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Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Grand Havana Room Visit!

Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen: Grand Havana Room Visit!

Adam Lambert steps out for a fun night on the town on Tuesday (February 2) at Grand Havana Room in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old entertainer was joined by boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, who won Finland’s version of Big Brother back in 2007!

Adam‘s fans recently came together to support his birthday wishes and helped raise a huge amount of money for a good cause. “Thank you all for the beautiful birthday wishes and parties!!! And- We’ve reached 260k for Charity:Water!!! Amaaaaaaazing!” Adam tweeted earlier this week.

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • Lory

    Here’s to You Billie
    if you feel that way, why in the world would you read an article about him and then take your precious time to write such negative comments? Don’t get it–some people are so mean-spirited in this world.
    By the way what have you done to help the world lately? Adam has raised over 260 thousand dollars for clean water in the world.

    Read more:

  • Clean Water

    You might want to include the link to Adam’s birthday charity:water campaign, so that people so moved can help to meet the target and provide safe drinking water…. we’ve come so close to it with so many small donations! It’s really quite extraordinary

  • shelby

    He looks happy and they make a very attractive couple!

  • jdesab1

    So sorry to see that Adam has a new friend. I’m a gay male and I so wanted him for myself. I guess Adam likes them younger and cuter than I am so those are the breakes. Wish Adam nothing but the best because he is a talented international rockstar.

  • Julie

    Adam is looking HOT!!! They make a nice looking pair. I wish Adam and mate all the happiness in the world!!

  • Jack


    It did nothing for me. If you are going to give simply because of his name then in my opinion you are doing it for the wrong way. What about the other part of my comment of the obvious fan Telise telling someone to go drink Drano. Pretty harsh words especially if she contributed money for fresh sanitary water. A friend of mine committed suicide by drinking Drano.

  • Jack


    Adam didn’t raise the money…the fans. All he did is tweet and requested for a birthday gift.

  • julia

    Ditto !!! you nail it !!!


  • jdesab1

    @Jack: Which is a hell of a lot more than what you have done. Adam could have accepted the gifts for himself but instead he asked his fans not to give to him but to the charity. Get a grip man. There are some in this world who try to do good when they can and there are others who just want to be ugly. There are others who don’t do anything with their time than to try to take away the good that others do. Could it be that your favorite is not getting any press?

  • julia

    ADAM and SAULI are both famous for their gifted talent, intelligent, stylish, socialbe esp. kind and generous people. BEST WISHES for their FRIENDSHIPS. !!!

  • Joshua

    BOSTON, do everyone a favor and GO GET LAID.

  • julia


    Ditto!! I agree with @hdesab1, another one nail it ! hahaha.

  • kat23morg

    You are pathetic….Adam does not date people for that reason…if you know anything about him…you know that.,..He is a very honest caring person…You haters kill me…why do you even read articles about him and waste your time blogging here…Obviously you have nothing better to do….Go join KKK or something…get lost.

  • kat23morg

    @michael: No we like a hot looking guy who has a big heart…can sing like no other and perform like no other…By the way when I go to the nail salon there are plenty of straight guys there getting manicures and polish…get a life dude!!!

  • kat23morg

    Haters …go away…you are so so so wasting your time reading about someone you hater…grow the hell up.

  • staciegirlie


    You say you’d like Adam a little better if his fans didn’t annoy you so much, but look at you. You were the one who initiated the trash talking.

    As for whether or not Adam donated to this charity? Who brings a gift to their own birthday party? Because of all the talk for several monthes now, I’m sure Adam realized some of his fans were planning on raising the money to buy him a Maserati for his birthday.

    Who else would ask fans to donate monies to charity in lieu of expensive birthday gifts?

  • staciegirlie


    You say you’d like Adam a little better if his fans didn’t annoy you so much, but look at you. You were the one who initiated the trash talking.

    As for whether or not Adam donated to this charity? Who brings a gift to their own birthday party? Because of all the talk for several monthes now, I’m sure Adam realized some of his fans were planning on raising the money to buy him a Maserati for his birthday.

    Who else would ask fans to donate monies to charity in lieu of expensive birthday gifts?

  • Serena

    Adam is such a handsome man ANY TIME, but when he is smiling and relaxed, wow! The pictures from yesterday in the hospital with his new godson and his friends make me so happy for him and to have Sauli here for his birthday, what more can you ask? His life is full and he knows how to live it in and out of the spotlight. The mycharity:water donations blow my mind. He asked us for $29,000 and it’s over $267,000 now. He asks, we do – he never asks for himself, always for others. I hope the world is learning one deed at a time who Adam Lambert is and what a blessing he is and will be to the universe.

  • boston61


    I’m not a homophobe. I do not like people who dress or act sleazy of either sexual category. His clothing style is derived from sadomasochistic roots. Wether he knows it or not he is dressing to go to club Ramrod.

  • reggie

    Damn and Adam and his new bf Sauli is looking hotttt!! They look perfect together heart in eyes and all!! Yay!!!

  • http://therasmith odimiss

    The haters are jealous!!!!

  • homonomo

    buncha queers

  • sarah

    wait a sec, is he a new gay lover? My sister in San Francisco said gay couples dress similarly. Another fame ho? Lambert is the worst American Idol who seeks only for sleazy fame. At 30, he can’t write own songs nor get involved in own production, can’t dance, can’t play musical instrument. Can’t be taken seriously as a rocker in rock world. What can he do? Just stay GaGa 2.0 with much less creativity.

  • staciegirlie


    @sarah, WTF? Adam has written his own songs. You should keep your mouth shut if you don’t know anything about the person you’re talking about.

    And for the record, Gaga writes her own songs and songs for other people, too.

  • tess4ADAM

    ADAM & his friend seem to be enjoying each other’s company … they didn’t ask the papz to take their pics … who knows WHAT their relationship is … doesn’t being happy count for anything anymore? Don’t know if you know this but aside ffom ‘breaking the record’ for the most money donated on the mycharity:water site … ADAM also became the proud GODfather of Lee & Scarlett Cherry’s (ADAM’s photographer) new baby boy who was born on Jan. 29 2011 … ADAM’s birthday … and the pics at … … of ADAM holding the baby are absolutely PRECIOUS!! I think that deserved to be mentioned about our Rock Star/King of Glam Rock!!!

  • Tracy

    Thanks, Just Jared!
    Awww, Adam and Sauli looked so happy together!

  • sarah

    His popular song is leftover from Pink’s. It’s obvious he doesn’t have a song-writing skill. He is an idiot. That’s why my dad turns off radio when he is on. He’s so disgusting.

  • To sarah

    Sorry girl, you’re the disgusting one. Adam has written/collaborated on several tracks on his domestic/international album,you Dope! How do you think a lot of artists get their songs any way? Many times they’re gifts from other writers who don’t want them. If you think Adam is the only artist to record other artist’s written work,then….well you have my condolences…..FOR BEING SO NAIVE!

    You should get a life,really. Wasting your time writing nasty spew about someone you don’t like or remotely have a clue about. Your idiotic nature is showing (and as far as your dad….well there’s no accounting for taste in your family,is there?!!)

  • Ray

    @sarah: Oh sorry that Kris and Cook fans were bragging about their writing skills yet neither has writted an hit. The songs that had any traction for them were written by someone else as well. And the strumming that they do will hardly make them these great musicians. Sad for their fans that all they have is Adam’s sexuality. But guess what, most don’t care because his talent is what most are looking at. So homophobes go on a hope your vinilla, wholesome, goodboy wgwg have some interest for the public and media. So far they don’t but you can still hope. And you can still search out Adam articles cause there is not much written about the wholesome and boring wgwg so we understand why you are always stalking Adam news.

  • Jade

    I love Adam and think he is extremely talented, but so are Kris and David. And what’s wrong with being “vanilla” or “boring?. Labels like that are very annoying considering the people in which you speak of are really good human beings. I didn’t realize that there is something wrong with being nice or wholesome when the world is full of hate. You’re worse than people who label others for being different b/c you know what? If things ever get bad for Adam, god forbid, then those same people like Kris or David would be the ones to have his back through all the media bs he would have to deal with. JMO

  • cass

    hey guys… hate to disappoint you but they are just friends. believe it or not, i don’t care b/c i have nothing to prove. all i know is that not everything is what it seems. even if you see them out kissing or whatever, remember this comment. i have my “sources” and they are very very very reliable!!! and have a lot of juicy gossip but i can’t spill b/c i’m sworn to secrecy. that is all.

  • snappy sallie

    @Ray: on the pap video the Finnish friend held onto Lambert’s arm in response to the cockroach encroaching paps encircling them – w/ one of them shouting out kinda a rude question. something about who likes to be on top.

  • http://google helenmic

    @Sarah, you have written the same blog on so many sites I can recite it by heart. It’s rather pitiful and boring after all this time. thanks for the nice, happy pictures of Adam, J.J.

  • DD

    He’s looking just fine!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Adam for finding a new partner!

  • ****

    Adam is amazing, I hope he wins his Grammy.

  • ELLA

    This guy will burn in hell. Sick sick bastard.

  • Mandy

    I think Adam looks like he’s in love…

  • Jory

    So sexy Love him <3

  • Summer

    hmmmm, i live in finland but i’ve never heard of sauli :D where have i been…?! :D

  • Soffia Maria

    Adam is excellent. LOVE him.

  • HJ



  • Lea

    @snappy sallie: But Sauli is a grown man who is used to being in the limelight in Finland. Geez. He’s not some scared school girl. Hopfully he is Adams equal and not someone who is so needy. Drake came off the same way and look how that ended.

  • Happy

    @Jade: Haven’t seen them have his back so far by calling out their fans. In fact Kris and Cook fans have been the most hateful to Adam. They have been envious of everything he accomplishes and always trying to downgrade it. They laugh at his international sales. They get mad at his Grammy nomination. They take shoots at him at every opportunity. If the worse thing that anyone has said about David and Kris is that they are vanilla and boring then they don’t have much to worry about do they? But just like you think something bad can happen for Adam just remember that something bad can happen to your favorite as well. The wholesome and chaste are not immune to making mistakes.

  • Francy

    @boston61: God homophobes make my skin crawl. Nasty dirty people

    Loving how happy Adam looks. I don’t see the thin thing tho. He looks pretty healthy to me. He does seem to go up and down with his weight really easily tho. Must be a metabolism thing. BTW did anyone notice the bit under the pics where it says “photos:INFDaily” – FOr a moment I thought it said “UNFDaily” now that would be cool!

  • Mari

    RAY: There is a video about the situation in Youtube. At the very beginning you can hear Adam self saying to Sauli “hold my hand”.

  • pipa

    Adam said to Sauli to hold his arm. That’s when Sauli moved closer to Adam.

  • Wasmin

    Sauli come back Adam home. LOVE.

  • fan

    Eww..sorry, but hairstyle is just a little too greaserish. The best is the clean, sexy, hanging in one eye style.

    Adam was thin as Glam Nation went on but toward then end and at appearances after the tour you could see he had gained. Looks like he’s lost again now.

    Love Adam but can’t agree about Sauli. Actually, I’ve never seen Adam with a really hot guy. I think he doesn’t want to be outshone tho’ that would be hard to do! Fan service or not, the only boy I’ve seen him with that was up to his level in looks was Tommy.

    That other guy Adam went out with — the one he dropped just before the tour — wasn’t good-looking either. I know Adam likes little and thin, but his taste in faces is kinda blah. His boyfriends never have good, rock-and-roll hair, big gorgeous eyes or cute, baby faces.