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Zac Efron: Urban Outfitters Run with Brother Dylan!

Zac Efron: Urban Outfitters Run with Brother Dylan!

Zac Efron ducks down behind a car to hide from photographers as he leaves Urban Outfitters on Tuesday (February 1) in Studio City, Calif.

The 23-year-old actor was joined by his little brother, Dylan!

On Monday, Zac was spotted checking messages on his phone as he refueled his car at a gas station in Hollywood.

Zac also sat courtside with George Lopez at the Lakers game over the weekend!

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Photos: National Photo Group
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  • http://Taj Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    Crazy creepy

  • ????

    Our favorite Ninja is looking pretty happy. Hope he and Dylan have a great time together.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Why he look to camera

  • kami

    ♥ nice of zac to take dylan shopping. what a good big bro. ♥

  • kenny

    So hot ! Sexy Zac is back !!! But WHERE IS NESSA ?

  • Lady

    there are who say that he is in nc with vanessa,

  • Lady

    people who say that he is in nc.

  • BEAN

    Not doing a very good job hiding is he if they are taking pictures right in front of him of his face! Rofl

  • a

    cute lol.

  • Suzie

    He is so adorable. I love his cute, flirty smile!

  • boston61

    He must spend hours picking out his little outfits.

  • BEAN

    I usually don’t hold what Kaz Simply Amazing says to regard, but she or he is right JJ, Why is he looking into the camera and smiling? Bit strange. Maybe he was messing about with the paparazzi.

  • belinda

    @Kenny; Who cares?

  • kami

    zac thought he was hiding from the paps but i think they came around the car and surprised him. caught ya.

  • umm

    Urban Outfitters sells crap

  • JuliaR

    His face got fat.

  • pppft


  • PITA

    Ha ! ha! Zac you can’t hide behind your car to avoid photographers’,maybe infront of him, caught you!! that’s why he smile like that.

  • susan1

    He is cute bringing his little brother to Urban Outfitters in Studio City.
    They said Dylan is with Zac but i can’t see any picture of him.

  • Samson

    @JuliaR: His face is fatter probably because he is drinking more now. Alcohol tends to make people look bloated in the face.

  • vivi

    @rihanna ‘s “Scandal & Media” artwork posted here:

  • Go in the hell

    Will this guy come out of the closet already?

  • Big Gay Al

    He needs to quit pretending to be straight and date a man already.


    What a total doll – and with a sense of humor!

  • kyle

    His ninja style didn’t work – no amount of ducking would keep him away from well positioned paps. Ha ha. Unfortunately for Zac, the paps got the upper hand this time. Got ya!!!

  • Emma Efron

    That’s a funny & cute picture of Zac & he’s so sweet to take Dylan with him he’s the best bro!!!! It’s cool that guys like him like shopping.

  • Ashlee

    Awww he couldn’t get away from the paps. Looks like Dylan did though.

  • florence

    Yea sure he is trying to hide from the pap’s, he loves it when they catch him.


    That’s very true and he is drinking a lot more now so before long his body will start to show the signs too, if he wants to keep the stud image up he needs to cut down on the drink. Otherwise he’ll end up like LL and Charlie Sheen and end up in rehab.

  • florence

    Don’t know why he’s trying to hide anyway he had no problem being phoitograped with 5 women so why go all shy now, not that he look’s that suprised to see the pap’s anyway, for someone who says he hates them he sure smiles for them enough when spotted.

  • florence

    @Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!: Becuase he wanted to ghet his photo taken as always. Wonder where his harem of women were.

  • hoitytoittoity

    Efron, what you buy in UO? Denims again? You do realized its a b!tch to wash denims? Hope you know how to wash them denims. Don’t chuck it to the trash, wait better yet, put it on e-bay. it will sell Efron, it well sell loads. lol

  • Are You Serious?

    The nut case named florence has come out of her dungeon to spew her insecurities to the world. Poor florence, please find yourself a boyfriend so you won’t always have to pretend Zac is yours. He’s not yours you know. Whatever he does should not affect your insecurities. Every word you utter speaks VOLUMES about your lack of self esteem. I feel sorry for you, and wish there was something I could do to make you feel better about yourself. But you have to do that yourself. Your obsession with Zac and his relationship with Vanessa is a sickness. Do you ever think how immature and narrow minded you sound to others who read your comments? Seriously, do you? Go back and read what you post.

  • febriano

    i like that smile ! cute..

  • Karen

    Let’s see, the boy put on almost 20 lbs for the last movie he just shot, TLO. He tends to show weight in his face when he gains. We can clearly see that from when he gained the almost 15 lbs when he did Hairspray. He as lost some of the weight and his face is not nearly as round now but he still has a few lbs to go before getting back his “look” that he had with his People magazine cover from last spring. He may even choose to keep on about 5 lbs. But his face is NOT rounder due to drink. And other than his trip to Eden with Vanessa and Brittany—where they didn’t get there until very late at night—there is NO reports or even RUMORS that he was drinking to excess or was anywhere for hours on end and closed the place. He has not been stumbling out of any place either. As a matter of fact there has only been about 2 supposed sightings of him in a club without Vanessa and neither time was it a sighting of him boozing and partying it up with anyone but friends.

    In 99% of pap pictures of him he is NOT smiling it up. To say he is is an out and out lie. I have a feeling in these pictures he is trying to get away, he’s with his brother who is no doubt egging Zac on and when the paps DO come around the corner to get that picture Zac gives way to a smile since this time THEY won—more or less—and he lost since he was not able to get away from them from getting a good shot of him.

    And girls? There is not ONE indication that he has been having any kind of clandestine meeting with any one female. Anyone who cannot handle his having lunch/meeting with FIVE females out in the open as he did the other day certainly DOES need counseling for relationship issues.

  • :D

    Beautiful smile :*

  • http://google BARBARA

    Zac looks great, i can see he’s lost weight, and i love he’s having fun with his brother, and the pap that took his picture, cause rally hates the paps taking pictures of him, because they invade his prvate time to him self.

  • Susan

    Lakers playing San Antonio Spurs tonight, a great team, at Staples Center, so would be cool to see our favorite Lakers fan there, beautifying the courtside seats. Will be on the lookout.

  • lauren

    shut the hell up/

  • Samson

    @Karen: Karen, Zac was knocking back shots with those five women he took out the other night in plain view. Not saying the guy can’t have a few drinks. He’s grown. He’s allowed that, but if it gets out of hand, drinking can and will affect your looks. Not only will it make you look bloated, it will make you look old before your time. No ones calling Zac an alcoholic here by any means, but IF he is drinking more, he should keep it in check.

  • Natalie

    Zac Efron and Teresa Palmer? Hear they’re together at a screening right now…interesting

    Zac efron playboy

  • florence

    @Natalie: That’s no suprise, all you hear is him out and about with other women.Don’t know why he just does’nt come out and say that he and Vanessa are finished and be done with it.

    It will only be a matter of time before he is caught getting all smoochy with someone else.

  • florence

    @Natalie: According to reports him and Teresa Palmer were getting very cosy at this event.

    Even over on his one site some are saying that they don’t like the way that he has changed over the last two months, and all he seems intereting in his clubbing, and being seen with different women all the time, showing no repspect for his 5yr relactionship with Vanessa and her feelings, and that it seems he’s enjoying being single now. And some of these are fans from a long time with him but they still don’t like the way that he has changed.

    Both he and Vanessa would be best advised by their rep’s to put out a official statement and get all the rmours sorted as fact or fiction. But then again maybe Zac does’nt want that, I mean he’s been in the media spotlight for the first time in a long time on a regaular basis, so perhaps thsi is his and his rep’s way of keeping people interested in him after the flop of CSC.

    Vanessa at least as the dignity not to go of with other men and just concentrate on her work, whereas Zac it seems wants to be know for his clubbing, drinking and womanizer ways now.

  • just saying

    Zac HAS changed in big ways since being in NO. And not in good ways. And honestly, it has nothing to do with Vanessa. He’s got a hard cold look in his eyes these days, loves to go clubbing, drinking, and schmoozing. Not to mention his looks. Who IS this Zac?? I liked the nice guy, who wasn’t interested in a serial celeb dater like Teresa Palmer. She’s been with Russell Brand, Topher Grace, and Adam Brody. And we know what keeps Brand interested…….

  • lauren

    u guys need to chill out.

  • susan1

    @ florence:
    Can you please stop talking about Zac personal life ,you stupid person.!!!!
    I think you jelous of Zac because he has a beautiful girlfriend.

  • Karen

    just saying:

    You do know that Russell Brand IS MARRIED to Katy Perry, don’t you?

    Zac has a production company and is in the producing game now. This really is the first time he has had a chance to “work/network” in that capacity since he has been filming or promoting movies. Right now he has another hat on. If I am not mistaken this Teresa Palmer is one of the actresses that had lunch with him the other day with the other girls. It seems to me he knows her and may have been invited to this event by her. It gives him the opportunity to WORK and meet several people he may want to work with in the future.

    You people who are so quick to judge or be ready to doubt or have a coronary would do well to stay off these threads as Zac will undoubtedly be seen with all kinds of people—both males and FEMALES. I see many of the people he was with were MALES in the past few days but I didn’t see anyone getting their knickers in a twist about that. Like any other “leading man” actor he will be with FEMALES so get over it. As a matter of fact many more sites and magazines are reporting Zac and Vanessa back together so you might as well get used to the idea of that too.

  • Natalie

    him behavior is starting to really upset

    Vanessa should meet a better man than Zac

  • florence

    @susan1: Then he should be more careful who he makes out with in public places, he obvioulsy does’nt care about who know’s what he is getting up to, whatever happened to him while he was away from Vanessa in NC certainly was’nt for the good and has changed him considerably.

    You only have to read the articles posted at the end of this post, what a disgusting attitude towards Vanessa ‘ what she does’nt know won’t hurt her’, yea that’s really someone who cares somuchabout his supposed gf who he’s only just got back with. No wonder the silver bracelt soon come off his wrist. In his case absent does’nt make his heart grow fonder, it just gives more freedom to go out clubbing, snogging other women and leading Vanessa on.

    And you got that one part right Karen about him working yea working on who to snog next.


    I am in no way jealous becuase Zac has a gf it seems he is the one with the problem of not being able to keep ‘ it’ in his pants or his hands and lips to himself, Vanessa is the one who deserves better from him. If he wants to contiune with this behaviour then at least have the guts to finish with your current gf first before you go off and make a new name for yourself as a clubber and womanizer. He obvioulsy feels like he needs to play the field now, well Vanessa should let him and see how long he enjoys it. She has the dignity, poise and grace to carry herself with respect. The only thing efronwants to carry is the next bit of skirt he can find to either his house or a hotel room.

    He puts HIMSELF in the papers and on websites becuase of his behaviour no-one else is to balme for that apart from him, he’s 23 for heaven’s sake not a child.

    Bet he can’t wait to get to NY and no doubt we’ll hear more stories opf him visiting strip clubs and hooking up with god know’s how many females. Well at least Vanessa will be doing her own work to even notice he’s not there and hopefully by thenm has moved on to someone who shows her some respect and consideration.

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan


    OMFG Please shut the Hell Up You are making every Vanessa look Dumb with you comments so what if Zac and Vanessa are broken Up you should be happy Now you can leave the Zac Threads alone and post on the Vanessa’s Thread I Feel sorry for you.

  • susan1

    @ Florence ;
    I dont care, i dont believed you at all.