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Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler sports a messy head of hair while walking to the beach and watching the kiteboarders and windboarders on Wednesday (February 2) in Hawaii.

Later in the day, the 41-year-old Scottish actor went shirtless as he learned how to paddleboard.

While in Hawaii, Gerard also met up with pal Laird Hamilton and went jet skiing out in the ocean.

Last week, Gerard went partying at a club where he met up with Leonardo DiCaprio.

FYI: Gerard is carrying the “Fraid So” sandal by Sanuk.

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    wow a walking blob of slob. nice

  • Cankles

    Someone is having a field day with the thumb thing lol

  • Hash Browns

    I thought this guy choked to death while singing and died.

  • Hash Browns

    I thought this guy choked to death while singing and died.

  • thirtysomething

    Hats off to all the women on this board, curious cat included, who are surrounded by so much male beauty in their lives that they consider G average looking in these pics! Why, I skipped a heartbeat when I saw them and no talk of ulterior motives or STDs is gonna spoil my pleasure seeing G the fittest I’ve known in a long time.

  • Vegas

    The photographer made Gals take down the Coriolanus shots, according to WO. I went to Gals and when you hit on the little ones still up on the home page, it says error. Odd, because Gals always makes such a big deal about getting permission to post photos. Maybe they thought because you can access them, they were up for grabs.

  • Vegas

    @thirtysomething: I think the flab, blob and slob posters are all the same nutcase.

  • gross

    I agree that he’s a man-ho and he’s very UNNATTRACTIVE. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. I mean just look at him. He’s wrinly and hairy and has a gut! hahahaha

  • angelsrock

    I suspect the same thing.

    Yeah, people where do you find all these hunky guys? Your office? Your neighborhood? Your local bar???
    Gerry looks so good in these recent pics from Hawaii and the stills from Coriolanus are awesome.
    It’s been a fun couple of days in GerryLand.


    I’m a Gerard fan but WTF is wrong with his gut???? It’s like a 6 pack combined with a beer belly. Like something weirdly in between. Not flattering at all.

  • overweight

    not looking all that good. he seems tired and a little overweight.

  • Manny

    I agree. That is why I was wondering if he had had a procedure. The belly button area looks really suspect. Not complaining cause he looks good but it does look a little off to me too.

  • Gerard Looks Sloppy

    Im with you “he’s gross” posters. Sorry there are some younger women here who think this guy is nasty. his article is top of the page so you will get more than his “regular” posters – sorry.
    he’s disgusting and YES he has a cross between a beer belly and a four pack abs??
    he needs to exercise or lift weights. yuck

  • Flabby Tummy


  • Manny

    @Flabby Tummy:
    I wondered that too. The belly button looks a lot like it did in Barbados. Not taught like a the rest of him.

  • karen

    He’s still just got a little tummy despite all the exercise because he did develop a gut last year. It’s hard to get rid of, but he’s done a great and realistic job.

    Gee, you people who work with all these hunks, you are SOOO lucky. Haha. I look around where I work and even the ones who go to the gym are about as charasmatic and/or sexy as a dish rag. It takes more than a body to have what Butler has. He’s the whole package IMHO.

  • That’s a NO pack

    I think it’s like when you put on weight but you still have some muscle underneath so it just looks like a GROSSSSSSSS six pack! LOL

  • He’s a brown bagger

    this man is such a fugly butterface. only way i’d bone him is if i was very drunk, and if he’d put a paper bag over his head, and if he’d keep his shirt on to cover up his gut!!! i’m no Victoria Secret model but every girl needs to have some standards!

  • fyi

    @karen: He has money and fame. That’s what most women find so attractive. If he was a carpenter who lived down the street from you, then you’d never pay him a second look.

    Women who don’t care about fame and money aren’t bowled over by him, which is probably why he surrounds himself with women who are looking for those qualities.

  • Fangirl

    Well as a 40 something year old gal, I really can’t be too picky b/c your body is just NOT THE SAME at our age than in your 20s. But I have to say that with all the money Mr. Butler has, he could certainly invest some into getting a personal trainer and waxing or shaving. He would look much better.

  • He looks like Shizz

    How can any woman sleep with this old bear?! I wouldn’t want that flabby gut and that hairy chest rubbing all over me!! (VOMIT)

  • 300

    Okay so wasn’t this guy in 300?! WTF happened to his hot bod???? He went from being a HOTTIE to a NOTTIE.

  • Observation

    It seems that Friday night is Troll night at JJ.

  • karen

    @Vegas: Yes, isn’t it a coincidence that these people all just happened here at the same time! My, my.

  • lolita

    @ Guido, thanks for the kind words, I had left for work…so I didn’t see your post till I got home tonight♥

  • Tina

    @fyi: “Women who don’t care about fame and money aren’t bowled over by him, which is probably why he surrounds himself with women who are looking for those qualities.” EXACTLY! Gerry is cute but he’s certainly not the hottest man around. He has tons of physical flaws as many of the ladies here have pointed out. The type of women who like Gerry like him for his fame and money. Not because he’s a hottie stud or because he has an amazing personality. Many of his “lady friends” are goldiggers and famewhores.

  • Observation


    They’re as regular as clockwork.

  • Not a TROLL

    I’m not a troll but I have to admit that I never understood what women see in this man. Hairy, overweight, no muscles, sleeps around a lot. I mean how is that attractive in a man? I prefer to be a fan of actors that are hot and have some dignity. Not of the ones that will sleep with any chick in a nightclub they just met.

  • It’s just a matter of taste

    I know Gerard is far from phsyical perfection but there’s just something about him that some women find hot! It’s probably older girls – like over 35 – that find him cute. Cuz I know chest hair is kinda gross in your 20s. It wasn’t until I turned 36 that I thought chest hair was sexy on a man and that I started to crush on men like Gerard. But I understand why lots of younger women under 35 might think he’s gross looking. It’s a matter of taste which changes as you age. There’s no right or wrong.

  • Cathy

    @It’s just a matter of taste: I agree 100% with this. I’m in my 40s and I think he’s sooo hot. My 2 little sisters who are in college think he’s ugly and looks old. I probably would have thought like them if I was their age. But what you like starts to change as you get older and older.

  • Cora

    So let me get this straight ….. on the last thread, Gerry was allegedly too thin at the Premiere Party in LA and in Hawaii he’s magically fat and overweight?
    Gerry’s weight was perfectly fine at the Premiere Party and it was perfectly fine a mere six later in Hawaii. JMO

  • Observation


    You wanted photos. You’ve got photos. Does it really matter?

  • lolita

    I don’t think there is an actor out there that gets ripped apart more than Gerry. He put his body through hell for 300. So he has stated that now he is taking better care of himself…and it shows. His 300 body was unrealistic. His body now is more in line for someone his age. He looks good…love the hair. You can’t abuse your body with the up and down weight gains and losses…he knows that now and he is working to keep a realistic balance. He is more manly and handsome now. I’m glad he is not one of those pretty..femmie looking men. I’ll take his rugged look any day over pretty boy. He is a good arm piece in my book. He radiates sex appeal.

  • Momma of 2

    @Cathy: Cathy, I’m in my early 40s and you have a point that older women are more likely to think he’s hot than girls in their 20s. But I think it’s also that girls/young women nowadays are very different than when we were young. They are much more into the physical – like 6 packs and muscular arms and zero wrinkles and white bleached teeth. Gender equality is bringing the same pressures women have always had over to men. So there’s just different expectations now from male stars. Gerard has lots of fans but not as many in their 20s as an actor of his type would have had back in the 1950s.

  • KDHT

    @Cathy: Well, I’m in my 20s – 27 – and I think he’s the hottest thing on earth. I think it’s more the Beiber /Ephron fan types who wouldn’t like him and that’s understandable. And tho I think they are gross, I would not be the least interested in going on their sites and saying so.I don’t even look at them. It takes all kinds.

  • KDHT

    I got sidetracked after reading the crazies, I wanted to thank Stella for the update on the book. I don’t think I’ll get it, but if someone enjoys having all the data in once place and not having to search the internet, it sounds like a good buy.

  • Ana Banana

    @KDHT: Well I’m 25 and I think he looks old, wrinkly, fat and busted. And Zac Ephron is a 23/24 year old man he’s not a 16 year old teeny bopper like Justin Bieber. I’m not a major Zac fan but I do think he’s MUCH better looking than Gerard. You can tell that Gerard is letting himself go. BIG TIME.


    @Momma of 2: “Gerard has lots of fans but not as many in their 20s as an actor of his type would have had back in the 1950s.” THIS EXACTLY. You basically hit the nail on the head. I don’t think it’s a lot of trolls just repeating their comments. I think there’s lots of women – esp younger women – who genuinely think Gerard is ugly. And it’s b/c expectations of what men should look like have changed. And now there’s a lot more pressure to be perfect, the same type of pressure women have had since the beginning of time. But we’re just now starting to see it applied to men. This is why Gerry gets dumped on so much. If it was 1955 you’d probably have even teen girls crushing on him! LOL

  • Pat

    Some of you people amaze me….you don’t even know the guy and yet you can make all kinds of assumptions about him. So what if he’s not perfect! He’s a nice guy…doesn’t smell (at least the time I met him and he’d been filming in 90 degree temps…on a motorcycle) and was so sweet to us watching him film. He even was nice enough to come over to the three of us women and give us a hug. BTW, he smelled very clean. He doesn’t owe any of us anything…except a good performance!

  • STDs

    This STD stick is prob crawling with diseases!!

  • curious cat


    You say:

    “Hats off to all the women on this board, curious cat included, who are surrounded by so much male beauty in their lives that they consider G average looking in these pics! Why, I skipped a heartbeat when I saw them and no talk of ulterior motives or STDs is gonna spoil my pleasure seeing G the fittest I’ve known in a long time.”

    Surrounded by so much male beauty we consider him average looking?!!! That’s the kind of snarky sarcasm that doesn’t go over well with some of us, Thirtysomething. It’s uncalled for and immature.

    In my case, and I am the only poster you name, you misconstrued my words, my dear. There’s no doubt that he’s aging. Even a Gerry worshipper like you must see that.

    He no longer looks young like “Gus.” And he doesn’t look like King Leonidas either.

    Did you notice that I did say he is better looking than many men his age? “Average” referred to his current fitness compared with the way he looked in “300″ and compared with other men I see his age, at my gym, for instance. They have a decent amount of male muscle mass, albeit with signs of aging, but don’t look ripped like professional body builders or like King Leo in “300″.

    Sure, he looked a lot more fit in “300″ than he does now, but he himself said he worked out six hours a day for several months before shooting started to get that physique and injured himself in several ways. He admitted he must have been nuts to put himself through that. I recall him saying, “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

    Unless men ARE professional body builders, they don’t have six hours a day to work out and it would be unrealistic to expect it. They have jobs and other obligations, and if they are keeping themselves reasonably fit and and healthy that’s plenty.

    We know from GB’s own admissions and numerous reports, not to mention just looking at him over the past few years, that he “wasn’t born in a gym” as he puts it, that he loves to eat, including rich desserts, has to watch his weight and seems to show a natural tendency toward beefiness as he ages. Remember him rushing nude into the ocean in “Mrs. Brown.” What a skinny young thing he was then (with his “member” waving in the breeze. ;)

    He’s over 40 now, and he looks it. Nothing wrong with that.

    So skip all the heartbeats you like, but don’t try to tell other people how they should feel. And that goes for the poster who said people who disagree with her opinion need their eyes examined.

    Some people think he’s gorgeous, some think he looks gross and unappealing, and some of us, in the middle of the extremes, just think he’s fine but human and that we are realistic and balanced. :)

    And btw, I would ignore stories of STDs because nobody has produced any proof of that.

    Have a nice weekend.

    Read more:

  • Mimi

    @So Swedish:
    Do you have links to any of those Japanese interviews? Would love to see them :)

  • Megan @ UCLA

    You old hags shouldn’t have to settle for a flabby beer-gut hairy ape manho just because you’re in your 40s! OPEN YOUR EYES! Men in their 40s always crush on young girls and they even date and marry young girls without any shame whatsoever! So what if you think Zac Ephron is cute? Or any other young actor in his 20s for that matter! Nothing wrong with that! Stop being such a lil lady from the 1960s.

  • curious cat

    @It’s just a matter of taste:

    This I don’t. Chest hair is gross to women in their 20s? Since when? Lots of men naturally have chest hair. They have facial hair. So what?

  • curious cat

    @It’s just a matter of taste:
    Sorry, I meant this I dont get.

  • gilda the good

    I lurk around lots of Butler sites because I’m one of those people who enjoy reading about him and I think he’s gorgeous.
    I do want to make an observation across all the boards. His fans are too overprotective. Lighten up. Some are even mad at TMZ because they jokingly asked if Laird got Butlered. It was just plain funny. They didn’t mean it. He doesn’t need all these mommies. Margaret is enough in that role. But really, someone can observe that he looks bored or tired and the fangs immediately come out. He sure inspires a crazy loyalty among some of those who have fallen for him. A swipe at Butler is regarded as a personal swipe at them. I guess that’s a good thing??? The only thing that tops it are the Brad-Angie fanatics.

  • Old Hag

    Well I’m an “old hag” and although Zacky isn’t my cup of tea I do love Henry Cavill who is 26. He’s in Showtime’s ‘The Tudors’ and will now be playing Superman in the big Hollywood blockbuster film. I also think Gerard is cute & I watch all his movies but he’s nowhere near as hot as he used to be when he filmed ’300′. There’s no denying that. Now if a magical genie were to allow me the chance to spend one night with either man I would have to choose HENRY CAVILL 100% times over Gerard. He looks good for his age but let’s be honest.

  • Melanie loves ’300′

    @ curious cat: I think she means that girls in their 20s are more used to the sleek tanned muscular guys like Kellan Lutz. The chest hair tends to be more popular with older women. Girls in their 20s are used to seeing the clean shaven (or clean waxed) young guys that you see in the gym.

  • haha

    I have never thought about Gerry as being hairy. (Except his beard and that gorgeous stuff on his head.) Hell, he isn’t hairy. Have you seen Alec Baldwin…any of the Baldwins for that. Lots of dude’s even have hairy backs. Gerry doesn’t even have much hair on his arms or legs. What the H are you talking about?

  • ellie’

    He is so Hot….