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Joaquin Phoenix: Frontrunner in 'Vampire Hunter'

Joaquin Phoenix: Frontrunner in 'Vampire Hunter'

Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly the frontrunner to play Henry Sturges in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

The 36-year-old actor has met on the project and “it’s his if he wants it,” according to Deadline.

The role, which previously was rumored to have been offered to Tom Hardy, “is for Henry, a mythic, ageless figure who turns Lincoln into an axe-throwing expert slayer of vampires.”

Benjamin Walker is set to play the title role in the highly anticipated film!

WOULD YOU LIKE to see Joaquin Phoenix in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

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  • Madhatter

    Such a GREAT actor. He adds a certain gravitas to everything he does.

  • Marcelina

    I hope that Joaquin Phoenix returns to his acting career and does movies again like he used to. It would be sad and disappointing if he doesn’t.

  • ImAMac

    Ooh, he cleans up nice!

  • The Truth

    Miss him glad to see that he’s getting back in the acting game.

  • Nausea

    No I dont want to see him.CREEP

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    Why he here?

  • Sligo where iz Kaz

    he insults his 10 fans acting like total imbecile and now he wants back in the spotlight he obviously loves so much .puke

  • dislike

    Pretending to be humble isn’t the same as being humble as they say. The frog surely wants to score an Oscar

  • umm

    he deserves an Oscar for I’m Still Here and Grammys for his music

  • Taylor

    Love him – glad to see he is back.

  • FER


  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Im here

  • ShiTTy movie

    I think he looks like a rather self-absorbed, pompous @ss.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Did someone say something to me

  • Riverland

    Ahahahaha I didn’t know he was back to normal!!!

  • buahhaaa

    He isn’t normal.He makes my skin crawl shrugggggsssss

  • What is normal?

    A bit sad that he doesn’t look like River now. Remembering him, I wish him a good luck for his next career.

  • Steve Wellington

    No, I think he should stay retired from acting like he said he would.

  • hypocrit

    Kaz what do you think about joqin phonix ?

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Hows care this impediment man

  • Vesper

    This movie just keeps getting worse,terrible casting all around

  • CanadaGirl

    Glad to see him back.

  • Emily

    Joaquin, darlin’, you can nibble on me any time you want. Since this is a blood suckin’ Civil War romp, I hope you’ll regrow the beard. You know how my neck loves a good tickle.

  • sorry but I have to ask

    does any one else think aria’s photos are over the top? i don’t care that she’s always putting bizarre make up all over her face, but shes always trying to reveal her body. shes pretending all those new pics are about a cat but the cat is just an excuse for her to pose in a ripped tshirt that shows her chest and underware that shows her crotch. does she just dress up all day and have someone take pics of her? its not like these are pics for a magazine shoot. or are they?

  • Americana

    The Joaq is back! All hail the Joaq! To all those naysayers who were so sure he was a dead end druggie nah nah nah nah nah! I love saying I told you so!

  • Sheryl

    What happened to that big shoe movie? Is that still on? What about the Edgar Allen Poe one?

  • Raelyn

    Love Vampires, but I think if this is legit he’ll pass……Next

    @ sorry but I have to ask ( aka Aria of friend) sh*t the f*** up already.

  • Sheryl

    Did he turn down the Franco film?

  • Lizz

    I’ll believe it when I see it. He has been rumored to be in alot of things and none of them panned out. Frankly, it is sad that he wasted years of his life on his flop of a film. Its also sad that IF he gets this role, it would be the first REAL film he made in 3 years. I guess he got bored laying around the house all day being unemployed.

  • Lizz



  • denisse

    I really hope this is true ,because this guy is extremely talented.It’s true that he messed up a bit with ISH but that doesn’t mean he is should be treated like this.I think he was really brave for trying to do something a bit different.And if you don’t like him why waste you’re time taking trash about him?It’s just stupid!

  • anonymous

    I don’t think he messed up with ISH at all. I loved it. I’m sure he doesn’t care a hoot what anybody thought. It was his experiment, his proving to himself that he could give fame up at a moment’s notice, that if the whole world decided he was nuts, he didn’t care. He showed that he’s stronger than all the ridiculous fame nonsense. Anyone with a sense of humor GOT the movie. The people who act like they were robbed of something need to look at their own priorities in life. Get over it.

  • Oh please

    There is nothing to GET about the movie. I hate when his idiotic fans act like their was some deep message in the film. When they themselves said they DIDN’T KNOW what the film was supposed to mean, and that they were just playing around with an idea.

    I also hate when his fans act like he ‘doesn’t care’ about all the negative **** that came out of this film. OF COURSE he ‘cares’. Casey went bankrupt, no doubt JP lost a huge chunk of change on the film as well. On top of that no one wants to hire him, and only NOW are we hearing rumors about him being offered a role…which is still to this day only a rumor. The world bashed him for being so self indulgent and egotistical to think anyone would give a crap about the publicity stunts he pulled, enough to see his film.

    Yes, he does care about all this. You brainwashed fans can actually believe his BS “I don’t care about hollywood’ act, but it is an ACT. Just like when other celebs say that, yet behind closed doors are having mental breakdowns over what the media says about them. He does care, and he regrets doing the film. He’ll never admit it.

  • anonymous

    Oh please – you’re so deep you spell “there” “their”. No one said there was a DEEP message. It was a fun film ridiculing celebrity ego. You think Joaquin and Casey didn’t know there’d be a-wipes like you ready to pounce and hate? Haters are a dime a dozen. You don’t get that you’re ridiculed in the film as well.

  • Oh please


    LOL wtf does a SPELLING ERROR have to with anything? And when did I say I was deep? Oh wait, you’re just making up **** because what I said was RIGHT so you’re changing the subject. Typical fanbot idiot.

    There is nothing to “get” you jackass. Again, this film was an amateur piece of garbage that a high school kid could have made with the proper equipment. We already KNOW about pop culture, the media, and the world obsession with celebrity. THIS HAS BEEN A TOPIC THAT HAS BEEN TALKED ABOUT FOR YEARS. So NOTHING they said was a NEW or unique message.

  • anonymous

    I’m not changing the subject.

    You don’t think anything in the film was new or unique. What other celebrity has deliberately hoisted himself on his own fame petard? Joaquin was never a performance artist like Kaufman or Cohen. Do you think another Hollywood actor, twice nominated for an Oscar, would have done this? I think Robert Downey Jr. is the only other actor that has the balls to try something like this.

    It’s clear you really don’t get it. You’re regurgitating your own words. You can’t grasp was was unique about this project.

  • Oh please

    No, you’re just a delusional fan who thinks this was a “unique” idea when it wasn’t. NOTHING about his film was unique. Obsession with celebrity and fame HAS BEEN TALKED ABOUT FOR YEARS. What in the hell did he display in the movie that was new? NOTHING. He did what reality tv stars do: create attention for themselves by doing stupid ****. That’s it. He did what the cast of Jersey Shore does weekly. The obsession with celebrity is a played out topic. We all know how the world is when it comes to celebrity, we don’t need another stupid film about it.

    Countless people have done similar things he did. Have you ever heard of Crispin Glover? Go look him up. Yes, Andy Kaufman IS another one. He made a career out of pulling stunts like this in the media, even when it made people HATE him. Only, he didn’t back down and apologize once people bashed him like JP did. He kept up his antics regardless of the negative reaction.

  • anonymous

    Everything you have said has been said ad nauseum. The whole world has heard of Crispin Glover, but if you can’t discern the differences between what he did (or Andy or Sascha) and this project, I don’t have time to teach you. Come up with a fresh argument. Your points reveal inadequate comprehension of the film.

    You’re really just mad that no one gives a flying fig about YOUR opinion, least of all Phoenix and Affleck. They’re laughing at you for getting your knickers in a knot.

  • Oh please

    Again, nice avoiding everything I said and instead claiming I “don’t understand” for the millionth time. Nice excuse because you can’t prove me wrong.

    No one cares about my opinion. Well guess what? No one cared about Joaquin’s movie which is why it bombed and he destroyed his now non existent career. So really I doubt Joaquin is doing much “laughing” these days. But keep thinking that you warped stan.

    And what Crisping Glover did was EXACTLY the same as what JP did on Letterman. Apparently you know absolutely nothing. Crispin pulled his stunt on Letterman because he was sick of how the media defines what is crazy and what is normal. What is art and what is public self destruction. He was playing the character for a movie he was promoting on letterman. The world thought he was crazy/on drugs when he wasn’t. Sound familiar? Yeah. It is EXACTLY what Joaquin did over a decade later.

    But keep avoiding the facts. Instead repeat yourself some more about how I just don’t understand. I guess the entire world is just wrong, and the 10 people who liked this atrocity are total geniuses.

  • anonymous

    I saw Glover on Letterman. Now tell everyone how that appearance was a part of a sustained 2-year performance. Oh? It wasn’t? Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, and Glover didn’t even stick around to give an interview. And it was OBVIOUSLY a performance.

  • Brittanyitch

    now aria has a bondage photo up on her twitter. i mean really what is she trying to prove. shes not real suttle is she?

  • Oh please


    Crispin filmed a movie in that character, then went on letterman in the same character. So yes like I SAID, it was a performance.

    And quit acting like Joaquin “stayed in character for 2 years”. He didn’t. He did a few public stunts here and there, then went into hiding where NO ONE saw or heard from him. They filmed ON AND OFF and in no way was he performing for 2 years. I do love how you make it seem like he dedicated his life for 2 years to that role, when in reality in total it took just as long to film a NORMAL movie as it did to film the movie he did. He even said the movie was done for 6 months and he was back to “normal”.

    Yes it was the same thing as crispin The only difference is when crispin did it, there wasn’t TMZ, and internet gossip sites to keep his popularity up. Just a few entertainment tv shows.

  • anonymous

    I’m starting to think YOU are Glover, you’re so defensive. Glover was never in the same position as Phoenix. Phoenix was nominated for Academy Awards for Gladiator and Walk the Line. Oh, what was Glover nominated for? Oh, yeah, nothing. Were paparazzi following him into bathrooms at the airport? Missed the photos. Glover wasn’t taking a risk of any kind. It was a publicity stunt.

  • Oh please

    Joaquin is a c list @ you making it seem like the paparazzi follow him ANYWHERE.Yeah, if he pays them they do. And he was nominated for an oscar 10 years ago, and once in 2005. WTF does that have to do with anything? It doesn’t. Thousands of people have been nominated for an oscar over the years, it doesn’t mean **** unless you WIN one which he hasn’t/

    And again, WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE FILM! Him being an oscar nominated actor 10 years ago means his film as special? Means his film was good? Means it made sense? Means it wasn’t self indulgent? Means it was unique? IT MEANS NONE OF THOSE THINGS

    Looks like you’re running out of an argument. Even though he did the same exact thing Cripsin Glover did years ago, apparently it was totally different because Joaquin was nominated for an oscar and lost. lol You are an idio

  • Oh please


    I’ll also add a comment against your idiotic “glover wasn’t taking any kind of risk” reply.

    You really are dumb. Yes because only Oscar losers are taking risks when they publicly humiliate yourself. Glover pulled his stunt in his TWENTIES, before his film career even really took off. If there was any way of ruining a career it would have been to pull a stunt like that before you were even very successful, back at a time when reality tv show nuts weren’t all over the media making fools of themselves.

    Joaquin was in 2 oscar nominated films and he is almost 40. He lost both of them to his co stars. The rest of his work has either A) Bombed B) been crappy garbage material movies fit for teens like “Signs” and “The Village”. It is a joke to make it look like he was george cloony when he did this film. He was a semi famous c list actor who made only 2 big films in his life that people liked.

  • Glinda

    Oh, please, you’re a pedantic philistine. Phoenix is 36, not almost 40. I LOVED him in Quills and Return to Paradise. He is talented. If you don’t recognize that, you’re a jealous moron. Oh, and Two Lovers. God, he was fabulous in that.

    Anonymous, not everyone loved I’m Still Here. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. It wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It was fun and smart, but not brilliant.

    Brittany, I agree. I think singing is just a front for Aria’s true occupation, one that involves fetish gadgets of all kind. Or perhaps she’s readying her second occupation if the singing doesn’t pan out. If she could sing in tune while fully clothed, she might have a fighting chance.

  • ……….

    Anonymous, the issue here is you aren’t speaking about the film itself. You’re changing the subject in all different directions. The FILM is the topic, not how he made the film. The outcome the stunts he pulled had on his career are irrelevant in this subject….because it has nothing to do with the 90 minute movie we all saw.

    What I can’t stand about ISH is that whenever there is a debate about the movie, people turn it into ‘he ruined his career with the stunts he pulled! Thats why he was bold”. That has NOTHING to do with the movie itself.Why are we speaking about how he chose to make the film, instead of the actual movie? Actors lose/gain weight, train, inure themselves on movie sets all the time but we never see it. So HOW he made the film makes no difference.

    The film itself was weak and that is the bottom line. For all the controversy that was stirred up, you’d expect this movie to be groundbreaking and eye opening. Instead it was a messy, sloppy film with no purpose. Seeing Phoenix getting pooped on, watching a minute straight of him puking in the toilet, seeing him unconvincingly try to become a “rapper”. Casey and Joaquin stated they had no real idea about what the film was going to be, they just played it by ear. That showed. It LOOKED like they had no clue what they were doing and just shot a bunch of random clips & then turned it into a movie.

  • Sheryl


    I love Quills and Return to Paradise to! Did you see 8MM? Max California is my favorite of all his characters. Its amazing that the same guy who played Max played the priest in Quills.

  • Buzz

    Whose Crispin Glover? Never heard of him.