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Zac Efron: Gas Station Stop

Zac Efron: Gas Station Stop

Zac Efron checks his phone while filling up his car at a gas station on Monday (January 31) in Hollywood.

The night before, Zac was one of the handful of celebs who watched the Boston Celtics beat the L.A. Lakers 109-96 at Staples Center.

Zac sat courtside, where he shook hands and chatted with Lopez Tonight host George Lopez.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron at a gas station…

Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron gas station 01
zac efron gas station 02
zac efron gas station 03
zac efron gas station 04
zac efron gas station 05
zac efron gas station 06
zac efron gas station 07
zac efron gas station 08
zac efron gas station 09
zac efron gas station 10

Photos: Limelightpics
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  • Finanas

    Doesn’t he know ? NO CELLPHONE NEAR A GAS POMP, Jeez !

  • kami

    ♥ zac pumps gas. i’m sure he eats too. ♥

    nothing wrong with using a cell phone at a gas pump. this is not 1995.


    WERK that pump, baybee, WERK IT! Lookin FIT and FINE there, Zac.

  • pull out dude!!


    he fat !!!

  • Susan

    We are on a Zac roll! Jared, you are awesome beyond words! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the two latest Zac posts. It’s so good to see the Sexiest Man Alive again….and we’re so lucky the Sexiest Man Alive buys his gas in West Hollywood (aka Paparazzi Central).

    Has he lost weight already? Wonder how much. Looks good, I agree with you Wicked Wench!

  • http://Lipkin19 Lauren

    Susan , stop talking

  • Bradley B

    Great Candids.

  • pop86

    Looking great

  • somethingm

    He is still in LA then.

  • http://AOL Pat

    Can’t figure out what kind of car that is, can anyone?

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ PAT, It’s a auddi S6, its a very expensive car.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    He play in mobile

  • Deb

    @pull out dude!!:
    Are you out of your mind? Where do you see fat? That’s all muscle.

  • Fauve

    Sure that is recent his hair looks shorter here then yesterday.

  • Kiss

    Yumm! A sockless Zac Efron! My favorite!!
    Soooooo cute! :-)

  • Karen

    There are reports that Zac is in Wilmington with Vanessa. And before anyone starts yelling how this picture proves he can’t be in Wilminton and LA, let’s just think about the possibilty that Jared once again has this date wrong—he never did change the date on the one where Zac was having lunch the other day. It was proved Zac was in Wilmington on that Saturady with Vanessa that he is saying that picture was taken with the gilrs. Even E! changed the day from Saturday to las Wednesday that the lunch took place. However, Jared never changed it. SOO, all I’m saying Jared’s “facts” could once again be wrong since another site where these pictures were posted did NOT have a day on them. And Zac’s hair does look shorter in this picture althought that could be because of the angle and lighting.

    Also, isn’t he suppose to be in NY to start filming NYE? We don’t know EXACTLY when Zac and Michelle’s segment of the film will shoot and the weather in NYC is not good right now. For all we know things might get pushed back a few days. All we know is at the PCA’s Zac said he would be going to NY in a couple weeks to shoot the movie. Now, that may mean TWO weeks or maybe THREE. He didn’t give an exact date but it may not start for him right on Feb 1.

  • Karen

    Just want to update that now it seems people are believing Zac won’t be in NC until the weekend. Ohhh, the suspense thickens…lol. At any rate, I have a feeling that when and if Zac gets back to NC we will hear and it and pretty much be able to figure out if it is true or false.

  • go sox

    @Karen: No need to apologize, Karen. We know you mean well, and try to stay up with the “news”. It’s often hard to make sense of reports and twitters when we have no idea when they’re posted, and when people LIE! But they are always surprising us, and they like it like that! Glad they have a bit of privacy still!


    @Karen: I feel sorry for you and those like you who spend way too much time and energy playing FBI agents with Hollywood stars you don’t even know. You should consider getting a job, or going to school, or spending more time with your family. Try taking up a hobby or joining a social group or volunteering with charity organizations. Visit your local library and rent books / videos for free. There is so much more to life than Zac and she who will not be named.
    I come here for fluffy fun when Nietzsche and Heidegger cause brain pain, or when my thesis has left me with writers block, or when 8 hours at my job has made me stupid for the day, or after a workout to cool down before shower time.
    Of course you could be a V marketer / PR rep whose whole job is to mention her on every Zac post. You use proper English and write fairly well…

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac!

  • Karen

    Wicked Wench:

    And you have a hateful heart. I see YOU here all the time but you had to make a point to more or less say “I’m different, though, I HAVE a life and I’m very smart whereas you OTHER people are pitiful”. Well, I read your stuff and see how downright disgusting you can be towards Vanessa who has done nothing to you so I seriously doubt you are all that intelligent since most people who have any real intelligence know that when you speak in terms like you do many times on these threads that it shows very little class or forethought as to how you are dealing with your fellowman. People with class and real intelligence have integrity and some self-respect and do not speak about others in the way you do. I would much rather be seen as someone who DOES spend a little time in seeking out the TRUTH before posting or comes back and corrects when I think I might have led someone astray.

    Frankly, I don’t have to go search out too many things about Zac or Vanessa as I do have those who send me things or who fortunately for me do all the digging and research as I have not the time or inclination to do such that much digging. But I do like to keep up with what is fact and what very well could be fact or what is fiction and WHY. I also like to share that here. I wouldn’t have to do that if it were not for people such as yourself and some who will go nameless. I can’t abide out and out lies, bigotry, or lewd talk about someone who doesn’t deserve it. Zac and Vanessa boards are the ones I follow 99.9% of the time so I will speak the truth as much as I know it and point out lies and defend those who deserve it when they are being unjustly trashed.

    And you can feel sorry for me all you want. I do not feel the same for you since you have now made it clear just how intelligent you are.

  • nema

    Hey Karen!
    Just don’t care about what some people here say about you. They are just full of hate because many fans here rely on you and respect you.
    By the way are you on any of fan forums?
    I really want to know.

  • Susan

    I’d be really careful trusting random tweets, folks. Twitter is rife with fraud, especially when it comes to celebrity accounts and celeb sightings. The best and most efficient way to determine Zac’s whereabouts continues to be frequent check-ins here at JustJared (and other clearly inferior and amateurish sites by comparison – wink).

    P.S. The Lakers are playing at home again tonight, only this time they’re playing the Houston Rockets, a cellar-dweller, so the star wattage at this game might be diminished a bit. Still, that’s not to say a devoted fan like our own Zachary would skip it. If he’s offered the primo seats again and his schedule allows, it’ll be Zac hawtness all over again. Enjoy!

  • http://google BARBARA


  • go sox

    “I come here for fluffy fun when Nietzsche and Heidegger cause brain pain, or when my thesis has left me with writers block, or when 8 hours at my job has made me stupid for the day, or after a workout to cool down before shower time.”

    And what makes you think the rest of us don’t just come here for a release from our days??? Fluffy fun is exactly how I describe why I come here as well, from my day of giving chemotherapy to cancer patients, from my family of 5, and from all the other pressures of life. EVERYONE needs a little fluffy fun, not just you, my dear.

  • pop86

    @Susan: I saw the Sunday’s game and the Lakers were awful except Kobe, of course.

    After Friday and Sundays losses, the Lakers need to redeemed themselves so stars maybe there to support their team.

  • gagging big time

    @pop86: LA people are ridiculous. “Stars” are the only ones who support the Lakers??? *gag* I believe sports are for not just the stars, hate to break it to you. Outside of Lala land, there are just as many people who support their teams.

  • lauren

    @ susan
    your annoying and creepy
    stop talking

  • Daniel Tang


    And you are doing exactly what you are accusing Karen of doing. Looks to me like you don’t have much of a life either. People who live in glass houses……

  • Ashlee


    People who try to prove they are intelligent are proving they aren’t. If a person is intelligent, he/she doesn’t need to brag. People will get that from what you write, not your bragging. Capisci?

  • Susan

    @pop86: Yeah, there are always stars at the Lakers games but Sunday’s game was a very hot ticket, as you know. A rematch from last year’s finals. Kobe and teammates must have hated to let that one get away. Do you root for the Lakers? I don’t, but the fact that Zac is a big fan makes me like them a little bit more, because I like him so much. Have a good day.

  • maria

    @Susan: Sorry, you are creepy.

  • BOJI

    Witchy Wenchie, me thinks you are an S N O B. If demeaning a celebrity and making malicious and slanderous remarks is called Fluffy fun, well you must have a really mean streak in you.
    Thumbs up for Karen, who takes the time and trouble to do her research well which is more than I can say for you. At least she backs up her analysis with facts and logic. We are fans and there is nothing wrong with defending one whom we believe in.
    Am not a fan of the Lakers or any basket ball team for the matter but the fact that Zac shows a keen interest in them is very much like the interest we show in him and Vanessa. We support them as a couple and as individuals.

  • Andy

    Cellphones can ignite gas. Even after 1995, uninformed fan. There are still warnings posted at a lot of gas stations!

  • Susan

    Zac papped on Tuesday in Studio City while toting lil bro Dylan to Urban Outfitters for a bit of Efron man-time. Z looks like he’s enjoying some cat-and-mouse fun with the camera guys. Pics up on officially we’re-still-friends-afied.

  • kami

    ok let me try this again (the 3rd time). the pix of zac coming out of urban outfitters are on the officially zanessafied site. i tried to post the actual link but. . . . .

  • Rafaela

    Sure that is recent his hair looks shorter here then yesterday.