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Pink: Baby Bump Stroll with Carey Hart

Pink: Baby Bump Stroll with Carey Hart

Mom-to-be Pink and her husband, professional motocross racer Carey Hart, enjoy the beautiful day and go for a walk together on Thursday (February 3) in Malibu, Calif.

The 31-year-old singer’s latest single “F—in’ Perfect,” jumped 11-2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is set to become Pink‘s fourth #1 next week. Check out the music video in case you missed it!

Pink recently announced her pregnancy to Ellen DeGeneres late last year.

10+ pictures inside of Pink and Carey Hart‘s baby bump stroll…

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pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 01
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 02
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 03
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 04
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 05
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 06
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 07
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 08
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 09
pink baby bump stroll with carey hart 10

Photos: AKM Images
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  • believe

    Some girls are lucky and look fab while pg, not this one! My gosh she is going to have a hard time after the baby comes. But be healthy and have a wonderful, healthy baby!

  • Cindy

    Good for Pink! She is out without make-up just living her life not caring what any of us hens think!

  • Kathy

    Well the girls in the corner, ra ra ra, girls in the corner ra, ra, ra. Everybody should lick their poopstains that come from not wiping your arse.

  • vinha

    @believe: How can you possibly know that?

    She looks great! :D

  • believe

    @vinha: @vinha: Anyone who has had a baby knows how hard it is to lose the baby weight. Pink has gained a lot of weight with the pregnancy. It will be hard to get back in shape. Am sure she will do it but it will be hard. It is much easier to lose 20 lbs then 40 or more.

  • tia

    How can you say this woman looks great? She is gaining too much weight too quickly and looks awful in those disgusting pants and see through tee, not to mention th “accessory” on her arm, with the nasty tats of corpses.

  • LaMila

    Congrats on the baby but she does look horrible.

  • Amanda

    The weight is something that COMES with pregnancy and is something that can be lost. She’s apparently happy and healthy; that’s what matters most. Many women gain weight differently-especially when one is already an athletic build to begin with. You spit up, it hits you in face. You never know what you’ll end up looking like pregnant, So you really shouldn’t judge. And the tattoo comment is juvenile.

  • NT

    some use this as a time to eat eat ….cut her a break … she will lose the weight…they look happy best wishes pink

  • B

    I always love coming on here to see what spiteful things people have to say. If you’ve ever seen her perform pre-pregnancy you know she was in great shape, so I’m sure she’ll be fine when it comes time to lose. I love that no one on these boards has every left the house wearing sweats! Kudos to you for your perfection!

  • tia

    The TATTOO is juvenile, Amanda, lol!

  • Pat

    Wow, ppl need to back off. Just because you couldn’t lose your fat doesn’t give you the right to judge others!!
    Pink looks amazing, and since you are all so SELF-CENTRED, maybe you should chat amongst yourselves bout your own personal issues, or start a support group…

    ~ CONGRATS Pink and Carey. You are so beautiful, before, now and forever!!~

  • Esmerelda

    Well, I’ve left the house in sweats & no makeup many imes, but I wouldn’t be caught dead in that tights outfit, esp if I looked like Pink does in it!

  • Scooby

    Pink looks fine, she shouldn’t have to wear makeup for the paparazzi, but a maternity dress that offers some coverage, at least of the crotch, would be a good idea.

  • http://Tja Sligo ^ __ ^ cute

    Boring couple

  • Robert

    Pink is just fugly no matter what.

  • bessie

    I think she looks hot.

    He’s hot. And I’m sure the baby will be a looker… good for them.

    I actually like the tats. He pulls them off and i’m sure isn’t aiming to please the closed minds.


  • mike g


    only to the corny

  • Sean

    Ooooof!! Please put a bag over her head if she’s not wearing make-up. Thank you…

  • mms

    LEAVE P!NK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let her enjoy her pregnancy without having to be judged by the way she looks every second.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Good for her but she’s a bit far along to call it a bump.

  • Rao

    Ugh, I could stand her if she wasn’t so hypocrite, that “fuc*ing perfect ” video is a joke, how can she speak about self-acceptance and self-esteem after that “stupid girls” video, where she makes fun of girls with eating disorders, anyone who doesn’t like exactly what she thinks is okay (like fake tan, shopping, etc… silly things to criticize, that’s not her business, just like bullys do)
    I hope she give birth to a healthy baby. But I have to remember that she said it was okay for parents to spank their kids? I hope her child be safe….

  • Courtney

    you can’t help what you gain when your pregnant particularly a first pregnancy or a first successful one after a loss or losses. cut pink a break and she’s of average height so the pregnancy is going to show bigger than it would on a taller person like Sasha Alexsander Or Sophie Dahl {ne Sophia Holloway Sophia is her mother Tessa’s given middle name} 31 isn’t old to have a baby by a longshot Joanne Woodward had what would’ve been her 3rd natural child at 31 middle Daughter Melissa Stewart September 27th 1961 and what would’ve been her 4th at 35. Pink may have had complications early on that she’s not willing to talk about that make her gain more weight than recomended which if your of normal weight before conception is 25-40lbs for a singleton and 37-54lbs for twins and first born singletons are usually late anyway where multiples tend to arrive early

  • sindyisdatchu



  • bubbaness

    Don’t care what she looks like, love her.


    What makes Pink so fantastic is her attitude, not her looks (though she is a cute girl, so to speak). It’s possible the doctors made her quit exercising, which can exacerbate weight gain. That said, physiologists have proven muscle memory enables fit people to bounce back after injuries, pregnancy, etc over those who haven’t worked out. If Pink puts her mind to it, post-preg she’ll be back hardcore in 3-6 months.
    In short, leave her alone – she’s glowing with happiness.

  • Poppy

    I f—-ing love Pink!!!!!!
    A music genious that kid is gonna be the coolest

  • mona-fabulous

    she looks happy so who the hell cares that she’s not wearing make-up or wearing clothes from fancy labels?? some aren’t so superficial— like her adorable husband who’s standing by her. so screw all of you negative people and let her enjoy this happy moment!! i think she’ll be afantastic mother. she’s a strong woman so she’ll cope lol

  • Mejay

    I think she’ll be ok, gaining weight is a part of pregnancy. She was a muscular girl to begin with and losing fat is easier when you have a muscular base.

  • Sweets

    She looks great! She’s preggo for god sakes! When she wasn’t preggo, she stayed in shaped and seemed to be healthy. Cut her some slack and let her live a lil. I would much rather her eat up than starve herself like the rest of hollywood. Pink doesnt care what you or hollywood thinks, never did. Listen to her songs and interviews. LOVE HER! She’s a much better influence on young girls than many of the skinny ones in hollywood! And i’m not a fat girl hating, i’m slim and in shape. So I will be doing the same as Pink once I am preggo! Live it up honey, take care of baby, yourself and hubby! Love that they got back together too! ‘So so what, I’m still rockstar!” lol

  • Alexis

    This is one couple that I’m excited for their pregnancy. She plans her life really well when she got famous.
    I would be like Pink if I’m pregnant too, eat whatever, gain whatever, don’t care what I look and be happy!!!

  • http://www.twitter// Erin Brower

    i think she looks great, no matter what everyone else Says. i hope she Has a safe Pregnancy, and everything Goes Smoothly !!!


  • Kiera

    argh people annoy me, i was 105kg when i fell pregnant and so glad i didnt put weight on in pregnancy accept my baby’s weight and fluid. im now 80kg 12 months after giving birth, sure her pants may be tight in the crotch but if these photos were of her standing straight on you wouldnt get that, and she hasnt put on that much weight you need to remember also that her “weight/size” is more likely from fluid retention. oh and p.s not making fun of people with eating disorders more the fact that people have made them a fad.

  • http://Reeses74 Pam

    who died and made you the fashion police, just because Pink has the guts to do what she wants and express herself how she like is what made alot of us love her, she’s out to impress you, she’s out walking with her hubby, and enjoying the day as a soon to be mother, who cares about a damn tattoo, get a life and leave her alone, you sound petty and jealous, tattoos,are what separate the clones from the free thinkers, which tells me you are apart of the establishment,lol, sucks for you!

  • volley15


    You do realize that the stupid girls video was about girls that do all that stuff, like fake tanning, ect. to give themselves the false thought of beauty and that you don’t have to have to dress like a slut, or put out sex tapes, eat nothing and/or throw up, fake tan so much that you are orange to be beautiful.

    “Disease’s growing, it’s epidemic
    I’m scared that there ain’t a cure
    The world believes it and I’m going crazy
    I cannot take any more
    I’m so glad that I’ll never fit in
    That will never be me
    Outcasts and girls with ambition
    That’s what I wanna see
    Disasters all around
    World despaired
    Their only concern
    Will they **** up my hair”

  • motherof1:)

    You people make me sick, until you have had your own child you can’t judge how pink looks. Weight gain during pregnancy is a given, and losing it afterwards is easy. So sod off and go deal with you own social issues away from people who deserve to be happy.

  • Bronwyn

    How dare anyone criticize a woman out minding her own business with her partner while expecting her first baby. She may be in the public eye but that does not mean we have the right to have a go at her, nor does she deserve it!! Imagine how you would feel if you were expecting your first and strangers on the street told you how ugly you look pregnant and how you should cover up – would you hurt???? Walk a mile in someones shoes before you throw them in the trash – cause the trash is the only place people who “trash” others belong!!

  • Sal

    I’m pretty SURE she could give a rats ass what anyone thinks of how she looks or how much weight she’s gained!!!!