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Rihanna: 'S&M' Video Premiere!

Rihanna: 'S&M' Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Rihanna‘s video for her hot track “S&M“!

“Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it. Sex in the air. I don’t care, I love the smell of it,” she sings. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.”

For the video, Rihanna reunited with director Melina Matsoukas, who also worked on Ri‘s “Rockstar 101,” “Rude Boy,” and “Hard.”

WHAT DO YOU think of Rihanna’s “S&M” video?

Rihanna – S&M
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  • Jackie

    This is the type of crap that dear Lady Gaga started and now all other singers think that it is the only thing that will sell. NO CLASS!

  • wow

    This video is all sorts of vulgar and ugly. I guess the hidden message is that life may on the surface be all colorful and “fun” but in reality it’s pathetic, dangerous and ugly.

  • wow

    I’m talking about the so called “bad” girl life that Riri is promoting.

    And her expression in all her videos since her red hair change has been BS. Like she couldn’t give a dam.

  • babySTAR

    I lovee this song!


    Is that – Perez Hilton crawing around on the ground??!!

  • carrie

    funny but cheap

  • Suzie

    Nice, good, wholesome fun video for the kiddies, dontcha think?

  • candie

    i thinks is a new low for music… really…. dressed up as a rag doll playing with bondages… ?

  • tal


  • *the real talent*

    Ugly trash with no talent. Sorry, but it’s true! :D

  • Mayara

    RiriDiva just perfect …!!

  • Daniel

    All the Comments that say something Good about Rihanna all have Thumps Down!!! Here is Full of haterz and jealous people!!! Get a life! THe video is so Cool and I love that they put all the $hit that people Like all of you say about her!!! I love it! BTW S&M means = Scandals & Media! is about all the mess and scandals that press make and say about her! LOve it

  • Daniel

    it annoys me so much when people complain about pop stars not being good role models to kids!! The only real role models a kid should have is their parents!! dont go round blaming rihanna ffs!! that’s it! FatBitches!

  • Daniel

    it annoys me so much when people complain about pop stars not being good role models to kids!! The only real role models a kid should have is their parents!! dont go round blaming rihanna ffs!!

  • man

    i loved the video very fun it was the whos that chick take on color but better! (but did anyone see at the very end when she has all that shit on her face! you know that is for the chris brown thing like making fun of thepix that got leaked!!!!!!)

  • Jessica

    Time for the nu nu. This girl is coming to take her throne

  • me, myself & my opinion

    I like the song, the video looks cheap

  • cb that a gigantic dental dam or plastic saran wrap cover in the beginning of the video placed over Rhianna? hahahaaa. what does that mean exactly?

  • ihateph

    the song is called s&m pple why would the video be about anything but sex. I liked it .think I’ll add it to my workou tplaylist

  • cb


    because she is a satanic media tool, they tell her what to convey in video and image and she has sold her soul for the fame. Think: Madonna, Christina Ag, Britney, etc. That’s how they corrupt young women and distort morals.


    I can’t wait to see MTV’ s reaction about these porn lyrics and video.
    Will they play it only very late at night ?
    It makes me laugh in advance when you see their reaction about the American version of the UK series “SKINS”.
    Executives at MTV have ordered the show’s producers to make changes to tone down some of the most explicit content.

  • Gustav


  • Liz

    She is so wack, how you try to have shock value but try to make it funny and colorful, like really.. She can’t be madonna even if she tried.. Her career has been over since good girl gone bad.. She’s going to be know for wack music and being a celebrity doormat for men.. What a legacy.. Smh!

  • espo369

    I love how the message of the video is to keep criticizing her, because she loves it. AND all you people is see is the sex portion of the video. That’s the surface of the video yes, but the real message is to always rise above.

  • http://deleted daaan

    way toooo much. at the begenning I liked it and found it intresting but from the su***ing the banana part went to far. She can t pull off Gaga because Rihanna is actually sexy without trying but with trying she looks like a pornstar..

  • lola

    Talk about trying too hard…
    I mean that was just TRASH. And dont use the excuse “she is a pop star”
    No, Not even Britney went THAT far.
    Riri is basically promoting S.E.X there was nothing more into it.
    That was just disgusting and ugh. I would be so ashamed if I knew her.. poor mom and dad…

  • hunter

    i love this vid u ppl that dis like and write mean or bad comment r just what this vid means , rihanna takes the rumors and hater and basicaly whips her hair she does not care she is here to stay and if u hate her why watch and commet it messes it up for those of us who like her!

  • lala

    I really liked the music video, it’s different.

  • Daniel

    Lol is sooo Funny see people soo Jealous about her!! They hate Rihanna so much!! Lol Even Boys R jealous about her! and Girls R insane! haha! I love her! she is one of a kind, is unique, stunning! And is Rich Rich Rich people! stay mad bastards! she is the Queen!

  • mumford&fans

    YAY FOR STUPID MUSIC!! I guess that’s all that matters to you idiots who think this is “real” music.

  • b-syllie

    I actually thought the whole theme of the vid being tying her/or media subjects up (and leading Perez Hilton around like a dog and proceeding to whip him-media hound?) was a metaphor for Rihanna’s relationship to the media. It could not have been more obvious when she was dressed as a Playboy Bunny (metaphor for “w.h.o.r.e”, I suppose) while lying against a backdrop of headlines. I have seen it bandied about often enough to know that “media whore” is a common term for pretty much any celebrity who is photographed on a relatively regular basis. To be honest, I think the video has very little to do with S&M or s.e.x at all except to provide a metaphor for media/society/celebrity relationships. Could not a one of you have picked that up at the very beginning when she is dressed in a skirt covered in headlines, pressed against a wall and “wrapped”, per say, in plastic (illustrating that no matter what she says, she won’t be heard) and with the media personal present writing pretty much anything they want? I believe I saw one scribble slut on their note pad.

    It might have been clever if it hadn’t been done many times before but still, I like the video. Better than the usual fare I think, if you choose to look beyond “Oh look, there’s Rihanna wearing f*ck all of f*ck all again-what a suprise-NOT”. In many of the shot’s she is pretty well covered up.

    Of course I imagine for most young girls this will go right over the top of their heads but I don’t think that was the demographic they were aiming for with this one.

  • b-syllie

    @mumford&fans: Tool is real music. If you want a mind f*ck of a video and music turned into a true art, if not almost a science, then I think they are a fairly safe bet :)

  • jol

    I think the video is ok, minus the perez hilton part. If instead of that ugly only-one-”talent” fat guy she had chosen a hot guy, that would have been hotter. What I find weird from this is she is a “victim” of domestic violence, Chris beat the s”# out of her, and still she makes a video about s&m? really? it’s like if britney made a video about madness, or lindsay made one about doing drugs…wtf?

  • kr

    What the eff is this? What happened to wanting to set a positive example for young girls? I love Riri as much as the next person, but how can you glorify kinky sex,tie yourself up dressed up like a little girl and expect people not to say anything?

  • Ayoot

    well Rihanna totally did something new, a new color of her types of video, love that… but sorry there’s no msg in the video our the song, it just song u put it in the club. I think Rihanna must shoot next (Complicated)… and talk more about life and love…. love you any way…. plz shoot that song… and come in tour to Arab world except Egypt hehehe they are crazy
    now :-p

  • shamy

    riri is queen

  • Valerie

    How long did you last, listening to this song, watching this video. It’s hideous, but I think that’s what she was aiming for.

  • b-syllie

    @kr: It’s not actually about sex, per say, at all. The title stands for “Scandal and Media” hence the theme and the sexual tie in to S&M, relating back to the metaphor for the relationship between her and the media.

    It’s not that hard to figure out.

  • What happen to her

    I miss the old Rihanna , the beautiful and classy gal from the island now she is just like all of the other sluty popstars. I thought she was going to go the Beautiful and classy Beyonce route not the Madonna, Christina and Britney route.

  • lynne

    Love Rihanna and love the video although dont know if m 8 yr old will see it – how I would answer the questions she would ask about that I do not know!


    @What happen to her:
    # 89

    Sorry sweetie but Beyoncé is just as sl*tty and depraved as RiRi.
    Don’t believe her speeches about Jesus when she receives the awards Jay Z paid for. She’s a show-biz wh*re too.
    Beyoncé, RiRi and Jay-Z certainly have threesomes and orgies with other crack-heads like them. They’re all part of the same filthy gang.

  • vivi

    New @rihanna ‘s “Scandal & Media” artwork posted here: i hope you like it ;-)

  • Anya

    This clown needs to get over herself. She has about as much talent as Willow Smith or whatever the hell her name is. Rhianna, you’re not edgy or provacative or cool, your a clown that people like laughing at.

  • Soul Fly

    Actually, I think that was the point of the video. It was kind of a satire of her in the media….oh well. But really…Perez Hilton!? Wtf Rihanna?

  • Troy

    The video gave me motion-sickness.

    And the blast of pop-neon colours kind of grossed me out.

    Did anyone notice the really dark red wig? Goes to show how much better dark hair suits her.

  • Nicky

    I don’t like it. Sighing….I was listening to Toni Braxton’s first three albums yesterday and man do I miss R&B. I know Rihanna is not R&B but pop but goodness man what happened to real music? I’m tired of Rihanna, Beyonce, all these gimmicks. Lets bring back the Brandy’s, Monica’s, Vanessa Williams, Faith Evans, Mary J. Blige, etc. etc. etc.

  • Jp

    You do know that you guys are basically explaining the whole gist of the video. she’s saying that words don’t hurt her so, as much as you guys call her slut, whore,devil worshiper etc. she’s still going to go on with her life. That’s the whole point of the video!!

  • ana

    Hot.i like her she’s edgy



  • Renee

    I’ve never seen so many weaves…and i live in atlanta:)