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Jennifer Aniston: SmartWater Shoot!

Jennifer Aniston: SmartWater Shoot!

Jennifer Aniston heads to a SmartWater shoot on Wednesday (February 2) at a private residence in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old Just Go with It actress bundled up in a scarf and leather jacket as she headed inside to begin her work on a new ad for the water brand.

Jen launched her first fragrance, Jennifer Aniston, on Thursday (February 3) exclusively on!

The fragrance will also launch in Sephora stores beginning in late March.

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  • gav

    delusional, self-absorbed fameho.

  • NAME


  • nini

    she has a laid back style and sense about her .
    i like her movies and don’t know why so many people dislike her as an actress and so on .

  • rt

    Greedy woman

  • PhX

    nice ass

  • Gem

    I guess we better get used to this. She has a movie coming out now it’s time for the usual obligatory shoving her down our throats every other post. I can’t wait until this movie opens and the endless promoting of HER will stop. Or at least slow down.

  • levy come she is not bored making those s…d movies and just making money…seems she has so much but even though her hair is always perfect, her clothes are always perfect… she is always soooooo boring..jen there must be more to life..


    Jen has a beautiful body.

  • Zoe Moon

    I love Jennifer’s style. It is so casual and chic. I just wish I loved her movies as much as I love her clothes.

  • Gem

    It’s not hard to get her style. All you have to do is wear a giant scarf to hide your chin with everything you own.

  • loko

    Has she got another jacket??? She wears this jacket in winter, spring, summer and autumn.. universal jacket, universal hair, universal dumb humour

  • Hic Hucs

    she is unbelievably annoying with her everlasting presence. Get lost woman!!!

  • ace11

    sexy…all ican say is sexy


    I love watching Jen, she always, great outfits, even jeans, is dressed on Jen

  • Meg

    Aside from the fact that I find her untalented (she doesn’t set her standards very high though) and unattractive, she just doesn’t come across as a sincere, humble person.

  • eric

    I would still bury my face between her legs


    I see that bitches are there, and growls a lot, but for nothing


    me too, oh!, me too

  • idiot

    @Meg: you are probably the same meg over on the chris brown thread promoting the woman beater

  • Manny

    She is an ass.

  • Meg

    I am not the same Meg- it is a fairly common name.

  • Manny

    Ewww and Ewww… You shouldn’t have a problem getting your head and shoulders in there, a lot of traffic has widened that tunnel up for you.


    bwahahaha!, all the haters are here tonight, I understand why Jen looks beautiful, and very beautiful

  • sayitaintso….

    SmartWater? More like DumbWater!!!

    That’s drunken Jen, lying to the public, again and polluting the planet with her Bullshite and Bottles. Go away, fameho!

  • Dentures Girl

    Why is Jen not smiling in the photos? Is she looking for her dentures? Did she forget them again? Must be old age!

  • Ericka


    She would love that! Better if you will marry her and have kids with her. She’s been desperate! And you know what? You’ll be well-off the rest of your life! That is, if she will give you any!

  • Alex

    Shes got a great figure:D

  • Jen on Oprah

    Is it just me, or do her jeans seem much tighter than normal? Coincidence- I think not.
    The equivalent to her nipple-showing bikini ways.

  • Emily

    Im sorry,’fameho’?
    umm those pics look like a pap was taking pics of her from behind a bush.

  • Kourtney

    I think she would suit a blunt fringe.
    or brunette shoulder length hair.
    wish she would try another hairstyle other than the one she has had for years..

  • eric

    @Ericka: if she’s as desperate as you claim I should have no problem making her spread those well toned, beautiful thighs. I would gladly rest my chin on her @nus

  • Manny

    Don’t worry Eric, she has had a lot of practice spreading those legs.

  • Speak Now

    So much hate, can’t you people move on? Focus on your own lives.

  • amy

    @eric: you get cool points for being funny

  • boston61

    Could this woman be more greedy?? Maybe this cash is going to charity?

  • roja


    Gem, It’s magnifique!!!!

  • Glee


  • eric

    @Meg: would it disturb you to know that your negativity accomplishes nothing, with the exception of fueling my ongoing erection… :D


    Is there a word for fetish for wrinkles or wrinkled women? How do you call that person? Please don’t answer Eric.


    I love how she is trying to be a “tripple threat” hollywood female force. I’m sorry honey, you just aren’t that important. You are more of the Hollywood laughing stock , just a couple of ranks above Lohan..

  • O’Sullivan

    Jennifer is beautiful she looks a lot younger than 41.

  • m-m-m-

    ayyy que amargaditas estan todas las b1tch fans de los pedorrosbrangelinos…largaros ya de aqui…

  • NT

    wow wish i lookedlike that is jeans !!!

  • Tommy Boy

    OMG! She has got to have the best ass in Hollywood!!! What I wouldn’t give to, well, you know!!!! Hmmmmmm, delicious!

  • eric

    @QUESTION: dont hate me, for i am simply mother natures attempt to bring equilibrium to such a negative environment… :)

  • http://JustJared Katie

    Manny your right Jen did have a lot of practice spreading those Well Toned Legs…In 2000 through 2005 Bradley would not quit spreading His Wifes Well Toned Legs;););) I understand sometimes 4 or 5 times a Day;) I bet he misses That Well Toned Body;););)

  • briseis

    @Katie: @Katie: Pfft, please, stop rewriting history, Katie. That might be in YOUR fantasy land, but the truth was, Brad survived being without those “well-toned” legs for six months while he was shooting Troy in Malta and Mexico in 2003. SIX MONTHS because his loving wife couldn’t be bothered to visit him while he was shooting his film. If he was able to do without those legs while married to her, what makes you think he misses it now that he has Angelina Jolie to make love to? And making love to Angie has brought him his greatest joys, his Shiloh and his twins (remember his tears in the O12 interview where he says he has family on his mind all the time??), plus the added bonus of Madd, Pax and Zee. He probably couldn’t even remember the time he was married to Jennifer, it has receded so far back in his mind.

  • Manny

    Yeah he misses it so much he has happily never looked back. Can’t blame him… no man in his right mind wants Mayer’s leftovers.