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Natalie Portman's Baby Bump: Back to Square One!

Natalie Portman's Baby Bump: Back to Square One!

Natalie Portman covers her baby bump with her purse as she heads to her car after enjoying some lunch at the Square One restaurant on Thursday (February 3) in Silver Lake, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress recently teamed up with Free The Children to launch The Power of a Girl and to spread the word about educating girls in developing nations.

Over the weekend, Natalie glammed up the 2011 Screen Actors Guild Awards held at L.A.’s Shrine Auditorium.

10+ pictures inside of Natalie Portman leaving lunch…

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natalie portman growing baby bump 01
natalie portman growing baby bump 02
natalie portman growing baby bump 03
natalie portman growing baby bump 04
natalie portman growing baby bump 05
natalie portman growing baby bump 06
natalie portman growing baby bump 07
natalie portman growing baby bump 08
natalie portman growing baby bump 09
natalie portman growing baby bump 10

Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Edge

    still looks fine :)

  • cute belly

    How far along is she? I read she is due this summer, but does that mean June, July or August???

  • Eresyn

    @cute belly:

    was going to ask the same! her belly is so big! maybe she’s expecting twins?

  • Mailey

    Overexposed. I’m over it. Can’t wait til awards season is done.

  • stroma

    in march no?

  • fredpop

    wear a damn bra!

  • mia

    she is too huge for 6 months especiallhy for a first pregnancy..timeline is off!

  • Lexy hates Portman

    Ick, soo sick of her!!!!

  • rsm

    @Lexy hates Portman: yes yes yes

  • http://j cf10

    she looks like she is about to pop !

  • not impressed

    probably not the best idea to post a picture with her license plate # clearly visible

  • j

    Looks like shes carrying twins alright …Good luck Natalie

  • Krizzy

    For being 4 mos pregnant, she looks like having twins or triplets…. If that’s not the case, she must be in her 6/7th month and that’s a really big bump woooa

  • ?

    I can’t imagine how big her belly is come Oscar’s night and it appears that she’s about to pop out anytime.

  • commonsense

    Lately I’ve been skeptical about Natalie Portman. She’s been basically disguising her stomach in flowing clothes throughout her pregnancy but now as it becomes closer to Oscar she gives us a full frontal of her stomach. And she’s been talking alot about her relationship when previously she wanted to be private. Is this by design? Is this all part of her Oscar campaign strategy?

    For those of you who say it’s not, it’s certainly curious timing.

  • Natalie Never

    She looks a bit like octomom in that dress hahahahaha

  • boop

    OMG, that must be a fake Dior bag! coz she doesnt wear leather right?? i hope she doesn’t get in trouble like courtney love with chanel..

  • Jokergurl

    It’s none of our business when she’s due, seriously I just hope she has a healthy baby, and I wish her luck at the Oscars.

  • lerman

    She is not covering her stomach, she is adjusting her purse. My god people get in a frenzy over a pregnant woman. Its a little off-putting.

  • holla

    @Eresyn: I think her stomach is big because she is very petite so it shows more.

  • Nina

    Heard she is due in April or may so if that be the case she looks exactly like she should. She is glowing and happy can’t fault her in that. She has to dress different for public appearances then she would for casual. Only time will tell and she does not look more then she would for 7 months.

  • LaMila

    I agree the dates seem to be off. I think Ashton Kutcher fathered her baby while they shot their movie together-which was during Ashton stepping out on Demi days.

  • 70

    she is so not happy to be pregnant.

  • Love Jared


    Agreed! I’m betting she’ll have the baby within the next 6-8weeks.

  • Katy

    she is so anoying ewwwwwwwwww

  • Kate

    Homewrecker. I think it’s perfect that she’s playing in the Other Woman. Broke up Sean Penn’s marriage and now her current fiancee’s relationship with the live-in girlfriend.


    She looks so utterly full of herself and she definitely had some work done on her face even if it’s extremely discrete.
    Her lips look much fuller and I noticed she is now pouting a lot on red carpets and TV-shows which doesn’t suit her clever-girl image.

  • Anastacia

    why so much hate against natalie???
    GTFO people! I bet you all are just jealous, because you’re fat and ugly. so before talking shit about others, go and look in the mirror!!!
    her belly is so big! maybe she’s expecting twins?! :)

  • Amira

    Natalies belly grew big so fast after she revealed it ,and we saw the first bump pics, only twin/triplet bellies grow so fast at this point. At a point babies grow really fast and if there is two or more in there – belly size goes up fast, and looks far more along than it is.

    About all the baby daddy speculation- you really think she would have kept the pregnancy if she did not know who the daddy to be is? I don’t think so.

  • Gdm

    Don’t know how women do it. Being pregnant seems so annoying. Every woman who carries a baby has my greatest admiration. I know if I ever have children, I’m going to feel ackward the whole time at the idea that my wife will need to be the one to physically carry out the burden.

  • Eresyn


    That’s what i’m guessing too, i thought she was in her early stage of the pregnancy, now i see i was wrong! either way, she looks just great!!!!

    Yes, it could be that too, i’m small too, i carried very small in my pregnancy, i was all boobs until i hit the six month, and the belly just popped huge LOL…people kept asking me if i was expecting twins all the time!!!!

  • jane

    @holla: I agree with you. she’s my height and I can only imagine when I get pregnant… I’ll be bigger horzontally than vertically.

  • Barbara


    Ask Rachel who the baby daddy is.

  • Poppy

    I like natalie =) bt she looks 6, 7 months pregnant it was like yesterday we found out she was having a kid lol
    either way she looks fab!!

  • Shawna

    Have any of you who are judging the size of her belly actually been pregnant?? Everyone carries differently depending on body type. You cannot guess how far along someone is by the size of their belly. But if I were to wager a guess I would say she is around 5 months pregnant. Pregnant bellies get a lot bigger than that! Oh, and FYI, she does not need to share any of her pregnancy information with any of you because guess what? You don’t matter!

  • Nina

    Kudos>> Shawna you took the words out of my mouth those who complain about her size are just haters of Natalie and just don’t like anything about her so they complain. She is said to be almost 8 by the time of the oscars which she is due about April. She looks small, she isn’t having twins so get over that idea those that claim she is so huge.

  • jimbo

    im the father

  • Joan

    She is beautiful and talented.I hope she wins that damn oscar.

  • padme

    If Nat is pregnant with twins, maybe she can name them Luke and Leia…(paying homage to her SW days)….lol. :D

  • TheSpotlessMind


    Who is Rachel?

    Anyway having a child even if you aren’t married it doesn’t mean you are cheating out with every human being!

    I hope the best for her and I’ll be glad if she win an truly deserved Oscar!

  • Mel

    Wow, people can be really unnecessarily hateful about celebs. Why the “eww I hate her” type comments? There’s always a bunch of people banging on about how they hate this one or that, just because a photo pops up here. The paps take photos of anyone and everyone, particularly if they’ve been getting more media attention (for whatever reason) recently. Natalie is the woman of the moment so it’s natural more photos will be around now but there was hardly any media attention for her before, so why all the hatred? She’s normally a fairly quiet person, but she’s doing well in awards season and she’s pregnant so of course the paps want a piece of her! Hardly her fault and I doubt it’s “by design” that certain things are happening at the moment… geeze, you all want to make a person seem a certain way based on things beyond their control.

    Grow up, get a life of your own and stop bagging people you don’t know just because they’re famous. Sad, sad people.

  • Troy

    It would be nice if some of these actresses would actually get married first before having a child.

  • elliemae

    The baby is due in May. It is a girl. Just watch. Congrats to Nat and Ben.

  • lisa xx

    she is gross looking and shes looks so much older then she is she will have a very hard time losing that weight ugh!

  • vivi

    New @jessiejofficial Artwork “What’s on Repeat: Jessie J – Price Tag” posted here:

  • Alisande

    I like the “Get the look” button at the bottom left of the photos. :-)

  • deeeh

    é mesmo ta muito suspeito essa gravidez dela, ta muito grande ela anda escondendo muito essa gravidez dela .. ta com a cara meio trite … ai teeem

  • lindsay

    @fredpop: you can see her damn bra strap