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Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler sports a messy head of hair while walking to the beach and watching the kiteboarders and windboarders on Wednesday (February 2) in Hawaii.

Later in the day, the 41-year-old Scottish actor went shirtless as he learned how to paddleboard.

While in Hawaii, Gerard also met up with pal Laird Hamilton and went jet skiing out in the ocean.

Last week, Gerard went partying at a club where he met up with Leonardo DiCaprio.

FYI: Gerard is carrying the “Fraid So” sandal by Sanuk.

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gerard butler windboarding hawaii 01
gerard butler windboarding hawaii 02
gerard butler windboarding hawaii 03
gerard butler windboarding hawaii 04

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  • lolita

    @So Swedish: I’ll volunteer for the task!!

  • many a lei

    Well, that is a trail that many women have traveled.

  • Nuts

    @So Swedish:

    *is propelled backward bythe gale-force wind caused by tens of thousands of volunteers vigorously waving their hands in the air*

  • Mississippi

    So Weinstein is after distribution rights for Coriolanus. This could be amazing news for the film. Weinstein & company don’t shy away from pushing a film.

  • So Swedish



    Haha, you girls! ;D
    It looks like it´s gonna be a teamwork kinda thing. :)

  • Hmmmmm

    Gawd, he IS beautiful. But, I’m just wondering if this was a planned PR junket. At least in part. (Good work Rupert.) Now, don’t boo me. G’s got two films coming out this year. What better way to stir up early interest than parading all that hotness in public.

    Weinstein? Things are looking up.

  • brooke london

    I’d love to travel that happy trail anytime!!!! :P

    He just reconfirmed why i think he’s so hot.

  • Lavender

    I bet those beach pics (pink shorts) from last year weren’t planned. Lol. ;)

  • boston61


  • ho hum

    Oh, Thumbsie, give it a rest. Who goes through a whole thread giving thumbs down? You need to get a life.

  • Question

    Georgia, wtf are you talking about? if you know who the girl is, please say so and we’ll be greatly appreciative of your knowledge.
    Otherwise, stop acting as if you know more than you actually do – it’s getting tiresome.
    Bottom line, do you know who this girl might be?

  • Anonymous

    The girl in the photo is not in any way romantically involved with Butler, and that’s all I’m going to say.

  • Interesting

    Close. Not liposuction, but another procedure called CoolSculpting. If you look closely at this picture of him in Hawaii
    you will see his stomach looks a bit different – it’s hard to explain but I have seen this happen with people who had this procedure done. It takes about 3 months for the skin to go back to being almost perfect and for the stubborn fat deposits to dissolve, but you start noticing the difference already after 3 weeks or so. Here is the procedure
    Look if he had it done, good for him. There are fat areas on the body that no amount of exercising can get rid of, especially when we age. It’s usually the mid section for both men and women, the buttocks and other problem areas for women. This procedure is non-invasive and very affordable. It freezes the fat cells and then they get flushed out by the body over a 3-4 month period. A person can lose up to 12% of the fat cells but you have to be close to your ideal weight, and you can’t be too thin either. Better results on men because they have no stretch marks. It’s possible he had it done and there is no down time or recovery time so he was able to do whatever he wanted while in LA for the last month or so.

  • Question

    And how do you know that? Are you his personal assistant or do you just follow him around all over the place like a retched stalker. It’s just interesting how you can make such adamant declarations of knowledge as if you know the guy personally.
    Either you have knowledge, or you’re just a wannabee GB insider. Which is it?

  • good grief

    @Interesting: Oh, good grief.

  • cindy lu


  • stupidfans

    How much time left before he enters the pierced ear years?

  • Georgia*

    @ Question

    Any need for that?
    The girl in the pic isn’t involved with Gerry….and that’s all i’m saying.

    @ Interesting

    Do you spend much time trawling cosmetic surgery sites? Nothing better to do?

  • http://GUIDO GUIDO

    at least a real man,

  • vitm123


    You are right and they have been backing some of the best movies. They have good “eyes” for a quality product. Very good news for Coriolanus. Given the political tumult around the middle east with the heads of the states being driven out, the underlying message and theme of this movie becomes very relevant.

    Thanks stella for the link.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know anything about Butler but I recognize the girl.

  • Question

    you’re a fuccck!ng loser.
    Go get a life and stop pretending to know things lol

  • Observation

    I knew that the better tone of this thread was just too good to last.

  • stupidfans

    @Anonymous: I don’t think any woman is “romantically” involved with Gergolo. It’s more hit and run.

  • letsbehonesthere

    I’m pretty sure you don’t know A THING about what woman Gerry is involved with. If you do, give us a hint, just ONE. OK?

  • Question

    Just like that out of nowhere, you know her. How convenient for you.
    LMAO, I see you’re posting under two monikers

  • MiaW

    Probably Caligula, he he.

  • haha

    Just to stop any rumors before they start … Laird Hamilton is straight. He is married to gorgeous volleyball player/model Gabby Reece.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I do recognize the girl and she’s with the other guy, not Gerard. Whether the girl and the other guy are friends or more, I don’t know.

    So I see you’re accusing me of being two people here. I’m not. What other poster am I supposed to be, if I may ask? Manny?

  • haha
  • Georgia* is a Loon

    Georgia used to post over at WO site. She acted like she “knew” stuff over there too. She said she was from the UK, but then claimed to be in Uruguay when Gerry was and then in LA – and acted like she was going to the same parties as he was. She wants everyone to think she is either one of his friends or someone in his circles.
    She left WO after people called her out on it and/or ignored her.
    Ignore her.

  • Tonto

    Wow, a half naked Butler! Woo Hoo!

    Cora, thanks for your eagle eyes. A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste. ;) ” Happy trails to you…….”

    Interesting, If he did have such a procedure, I would have suggested taking the fat cells from his belly and add them to his gluteus maximus where it would do the most good. Then, he would be perfect, maybe…..on a physical level of course. okay, I admit it! He’s hot! and so am I right now….. phew!

  • Canera

    I think the man looks great – looks like he’s trying to get some rest in and maybe some surfing lessons for an upcoming movie.

  • I think

    @Georgia* is a Loon: she still posts there if she’s GA.

  • kelly

    ooooohhhh now listen up thats a man a real man not to skinny not to flabby looking good gerry looking real freaking good ops i think i just drooled on myself hehehe

  • CC

    Nice tan. I love all the dirty minds posting on here lol. This place can be so fun sometimes. :)

  • Georgia*

    Well ain’t this nice….
    If I’m a Loon….what does that make SOME of you.

    @ I Think….I’m not GA from WO (Thank God).

    @ Georgia is a Loon….why not use your real name next time
    like@Nuts who is beacon1 on WO….get back to your “dreams”as that’s all you’ll have.

  • stupidfans

    @haha: Yes, LAIRD is straight. No one is 100% sure on Gergolo.

    Of course marriage and children don’t necessarily guarantee someone is straight. There are a lot of men who are double dipping.

  • nosey

    @MiaW: Why Caligula? Why not Nero or Julius Caesar, LOL?

  • Girl97
  • Nuts


    Why are you involving me in this? I haven’t said a word to you or about you here.

  • JustMe :)
  • oldbutnotdead

    @So Swedish: That was funny! Oldbutnotdead.

  • JustMe :)

    @So Swedish:
    Are you Swedish? Just wondering ’cause I am too. :)

  • *cringes*

    Framo just posted a link to the new Gerry pics on her Twitter and wrote “F//UCK ME” after the address. In her dreams….

  • justsayin’too

    He has had extensive dental work. If you watch “Lucy Sullivan” on you tube you can see his original smile which was his natural teeth and uneven. He probably has veneers, which were very large in 300. We Americans have a “thing” about perfect teeth. LOL

  • anna

    WOW! he looks so much better! he was getting a little pudgy there for a while..

  • ilia

    DISGUSTING! Put a f****** shirt on you douche! That has to be the single most disturbing abdominal sight I have ever glanced at.

  • stella

    Sorry if this link has been posted. You have to hunt through or run the slide show about 3/4 of the way through but there are some great dramatic shots of Gerry and Ralph in Coriolanus.

  • Old Mia

    The only reason I’m posting this link is because Heigl is now defined as Gerard Butler’s co-star. Not the other way around.

    The Coriolanus photos are fantastic. I can’t wait for this film. I also liked that Weinstein wants to release it to coordinate with award nominations. Harvey usually backs a winner. Fingers crossed.