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Rachel Bilson: 'Waiting for Forever' Premiere!

Rachel Bilson: 'Waiting for Forever' Premiere!

Rachel Bilson hits the premiere of her new film, Waiting for Forever, with co-star Tom Sturridge at the Pacific Theatres at The Grove on Tuesday (February 1) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress also met up with executive producer Jane Seymour, director James Keach, and cast mates Blythe Danner and Scott Mechlowicz on the carpet.

WATCH: Waiting for Forever Trailer

The romantic drama centers around Will (Sturrdige) who “is content to live his life without a job yet with the love of his life, Emma (Bilson), a young actress.”

FYI: Rachel is wearing Burberry dress and clutch with Christian Louboutin shoes.

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Credit: Michael Caulfield; Photos: Wire Image
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  • Rachel Bilson Fan

    Love Rachel Bilson. Though Tom Sturridge kind of looks like a scruffy Justin Timberlake, no? Are Hayden and Rachel still going out?

  • Kenya

    She looks really pretty. It’s too bad her career is never going to take off though. I would have loved to at least see her on tv again.

  • OMFG

    Ummm…YUCKKK WTF is she wearing gee they look like a really cute couple maybe this will be her new b/f.

  • Brightside
    Not one critic has a good thing to say about this film…

  • Mia


    Yeah, but you know all the “OC” fans that worship her and think that she’s so super special will think it’s the cutest movie ever and she should be nominated for an Oscar. If Rachel hadn’t been on the OC she’d still be doing commercials. Period. She’s a mediocre actress with no star power. All she has are the people who are nostalgic because she was Summer Roberts.

  • Lexy hates Portman

    She looks super gorgeous! LOVE RB!!

  • thighmegatampon

    wow jane seymour is ageless! she always looks so amazing

  • Crazy Oldie

    hottie. haters can enjoy their blowup dolls of Richard Simmons.

  • austine

    I’m laughing so hard and just laughed again. Whats’ the purpose this so-called screening – just how many people are there or its just the cast along w/ their peeps?! This ageing twink- head is still trying (damn hard) to be an “actress”!

  • Brightside

    Well they can be nostalgic until the cows come home, then. It doesn’t change the fact that this film is of the rubbish variety and that Rachel Bilson lacks the talent, intelligence and charisma to be an actress. All the fan worship in the world won’t change those facts and her fans, no matter how many times they waste their money queueing up to watch this mess of a film, can’t give her a career or turn this film into a success. It is a failure of a film and she has a failure of a career as an actress.
    She should try for a career a little less challenging than acting…go back to college and learn hairdressing or some such.

  • monreal

    This little chipmunk just have an average looks/features and much, much, much below average acting talent.
    Another “epic failure” to add to her long list of being a HW vacuum!

  • ?

    What has Natalie Portman gotten to do with a Rachel Bilson post? I just don’t get it people…

  • Brightside

    What’s up with her eyebrows? Did someone paint them on crooked?

  • Tresor

    Ugh I love him. Shes gross.

  • the Past Love

    Rachel should move on.

  • audemars

    EWWW! She’s got the shortest legs since “Bridget The Midget”!!!

  • rachelfanne

    CONGRATULATIONS RACHEL! The CUTEST nearly 30 something actress around .Your new movie presently has a score of 0% on Rotten Tomatoes. Zero positive reviews!. Quite an achievement! I I hope you write about it in your next INSTYLE column. But who cares? As long as you get freebie clothes that’s all that matters.

    Hey I hear Josh Schwartz just got a new show on The CW, and he’s directing a movie this summer. Ask for BFF Jill’s help and I’m sure Josh can squeeze in a role for you. That’s what friends are for, right?

  • Brightside

    There’s an old adage in HW that you are only as good as your last film…and this film is dire and it’s unlikely that the situation will be remedied in BBF & Baby, another turkey in the making. She is just not big screen material, she can’t cut the mustard as an actress and never could.
    Even in The OC she failed to capture the viewers attention. Once Mischa Barton left the ratings dwindled and The OC limped on for another season before Fox did the decent thing and euthanized the sick and ailing drama.
    Since then Rachel Bilson has consistently failed to perform as an actress.
    She should give it up now…it’s not going anywhere.

  • ezra

    she looks sooooo cute x)

  • leyla

    thats such a nice dress!!

  • leyla

    shes a doll!!

  • leyla

    and the leather jacket looks really good with the whole outift

  • kosher

    @ #4
    Soo embarrassing for this FOREVER A STARLET, WILL NEVER BE AN ACTRESS!!!

  • bison

    Rachel’s career is dead, pilot canceled…back to hooking

  • amaranth

    So freakin’ cute like a hamster… and still going NOWHERE in Hollywood after years & years of sole & endless self-promotion.

  • summerluv

    Brightside, how can you be sooo mean to Rachel.
    Rachel, ignore the haters, ignore the reviews.
    Your next movie , BFF and Baby, has Oscar written all over it.

  • Fandango


    Yeah Oscar Madison (odd couple) looks to be a glorified mess.

  • reedley

    This movie is a “predictable” flop, a joke & a mess; waste of time, effort & everything…just serves so very right for this insufferable little OC-Relic creature.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! She’s finally got a movie premiere and THAT is what she wears??
    Poor thing…they should have let Jane Seymour and Blythe Danner do ALL the PR for this movie – people know who they are and the movie might actually make a few bucks!

  • Marthe

    I love Rachel, and she always looks amazing. I am so excited to see the movie, I bet its one of those movies that every girl enjoys, but the critics dont.

  • Brightside

    I changed my mind, love her.

  • Ugh

    The dress does nothing for her, is kind of bland and looks very off-the-rack. You could buy it at any outlet for 50 bucks. Bet she borrowed the shoes and bag. At least the hair doesn’t look messy. That’s the one positive thing you can say. I notice that the most positive thing her fans can say is that she’s cute and pretty, all stuff about how shw looks, not about her being talented or intelligent or anything about her being a person of substance. She’s so ordinary in every way. Its no wonder her career never took off. She seems to look like a couple with Sturridge. I don’t think he wants to hang with her for long though because this is a woman who is about one step from HW oblivion.

  • maya

    she’s so adorable my rachel she’s so cute, i hope the film will be a success

  • Rebecca

    @ Ugh You have not seen the back of the dress, it’s backless with a leather strip down the middle, not “off the rack” at all, LOL!

  • Jax

    @26 I sure hope that was sarcasm, because if not, that is the most blatantly stupid thing I have ever heard.

  • Big Star!!!

    Come on people! At least this time she was photographed at an actual event, instead of leaving the drug or grocery store! Also, she does so have a career- don’t forget that BFF and Baby is in the can and that should be a HUGE hit!!! I smell Oscar 2012!!!!!!

  • Anna

    It’s ironic that the movie is titled Waiting for Forever- that’s how long she’s been waiting for her career to take off!

  • Brightside

    LOL! That won’t work…I never change my mind!

    I know exactly what Rachel Bilson is…and she’s not an actress. She’s background scenery on the small screen, nothing more.
    Why is it so hard for the stans to realise that, for the last four years, her career has failed to shift one inch forward…in fact it’s gone backwards. She only ever had The OC and she was nothing special in that. Without that, she’s nothing at all.
    She’s not especially beautiful, she’s not at all intelligent, she’s not particularly witty, she has no charisma, talent or on screen presence. In short she has nothing on which to build a career in acting. She’s an incredibly bog-standard average person, no different from millions of others that populate this world….and average people go out and work hard at average careers. A lesson she should learn because she is never going to be able to hang her star on an acting career. She doesn’t have the star to hang. It really is that simple.

  • F*cking idiots

    You people SCREAM jealousy, rachel is GORGEOUS and doesn’t look a day of 22, and if she isn’t considered an actress then why does she have 2 new movies coming out?

  • F*cking Idiots

    and btw, there was ONE bad review from a critic, criticizing is what they do. Almost evey review i’ve read from just people seeing the movie says its GREAT.

  • Brightside


    I guess you’re referring to BBF & Baby…which will be as bad as it sounds. It has Kate Bosworth and Rachel Bilson in it for heaven sakes! Neither can act.
    Please provide links to the other film…
    As for age…she looks like a woman coming up to her thirties, which is exactly what she is, and whose career is heading nowhere. Now Halle Berry looks young for her age…Rachel Bilson looks the age she is, so stop exaggerating.
    I take it you haven’t read the reviews (from various magazines) on Rotten Tomatoes (there’s a few more than one)… a O% rating, or, if you prefer, 100% rotten. Check the site and read the reviews and, yes, you’re right…critics are paid to criticise films…that’s what they do…they watch the cr*p so you don’t have to…they are also quick to come out in praise of a good film.
    Believe me, if the film had been good then they would have praised it. It wasn’t, so they didn’t.

  • its obvious

    its obvious that:
    with such big ears you can t do smooht hair
    with such short legs you need the camera was higher than your face
    if you look to your age your can pride … if you is beautiful
    am i jealous you?
    yes… when you in HC bed)))

  • fandago

    Consider that not one critic liked it the only ppl who might praise it will be RB’s parents and bff’s to stroke her ego more. I seriously doubt anyone liked it. I don’t think even Danner or Seymour could even help this movie considering they both are not that famous anymore.

    Bilson is a almost 30 year old that wants to dress like she is in High School she wants the star football player to hang off her arm, and the other cheerleaders to praise her for the slop image she throws together so they will copy her. Reason again she is not taken seriously as any designer and less as an actress.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Can’t we be jealous of Natalie Portman or Mila Kunis – TALENTED and successful actresses?? Or even if you went with Blythe Danner’s daughter – Gwenny – I could see being jealous of her. But why is anyone jealous of Rachel again??

  • Brightside

    @lexy hates bilson:
    Well, I’m envious of Natalie Portman…she’s an incredibly talented A-list actress on the road to an Oscar award and I’m envious of Zoe Saldana’s beautiful looks. If I could be anyone, I would want to wake up looking like Zoe Saldana. Give me a lamp to rub and that would be my wish. However if the Genie of the Lamp turned me into Rachel Bilson I’d have his green balls for earrings quicker than he could say ‘Alakazam’! He’d be one sorry Genie! One really sorry Genie!

  • its obvious

    Sorry, I tried to joke, but seems failed)). english is not my mother tongue (native language?)). it on the level of restaurant and shoping in europe. but it very intersting for me to read your comments))) Brightside, for example, substitute the concept – or may be this is differency of mentality? – are jealous & envious different sense? For example in my country we tell “white envy or black envy”. As for me about Portman& so on is black envy, another word – respect, but about RB black envy, she is NOTHING, but if you tell me that her life is bad… i can t agree… you understand me? sorry for my enlish)

  • Brightside

    @its obvious:
    Her life is her life….I would describe it as mundane, revolving around shopping, shopping and shopping. If a person liked that sort of life then they would be envious.
    I can’t see that she has much of a life to make people envious. Very few career prospects, very few interests (other than fashion and shopping) and a boyfriend who doesn’t wish to be with her…that’s not a life, that’s a kind of purgatory.

  • Alexandra

    @its obvious: Oh dear, I think it’s past your bedtime.

  • Silly Girl

    She needs an earectomey! Wow! I mean, seriously? No wonder she always wears her hair in her face, it covers those Dumbo ears and Bride of Frankenstein forehead.

  • ana

    to short.she looks like Edie sedgwick’s ugly twin …that means she is beautiful because edie sedgwick was stunning.good luck Rachel