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Orlando Bloom: 'Three Musketeers' Footage!

Orlando Bloom: 'Three Musketeers' Footage!

Orlando Bloom runs some errands on his motorcycle on Wednesday (February 2) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old new dad stars in the upcoming remake of The Three Musketeers and the first footage direct from the set is here!

“He’s a rogue. He’s just stirring it up. He’s arrogant. He’s like a petulant child. I don’t draw a sword, I don’t even throw a punch. I just have a few tantrums. It’s fun,” Orly said about his character in the film.

Watch the footage below…

Orlando Bloom: ‘Three Musketeers’ Footage

15+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom running errands…

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orlando bloom three musketeers footage 01
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 02
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 03
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 04
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 05
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 06
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 07
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 08
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 09
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 10
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 11
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 12
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 13
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 14
orlando bloom three musketeers footage 15

Photos: AKM Images
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  • Aubrey Warren

    The Musketeers movies have been done to death and have become increasingly repetitious and monotonous. How many times have they made this same movie already? It’s the same story, just with different actors.

  • reb

    He’s DRUNK!!!

  • yes!

    He’s so gorgeous, and he’s got great legs!
    Uhmmmm, it’s a classic.
    Of course it will be the same story but with different actors.
    But from all accounts this is a re-telling of the story. It seems that they are really changing a lot of things in the story, only the names of the characters are the same.
    He is in character in the set video.
    Orlando is known as a consumate professional on set. There is no way that he is drunk, just silly.
    He’s just having fun.
    I can’t wait to see him cut loose as the bad boy in this film!

  • Cheery

    He sounds like he’s channeling Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow. How original…

  • Tiff

    iv’e always had a crush on him and still do.. thats one british guy that knows how to dress ! ( in other photos I seen him in)

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Why cut hair?

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Because he remembers befor he like dirty

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Hahahahaa haa ha

  • @4

    Jack is a fool.
    The Duke is a rake.
    Totally different characters and characterizations.

  • yay!


  • Kathy

    At yes stick your head up your bunghole. Did you drop turds today. Go eat diarrhea you arsehole.

  • @12

    The delphidiot on duty has arrived!!!!
    Who elso could be so classy and eloquent?
    Always the charmer.

  • Just asking

    He’s got really feminine legs. Not toned. Guess not much of a work out addict.

  • @14

    What pics are you looking at?
    He’s got great legs!
    Very fit and well muscled.
    You’re just being contrary.

  • M

    he IS channelling Johnny Depp but, somehow (and I am honestly stunned here), Orlando is doing it BETTER – I mean, that British accent, him being less on the drunk side and younger, hotter and… well, I don’t know but this is a whole new side to Orlando Bloom and it WORKS

  • lola

    I think I’d like the old Orlando back now please. Still pretty though!

  • Y


  • meji

    I thought we’d already seen that interview.

    I’ve been very interested in guessing what the film will be like and what its chances are.

    The story seems to have been initially adapted by Andrew Davies (BBC Pride and Prejudice) so he should have done an excellent job.

    Then it was given to Alex Litvak who added a lot of nonsense about airships, perhaps to give it lots of 3D flying and swooping scenes. This MIGHT end up being a fun steampunk take, like a Miyazaki version. But I suspect neither the director nor Litvak have enough vision for that and it will be broken-backed. But it’s full of spectacle and wasn’t that expensive to film and will probably do OK.

    I’m concerned that Orlando’s character is mainly in the Litvak bits and won’t have any Davies dialogue. “Athos – I hate you!” doesn’t exactly sparkle. A shame because the Duke in the book is a great character and Orlando would have been very well cast. As usual (cf LOTR) in adapting a book they turn all the characters into film tropes and make them less interesting.

    I’m not that confident in what he’s doing. I wouldn’t put it past him to copy Jack Sparrow, because he always said he wanted to do what Johnny was doing. If he did, it might work out OK because it’s going to turn out different when he does it. But anyway, in the snippets of rehearsal that have got out so far, he’s appeared quite suave and arrogant and isn’t making campy hand gestures and swaying about. So maybe he’s channelling Jack Sparrow in his off-time to get into the right headspace for the Duke. For example it might help him to be loose and bold like Johnny was.

    I suppose there’s a good chance that what he does will be fun and a complete surprise to everyone who thought Will Turner was “wooden”. But I don’t think playing a villain as a petulant child is very original, so I’m a little disappointed.

  • @17

    Not me.
    I’m liking grown up, big boy Orlando.
    IMO, he’s growing out of being a ‘pretty boy’, and into a very handsome MAN.
    I think that he is hotter than ever!

  • @19

    Great comments.
    But as you said, judging from the other photographs and videos from the filming, The Duke seems very sophisticated. Not even a hint of Jack the buffoon.
    Maybe the “petulant child” comes out when he doesn’t get his way?
    That would rather fit the arrogance of the character. He’s not used to anyone saying ‘no’, or stopping him from doing what he wants, so he throws a childish fit.
    With what I’ve seen and read so far, I’m not holding out for an Oscar quality film. But I do expect it to be a fun movie.
    There is nothing wrong with some light entertainment.
    Especially if I have that gorgeous mug to help entertain me.

  • sara

    He’s so handsome!

  • Kathy

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    for a poop and stick your backhoe up your arse.

  • @24

    Awwww, the lady of light and elegance graces us once again with her presence.
    She is such a fine example of the quality of women that delphi attracts.
    What a wonderful ambassador of good will.

  • Kathy

    26 do you have a bunghole? you probably want to kiss celebrities butt cracks. Too bad you can’t even see your arse. bet you don’t look
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  • @26

    Oh, the poetry!
    Such a wonderful person you must be.
    Just a ray of sunshine to everyone around you.

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  • LOL!

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    Please keep this up.
    With the horrible weather we are having, I am in dire need of a good laugh.

  • wow

    Awwww, it seems that fake Orli is upset.
    Fake Orlando has been blocked by fake Kate.
    Now where will they talk about their fake relationship?
    Ooops, I meant ‘awwwwww’.
    Did FatCamp get into an arguement with one of her fellow fatjealous haters?
    Poor thing.

  • OMG

    This is too much!
    I just went over to the fake Kate blog, and she actually makes FatCamp look sane.
    And that’s saying a lot.
    The conspiracy theories that she posts would turn any rational person’s stomach. How ANYONE could take ANYTHING she says as even partial truth is a MYST-ery to me.
    They have to be either seriously deluded or sociopathic, not to mention a pathological liar.
    If I was Kate, I would sue them for everything they’ve got for making me look so crazy.
    And again.
    That’s saying a lot.

  • brenda

    @M..Johnny depp is better and hotter!!! face it …and Orlando is coping him..Mmmm..he is still thinking about Johnny.!

  • @33