag Lady

Rachel Bilson: Reusable Bag Lady

Rachel Bilson goes green with some reusable bags while grocery shopping on Monday (January 31) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress recently shared some of her latest fashion must-haves with InStyle.

Rachel dished she’s obsessed with Celine‘s silk and lambskin tote because “the added texture makes it the best basic tote I’ve ever seen.”

Rachel also revealed she loves Anuja Tolia‘s sterling silver and agate ring.

“I’m a huge fan of agate. Turning it into a ring is the ultimate in finger fashion,” she told the mag.

FYI: Rachel is carrying Urban Behavior’s ‘Paws for a Cause’ tote.

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55 Responses to “Rachel Bilson: Reusable Bag Lady”

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  1. 1
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Hey why wasn’t she at the SAG awards or the Golden Globes?? Oh b/c she couldn’t afford a ticket!

  2. 2
    lexy hates bilson Says:

    Wait…Natalie’s got a Golden Globe and a SAG award and Rachel’s got reusable bags!!

  3. 3
    Fandango Says:

    OMG is this truly the best this woman can do is give out lame fashion advice in a supermarket. Honestly she should be lucky she can even afford the things she is commenting on she is advising for the rich and famous b/c most ppl can’t afford a $200 silk scarf or most of the other clothing advice she has in this Instyle magazine. I guess JJ should thank her b/c w/o someone like her he is out of a job.

  4. 4
    whizbang Says:

    I love myself, I love myself.
    I don’t care what you all say
    I just stay looking in the mirror all day.
    Tweak my eyes, pluck my eyebrows, dyed my hair, shows-off all my freebies.
    Tell me how great I am.
    I love so much being in LA along w/ my paps and just walked around my flat azz & sagged tits
    as much as I can.
    I love myself and no one can deny it.
    And I love most is fame (whatever it’s worth)
    As it’s like is a drug to me
    And I want it & I need it… even have to tell dear Daddy to buy it for me.
    Lalalalala… Lalalalala… Lalalalala
    P. S. I am incredibly average looking (that’s why I badly needs to accessorized myself & wore glasses everytime I go out & papped) & dumb & stupid (another reason/s that I can’t get acting job w/o my connections).
    Yours truly.
    The forever & ever cutesy-patootsie-wootsie (till I’m 60)
    R. BilPOOO

  5. 5
    jean Says:

    There are a coupleof reviews out of her movie. From Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Ent Weekly.
    Not a single positive review in the bunch.

  6. 6
    Nina Says:

    @ Jean

    Truly this is not surprising in the least she is not any kind of real actress all she has is connections from BFF’s and a few from Dad nothing pans out for her but this magazine which truly I can’t say I see she is really writing the advice is atrocious they might has well have Paris Hilton give advice for all RB is worth.

  7. 7
    padme Says:

    JJ – why do you bother with posting about this useless, untalented hag??? Who cares what she does!!! She is BORING and PATHETIC!!!

  8. 8
    gq Says:

    her movie is gonna flop, bad reviews coming in…

  9. 9
    drewlard Says:

    A senseless, talentless & worthless twat that only some “”small time connections”” would care.

  10. 10
    jean Says:

    Hollywood Reporter
    Rachel Bilson’s ‘Waiting for Forever’ Fails With an Implausible, Generic Story
    The Bottom Line
    An ill-conceived romantic drama that’s as sappy, vague and awkward as its title

    All the improbable, oddball and endless love in the world can’t rescue “Waiting for Forever” from a premise that’s irresponsible at worst and an example of profoundly bad timing at best.

    Entertainment Weekly
    Waiting for Forever is an indistinct romantic-dramedy-ish something or other about the rekindled romance of an actress (Rachel Bilson) and her childhood best friend (Tom Sturridge), a hipster naïf who looks like he wore out his DVD player watching Johnny Depp in Benny & Joon. He juggles fruit, talks to his parents’ ghosts, and woos her with backhanded compliments. She finds this irresistible. You probably won’t. Grade: D

    Slant Magazine
    For a film to be loathsome during its opening seconds is a minor feat; to then become increasingly worse over its remainder is a far greater sort of dubious accomplishment. Kudos, then, to Waiting for Forever, an indie so twee, self-satisfied, and across-the-board affected that words feel somewhat insufficient.

  11. 11
    Brightside Says:

    Ouch….that last review from Slant was cutting! Well! The reviews are pretty much as everyone expected…it’s difficult to make a silken purse out of a sow’s ear and, when it comes to acting, she’s definitely a sow’s ear.

    I am still cracking up over her saying ‘I’m a huge fan of agate. Turning it into a ring is the ultimate in finger fashion’…LOL!
    I wonder where she’s been for most of her life that she’s never seen jewellery made out of agate…

  12. 12
    jaeger Says:

    Jared, you should get engaged & married her as your the “only” one who cares for her – that is; if you have some very low taste in women LMAO!

  13. 13
    Lake Says:

    What else in the world would anyone expect? This is Rachel Bilson you’re talking about, this girl (almost 30, hardly a girl) is one of the single worst excuses for an actress in HW. Her performances are always, ALWAYS flat and one dimensional, because one, she has no talent, and two, all she does is play herself every single time, and she herself is one dimensional. She isn’t edgy, she isn’t fashionable or fashion forward, she isn’t creative and has never had an original thought in her life, she isn’t an “icon” or even a fashionista. She follows trends, she doesn’t set them. Most of the advice she “gives” is pretty much common sense for anyone that doesn’t dress in the dark every day. Anyone who goes out and shops themselves, you see how the shops have the outfits and accessories put together, this isn’t brain surgery. And Rachel herself would do well to pay attention to such things because she has far too many misses than hits. In fashion and in her career as an actress.

  14. 14
    Jax Says:

    Brightside, if you saw her “accessorizing” her engagement ring with other rings, gold bands included, that alone should tell you she doesn’t know sh*t about sh*t, even where jewelry is concerned. She really must be stunted intellectually to not know that you never, ever “accessorize” your engagement or wedding ring. She’s an idiot.

  15. 15
    Lisa Says:

    That would be a fabulous RuMe Bag – she has good taste! – REUSE!

  16. 16
    Brightside Says:

    The whole of the review…damn, it’s punishing!


    After the first time Keach lingers on Bilson’s face for an emotional reaction shot and she responds with utter blankness, the film loses any chance at delivering engaging drama

    Says it all really. She is, and always has been, an emotionally and intellectually blank person. A vapid and vacuous HW cipher of a d-lister addicted to fame but without any talent or intelligence to drive her desire to be famous.

    Some people were born to act and some people to work in Starbucks…she should be waiting on tables rather than inflicting Waiting For Forever on the general public.

  17. 17
    Jax Says:

    Please, I love going to Starbucks, and I don’t want my order f&&&&&d up every time. Maybe she could work at Mickey D’s.

  18. 18
    Nina Says:


    Thus the reason that HC moved on and away from a woman who uses a ring as if it was that little black dress she can pull out of the closet and just wear it when convent. I just see her as immature and spoiled rotten.

  19. 19
    Paula Says:

    @Jean left out this part of that Variety article so I’ll help her out and post it.

    Performances are good, given the context: Bilson is solid, and Jenkins flawless as a man who greets his impending demise like a character out of Beckett. Danner gives a delicate rendering, via Miranda’s incessant cheeriness, of an older woman whose familiar world is collapsing.

    Sturridge, for all the script’s problems, has obviously worked at creating something novel out of Will, even if that something is a behatted cherubic psychotic.

    Production values are topnotch, especially the recurrent theme by Nick Urata, which is quite lovely and atmospheric.

  20. 20
    Brightside Says:

    Solid is not a compliment. Solid is Variety’s way of saying ‘meh’ but without the sting! Remember it’s a pretty vanilla magazine that owes it’s entire existence to celebrity culture so it tends to err on the side of caution.
    Compliments would have been words like mesmerising, or spellbinding, or simply astounding performance by a young actress…so on and so forth.
    Solid is a pretty solid MEH!

  21. 21
    Brightside Says:

    No actress ever wants to see ‘solid’ in a review of her work. It shows she’s failed to inspire, that she’s a beast of burden rather than a racehorse. Solid is not a good word.

  22. 22
    chauncey Says:

    You forgot the “1st & most important part” (written in bold letters huh) of that review.
    All the improbable, oddball and endless love in the world CANT rescue “Waiting for Forever” from a premise that’s irresponsible at worst and an example of profoundly bad timing at best: A young man with obvious mental problems is indulged by his friends, ignored by his family, never gets the help he needs and stalks his childhood sweetheart all over the country. As quasi-comedy, “Waiting” does a pretty good impersonation of incipient tragedy — especially in light of the recent events in Arizona, which will likely color film’s reception and poison word of mouth.

  23. 23
    chauncey Says:

    As Ive been stated before; SHE will become a brain surgeon right before she becomes a HW actress!

  24. 24
    anne Says:

    That one “solid” comment about Rachel is going to show up on her fan sites, but the overwhelmingly negative reviews (0% so far on Rotten Tomatoes, and 3 of those reviews are from major critics) will be conveniently ignored. They’ll pretend the bad reviews don’t exist and instead they’ll go on and on about how cute she is in her outfits.

    And that her fans are going to complain about how jealouz of Rachel are those people who criticize her on Just Jared.

    Don’t worry Rachel fans. There’s hope. Josh Schwartz is going to try to find a way to sneak her into the cast of the movie he’s directing.

  25. 25
    lol Says:

    The only way these photos and post could be more staged …..was if she wearing an agate ring while carrying the reuseable grocery bag lol

    Nice timing as always. Pictures of her carrying things the very day she plugs something and it ends up on JJ. Very interesting timing dont you think~ wink wink,cough cough staged cough~

    To be fair this existance is all the girl has and has less of it each passing day.
    She knows it shes just trying to slow the clock of her 15 mins one second at a time.
    She seems to be doing the whole shabby up do hair style these days Im going to guess its because of all the bad comments everywhere about her hair…. What I dont get wouldnt it be easier to just go get her hair done at a salon finally and fix the big issue shes had for over a year now rather than try to hide it.

    Bag lady and reuseable hmmmm,,,, well JJ got it right about Rachel this time didnt he.

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