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Mariah Carey: Girl & Boy On The Way!

Mariah Carey: Girl & Boy On The Way!

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon will soon be the parents of a boy and a girl!

“Even before we announced it was twins, I was trying to keep everything gender-neutral because I didn’t want to impose an identity on them too soon,” Mariah, 41, tells Life & Style.

“There were fan contests on Twitter about what gender they are and rumors about them being two boys or two girls – but nobody guessed this!” she told the mag.

“It’s all about pink and blue these days,” a friend of the couple added. “It’s truly going to be a dream come true for them. They get a son and daughter.”

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  • Aubrey Titmuss

    Congrats to them both! Wonderful news!
    Being a new mother myself definitely makes me feel so much sexier than ever before. There’s a certain responsibility that I carry being a mom that makes me feel very confident and so blessed. Being a mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

  • Serena Röhm

    After all that Mariah has been through over the years, this is terrific. Congratulations to them both. I am sure they will be great parents.
    I highly recommend having children – it felt like exactly what my body was supposed to do at that point. More than anything else ever, it just felt physically right being pregnant. My friends without kids say, ‘Oh I don’t know how you do it, getting so tired.’ And I just think, ‘I don’t know how they don’t do it.’

  • lexy hates bilson

    Wow! They must have gone to the same Dr as J-Lo and Marc Anthony!

  • Tellar

    Fantastic news! I’m so happy for Mariah. She must be over the moon! So far, unfortunately, I’ve been dealing with men with no backbone, who make promises they cannot keep. A lot of men don’t know how to handle a strong woman. I am a 34 year old divorced woman with a young daughter and it would be nice to have a son as well. We’ll see. I’m dying to have a baby. I’d like two. In fact, my biological clock is already ticking and I don’t know how to describe it. It’s just becoming a physical need now. I just really want a baby! I want to reproduce so bad! It’s less an intellectual decision than a physical calling. My body feels like it’s asking to reproduce, to have a huge belly and carry babies.

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    She smell like farts

  • http://j ivanka

    aw she is so lucky, congrats :)

  • Kelly Warren

    Congrats Mariah and Nick! I turn 30 next week which I’m excited about and I see it as an achievement that I’ve got to this age without getting married and having children. Not that I’ve got anything against either, but I have been with so many guys who have said “You’re mine. Let’s get married and have kids” and I have always said no because I have always wanted my independence and my own life. This year hasn’t been easy, but now that I’m in a good place with having a great job and a toyboy and I’m in the best physical shape of my life, I am looking forward to giving all that up. I wasn’t in a relationship that fulfilled me until now and what I did in the past was selfish. I take responsibility for everything I’ve done. I hate that people got hurt. But I don’t regret the outcome – a committed relationship with my toyboy. I’d love to have children in the next couple of years because the result is so worth it and my toyboy adores them. He is only 22, but I am really surprised by his maturity. But he’s got his career and things are going well, so I wouldn’t want to put him under any pressure. I don’t feel the clock ticking. If it happens, it happens. It’s a whole new world.

  • blair

    @lexy hates bilson….I thought the same thing, bet JLo is pissed.

  • Courtney

    oh be quiet when you start older your more likely to have twins because you release more eggs. the genders of the babies don’t matter as long as Mariah and them are healthy and that seems to be the case otherwise the genders wouldn’t be confirmed nor would Nick have mentioned that the main color for their nurseries is green which is gender neutral which Mariah had already said they were doing when she was on Ellen last November to promote her Christmas CD. anybody that wants children and has to struggle for them tends to enjoy them more

  • Cristobal

    This is actually a good thing. Not only are they having twins, but they are getting both genders at once. Congrats!

  • ann

    I’m so happy for her, she has had to hear how fat she is while all the time being pregnant with twins! People have been so rude to her. Let her enjoy being a mom to be.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh please…that is NOT true about aging and releasing more eggs!! LOL!!! Was that a quote from Mariah Carey??
    Is this a celeb web site or a site for people who want to be mothers?? If you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay a fertility doctor (b/c it’s not covered by most insurance companies) than have NO fear! As long as you can afford to have a baby and don’t need MY tax dollars to support you & your kid then have as many kids as you want!!

  • laverdadduele

    I’m truly happy for them, this is wonderful news after all they’ve been through. May God bless them with two healthy babies!

  • Courtney

    actually that thing about older mothers releaseing more eggs is true and has been scientifically proven. Mariah has said repeatedly that she didn’t use IVF and I believe her if you don’t that’s your problem. congrats to them all that matters is she and the twins are healthy and they are. there’s also a genetic pre disposition for having twins they may run in her or Nick’s family

  • sea

    @Aubrey Titmuss, Serena Röhm, Tellar and Kelly Warren (same troll)
    Are you going to repeat the same posts at every celebrity pregnancy???

  • fat GAY queenie

    Congrats to Mariah! Is she 40 or 41? I thought she was 40.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL!! Yes, Mariah the scientist and doctor !! LMAO!!!

  • DarkEmpress

    Why are ppl so concerned with how she got pregnant? It really does not matter. I think that is a really invasive question. People would never question a coworker or an acquaintance about how they conceived. Just be happy for the person and wish them luck that they have healthy children. As long as it’s not another octomom situation it’s nobody’s business how someone gets pregnant.

  • ann

    Who cares what JLo thinks! She is the one wanting to be like Mariah.

  • Lilakoi Moon

    I’m really happy for her. Can’t wait to see the little ones. How cute they’re gonna be *-* She’s so lucky to get to have both genders at the same time. I wish I get that lucky one day. Usually people (including my sister) say it must be horrible to have twins (the delivery especially) but I actually wish I’d get pregnant with twins. And to top it all having a boy and a girl would be a dream come true, indeed.!

  • me

    @lexy hates bilson:

    Actually it is true. I had boy/girl twins at 29 yrs. old. I happened to release 2 eggs that month. Twins run in my family. The chances of having multiples increase with age due to the release of more eggs & also the eggs being more fragile & splitting.

    Also, as for the sexes, if fraternal, your chances of having boy/girl is 50%, boy/boy-25% and girl/girl-25%. And just for interest sake-fraternal twins are no more biologically alike than ‘born separate’ siblings.


    Congratulations to them both.

    MC I guess u did make Through the rain gal [:)

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    ilove yoursongs and i do not have child

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