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Blake Lively: AskMen's Most Desirable Woman of the Year!

Blake Lively: AskMen's Most Desirable Woman of the Year!

Blake Lively has topped AskMen‘s annual listing of the year’s most desirable women!

The 23-year-old actress ousted last year’s #1 woman, Emmanuelle Chriqui, in the standings. Here’s the top ten:

10. Jessica Pare (Mad Men)
9. Anne Hathaway
8. Katy Perry
7. Scarlett Johansson
6. Cheryl Cole
5. Miranda Kerr
4. Selita Ebanks
3. Sofia Vergara
2. Mila Kunis
1. Blake Lively

DO YOU AGREE with AskMen’s list?

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  • Celia

    Blake Lively is a butterface.
    The rest of the list is tolerable though.

  • Emme


    it should be
    1. mila kunis
    2. scar jo
    3. jessica alba
    4. leighton meester
    5.charlize theron
    6.vanessa hudgens
    7. miranda kerr
    8. megan fox
    9.natalie portman
    10.blake lively

  • JC

    I don’t know who Jessica Pare is but otherwise that is a very solid list. Maybe Bar Refaeli is in Anne Hathaway’s spot but otherwise the hottest ones are right there. I’d definitely put Scarlett Johansson higher. Blake Lively is smoking hot. Can’t see why people would say that she isn’t.

  • toni

    HELL NO I do not agree with her being number 1. She’s not even desirable and yes @qaywsc: Mila should be number 1. She looks different and has a different aura a mysterious thing about her that makes her desirable and interesting. I’ve felt that way since That 70′s Show about her. I know I’m a girl, but Mila should be number 1.

  • Yames


  • kgg

    WTF? This goes to prove that any average looking actress with connections can be on any list, on many mags, etc. Definitely shows that men definitely voted, but have no idea why.
    Sorry, but there are numerous beautiful and desirable actresses way prettier and sexier in my opinion.

  • maria

    @Emme: Like your list MUCH better!!

  • maria

    @kgg: Amen.

  • K


  • Jazz

    Mila Kunis is #1 in my book and I feel like Natalie Portman should be there too…look at Blake pre-nose job and tell me if she’s just as desirable…plus she’s a sucky actress so yeah.

  • Deb

    define desirable, is that intelligent wise, sex wise, come on more specifics, I mean seriously if we have all gotten to the point of being drones and mindless sex mongers well I am getting offended at our human race, really…..this is just to demoralizing for me. Some men desire a brain, a mind that works for more then shopping and holding a 8,000 handbag….What has our world come too?!? and we wonder why girls of all ages starve themselves, open up their chests to put bags of saline in there to look sexy, alter their faces to the point they never look normal again, but like plastic dummies in a window, all to too tooo sad for me….UGH, can I get a new planet already!!!! LOL!!!!

  • bananarama

    Mila is way hotter. Blake is talentless. I don’t care if she’s down to earth or nice but she is not that great looking or deserve to be on this list.

  • whizzer

    So i’d see that her “”constant flaunting of her b**bs & legs” didnt get to waste coz if its on natural beauty & acting talent category; she’ll be nowhere near even on the rock bottom list.

  • Elena

    to be the most desirable women you only need: a nose job, breast implants, a dyed blond, a good makeup and no talent
    guys … where is the natural beauty?? I guess that does not matter anymore

  • Lalalove

    No Bar? No Adriana Lima? No Rihanna? Garbage list.

  • Jess

    Why isn’t Natalie Portman ever on one of these lists?! She’s gorgeous! She’s intelligent (has a Harvard degree in phsychology), humble, and really, who else could look that good bald?

  • http://dnica Mann

    Plain blonde white girl yawwwwwn.

  • Anna

    I have one word for Blake..overrated

  • darla


    yeah she does, not only that but she should credit every magazine picture editors for the wonderful job in photo shopping. She’s not all that really good looking even with all that plastic surgery and boob jobs that she has, and in my opinion even those have a poor effect in making her more animated than her usual true blah of an ordinary looking face.

    Mila Kunis is more deserving those eyes and her natural breast size is just right. Those fanboys subscribers of that magazine can simply fantasized having sex with her without worrying that any of her body part or her face are gonna deflate , fall or implode.

  • Lizz

    Blake is the most plain looking chick ever. Not hot AT ALL. Leighton is the beautiful one.

  • R

    ^After reading different forums. It seem like more women are attracted to Leighton than Blake. Men are more attracted to Blake. Shows how are taste differ.

  • bond

    I don’t know who some of the girls on the list are, but I do know that there is no way in hell Ann hathaway will be on the list but there is no mention of Jessica Alba or Megan Fox on the same list. That list and whoever prepared it are retarded.

  • Jokergurl

    Blake Lively is not prettier than Mila Kunis, Sofia Vergara or Anne Hathaway, but she is very tall, California blonde, she seems pretty laid back, and she’s popular. Acting wise I really haven’t seen anything that shows much range (certainly not Gossip Girl) I saw The Private Lives of Pippa Lee in which she played a troubled character but she’s in minimal clothing through it and she basically pouts through the entire thing. For number 1 I would pick either Mila Kunis or Anne Hathaway.

  • Anita


    Honey, it’s a men magazine, they dont care about how talented they are, its about hotness

    Blake has great legs, but i would put Katy Perry on the top

  • mold and mildew


  • fritanga

    @real winner: Absolutely true. This list is meaningless, as each slot was bought and paid for by the actresses’ PR firms. Lively’s in particularly is working overtime on her behalf, and boy, does she need it, as she is both talentless and unattractive.

  • robocoastie

    #1 girl – Yes. But 23 hardly qualifies as most desirable “woman.”

  • Kristin

    Blake is gorgeous! I think Reese Witherspoon should be on the list, but I guess she is starting to get too old for this maybe. All these girls are in their twenties. I guess the 20-s is the age where women are looking their best, dont you think?

  • Kristin

    Sorry: I see now that Sophia Vergera is 38.

  • Sam

    I’m just wondering but for those of you who say that this is all paid for, was it paid for last year as well?? Or is it just cause a person you don’t like topped the list so that means it has to be paid for. I will say this, you do have to be popular to get a high ranking on this list and at the moment Blake is really popular and when u ask the average guy they think she’s hot, has nice legs and boobs. Do you honestly think they know her boobs are fake and even if they did it’s not like they would care. She’s what’s hot right now so when guys were asked the question that’s what popped into their heads.

  • reedley

    Blake remind me Jessica Alba or Megan Fox; topping most of the hottest list contest in HW a few years back – but where does their careers had headed for huh?!

  • Roy


    She’s actually very talented. Did you see The Town? And she’s beautiful. It seems like you’re just jealous..

  • Viktoriya_Massimo_Mandelli

    DAMN YES!YES! Blake is the most desirable woman !! Love it ! <333

  • Robert

    The top 10 sucks. It’s got to be a joke. I think Sofia Vegara looks like a tranny. Mila Kunis is strange looking, not hot. Katy Perry is below average looking. Blake Lively isn’t attractive.

  • Robert

    Anne Hathaway is dopey looking, not attractive. She shouldn’t be in the top 10. Scarlett Johansson is just an average chick

  • Robert

    Anne Hathaway is dopey looking, not sexy. Scarlett Johansson is only average looking.

  • Lucy86

    Yayyy Blake Lively :D. i’m a girl and i think she’s that hot

  • jessica
  • tream

    trust me her appeal has to do with hot girl syndrome. The girl little ugly fat 8th graders with braces and zits dread to see when they go to high school. She is the hot chick in HS; tall blonde,skinny,pretty,long hair,etc…who all the guys want and all the girls hate. That is Blake’s appeal and yes I think she is pretty and sexy. Not more so than Sofia Vergara though!!!!! rawrrrr. Some of these girls on the top 10 are not sexy!!!! just cute, I can’t believe carebears made the list.

  • Please

    Leighton is one plain looking chick!!!!!!!!! if women like her more than men well I can see why; she is not as threatening looking as Blake is. When those 2 girls are on my screen, my eyes go STRAIGHT to Blake!! she is taller,thinner,has a more unique face etc…Leighton is plain with a major lisp going on.,Leighton looks like every American mouse brown haired girl you see with a fat face. talk about BLAH.

  • Reality Check

    Most desirable? She IS standard and boring. You can see her face one too many times in the street. Makes you wonder if got paid to give her this title.

  • Trollin’

    This list is so wrong in many ways. I do agree with people that said Mila should be number #1

  • ashley bellamy

    i agreee with this list 100% BLAKE LIVELY IS FU***** HOTT <333

  • Sallee

    @Anita: Technically it’s NOT based on votes. At the end of th day, it’s the editors of the site who make the final call about who wins.

    The also factor in career success, too.

  • Ash

    Leighton does not have a lisp. I don’t know what you’re hearing. And she’s definitely not plain. Anyways, I don’t hate Blake but she doesn’t do it for me. Acting or looks wise.

  • Kristin

    Blake Lively reminds me of Sarah Jessica Parker!
    (a much younger version though).

  • paw

    that’s just depressing… so men voted in america for a chic who’s had plastic surgery and boob implants over a woman who is all natural and has the self confidence to just be herself?!! that’s real beauty, i have no idea how men can define that anymore. WTH

  • Shannon

    Ok Seriously? This Bitch needs to go! SECURITY! SECURITY! The only “men” that voted for her were the ones she slept with. That’s a lot of men. Or I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt Blake and say you only slept with the editior of askmen. Seriously when is society going to change it’s stupid expectation of what a woman should look like. NEWS FLASH! Not every woman in the world is 6 ft tall, under a 100 lbs with fake boobs and a fake nose, blue eyes, fake bleached blonde hair with extensions, and Caucasian. I’m not jealous, I am just so fed up with the same ideal that society keeps throwing at us. I mean Come on! I don’t hate you Blake, I just hate what you stand for in this society. Our society needs to change, and we need to start making that change sooner than later. Or else out granddaughters will still be trying to look like a “Blake Lively” 70 years from now.

  • kelsey

    I guess men don’t know what she looked like before her many surgeries. I don’t think the world really knows much about her nose job, her boob job and what her teeth used to look like.

  • chaaaaa < If this isn’t ugly duckling syndrome I don’t know what is.