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Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!

Gerard Butler sports a messy head of hair while walking to the beach and watching the kiteboarders and windboarders on Wednesday (February 2) in Hawaii.

Later in the day, the 41-year-old Scottish actor went shirtless as he learned how to paddleboard.

While in Hawaii, Gerard also met up with pal Laird Hamilton and went jet skiing out in the ocean.

Last week, Gerard went partying at a club where he met up with Leonardo DiCaprio.

FYI: Gerard is carrying the “Fraid So” sandal by Sanuk.

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1,023 Responses to “Gerard Butler: Hawaiian Holiday!”

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  1. 151
    GUIDO Says:

    @pharting hard stinky

    no it’s not me, sorry.

  2. 152
    lolita Says:

    @GUIDO: Happy friday, guido. I know that is not you…you are never mean or snarky.

  3. 153
    So Swedish Says:

    I like japanese interviews with celebs, they are so funny with their sound effects and bright colors everywhere. Kinda cartoonish.

    Just watched some of those with Gerry, very entertaining.

    Anyway, will Gerry be settling down anytime soon?
    He´s been talking about it for years.
    (I´m not necessarily talking about setling down with a woman, more like taking a step back from public life).
    And that he wants to live in a more quiet place with good nature. He doesn´t like loud cities with all the stress and attention that comes with it, like London.

    He seems to have different sides, our little Scotsman. The big city boy who likes parties, adventures, a fast life.

    And the deeper seeking quiet liking live-on-a-cliff-by-the-wild-sea man.

  4. 154
    Nuts Says:


    Wow, Georgia. You are a piece of work.

  5. 155
    curious cat Says:

    Why do peeps have to quarrel so much on these threads? If you think GB is gorgeous or a fat bloated mess you are entitled to your opinion. But how can you tell others to “get a life” when you obviously don’t have one if posting on these sites is an indication of NO LIFE? Some of us find threads on GB and other people and issues an interesting diversion, and enjoy getting information and perspectives from around the world n a variety of websites. Some peeps post so much and so often here I think they must be on the site day and night.

    Personally, I take the middle ground after looking at all the pix. I think GB has looked better. No 300 body here. But he looks pretty much like the average middle-aged man in that respect, if a bit more handsome than many. Get a little objectivity, those with rose-colored glasses. A REAL MAN? SIGH? Come on. He’s an ACTOR. In real life he is no more REAL MAN than many men you meet every day. He’s a movie star. With an image. When he is in movie battles they are choreographed so he WINS. Men (and women too!) are out there in the real world fighting real battles in which the outcome isn’t guaranteed.

    With his complexion I just hope he is pouring on the sunscreen in one of the skin cancer capitals of the world.

    btw, @Oy, people in Hawaii are notorious for loving Spam. Yuk. I wouldn’t eat it but it was big during rationing in WWII in America and Hawaii people never got over their love affair with the canned stuff. You see it everywhere. Spam musubi in convenience stores. Spam on restaurant menus. They even have Spam cooking contests and Spamfests. Gourmet Spam recipes? Each to his own.

    In the interests of research, I called some media people on Maui and they didn’t even know GB was there and couldn’t care less. So many celebrities vacation in the islands and even have homes here, and movies are made here, so islanders are used to it and usually too polite (or bored with it) to bother them. The islands aren’t teeming in paparazzi although local photographers are happy to make a buck if someone tips them off to a celebrity in town and will buy pix.

    I learned a few interesting tidbits. Kris Kristofferson, who owns a home in Hana, Maui, spends time here, gets involved in the community and is considered a real nice guy. Pierce Brosnan who has a home on Kauai, also gets involved in the community and is much admired for regular guyness. Oprah Winfrey owns more than one home in the islands, rarely comes here and doesn’t get involved in the community.
    She can be forgiven I guess since she is so involved elsewhere, like building a school for girls in Africa.
    Point is, celebrities are in our midst all the time. Was GB shopping for a vacation home here? I don’t know.

    I am as clueless as anyone about this visit. There are direct flights from California cities to Maui, bypassing Honolulu, but seeing the pix I feel sure GB did fly into Honolulu. If he arrived by private helicopter on Maui, it’s highly unlikely he took a helicopter all the way from L.A. :) He must have flow into Honolulu and transferred to a chopper to Maui, a 20-minute flight by jet, not sure how long by chopper.

    If anyone hears that he is on Oahu, I’ll try to chase him down just tor the fun and challenge of it, but it would be madness to buy an airline ticket to Maui, rent a car and try to find him. I ain’t got that kind of time and money. I have a guess as to what part of Maui he’s on from the pix, but not sure. Chances are he may not even be staying in a hotel, but renting a private home or condo. He may be gone already. He has said he is too much Type A to spend more than a couple or three days beaching out.

    And why do people keep accusing posters of being Manny under a sock? I kind of know Manny in the virtual world of the Net, for several years. She is a very strong and outspoken person who expresses strong opinions, as y’all know. Can’t imagine her hiding under a sock, ever. Nor do I. And the person who posts as CC is someone else, not Curious Cat.

    Have a great weekend, y’all.

  6. 156
    GUIDO Says:

    Lolita thank you, you’re an angel

  7. 157
    peacesister Says:

    JJ won’t show my post?! WTH. Your loss. Sorry peeps.

  8. 158
    Nuts Says:

    Per Curious Cats post, if media outlets weren’t aware/interested…it sounds like more planted PR stuff…

  9. 159
    CC Says:

    @curious cat: good post. And yes, we are different people. Maybe I shouldn’t have said I liked your post. Now everybody is gonna think we are the same person lol

  10. 160
    So Swedish Says:

    @curious cat:

    I find the quarrels and the biting each others head off a bit sad, but at the same time you get used to it. Hey, it´s the net. Anonymous bit’hing comes with it.

    The relentless thumbs down to just about everyone who dares to comment on these Gerry threads is just hilarious though.
    Just imaginining someone taking the time and go thru every page and thumb everyone down… I don´t know, it amuses me.

  11. 161
    Nuts Says:

    WO found this

    One of my friends just went on a date with a supermodel who’s been hanging out with Gerard Butler. California 2011. about 10 hours ago via web

    Oh, and last night I had dinner with one of Cameron Diaz’s best friends. about 10 hours ago via web

  12. 162
    Jen Says:

    Not Rob either!!

  13. 163
    Nuts Says:


    ?????? Who is Rob?

  14. 164
    gross! Says:


    I can smell him from here. What a flabby stinky looking hobo

  15. 165
    GFW Says:

    No, GFW isn’t doing that for these, please. An why? I’ve written him sans suit for years! (wicked grin) He’s been accepted “as is” unconditionally loved for years through all physical and mental ups and downs. His getting healthier is for him, not anyone else, as it should be. And, she’s no longer a fantasy either. Never has been. She couldn’t be more real.
    Miora has an imaginary relationship with Ger. Even he knows that. Her ugly PMs to me at dot.dont were shared. I hope when he sees her again he snubs her or at least she’ll see a different look on his face. His fans don’t really want know what he thinks of people who sabotage their lives following his.
    Love the photo of Gerry balancing on the board. Amazing concentration! The water is beautiful. Glad he’s having fun and learning something new?

  16. 166
    GFW Says:

    PS, Love the lost in thought photo too.
    As he’s playing catch up at growing up he’s becoming more serious. I love that. It’s time.
    Watching Gerry occupy, embrace and ultimately own a multifaceted role like the one he plays in Coriolanus, and especially Machine Gun Preacher, is a rare treat and absolute joy.
    Really hope Charile Rose invites them both on his show this time!

  17. 167
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @oy: Really actually has a connection to the lens of the camera, film (if not digital), etc, and in other photos, he looks more tanned. He is the Best looking spam around!

  18. 168
    oldbutnotdead Says:

    @oh please…:

    Some one with standards as high as yours, must surround yourself with toned male beauty, right?

    hmmm…why do I suspect you do not have much of a life except to post things you believe will irritate or annoy…You are spending too much time indoors very likely. Get a life. Sad stuff.

  19. 169
    realitycheck Says:

    @So Swedish

    You’ll have to get used to GB always saying what he thinks sells the most. Actions speak louder than words, so If he really wanted that quiet life, he’d have it.

  20. 170
    Dildo Says:

    what a boring old flabby man yawn

  21. 171
    ;;;; Says:–help-CGI-trickery.html

  22. 172
    So Swedish Says:


    I know that. I´m just stunned he never get caught on it, like someone asking him “when will you move to a quieter place?” etc. But he would probably glide through that question too.

    So how do we know what is really true, and what is just for pleasing?

  23. 173
    So Swedish Says:


    I know that. I´m just stunned he never get caught on it, like someone asking him “when will you move to a quieter place?” etc. But he would probably glide through that question too.

    So how do we know what is really true, and what is just for pleasing?

  24. 174
    curious cat Says:


    Yes, I think they are PR photos too. It seems highly unlikely that paps would just happen to be at the airport when GB arrives by chopper, or happen to be at the beach where he was surfing and paddle boarding. Especially if his visit has been unannounced.

    He could have been anywhere on Maui but there is one beach that is especially famous for wind surfing, which I think was mentioned in the text somewhere, although we didn’t see HIM doing that. That beach is on the opposite side of the island from where the resort hotels are in a pretty rural area. It’s not far to drive across the island but I would guess he has private accommodations in the mountains near the beach I mention. There are plenty of homes and condos on all the islands available for vacation rental through agencies. The friend he traveled with or a GB staffer could easily make a reservation in their own name and pay for the place, unless it’s a free place through someone he knows or they know. He would never have to register under his name anywhere so nobody would be tipped off that way, or know he was around unless they spotted him by some random stroke of fate. Didn’t someone tweet about seeing him in a Maui restaurant?
    Another thing, I don’t think that many people in Hawaii know who he is. He isn’t on the wave lengths of most people I know here. If they have seen him on screen it’s most likely in Phantom, and they wouldn’t recognize him in real life.
    So yes, I’d say the evidence suggests those photos were taken by his own people and released for PR.

  25. 175
    curious cat Says:

    Yes, I see the text does mention kiteboarding and windboarding. So I think my guess is pretty good as to where he was.

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