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Jennifer Aniston: Debut Fragrance Launched Online at Sephora!

Jennifer Aniston: Debut Fragrance Launched Online at Sephora!

Jennifer Aniston‘s eponymous debut fragrance is launching today!

Jennifer Aniston will be available exclusively at beginning on Thursday (February 3). The fragrance can be purchased at Sephora stores nationwide in late March.

The scent includes top notes of citrus grove and rose water with middle notes of jasmine, violets, and lily with down notes of musk, amber and sandalwood.

“I wanted this fragrance to be a personal library of scent memories. For example, my love of Night Blooming Jasmine has lasted a lifetime. Growing up in California, I distinctly remember the scent of the Jasmine on summer evenings,” Jennifer shared.

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  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Impediment at all ><

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    What this

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    I hate this jackass woman and old weird

  • http://Ja Sligo ^ _ ^ cute

    Get this useless garbage

  • Jess

    One spray of this and you will smell like a used, miserable, dried up lady that is still trying to hang on to her youth. No thank you.

  • Bonnie

    “You too can smell of desperation”

  • Poppy

    ok jared I think you should rephrase the sentence “Jennifer ANiston will be available…” I know it’s in another type but it sounds as if she were selling herself lol

    Why is she getting a new fragance if the first she died failed to attract costumers??
    it migh as well be named “Useless”


    ROTFLMAO….she’s a joke

  • Party One

    LOL Who wants to be smell like …HER? oh, my, god, pleeeaase, NO!

  • Eresyn

    who on Earth would want to smell like her???????? LMAO she’s truly pathetic…

  • Leni

    Scent of dried herbs lLOL

  • RC

    I thought she grew up in New York and went to school with Chastity Bono? Whatever, she has got to be the most annoying and overrated celebrity in Hollywood. And, the botox is starting to catch up with her, she always looks so bloated now in her face.

  • Jen on the Ellen Show
  • Linda

    Who wouldn’t want to sell like desperation????

  • jessy

    I really want to sell like a B-movie actress who will do anything to promote my movies including use my divorce to get PR and sympathy for myself. Yes, you too can smell like a biatch.

  • Taylor

    I used to like her, but I notice every interview – EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW – she says nasty things about other people i.e. Mariah Carey, Danny DeVito, etc. etc. I don’t know how she can be considered the girl nextdoor and also be so nasty and attention seeking. I also can’t stand that she is palling around with that nasty girl Chelsea Handler – nothing funny about being so cruel and unpleasant.

  • fraud x

    I hope she stops telling people something which she is really not! She is a phoney! I bet she doesnt know anything about scent. whatever she says is all prepared for her. She tries to say something to make her interesting but always fail because she is inarticulate.

  • Kim

    You know what I have noticed – she will do anything to promote herself. I don’t know any other actress who will do 15 magazine interviews, 10 talkshow appearances, etc. She doesn’t have to do all that, but chooses to constantly remain in the spotlight. I guess when you have no partner & children and you are a fame-seeker – this is what it takes to feel good about yourself.

    It could also mean your movies are garbage and you will do anything to get your loser fans to attend your awful movies.

  • Tina

    She sounds uneducated when she speaks, she looks desperate and like an aging cougar, she whines to the tabloids about every aspect of her life – I don’t get the attraction????

  • Jen on SNL
  • nakedoldjennifer

    Here comes the Aniston BLITZ as she promotes another predictiable stinker movie
    2010 was not a good yr for the 45yoa one note actress, real actors are sick of her, YOUR TIME IS ALMOST UP JEN DESPERATE OLD WOMEN ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE

  • nani

    to fraud x

    You are completely certain about the fraud she is. Everybody can feel how fake she is. Her PR seems to tell her what to say all the time. Even so, her interviews are awkard. In fact, there are moments in her interviews we can watch her eyes looking for her PR to get his approval on what she has said. Besides, launching her parfum just now and after all her ten interviews is somethingi so awful!

  • nani

    to fraud x

    You are completely certain about the fraud she is. Everybody can feel how fake she is. Her PR seems to tell her what to say all the time. Even so, her interviews are awkard. In fact, there are moments in her interviews we can watch her eyes looking for her PR to get his approval on what she has said. Besides, launching her parfum just now and after all her ten interviews is somethingi so awful!

  • Ellie

    Yess :D

  • Whitney

    LOL at haters always eager to be the first to comment!!! can you BE more obsessed??

  • kathleen

    no she does not.
    your so the unpleasant one:p

  • mailey

    jennifer aniston is really pathetic.

    she is already rich.

    why doesnt she choose her roles more carefully?

    why does she choose to be in crap every single time?

  • nonarcissists

    Did Jennifer really joke about “buying a baby from Mexico” for someone? A family member and spouse just recently adopted after trying the fertility route, saving and working every ounce of OT to adopt…they just got their little one. The baby is beautiful, mom/dad over the moon, in love! Adopting a baby costs money, just like having your own child costs money. It doesn’t matter where the child comes from either, a human life is just that, a human being that needs love. I think Jennifer must have missed out on some of that giving/receiving love somewhere in her youth. Or maybe, all the alcohol/drugs (Cabo) has really regressed her brain to the point of no return.
    Perhaps if Jen’s PR machine wouldn’t plant these types of rumors in the tabloids, so they could deny it–just so she has something to talk about on her movie promotion tour, she wouldn’t offend people. Frankly, I hope and pray Jen doesn’t have a child–she doesn’t seem mother material. JMHO.

  • Bethany

    eff you stop trying to twist things so that she looks bad/evil.

  • Evie

    Too long,didnt read. but basically got an idea what you were saying..
    jog on hater!!!
    Jenny would make a wonderful mother, unlike you. didnt your ma tell you b itching was wrong…

  • julie

    I thought she said it was tacky to name a perfume after yourself?

  • julie


    Well, if she really wanted a child, she would have one by now. What is wrong with not wanting children? Nothing. Why do you fans try to push her into motherhood? She clearly prefers to party, smoke, drink, etc. Nothing wrong with that, but don’t make her into St. Motherhood when she has done nothing solid except to say the words to indicate that she wants a child. Talk is cheap you know.

  • Evie

    no, she ‘cleary’ wants to find the perefect baby daddy,instead of conceiving any old sperm.

  • Cheap kitchen cabinets

    She’s down to 76 on Won’t be going up anytime soon.

  • Just Go With It

    JUST GO TO HELL, I would say!

  • Kailie

    I bet that she’ll probably be in a serious relationship within the next 2 years,and have a baby within the next 4 years:)
    shes still so hot,and shes sweet,lots of guys find her attractive, inspite of how the haters try to paint her to be like;)

  • sayitaintso….

    BuzzFoto – About two years ago these two stars broke up and the public went nuts. The actress dropped off the radar for a while. What we didn’t know was that she was carrying his baby and the pregnancy was the reason for the split. If we understand our source correctly, neither wanted a baby but she didn’t believe in ab*rtion. The stress of the situation was too big a strain on their relationship and so they split. She had her baby quietly and gave it up for adoption with no one the wiser.

  • Suggestion

    @Just Go With It:
    um,why dont YOU,JUST GO TO HELL!

  • Scent of a Woman

    Rather, scent of an old hag with dried womb. LOL! Wanna try it? You can also use it as a man repellant. Just saying.

  • Just Go With It


    BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I hit a nerve! After you, sweetheart!

  • aha








  • Hannah

    @Scent of a Woman:
    hahahaha that comment is just hilarious!! XD

  • sayitaintso….


    Didn’t Jen drop outta sight for awhile when her and Mayer split? wasn’t she emotional on sets? She was looking rather chunky at times when she was with him. Read comments…

    She isn’t going to adopt because she gave a baby away for adoption, hens.

  • julie


    Well Evie, if she truly wanted a child she would have had one with Brad since he made it totally and completely clear that he wanted kids. She kept on working and working and signing up for new projects–many of you Jen hens accuse Brad of being dense, but hey, he got the message over their four year marriage–no kids, I’m not ready. Actually according to several gossip columnists–he got the message in year 2 of the marriage, but hung on instead of divorcing her hoping she’d change her mind.
    And if she truly wants a child, she could adopt. It must be clear to her by now that she is almost 42 and her time to have one is running out unless she does it with a surrogate, gestational carrier, or adopts.
    Jen has put her career out there as her priority. Nothing wrong with that. Many women prefer a career over family. But she doesn’t want to destroy her image as the girl-next-door and admit it. She can be poor Jen without a child and husband to love and to love her for as long as it suits her.

  • Melinda

    I am an overweigh woman who doesn’t have Jenny’s strength and will-power to remain thin. Instead I eat my emotions instead of working them off. I can’t afford her clothes and men find me clingy and desperate. I must admit when my husband dumped me I was also a scorned bitter woman, I wasn’t able to talk to the tabloids and magazines, but I did badmouth him and his new partner to everyone who would listen. I guess I also try to portray myself as sweet when I really have quite a nasty attention seeking side.

    I will buy this new perfume – because I think it is made for woman like me. I can’t be Jennifer Aniston, but I do have a lot in common with her and I want to celebrate our similarities.

  • Helen

    What IDIOT would want to smell like Aniston? Is that ciggie smoke, fake tan, hair bleach, botox and desperation? Can you imagine being the fool that walks into the store and asks for a bottle of Jennifer Aniston. HEHEHEH!