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Rihanna: 'S&M' Video Premiere!

Rihanna: 'S&M' Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Rihanna‘s video for her hot track “S&M“!

“Cause I may be bad but I’m perfectly good at it. Sex in the air. I don’t care, I love the smell of it,” she sings. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but chains and whips excite me.”

For the video, Rihanna reunited with director Melina Matsoukas, who also worked on Ri‘s “Rockstar 101,” “Rude Boy,” and “Hard.”

WHAT DO YOU think of Rihanna’s “S&M” video?

Rihanna – S&M
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  • Renee

    I’ve never seen so many weaves…and i live in atlanta:)

  • hmm

    you people calling her ‘ugly’ must have miserable lifes to put someone down.Shes pretty and you haters saying she isnt are just jealous and ugly yourselves.. why not post your pictures up

  • LaLa


  • Cara

    WHAATT TTHEEE FUUUUUUUCCKKK is THIS shit? Seriously, the people that commented saying this was awesome…do you people have some screws loose? I have NOTHING against S&M, but SHIT. FOUR THUMBS DOWN on this one. Seriously, Rhianna. I could forgive your for “What’s my name” but no. Just no. Don’t ever do a video like this again.

  • Jokergurl

    Youtube needs to fix the PAUSE problems! It was i like the cellaphane (plastic can’t spell the actual word) metaphor, she knows she’s a product, a packaged deal and she knows she’s in the spotlight all the time. I think it’s cool that she’s playing with that aspect. It’s not shocking really, it plays on the humor not really on the sex or the masochism if it did she would be in black leather, not leather pastels, and cutesy (Katy Perry teenage dream colors) this video is not edgy at all. If you want edgy watch Nine Inch Nails video or Marilyn Manson, Rihanna is not edgy whether she’s trying to be or not. Funny video actually, sexy no, the Umbrella video was sexy this is not.

  • anonymous

    @ NICKY
    by the time Whitney Houston had her third album she was already selling 40-50million albums worldwide

    Toni Braxton 25-30million albums sold by 2-3rd album

    Mariah Carey 30-40 million albums sold 2-3rd album

    Shania Twain 40-50 million albums sold 2-3rd album

    *so rihanna’s 3-4 million worldwide album sales ain’t shit

  • partyone

    ugly…. sorry!

  • droogelorde


  • droogelorde


  • Wendy

    i prefer a singer like this which openly shows and talks about her sexuality and stuff that are tabu for most closed minded people.
    look at what happened with britney spears, she was under pressure to be a “perfect” role model and “girl next door” so she went completely babanas. lets be honest the way those people live is completely different from our every day living, so lets not expect them to be completely “normal” and the way we want them to be cos they are only human being, not media “dolls”.
    haters gonna hate, most of those haters have such a sad and boring lives they have to go on internet and say bullshit about people they dont know at all…

  • Smh haters

    People hate way too much smh ever since around her 2nd and 3rd ablum she been turning bad and started making music like this. Realeased and unrealeased so this isn’t something new she’s trying cause everyone else is! And note to yaself she’s one of the few artist who actually made bad girl music so hot! Everyone else who tired FAILED!

  • weedlewom

    Hot, hot, HOT! I agree…I can’t stop watching it!

  • WhatThe

    Not too impressed. She is listened to by young kids whom think this is what love should be…. Liked her when she first started her career. Songs about dancing…. Now it’s all about sex and violence.



  • Nnn

    this is like the lamest video ever…boohoo-.-”"

  • meggie

    i would love to post my thoughts on this vid but unfortunately is unable to watch it cus evergywhere i look it says T-mobile content lock or not allowed on youtube, i guess i’ll have to survive the wait in front of the Tv. :(

  • dwayne De Four

    i think the video is exactly what it is… just a video. it portrays the everyday that perversion that a rampant in society these days that can be seen on almost every television show or in a most movies. i’m really failing to see what all the fuss is about over this video when we see this sutff everyday. If it’s kids there worried about seeing it,,, to late your son or daughter most likely has seen it by the time they were 10. so America needs to grow up and stop trying to pretend to be so naive.

  • b-syllie

    @anonymous: It probably is when you consider back in their day there was no such thing as iTunes or file sharing or illegal downloading and with the MC and ST those things were probably in their infancy.

  • kaylsd


    The song is called S&M which means sadism & masochism and i where people think of pain as a sexual stimulant.. maybe that’s why?

  • Liizziie T

    Amazing Video!!! But most people don’t get the point of the video it not only to be sexy it has a message it means that she doesnt give a sh*t what people are saying about her whether people are saying that shes a slut for ‘apparently’ dating drake, kanye, chris etc etc also addressing the illumanti rumours as well (which u can see on the flashes of the news articles and journalist papers). Shes saying that the talk may hurt her ‘break her bones’ but certain situations excite her so shes gone do her thing, and she don’t give a sh*t about what peeps say.
    & she looking sexy too.. RiRi do ur thing !!! If only i got discovered too i would be shaking my ass right beside u!!

    P.s It proves that u shouldn’t judge celebs by what u read i have changed my mind about her think all the haters should too…

  • anon

    At 2:51 the words ‘Rihanna Princess of the Illuminati ‘ screen across. lol

  • Nicola

    she’s a slut

  • anon

    At 2:51 ‘Rihanna Princess of the illuminati’ screens across. lol

  • Daniel

    S&M means “Scandals & Media” People! Not Sado…..! Ignorants!!!

  • paddy

    wow her booty is perfect face perfect
    i am so happy she finally showing her ass because she id my perfect women

  • macca init laaaaaa

    Just cum in me keks

  • ririfan

    OMG! you haters seriously need to stop why watch this if you have so much hate? also is making this video really going to affect your lives?seriously get a grip that its her life and if she wants to make erotic videos leave that to her but dont just sit there and make comments because celebs love the attention!?

  • ayane2

    i’ m tired of people saying “She’s currupting people”, She’ not a role model to children.”. Listen Rihanna did not ask to become a role model and no one can currupt u unless u allow them to. So if you’re that easy to brainwash you have a problem

  • Fred

    wow she’s naughty mwhaaa I wonder if the BBC will play this lol

  • whatever

    @Daniel: it actually means Sadism and Masochism. Simply put, Sadism is when you get pleasure from causing other people pain and dominating them, and masochism is when you get pleasure from being hurt and feeling pain and being dominated.

    Hard S&M can include severe torture and permanent damage, but that’s a lot less regular and severe than regular S&M which is basically just foot worship, boot worship, physical domination, commanding, ropes and handcuffs, whipping, spanking, that kind of thing.

  • kr


    Sure, scandal and media. Why didn’t I think of that? Wanna tell that to all the little children googling “S&M” right now? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure that your obvious response isn’t in the first 10 hits.

  • evangie

    rihanna is the best

  • Parceroman

    Isn’t this the chic that got her ass kicked by Chris Brown?

  • b-syllie

    @kr: If parents are concerned about their children watching this kind of thing then best they simply don’t let them watch it. Though I understand that it might not be that easy in all cases, if a responsible parent takes exception to this kind of thing they will do their best to ensure it’s not easily accessible for their child.

    Far as I am concerned there is much worse stuff out there for them to watch than Rihanna half dressed or leading a grown man around by a leash. If they are as naive and mostly innocent as many little kiddies should be all of the fancy half costumes, whips and sexual innuendo is going to go straight over their heads.

    If they are going to google Rihanna in relation to S&M then I imagine most little kiddies with half a brain would google “Rihanna S&M”.

    For the purpose of this song, Rihanna has stated that S&M means Scandal and Media and any relatively intelligent adult will understand why upon watching the video. S&M being a branch of sexual “pleasure” for some, if you will, was quite convenient for them I suspect. A rather handy and illustrative metaphor.

    If you are afraid that your 12 year old daughter watching this will lead to them Googling S&M and wanting to run off in the middle of the night to sleep with and be whipped by little boys I think you are making a leap too far. If your daughter does happen to do that then, quite frankly, shame on you as a parent. Rihanna didn’t personally condone, encourage or tell your child to behave that way. I have known young women/girls who have done such things (or said they did) and ended up pregnant for it, back when I was all of 14 and well before Rihanna’s time.

    Stop looking for a scape goat to blame the ill behaviour of todays young people on. It starts and ends with the parents, the friends and other elders they are personally involved with-not a “super star” at the other end of a fish eyed lens who spends the majority of her time jet setting around the world. If your child idolizes everything this young woman does and you don’t like it-maybe you set the bar too low for them.

  • Jessica

    I admire Rihanna for taking a risk. No one will ever be as controversial or artistic as Madonna but I’m glad that Rihanna is willing to push buttons. Clearly Madonna remains a big influence in Rihanna’s life and music.

  • anonymous

    @b-syllie #134…I understand your point. But you can’t seriously say that Rihanna’s main target marketing audience are adults. Adults in the 25+ bracket are not buying Rihanna Seventeen magazine cover, or her Teen Vogue cover, or her Lucky cover. I’m 27 btw, and people my age could care less that Rihanna’s the face of Covergirl and we’re not off buying all her magazine covers. Sure, my friends and I enjoy listening to her music here and there, especially in the club but we’re not spending buckloads of money buying the products she endorses or magazines w her on the cover. You know who is? young teen girls. They’re the buying power. I’m in the PR/Marketing industry btw. So whatever she puts out these girls are going to watch her and emulate her bc they are young and don’t know any better.

  • luke

    all im saying is that I WOULD DO HER…

  • shadreia

    1. trying too hard to make a statement..yea we know your “bad” and thats fine
    2. there should NEVER be a QUEEN in front of Rihanna’s name are you kidding me ? wtf
    3. now the real QUEEN BEYONCE’ is in the studio working now to bring back good music :) thats all.

  • fred19871987

    i think she lost herself since chris brown. She seem to hate men. i fill so sorry for her. i hope she will change like she used to be,clean,cute and calm.when she act like that today it is like chris brown was right to beat her because she loses her personality and show her hurt by doing those it’s hard when someone you love hurt you but you have to fight and get your personality to show chris brown you are respectful woman and not *****.

  • b-syllie

    @anonymous: No, I’m not saying that at all. I imagine most of the comments on here are from teenagers. But that is TEENagers. Not 10 years olds or even 12 year olds. And if the parents are concerned about Rihanna in this particular video and what this may be exposing their teenagers to, best that they just don’t expose them to pretty much anything pop culture. Ever cared to watch any of that awful cr*p that they pass for reality TV on MTV? Such as, lets say, Jersey Shore. I’ve only watched part of one episode, that was more than enough for me, but I’ve been lead to believe that the behaviour you are most likely to witness on that particular “show” is drinking, followed by some heavy petting (I guess only because it wouldn’t be appropriate to reveal just how often these people f*ck anything on 2 legs) in various places, some trash talking about how awesome they are, some b*tch fights and some biffo.

    Do you know how popular that kind of stuff has become? With the very demographic you describe? Though Rihanna may be half dressed in this video a lot of the time, I don’t see here actively participating in any of that kind of thing. Perhaps for those of us aware enough, she is hinting at it, but I still feel that is ultimately lost in the metaphorical message of the video.

    And in 17 magazine etc the photos have always been appropriate and the interviews were conducted around pretty sterile fluff. I think in the last such magazine she was in, the most rebellious thing she said was “Be who you are. If you want to dye your hair green to express yourself, do it.” Or something to that effect. So it should be. If someone in a magazine store is selling teenagers GQ then the fault lies with them. They shouldn’t be doing any such thing.

    I would take Rihanna over “Snooki” any day.

  • LaLa


  • L

    hiiii haters! thanks for stopping by; your shit talk just gave rihanna even more views and promo to boost her album sales. you’ve done exactly what she wants..keep spreading the word cuz based on your pathetic and unnecessary bitching and whining, you can’t get enough of her! go rihanna!

  • MissM

    Why the hell shud Rihanna have to feel censored cuz of the little kids who cud be influenced on the internet? It’s their parents job to monitor what they do! Plus theyre a MILLION other “dirty” “shameful” things they cud search and see so that argument is a bunch of bull! Are you gonna complain about all the porn sites, explicit movies, and sexual music out there forever when it’s not going anywhere?

    Further more why shud she get bashed over exploring her sexuality and making the music she wants when soo many other artists like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Britney Spears and Ciara do just the same. Yall really need to grow up and realize that sex is not taboo anymore and even if it is for you, DON’T WATCH OR PARTAKE IN IT!

    It’s amazing that male artists get the praise and admiration but the second a female keeps it real it’s a crime. Why are you even on this damn page if you’re so against it hypocrites? Please spare us your pathetic sob stories and find something more productive to do! I think Rihanna’s new album is fun and engaging, plus she’s finally looking happier, being herself, saying what she truly feels and making catchy, upbeat music that people love and all you people try to do is drag her down in the mud.

    If all you haters and bashers even took the time to think, you’d see that it’s more than just sex, she’s critiquing and calling out all those negative comments and stories in the media that hateful people perpetuate about her. A wise person once told me that if you have nothing good to say DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL. Spare us the BS!

  • Lency

    What’s the big deal about the ban from MTV. I see nothing wrong but it’s been done already by Madonna so many times.

  • http://pokeymonstar Pokey Monstar

    LOVE IT,I would be damn jealouse to hate this RIRI u make me fear for beyonce…haters throw ur comments at me im ready

  • Lblivin

    It’s ok. She really wants a VMA so bad. I could bet she didn’t create the concept for the video…or write the song for that matter. The songs cool. but the video is just not her…

  • stewart

    what was wrong with that, nothing i could see. sad people that say things are wrong.


    S-S-S &M-M-M!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD


    i have no problem with the video


    i have no problem with the video