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Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Joining 'Dark Knight Rises'?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Joining 'Dark Knight Rises'?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is in talks to join the cast of The Dark Knight Rises, Deadline reports.

No word yet on what role the 29-year-old actor would be play, but Joseph will reportedly be on hand when director Christopher Nolan, whom he worked with on Inception, starts production this spring.

Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy were recently announced as confirmed cast members for the film.

WHAT CHARACTER WOULD YOU like to see Joseph play in The Dark Knight Rises?

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  • M

    love him…maybe he will distract us all from annoying anne hathaway trying to be sexy

  • Jams

    Yes, please.

  • nini

    excellent actor ! he was great in uncertainty , 500 days of summer and i remember his sitcoms when he first started out .
    he’s been acting for ages

  • AJNano

    But if he does get cast (not getting my hopes up) I can imagine him playing some sort of detective or cop along side Gary Oldman. I doubt he would play a villain.

    But anyway – I want to marry you JGL.

  • Jason

    Is it just me…..or does he look quite a bit like Heath Ledger?

  • Elan

    I think Joseph Gordon Levitt is a great actor! I mean he’s been around for a while and has many good movies like ’10 Things I Hate About You’, ‘Mysterious Skin’, ’3rd Rock From The Sun’ etc, its just a little bit annoying that NOW he’s being recognised. I’ll be very happy if he stars in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ :D

  • h22stapp

    The first thing that popped into my mind was Robin, but he will be great at whatever role they give him. Can’t wait for the movie!

  • drew


  • ****

    Him and Tom Hardy together in the same film again? That’s brilliant news. The chemistry between them was palpable.

  • Mkhay

    riddler? i want him to be bad.

  • L


  • L

    oops, meant Riddler!

  • Youzhny

    He is a slick, smart. A perfect “one of guys” on any Christopher Nolan’s dark movies. Good choice.

  • Jokergurl

    I agree he does look a lot like Heath Ledger, in fact there were rumors two years ago about him playing the Joker in the sequel to The Dark Knight, that’s why I’m actually surprised to see this. If he is in it, they will have to change his looks if they want him to play a different part a bit because he looks like Heath!

  • Jams

    @Jason: No, Jason, ITs not just you. They very much look alike but that’s sort of old news lol.

  • DBSK

    they dont look alike! its just the EYES thats it
    he looks like a mix of ledger and keanu

    Ledger was huge and more better looking

  • Lorraine Benz

    Now they just need to include Rupert Thorne, Black Mask, Dr. Hugo Strange and Deadshot and this movie will have all the major villains it needs. Christopher Nolan is the undisputed best and greatest director in the world. The Dark Knight Rises will be the biggest movie of 2012. Watch out Avatar!

  • the doctor

    i don’t care what role he plays along as he gets to be in the movie.

  • dex

    YES! he would make a perfect Riddler

  • kelz

    Joe would make an awesome Riddler.

  • Marie

    He is so pretty and cute!! Great actor. More handsome than Heath. He looked like a Turtle.

  • Music101


  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    So weird

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    Better rimove

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Why james franco cut hair??

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    I told yo hes crap

  • Maggie

    Love this man, he is a fantastic actor. I was a little annoyed with Hathaway being cast as cat woman (I mean really a hundred young actresses out there that would look just as or more sexy in the cat woman suit and be a lot less annoying) but now it doesn’t matter, Joseph Gordon Levitt will steal the show whatever he is cast as, if he’s cast..oh gosh crossing my fingers.

  • Sheigh

    I’m really enough about this franchising, even if my chouchou Jo will be in!
    Hope it will be the last of the last of the last!
    Start to simply disgusting me of Batman !

  • Carmen

    Heath was and will always be unique and inimitable

  • amaranth

    How about ROBIN – lol!!!

  • jean

    well look, Nolan using another actor he’s already worked with! How surprising! *not*

  • Anita

    I really hope this is true, JGL is fantastic. I was dissappointed when they chose Tom Hardy 1st cos I was like What about JGL lol. Now my prayers have (hopefully) been answered.
    Because he looks like Heath,I just hope they dont make him play the Joker cos that will be a lot to live up to plus ppl will just keep comparing and criticising. So hopefully he gets to play his own character.

  • Macchiato


  • http://j ivanka

    after the anne hathaway casting i was a little annoyed but this makes it better, joaeph rocks and i agree he looks like a younger heath ledger

  • gigi

    oh yes and i could see him as ta riddler

  • cindi

    Very underrated actor but never less very good one,love him!

  • Tom

    YES!! Couldn’t be more excited. He’s an amazing actor.

  • Mery

    I read somewhere he might be Enigma in this new film…
    I love this boy!!!

    xoxo Mery

  • samanthar

    The Riddler!!!!

  • Jime

    Yes please! he’s a great actor. A very smart and versatile one!!

  • Sallee

    The joker. They need to tie up loose ends with the character and he resembles Heath Ledger AND is a strong actor.

  • sp

    I always laugh at the Anne Hathaway haters. Christopher Nolan’s cinematographer, Wally Pfister, filmed Anne’s screen test. Wally raved about Hathaway’s screen test and how great she looked in her outfit.

    Take a listen:

  • johnny

    hmmm, maybe he’ll be robin lol

  • kiele

    @Marie: you are blind, he’s so fug compared to Heath. Heath was beautiful and manly.

  • montanajane

    He plays a cop, and after a fight where Bane destroys his banana and grapes by stomping on them, he becomes ……… wait for it …..


  • BeBop

    He’s not going to be Robin or the Riddler Nolan already said hes not putting those characters in his movies … I bet he’ll end up being a cop along side gordan

  • dr

    read a few articles and looks as tho he may be playing hugo strange….interesting.

    love love LOVE JGL!!! he’s an incredible actor – so talented. not too bad on the eyes either ,)

  • Bethany

    i want JGL will play Black Mask in batman!
    click here

  • http://JustJared Katie

    @kiele I agree with you …Heath was a Beautiful and Great Actor.He Will never be replaced……..

  • Laly

    At first, I thought he’d be a good Riddler but I think he’d be better suited as Robin. He’ll probably define the Robin character. I remember Chris O’Donnell playing Robin and didn’t think it was all that memorable. Johnny Depp is more suited to play the Riddler.