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Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler sports a messy head of hair while walking to the beach and watching the kiteboarders and windboarders on Wednesday (February 2) in Hawaii.

Later in the day, the 41-year-old Scottish actor went shirtless as he learned how to paddleboard.

While in Hawaii, Gerard also met up with pal Laird Hamilton and went jet skiing out in the ocean.

Last week, Gerard went partying at a club where he met up with Leonardo DiCaprio.

FYI: Gerard is carrying the “Fraid So” sandal by Sanuk.

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gerard butler windboarding hawaii 01
gerard butler windboarding hawaii 02
gerard butler windboarding hawaii 03
gerard butler windboarding hawaii 04

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  • hellotheregb

    @stella: Fantastic pics stella! Thanks for the link

  • A Fan

    @stella: Gals pulled Horricks’ Coriolanus photos.

    This film just keeps getting better and better for me. I hope I get to see it when it’s released in theaters.

  • suck in that gut, fatso

    I can’t believe so many women are drooling over this mess of a man! There are men his same age right in your hometowns that look 10x better than he does…and by Hollywood standards he’s flabby and gross.

    A hot middle-aged actor with a body and career to match:


    P.S. the photos were sent in by his people. the paps can care less about his c-lister!

  • hellotheregb

    @suck in that gut, fatso: I would believe that

  • curious cat

    How can he be so near and yet so far. I think he looks great.

  • Just noticed
  • Wham bang

    thank you higher power. This man is a gift. Sorry haters. He is gorgeous. The hair, the face, the body, and most of all the silly, fun-loving personality. Someone that gorgeous on the outside is so self deprecating in reality. So many roles where he goes to the dark side, but he’s still just a Scots who has a lot of fun going to Welly Boots with his mum.

  • Daphne

    @Wham bang:
    “a Scots who has a lot of fun going to Welly Boots with his mum”
    That so cute! Has he said something about this? Sorry for my English :(

  • cold dawn

    I’m going home in April. But, I hope I’ll come back here in about 4 months. Scotland is the best place to live if you have a job. Beautiful country. AND, as far as I’m concerned, Butler should come back here to live. What’s up with him on hot islands? He’s sure a celtic soul. Gerard on a board is fun, but it is so fake to his personality.

  • Old Mia

    Sukar. I’m holding my breath for what Egypt will experience today. Some say it will be bad. I hope you are safe. Dr. Hawass was on CNN last night. He thinks the museum is safe and any damage will be restored.

  • CorBlimey

    That last pic (if it’s still the last pic) is just beautiful – thanks so much for sharing! :D

  • Fritz is flying solo

    Oh who CARES who he may be with?
    We have DRIPPING WET GERRY PICS! Yeah baby!!!! :) :) :)

  • CorBlimey

    I take it all back – I like this one best..
    (Sorry, don’t know how to post active links..)

  • From previous thread

    How do you know he doesn’t respect the women he sleeps with? Do you have any proof? We’re you on the receiving end?
    Just interested to know what gives you such idea.

  • me

    I do not care. Is he gay? Is he a ho? He’s just beautiful. Damn that man is hot.

  • CorBlimey

    [Never mind.. it worked.. :P]

  • @me

    The correct answers are:
    #1 – No, not at all.
    #2 – Yes, very much so.

  • CC

    Oh wow those pictures are gorgeous! And I don’t mean in a physically good looking way. The sadness and anger in his is face was captured beautifully. Can’t wait for this movie!

  • Cora

    @CorBlimey: It’s been manna from heaven in Butlerdom today — one gorgeous photo after another!

  • hera

    Some of us love him. Some don’t. But we are all here because of this amazing human. Me? I love him. I love his eyes. They are beyond the ages. I have never seen such expressive eyes.

  • CorBlimey

    I agree completely!
    I think I’ve just figured out why I like this man so much. He is a man who can show emotion beautifully – I don’t know about anyone else, but men are “rugged” here in Australia and can tend to be very much detached from anything “emotional” (or are on the other end of the spectrum, and are overtly feminine and emotional – ick), but Gerard manages to somehow maintain that ruggedness whilst being able to fully show a whole range of emotion – and that is, quite simply, breathtaking.
    These photos are just awesome.

  • oh please…

    Wow talk about his fans looking at him through rose coloured glasses…..he DOESN’T look hot but has man boobs, a pudgy stomach and a bloated face……get real…

  • CorBlimey

    @oh please…:
    Begging your pardon, but who ever said that we can only look at a man in admiration if he doesn’t have “man boobs, a pudgy stomach and a bloated face” (as you put it)?? I am not that unrealistic, nor that shallow, when it comes to admiring others – and for my part, I love that Gerard is just a man, imperfections and all. I would love to have someone that comfortable in their own skin in my life. Furthermore, a man who cares that much about his appearance is, in my humble opinion, not someone I would ever find attractive. Vanity, self-centredness and arrogance are all borne of that kind of behavior – and none of those feature on my “Most Attractive Traits in a Man” list. Sorry.
    Each to their own I guess. It would certainly be a boring world if we all looked or thought the same.. :D

  • Georgia* is a Loon


    No Georgia is not GA who still posts over at WO. But Georgia does claim to be from the UK, but then in Uruguay and recently L.A.
    I’m sure next she’ll be in Hawaii.
    Ignore her. She is just looking for attention and making up sh/t about “knowing” inside info.

  • Cora

    @CC and @CorBlimey: Yes, I agree! It comes down to passion, doesn’t it? He’s a passionate guy in many areas of his life. Gerry’s blood runs hot. I think a lot of his charisma comes from the fact that he’s hot-blooded in body and mind both.

  • Georgia* is a Fake

    Yeah she is. Too Bad she has to stick with such nonsense.

  • Kidding me???

    I thought he had some female “trainer”???
    he looks like crap. Better than Barbados but still not great.

  • http://JustJared Aqua

    At least the black swimming trunks are a great improvement over the pink flamingo ones.

  • Questions

    Who Where What When How?

  • Bing

    Does someone have gas???

  • observation

    @Kidding me???:
    No one really believes that she (Alicia) does anything, puhlease.
    She just exercises and Gerry watches.
    I like his hair shorter. Pants longer. But GFW must be creaming her panties right now.
    I am noticing a very ImDb feel over here by the way, am I right???
    Stupidfans has been quiet. Hmmmm…

  • Tracie

    Why doesnt he ever go afetr Kim K? She’s single and dark hair dark eyes like he likes…..



  • Tracie

    Or even Sandra Bullock???

  • Question

    Can anyone here see how dumbbb this site is??
    They thumbs down someone new who asks a legitimte question, practically bury someone who says hes looking a bit flabby (which maybe he is) yet they thumbs up some retard who has a snot/cheddar fetish.
    I’m considering leaving forever.

  • Sligo Cute

    Me to in Hawaii

  • oy

    When one is in Hawaii, is it wise to have the same skin tone and texture as SPAM?

  • Mellifera

    He looks good! Hope he’s enjoying Hawaii.

  • http://@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@

    Attention, ALERT
    Kidding me??? = Manny
    it uses several names
    notice how she insists on Barbados for Gerry
    and a crazy hater, of Jen
    is she who places the thumbs down
    hypocrisy, No. 1, top ten

  • pharting hard stinky

    GUIDO – you can’t hide.

  • ew….
  • 奥∆

    whatever happened to kp fart.s butler?

  • 奥∆

    F.A.R.T.S lolz

  • Anne Rochester
  • Farts and Marshmallows

    Is ‘observation’ really a sock for “Old Mia” or “Nuts?”

  • Georgia*

    OK ….sorry @ Nuts… must be one of the other WO nutters…they say ignorance is bliss….get back to your Gerry dolls.

    For anyone else …believe what you want to….it doesn’t really matter.

  • peacesister

    Lesson learned today: Don’t ever open any link oy brought while eating chicken soup. LOL
    Yes, we love our G-man, but – hell – did you notice the shape Laird Hamilton at 47 is in????? That’s impressive!!! G is just our sweet rotten old favourite toy we love no matter in what condition it is. :-)

  • silva

    hi Oh Really??? *waves*
    oh and accusing someone of being a sock, while being a sock yourself, is hypocrisy too!

  • peacesister
  • http://@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@