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Rachel Bilson: 'Chelsea Lately' Tonight!

Rachel Bilson: 'Chelsea Lately' Tonight!

Rachel Bilson heads out to make an appearance on Chelsea Lately on Wednesday (February 2) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the day, the 29-year-old actress ran some errands around town in Los Feliz.

The night before, Rachel attended the premiere of her new film Waiting for Forever with her costars Tom Sturridge and Blythe Danner. The romantic drama hits theaters this Friday (February 4).

FYI: Rachel is wearing a Vanessa Bruno coral cropped jacket.

Rachel Bilson: ‘Chelsea Lately’ Appearance

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  • Mailey

    Cool outfit.

  • fandago

    Dress is ok but the shoes are ugly as sh*t..she looks like she has a bib on the front of her dress.

  • Silly Girl

    What happened to her ask-me-anything interview scheduled for today where she was going to confirm or deny getting back with Hayden? Inquiring minds want to know! ;P

  • Love Bilson

    She looks so gorgeous, love her outfit! Can’t wait to see her on Chelsea!!! and @sillygirl, she didn’t say she will confirm or deny, the interview said to text questions into him and he’ll ask but rachel brought up the swing hayden made in this interview

  • Mia

    @Love Bilson:

    Is that supposed to confirm it or something?

  • Silly Girl

    @Love Bilson:

    I can’t view the interview. What does she say exactly? My ex-boyfriend gave me, my boyfriend gave me or Hayden gave me…

  • Jenna


    She probably thinks it does. Hayden has been spotted without Rachel a couple times now, including on a family vacation and is still MIA. People like that are looking for anything to grasp on to. That includes making up excuses.

  • Alison

    She looks cute, can’t wait to see her on Chelsea L

  • Silly Girl


    It does what? Confirm them being back together or confirm them moving on?

  • Delphic

    Well at least she’s promoting something, you can’t fault her for that. At least she actually has a profession. I’m looking at you, Kartrashian.

  • kat

    @Silly Girl:

    She said “someone” carved her/made her a swing, carved her initials and hung it on a tree. That’s it.

  • jaassmine

    @kat: Well yes but we know Hayden made that because he has said in interviews during times they’ve been dating that he made his girlfriend a swing. Star magazine just said they were engaged again, but then an insider said they weren’t but they are still dating.

  • kat


    An insider? An insider also told Zack Taylor that they were engaged last week. So, you think I’m going to believe a supposed insider? I’m not jumping to conclusions. But I’ll wait until he pops up again, and he hasn’t. At least not with or around her.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! Look at her – like she’s going for a job interview or something. She looks like an old lady!! My goodness – she’s got ONE thing going on in all these years and she can’t even look good.
    Is that guy carrying her “luggage” or something?? I guess since Chelsea’s falling out with Aniston about Brangelina Chelsea’s got to have a few deadbeats on the air to fill-up space.

  • Silly Girl


    I don’t agree. If they were still dating she would have simply said “My boyfriend made me a swing.” or “Hayden made me a swing.”

    As far as I’m concerned they have been over since New Years, correct me if I’m wrong with solid quotes from a recent interview from either Rachel or Hayden or one of their hired reps. “Sources and friends” do not count as verifiable witnesses.

  • jaassmine

    @kat: Hun, I’m don’t care if you don’t believe me. And @sillygirl umm if you read another interview she did in 2009 they asked the same question and she stated it the same way. I don’t know if they are together still or not. Don’t really care either, it’s their relationship.

  • jaassmine

    @lexy hates bilson: Lexy, GET A F*CKING LIFE OH MY GOSH.

  • Silly Girl


    I disagree. If they were still dating she would have said “My boyfriend made me a swing.” or “Hayden made me a swing.”

    So as far as I’m concerned they have been broken up since New Year, correct me if I’m wrong with a current quote from an interview with Rachel or Hayden or a comment to the public by one of their hired reps.

    “Friends and sources” are not reliable sources of information, anyone can lie to a rag mag and say then know them and thier situation.

  • Silly Girl


    Honey, you don’t date somone for four years and keep it a secret. She only declined from mentioning him in the 2008 interview becasue they had just started dating and had not come out as a couple yet. Since they they have come out as a couple, for years and years, so if they were back together she would have said “my boyfriend’ it would have slipped out naturally, there is no need for contrivances after four years.

  • jaassmine

    oh right sorry, i forgot you know everything about their relationship, MY BAD! And I said 2009 interview, not 2008 “honey”.

  • emilie

    Congratulations Rach! Waiting for Forever is still a big 0 on Rotten Tomatoes. No positive reviews. Keep it up!

  • jamie

    “An insider said they’re still dating.”
    This is a joke, right?
    Made me laugh LOL

  • Bilson is a Zero

    The shoes are very ugly. Dress fits poorly and does nothing for her at all. Not sure what the orange jacket was supposed to do. It adds some color but its not flattering or interesting. I don’t get how this person is supposed to be such a fashion icon. She looks like everybody, not even as good as people I see on the street every day. She has no personal flash or dash so you could pass by her anywhere and not notice her existence. Not sure who the guy is behind her. A mugger maybe? He’s dressed more interestingly that’s for sure. Maybe its a new agent? The old one sure isn’t doing anything for her. Not that he has much to work with…I’ve seen jr high school girls with better looks, body and personality than Bilson.

  • Audrey

    Love her outfit!

  • dud

    Outfit is a 0
    shoes are a 0
    movie is a big 0

    I see nothing but big 0′s in her future

  • The Truth

    @Silly Girl: You are right. It was hayden that said that he made a swing for an old girlfriend he had. It wasn’t rachel who said that. And rachel lied about that. Also it was never confirm that rachel was back on with hayden or engaged again with hayden.No one on tv or the people magazine or us weekly or E! never mention it. Hayden has been goes from her for three months now. And she need to stop using hayden the way she do cause se don’t have nothing going on with her. They have said that other people had got back together and they have not. I think have broken up new year too. Or he would have been back in la to see her.@Bilson is a Zero: Or probably a new guy?

  • Chelly

    Wow those shoes are UGLY! I think that dude is her brother.

  • Chelly

    Those shoes are UGLY! I think that dude is her brother.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!


  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Haa haa ha ha ha ; D

  • Brightside

    First Kate Bosworth had the daily posts about nothing very much…now Rachel Bilson has the daily posts about nothing very much.
    Neither of these two are worth daily posts…monthly posts, fine….or once-a-yearly posts, even better…

    As I pointed out in an earlier post she uses the interview to promote the speculation of is she/isn’t she in a relationship. Who cares? If she was in a relationship and in love with him then she would be with him. Simple. If she’s not with him and not seen with him then it’s just a media game to increase the amount of public attention she gets. She’s got nothing to keep the media’s attention focused on her except a bad film, a future worse film and a guessing game.

  • Silly Girl


    Those shoes are kinda cute (not in a fashionable way, more of a comical costume way) in the sense that she looks like shes wearing little brown lunch bags on her feet.

    @the Truth Thank you for your response to my post, it makes a lot of sense. Take care. :)

  • iamBW-BWis me

    her hair is gorgeous and i love the whole outfit…I loooove Rachel

  • Jax

    You’re exactly right #26, he talked about the swing BEFORE they filmed Jumper. Rachel took that, stole the story, and tried to make people think it was about her. She’s a horrible person. Pathetic and disgusting in every way.

  • Brightside

    I have to laugh at the Rachel Bilson fantards….these posts never fail to amuse me. After all the sterling performances at the Golden Globes and the SAG awards, with speculation running high for the Oscars and the BAFTAS, the Rachel Bilson fan brigade are creaming their knickers because she has brought out one awful movie, a movie so bad that it has sent the majority of the critics into toxic shock syndrome. It’s that bad! Talk about people missing the bigger picture.
    Now, with so many A and B list celebrity couples making out, dating, wining & dining, and breaking up too (and with the pictures to prove it), Bilson fans are still speculating about the is she/isn’t she aspect of Bilson’s relationship status and they’ve been doing it for four years! FOUR YEARS approx! It’s a fair bet that if people are still speculating after such a long period of time, then it isn’t happening.
    They are not A-list so privacy isn’t that big an issue…if they wanted to be together, they would. They clearly aren’t, so they don’t.
    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. If RB/HC look like they’re in a relationship and behave like they’re in a relationship, then they’re in a relationship. They don’t, so they aren’t. Very simple.

  • KT

    @ Silly Girl The swing interview was done at the end of 2007, and Hayden and Rachel had finished filming Jumper when he said it. The swing was made for Rachel. Gossip Cop checked out the rumor about them being engaged from Star magazine, and “a source close to Rachel” is who said they “are not engaged”, but “they are still dating”. Gossip Cop checks out rumors and confirms or denies them. Rachel flew to Toronto after Christmas, and was there for two weeks with Hayden, she flew back January 9th. That is well after New Years that they were together. If they are still together, he will show up eventually. They are not acting any different now than when they were engaged, they were apart weeks at a time then, too. Wait and see what happens.

  • Fandango


    You trust all you read these insider rumors pleasse tell me your are not that naive to believe this. He has been in the Caribbean for who knows how long. You have twitter rumors with no proof to back a damn thing up with. and they are never ever seen together (not to say they won’t show up for fun) but that will be all it is for fun. Their romance was and is a toxic waste dump of RB’s delusion. She plays games with the press she needs ppl to believe that HC hasn’t left her totally w/o him she has nothing b/c no real actor will hook to her so he is her only male companion who even remotely gives a damn about her.

    And what is it that she answered tonight was it really anything to spark that she is with him again or was it the same old B.S she always does?


    I love her outfit! Lexy does not have have a life!! She always bashes Bilson..Sad..Who is the real loser? It must be Lexy!

  • chauncey

    Watching “chelsea lately” Racheal Bilson is on. I thought she was with Hayden Christensen, but they NEVER talked about it. Oh well!
    - Or more like there is really NOTHING to talk about than just hyping up some desperate measures for this All-Time-Dlister’s obvious bomb & 0-rated B type movie; that just all folks!

  • The Truth

    @chauncey: Thanks for the information on that. She didn’t mention it all. And Chelsea made jokes about that anyway.

  • V

    This is the first time Ive seen her looking nice in quite some time.

  • A F*ckin’ Azz Goblin Face
  • ATLqueen

    She’s on Chelsea to promote the movie not Hayden.

  • juniper

    It’s just very evident on “who’s behind” drumming up some tabloid talks all over again (just like in the past) – coz “who’s out there desperately promoting at something at the moment” huh?!
    Go figure the very obvious!

  • chloe

    Well she’s a fashion icon for a reason. I’m a fashion stylist myself and her outfit in these pictures are amazing. The bib necklace, orange blazer, chanel bag and chloe shoes. I’d quote Rachel Zoe and say, “Bananas!”. Those of you who criticize her outfit clearly don’t know anything about fashion, and it gutted me really reading your comments talking like you’re a fashion guru when you’re not, clearly.

  • WTF?

    @ Chloe – If you’re a stylist, why are you reading comments in a tabloid website? Sadness…

  • @chloe-tard

    And Im a “fashion guru myself too”:; declaring it on this tablod blog – LMAO!

  • Marie

    WTF is she wearing??!!! She tries to be a fashionista but she fails all the time. The dress is okay, but that hacket os not okay, it is too much grandma, and those shooes doen’t go well with the rest

  • lexy hates bilson

    A FASHION ICON?? Why wasn’t she at Fashion Week in Paris with Jessica Alba and the others?? Haven’t had a chance to watch Chelsea yet but I’m sure it will be great – I remember when she was on a show promoting NYILY and they asked her what the movie was about and she said Love in NY.
    So what does she say about the movie – that the idea of playing an unemployable tv actress “spoke to her”

  • lexy hates bilson

    OK – Just watched her on Chelsea – funny she doesn’t mention the UNSUCCESSFUL ACTRESS part of the movie. In fact she spends most of the interview talking about her mom & her never seen older brother. She makes it sound like the movie is about a guy who’s stalking her character! Guess she doesn’t know what it’s about!!!