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Katie Holmes: Starbucks for Suri!

Katie Holmes: Starbucks for Suri!

Katie Holmes goes for a Starbucks run with her daughter Suri and step-daughter Isabella on Wednesday (February 2) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 32-year-old got Suri a large, warm cup of hot cocoa and a giant lollipop!

After warming up at Starbucks, Katie and the girls went for a little bit of shopping at Holt Renfrew.

Katie recently received some good news about her mini-series The Kennedys! The project found a buyer and will air on ReelzChannel starting on April 3.

FYI: Katie is wearing a D&G fair isle jacket.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes getting coffee with the girls…

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katie holmes starbucks with suri 01
katie holmes starbucks with suri 02
katie holmes starbucks with suri 03
katie holmes starbucks with suri 04
katie holmes starbucks with suri 05
katie holmes starbucks with suri 06
katie holmes starbucks with suri 07
katie holmes starbucks with suri 08
katie holmes starbucks with suri 09
katie holmes starbucks with suri 10

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  • 23

    A baby with starbucks? Dont kill me.

  • Jonh Brazil


  • likali

    starbucks is a disgusting corporation that tried to patent ethiopian coffee beans to prevent farmers from buying beans from anyone BUT starbucks and sell them to anyone BUT starbucks.

  • ellie’

    Suri is beautiful..

  • rmv

    OMG, give it a rest, it is Hot Chocolate! It says it right there in the article!

  • testfy

    everytime i see her she looks utterly depressed.

  • Same ole song here.

    Suri , the feral child, is without a coat.
    Everyoen else has winter clothing on.Isabella is all wraped up.
    Suir has hot coco, fine. She has a lollipop,sugar sweet as usual.
    Hair is not combed. The outfit is cute and at least she is not wearing a thin dress.
    Isabella is there to take care and adore Suri. Shouldn’t this poor girl be in college now at 18?
    Wouldn’t it be nice if she were at her mothers’ house and being with that part ofher family?
    Ohyeah, Tom and Church of Scientology forbids it being that Nicole is a suppressive person.

    Sad same ole song here.

  • The Dent

    I see that the kid still has a dent in her forehead from having that birthmark removed. Can’t they do something about that?

  • mary

    ok, katie bought suri a hot chocolate. but look at Katie’s hair; it’s a mess. and what is the deal with the top knot thing anyway. and why does that child never wear socks.

  • No Sugary Foods

    I thought sugar and white flour were especially bad for kids with Suri’s condition! What’s wrong with these people? Poor girl.

  • Joel

    reelzchannel’s CEO is Stan Hubbard. Scientology’s Hubbard???

  • to no sugary foods

    the only condition that suris has are parents who don’t seem to get it. they don’t get the fact that the child does not call the shots. they are raising a spoiled self entitled little girl. she’s 5 years old; her mother should make sure she’s dressed appropriately for the weather.

    It’s winter in Vancouver; that means more than likely rain. the child should be wearing socks even if she doesn’t want to. can you imagine what will happen when this girl gets into grade one. as for sugary foods and white flour, it’s not really a big deal.


    I guess once again and as always Tom Cruise paid A LOT to save whiny Katie’s pride and honor by finding AT LAST a channel which accepts to air “The Kennedys”. The message is getting clearer by the day for
    any TV or cinema director : if you need extra-cash to finance your project, hire Katie Holmes !!!
    HAHAHAHA !!! :-D Hubby Tommy will be VERY grateful !!! :-D

  • saywhat

    The ReelzChannel… has anyone ever heard of it before, is it some zenu rubbish brainwashing station.
    And Isabella FFS go visit your mother, being with a real human might do you some good. better than that zombie.

  • to #8

    Why don’t you care about the dent on your forehead from having your little brain removed?

  • to idiots

    Reelzchannel belongs to Hubbard Broadcasting Inc..
    Hubbard Broadcasting Inc.. has NOTHING to do with scientology.

  • tomfan

    Isabella looks fine she has normal haircut again, she looks like about two yrs ago before before she get awful

  • Slurpy herpe Cruisazy

    Suri got slapped hard with the ugly stick. Hot chocolate won’t fix that.

  • Suri Jackson

    I’m glad to see Bella looking better than she has in a long time. That’s NOT a personal dig at Bella, but rather at Tom and Katie who seem to have been treating her like the hired help. Maybe Tom came to terms with the fact in the U.S….Scientologist or not…an 18 year old is not bound to her parents and she could leave at any time.

    As for the cocoa, again Katie seems unable to direct Suri towards a proper size for a child.

    For those commenting on the bump on Suri’s forehead; really…she got it from her father, and she’ll be beautiful despite it or his nose that she also got. As for being a well adjusted, disciplined child (or not) that’s been guided by the crazy Cruise crew of Tom and Katie.

  • psssttt!

    “Hey Starbucks Dude! There’s an extra $50 in it for you if you tell the paps that Suri ordered a hot chocolate” *wink *wink.
    No wonder the guy looks confused and unenthused. Poor Starbucks Dude :-(

  • Suri Jackson

    Sorry for the cruddy links lately. I’m blaming Jared. You can paste the other one into your address bar, but I’m getting an error when just clicking on it.
    (Jared, we already get that Tom’s paying you to keep Katie in the public eye, but don’t help them continue to perpetrate the lie about Suri’s origin.)

  • FS

    I never normally comment on Cruise-related issues, but WTH has happened to Katie, seriously. I know they can’t look glamourous all the time and she does have a young child, but she looks so awful. She’s only 32 for goodness sake! She looks like she needs some fun.

  • lucy2

    I realize that people like Romeo will label me as disgusting, but Katie needs more than FUN. She needs to get laid. What’s it been for the girl? Almost 6 years? She’s missing her best years!

  • Lisa

    Isabella looks very cute. I like the hair. Suri is a beautiful child and Katie has been a very commited mother.

  • LALA

    I’m cool with your Isbella and Suri comments, but I think you meant to type that Katie is a mother that needs to be committed (to an insane asylum).

  • Zoe

    This is not a dig on Bella. She is young and from what we’ve heard from interviews she is very active and athletic like the whole family. She is young but she could have a thyroid condition or be pre diabetic. I only say this because that was me. Once I did the things to help my body I was then able to lose excess belly fat. Plain and simple: Excess belly fat will increase your chances of getting cancer or diabetes. I don’t want that for Bella.

  • AEP

    Same Zombie, blank stare. Dead in the eyes and brain.

  • Kerri


  • LittleFocker

    I found a penny lying on the floor in Starbucks Wednesday afternoon. I knew that it meant something right away. Then a guy sat down next to me with his Asian wife, wearing a Top Gun jacket with ‘FA-22′ on the back.

  • tellaB

    Bella really should be away at college living her own life. Is she not allowed to be around people her own age that don’t practice her “religion”. All that home schooling has kept her isolated. She looks as depressed as katie.

  • IndridCold

    Suri and Isabella look fine…Katie looks HORRIBLE!!! wtf???? she looks so sad and depressed :/

  • http://nicole Alice Cutie

    Suri is lovely (as always),Katie is mean (as always)

  • Joel

    Stan Hubbard is the reincarnation of the prophet L Ron Hubbard of Scientology. Stan Hubbard is the CEO of Reelzchannel. It all makes sense.

  • Joel

    Stan Hubbard is the reincarnation of L Ron Hubbard of Scientology.
    Stan Hubbard is the CEO of Reelzchannel. It all makes sense.
    Hubbard = Scientology.

  • mary

    Brought the baby sitter this time!

  • Rocky

    ReelzChannel???? Never heard of this? Must be on some Alien space channel two shots off Pluto and three shot from Venus.

  • Rocky


    I love hot chocolate from Starbucks. Very yummy.

  • Emily

    Shes getting big:O

  • SamIAm

    Is Bella the older of the two kids from his marriage to Kidman? PLEASE tell me those kids will go to college. It is downright medieval not to go to college these days when one has the means to allow those kids to expand their minds a bit. This world does not need any more stupid trust fund kids. Allow her to go to college!


    1) Massive Sugaras meal for child. CHECK!

    2) No coat or socks in Vancouver, Temperature 41, wind chill 35. CHECK!

    3) Summer dress with thin leggings. CHECK!

    4) Isabella as unhappy slave.CHECK!

    5) Hair on mother and child unkempt. CHECK!


    1) Massive Sugaras meal for child. CHECK!

    2) No coat or socks in Vancouver, Temperature 41, wind chill 35. CHECK!

    3) Summer dress with thin leggings. CHECK!

    4) Isabella as unhappy slave.CHECK!

    5) Hair on mother and child unkempt. CHECK!


    No coat, summer clothing on child, 35 degrees, dirty hair on both mother and child, sugar for lunch. inane shopping as hobby for family that cannot dress themselves.

    Must be Katie Holmes

  • Kris

    D&G fur aisle?? How about fairisle??…

  • it’s Robo-Bride

    Helloooo Robo-Bride! Hair looks awful as usual. If you don’t want to spend any time on it, why don’t you just BRUSH it and carefully put it into a pony tail or top knot. You like the evil Mrs..Meers (who puts her female tenants into white slavery) in Thoroughly Modern Millie. And as Mrs. Meers was wont to say: “Sad to be all alone in the world.” Sad that Katie doesn’t have anyone willing to tell her she likes crapola.

  • Helen

    That’s a lot of sugar for a kid in 1 night

  • Romeo

    Dent, #8? Birthmark? What are you babbling on about?

    What condition, #10?

    It’s just a coincidence, #11.

    You have no idea how she behaves or how she’s raised, #12.

    Prove it or shut up, #13.

    You’re disgusting, #18.

    How have they at all been treating her like the hired help, #19? Because some paparazzi pics show her carrying bags? Is that it?

    How is there an improper sized cup for a child?

    She should be doing whatever the hell she wants to be doing, #30. She’s 18 now and has the right top do whatever she wants to do and for reasons that we’re not privy to, she’s spending time with her family.

    The last thing that makes is sense, #33.

    It’s not a matter of allowance, #39. If she wants to go to college, she can. For all we know, she is right now.

    You’re a moron, #40.

  • suritard

    Suritard still has that same azz bump on her forehead.

  • Disco Woman

    Romeo/Star Fox, why is it every time you post you have to name call?

  • Gaga Goo goo

    such a whiny, annoying brat.


  • eva

    In my country, singapore, Suri is very famous.,she is more famous than the other hollywood celebrity kids.
    Many people in here admire suri and her fashion style. We often talk about her and praised her beauty.
    Day after day i saw her face more and more looks like tom, especially her eyes really like the tom’s eyes.
    I hope someday i could meet with suri in front my eyes :).
    Come on suri…..bring ur parents to vacation in s’pore. U can shopping in Marina bay sands. We wait ur visit here…….. *_*