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Chris Pine & Laura Vandervoort: Dating?

Chris Pine & Laura Vandervoort: Dating?

Chris Pine reportedly has a new woman in his life – V‘s Laura Vandervoort!

The 30-year-old actor co-stars with Laura, 26, in the upcoming film This Means War.

The couple, who picked up lunch together in West Hollywood on January 23, are dating and “were laughing together,” an eyewitness told Life & Style.

As for what Chris look for in a relationship, he’s said he needs someone who can “[give him] space and recognize that we can be together, while still being apart.”

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# 1
Tom Franks @ 02/02/2011 at 11:53 am

Laura Vandervoort is incredibly gorgeous. Canadian perfection doesn’t get much purer than her.

# 2

Still Love him . I hate her , she’s beautiful and she’s dating Chris !!!!

# 3

She’s a stiff actress, but Mr. Kirk is hot.

# 4

She’s dating Corey Sevier since about 5 years.

Or maybe they have broke up…

# 5

Upgrade from Munn

# 7

She is his beard. Don’t believe it if you don’t want to, but that’s all she is to him.

# 9

I’d rather him be gay then date her.

She’s weird looking.

She’s ugly! Skinny, ugly face and looks 46 not 26!!!

Good for him, still think he’s gay, but whatever.

justalittleevil @ 02/02/2011 at 12:20 pm

No way, are you serious canadian perfection not! She looks like a freaking skeleton. I guess Pam Anderson, Rachel McAdams, Neve Campbell, and Leah Cairns are just freakin dogs then….

i think hes gay too…i know they say that about jake gyllenhaal…but chris pine really could be haha

Is that his Mom?

Probably fake/set up by HER publicist, she needs the attention.

Butter_Fly @ 02/02/2011 at 12:26 pm

Calm down people. This is Life and Style for christ sake. And if they are so what? I think she’s gorgeous, major update from Munnster. But I will wait for Gossip Cop on this one.

You can tell two people are dating just from seeing them laugh together? I wasn’t aware of this superpower!

Just wondering why do some think he’s gay? I think he’s hot no matter what his orientation is, and I know some Trek fangirls would like to think he’s having an epic romance with Zach Quinto, but what causes some other peoples gaydars to ping on Mr. Pine?

She’s a grundel, grenade, chode. Landmine. Dodge the grenades Chris.

Supergirl and Superman!

LTavares2011 @ 02/02/2011 at 12:45 pm

I love Chris, he is a good actor and handsome man but …
“he’s said he needs someone who can “[give him] space and recognizing that we can be together, while still being apart.”
It seems to be the kind of dream relationship for most of the actors and actresses of Hollywood. They want a relationship but with space and recognizing that they can be together, while still being apart. They want a lover, then, not a boyfriend or a girlfriend.
Live and let live, Chris. Have fun!


I kind of agree. Maybe it`s just this particular picture, but she looks fifteen years older than she is. Don`t see them together…

wow Im overwhelmed by the evidence – nothing proves your dating than when you are “laughing together” with someone….

@Butter_Fly: Yes this news may be true … there is actually a picture of them together …. CP’s fandom is already talking about it a few days ago … then it is possible … and believe it, this isn´t things of publicist … they are being very discreet, by the way!

“Captain Kirk and Supergirl? An item?” … I put this issue on CP’s
page at IMDB last Sunday! ….

And she’s not a beard … because, CP does not need this … GROW UP people and face the fact … Laura is pretty and looks like a classy girl! … quite different from the “trio” crazy for media attention “… do you know who I’m talking about, right? … LOL! … I wish the best for CP, ALWAYS!

OMG! I’m not saying anything! Because people are offended if you admit that Chris Pine may be dating someone, is not it Carol? LOL! She knows who I’m talking about! ?

ecaaaaaaa! she´s ugly! old..she looks like a mummy

Good grief. Chris is seen out on a date with an attractive woman, so of course, we have all the nasty bitching, while others are referring to her as his “beard” (Chris seems very capable of growing his own beard – why would he need someone else as his beard…;)?)

I would like it if he and I could be good friends (with certain benefits) but I know it won’t happen. Anyway, everyone needs love. I wish them both the best. Who knows where this relationship may lead? It seems early days…

Be nice, people.

To Chris: As always, take care. Love ya!

The one thing I do not understand is if they were see out on Jan 23, (and I did see the only 1 picture of them. which is also another good question. Why only one picture?) why did it take so long for this story to come out?

The only thing that I can think of is that this is there publists work. She needs her name out there, and he needs his name out there. If you notice on Zimbo she went to a SAG pre-party with out Chris this past weekend

I could care less who these people date. But I am so tired of “putting couples together” by Hollywood standards. Why can’t actors be known for there craft, and talent. Why do I need to know about there personal life. Especially when it is all made up.

I do not think these 2 people are being secretive about there relationship. My theory is that they were caught having coffee a picture was taken. They knew the boy in the picture was Chris, and they thought the girl was a “mystery girl”. After a week Laura’s publists talked to Life and Style mag, to get her name out.

I can almost bet money that in the next couple of weeks, or months when ever This means war, the movie comes out, (? nov 2011) this couple will be history. Also I thought Laura was engaged to a guy named Corey.

So I have doubts that they are “dating”. I think this couple is just friends or made up by Hollywood standards.

Sorry! The fans are talking about it! I’ve even been criticized for being talking about this on another fansite! The fandom was faster than the gossip sites this time! That picture was probably not taken by a pap experienced, because otherwise it would have been sold, after all how many times JJ has posted photos here of celebrities accompanied by a “mystery person”!

He was with a lady friend or girlfriend, what’s the problem?

Why be so hard on her? Any girl that dating Chris Pine will get publicity because he is on the rise in Hollywood now! This does not mean that all are mad about media attention. I do not know much about Laura, she seems a nice girl.

And they should have met on the set of TMW, in the last three months of 2010, so if something is happening beyond friendship between them, not started now is not it?

And they don’t need to hide at home to prove that this thing is not armed by publicist!

Keachick Hey! … some people can not handle the possibility of CP being in love with someone! … Go figure that! … Hahahahah … is the fantasy of being betrayed by him … that’s crazy! LOL!

There is a video on youtube about that scene with the Audi 8 in TMW, and another at X17, the set of Welcome to People yesterday (January 1, 2011) …. did you see? .. great videos for fans who care and love “baby blue eyes” …. without “madness”, of course! :-) :-)

@S@N I think she is also a nice person. But when you look at the dates Jan 23 when they were photographed, and now today’s date is Feb 2, something seems “not right”. Why make a big deal now? That is why I am mentioning the publists are involved. If this information was reported last week, it would of not mattered to me. That is why I made the comment. I think Hollywood is fake.

I have seen Chris Pine act in a play in LA last summer, and I thought he did a great job. I am a happily married lady, and almost old enough to be his mom. (I can not believe I just wrote that HA HA!!) So I wish Mr. Pine TRUE happiness! Not FAKE Hollywood romance.

Keachick, I don’t want to be paranoid … but we commented on this subject yesterday (01de January 2011) at … and today comes this report on the website “Life & Style ” … would be a “Trekkie” a source? … hahahahah … no way… I hope! LOL and +LOL!

Oh I should not have spoken about it! hahahahah! …

As far as I know this story began in the fansite “The Chris Pine Network”, was there posted a photo of their meeting on January 23, 2011!
I saw there on Saturday and I alerted the owner of the website, it was not a photo from the set of “Welcome to People” as she mentioned, it was a candid photo! Then she took the photo because the site does not post candids! I agree with this!

I have no idea who took this picture and sent to the site.
Maybe someone, not a pap, made the picture and sent it to the fansite!
I know nothing about the details! But this was definitely a matter of fans before ending up in the gossip sites.

So I don’t believe in “things” of publicity in this case, they’re more professional than that, I think! lol!!!

And I love Chris Pine, he can date any “nice girl” who he wants! lol!!!

All these suggestions that it was Laura’s publicists are cracking me up. Laura’s been doing just fine for herself as Supergirl and on V. She doesn’t need a fake romance to give herself a boost. And this may not be the best photo of her due to makeup coloring, but she’s still gorgeous. JustJared should post more of her, because she’s incredibly classy and deserves better than what people in this posting have been saying about her.

p.s. I believe she’s still dating Corey Sevier anyway. Those two were practically married. They were already talking about future kids and stuff in recent (November/December) Canadian interviews.

he’s said he needs someone who can “[give him] space and recognize that we can be together, while still being apart.”

And he’s said in an interview that he aspires to be Clooney-like relationship wise – idk but sounds to me like he has commitment issues… Still hot tho


Shut the hell up and stop acting like you know everything!

They’re gating.

yeah right @ 02/03/2011 at 3:16 am

” [..] he needs someone who can “[give him] space and recognize that we can be together, while still being apart.” So .. he`s in need for a fuc.kbuddy then?

Chrrrriiiiisss ddddooooonnnn’tttttt
@regina : finally, I’ve been waiting to say the same thing as you do. Good job girl :D


@ Regina and nobody.
Gee, “thanks” for that. No, I don’t know everything. But I do know mean, nasty stupidity when I see it…

“Chrrrriiiiisss ddddooooonnnn’tttttt”. Chris don’t what? You mean, have a life? What, so you know everything about him, who he is, what he needs, and all about Laura Vandervoort as well? Shut the hell up and stop acting like you know everything!

Oh no! another beard? Didn’t he learn enough of a lesson with Munn?!

Clairedelune @ 02/04/2011 at 7:45 am

Haha…dating is hot, and CP got a lot of comments with this JJ blip. Tnx JJ, keep us fans posted. Well…uh…a bit disappointed. The girl is pretty, but another hollywood blond, fake tan, stiff, plasticky. But agree an upgrade from Olivia & Audrina. Well, have fun CP….it is a bit “valley/inland empire” though…you can do better? I like CP with Beau the best…she has spirit and style.

(Dodge… bullets coming my way….ouch ouch) Pardon CP fans, I love him 2 but really think he can do better.

Clairedelune @ 02/04/2011 at 10:17 am

@Bobbi: u go girl! U got Hollywood down. R u in the business? (my husband rolls his eyes now)
@Trish: r u related to Laura Vanblabla? Honestly we don’t know who she is until now. She seems nice from your recap of la vie de Laura.
@JJ: can u get us a real photo of the two when they r out shopping or grabbing lunch again or something. Give us something, not a composite head shots.

Keachick Hey! … do not bother with The Means Girls …. you know … hahahah! … Regina and nobody!

Go suck lemon … to see if it’s sour … LOL! … because this girl is very different from that lady!

You know as CP’s big fan … well I just don’t accept that kind of girl … who GET the attention of a lot of papz on their first meeting in LA … and then the next day is going to buy “condoms” and make sure to show the bag of condoms to papz who were around … do you know who I’m talking about, right? LOL!

What about Laura? Yes, she is a hot girl … the kind of girl CP seems to like and at the same time she seems like a classy girl! … anyway, not us who decided that … we can only get by giving “ridiculous guesses” at times!

I wish all the best for him …. “friendship or romance”

Don’t you have anything to do other than reply to poster’s comments??
Maybe spend some time brushing up on your English and writing skills!

Ohhhh! …. I left Nik angry …o!

Good thing my computer is very fast … and I never waste my time … Ugly or pretty … I have my own writing skills … after all, you’ve noticed, is not it Nik? … whatever! …LOL!

This here is a lot of fun today! … and I have nothing to do today! hahahahahah!

So … once again … CP is AWESOME … because I love that word! :-)

Sorry Dee, it was just a joke but way you write is so funny!

OMG! I think S@n and Dee are the same person. If not, they should be! LOL


Go away. This has nothing to do with you.


Yes b ****…. FUNNY? … Inglês brushing? … writing skills? … at least I have a style … what matters is my best feelings, ALWAYS … and I’m here for CP and … yes he is AWESOME! … AND OKAY, I bear A JOKE, YOU KNOW ME WELL, IS NOT IT?

Hmmmmmm ….. Okay …. I’m calm now …. I can now laugh at the joke …… HAHAHAHAHAHA!

And what about the way I write … has a lot of people copying … and worse, using my name here … who does it know what I’m talking about!


Sorry, it was a bad joke and unnecessary! And I’m only here for Chris Pine,too!

hobieluv83 @ 02/05/2011 at 2:22 am

I hope not, she looks very plastic. I don’t care if she has a great personality, that much makeup and plastic surgery is never attractive.

hobieluv83 @ 02/05/2011 at 2:23 am

oh and people just think he’s gay because he’s eloquent and not afraid to show his affection to other men. An English degree does not a gay man make.

And even if he is gay why so quick to judge?


Well Chris has never really been into dating a girl with brains anyway, this one is blond and looks anorexic, lets see if she’s different than any of his other ******.

What is being blonde got to do with anything? I don’t think she is a real blonde, just some brown head dying her hair blonde…I have no idea why, since blondes, real or not, are always being slagged off as being dumb and other such crap.

hobieluv83 @ 02/08/2011 at 2:10 am

@keachick: Agreed. I’m blonde and I am most certainly not dumb; my degree in English and my IQ of 160 can serve as proof. :P

she is beautiful, but unfortunately she is also engaged to corey sevier so this is false! she’s been with him for five years so i doubt they are dating. god forbid a man and a woman actually become friends and hang out in hollywood these days!

Dee or Deemebr @ 02/08/2011 at 5:11 pm

If it’s true that Laura is still engaged to Corey … I think she should deny the rumor about her and CP … at least, for consideration to Corey! … the rumor continues on gossip sites … and should be an unpleasant situation for a supposed fiance!

Anyway I will not judge her behavior … the news of her engagement came out months ago … I have not seen pictures of her with Corey recently, maybe they are no longer together after all!

I only know Chris from the Star Trek movie, and my brother knows Laura from the V tv show. I think Chris is a great actor, and Laura is pretty. My brother is a huge fan of Laura. If this is truly a couple I wish them well. But something was bothering me while reading this article. My brother who goes to school in Illinois, he heard Laura promoting her tv show on kevin and sara 95.5 (I think that is the right radio station). Also my brother told be that he saw Laura on ATOS show on G4, with Kevin Pereira, last noc (2-7-11) being interviewed for her tv show V. Plus tonight her tv show V is being aired on tv. I also did a little research and noticed that Chris’s Unstoppable dvd is coming out next week tuesday. All of this for one couple. Is this really a coincidence?
I always heard bites and pieces from my brother about Laura. But this past week, even my girlfriends were saying something about this couple. I also noticed the date, Jan 23, and this article was written on feb 2??? And the gossip sites running this rumor. Well its the same article over and over ecept the wording is different.
I think the only people who know these two are dating are Chris and Laura. Who knows these two are propably friends and were just having lunch together.
Again I don’t want to step on any ones toes, I know there are alot of Chris fans on this site, and I thought he did a great job in star trek, and Laura, according to my brother, is pretty. I hardly ever read these articles the only reason why I am comenting is that I think Hollywood on a whole knows how to promote stars that they think are on the rise. They put these people on such high standards, and make us believe that they are “cool”, “beautiful”, and “perfect”. So I thought I would put my two cents on the table, because I am seeing more and more articles of celebrities dating other celebrities just to get there name out there (or maybe I just need to stop reading celebritiy magazines HA HA HA).
Please if you read this, please do not comment to me. Like I said before I didn’t want to step on any ones toes. I just wanted to put my two cents on the table.
I would also like to thank Just Jared for letting me write this comment.

Clairedelune @ 02/09/2011 at 3:01 am

@anna de: you are right! instead of working hard to reduce our national deficit, boost our global competitiveness, reduce the trade deficit…we are all spending a lot of time on JJ…it is sad for our GDP. but it is all for good fun. hollywood is a business like any industry that has to do with glamour and fashion, trust me. i hope this comment did not offend you. now i do have to go back to my regular scheduled programs….work…

Clairedelune @ 02/09/2011 at 3:01 am

@anna de: you are right! instead of working hard to reduce our national deficit, boost our global competitiveness, reduce the trade deficit…we are all spending a lot of time on JJ…it is sad for our GDP. but it is all for good fun. hollywood is a business like any industry that has to do with glamour and fashion, trust me. i hope this comment did not offend you. now i do have to go back to my regular scheduled programs….work…

Hellooo! Things of Publicity? So where are the pictures of them posing together on the red carpet? Where are they talking about this supposed dating? As far as I know there is only one picture of them together, probably taken by a fan! It seems no one wanted to make money with this picture, this is not great?

Of course, their works are appearing and being promoted, regardless of them being a couple or not!

Both are successful, right?

The picture turned up on a site on 23 January, but was it taken then? Laura Vandervoort plays a character called Britta on the This Means War movie. So it is more than likely that Chris and Laura met during the filming of this movie and that the photo was taken of the two of them then, taking a lunch break.

I agree that only Chris and Laura know what is going on and as far as I can tell, they are the only ones who need to know anything…

The photo appeared at fansite(The Chris Pine Network) a few days after January 23, 2011, the person responsible for the site does not make daily updates, she must be the only person who knows the source of the photo!
I know about it because I warned her that wasn’t a photo of the set of Welcome to People as she mentioned in the post, that was candid photo, so she took the picture because the fansite do not publish candids there!

But she said the photo was taken in LA on January 23, 2011, and it was in front of a coffee shop in LA. I have no doubt about it, they was not in Vancouver!

Why gossip sites do not have this photo and fans yeah? I have no idea, but I’ve seen someone having fun with it and saying “Just Jared is amateur”! LOL!

I do not know if Chris and Laura are dating, that’s their business!
I just get irritated when someone suggested it’s “thing” for publicity, I do not believe it! After all they are taking care of their lives and are not making any noise about it!
And if they are together and in love, good for them!

gossip girl @ 08/21/2012 at 3:45 am

i think they r perfect 4 each other

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