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Alexander Skarsgard: Flip the Script

Alexander Skarsgard: Flip the Script

Hunky True Blood star Alexander Skarsgard holds onto a script as he heads out of a business meeting and walks back to his car on Thursday (February 3) in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old Swedish actor next stars in the action flick, Battleship. His co-star, blonde beauty Brooklyn Decker, told MTV, “I think Alex said something that the [board] game was the inspiration for the movie and not necessarily the storyboard for the movie and I would be in agreement with that. It’s an action/war film, so we draw inspiration from the game in that it is called Battleship and Hasbro is heavily involved.”

10+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard flipping the script…

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alexander skarsgard script 01
alexander skarsgard script 02
alexander skarsgard script 03
alexander skarsgard script 04
alexander skarsgard script 05
alexander skarsgard script 06
alexander skarsgard script 07
alexander skarsgard script 08
alexander skarsgard script 09
alexander skarsgard script 10

Credit: Brabus; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • Thinner???

    Is it me or does he look thinner?????


    Here we go again. I guess we now know he’s getting offers. He does look thinner. His hands are skeletal.

  • Mckenzie

    gorgeous man!

  • Dreamy

    I think that black sweater looks great on him and he is looking better every day. Much more rested and fit. Nice to see him looking more relaxed.

  • Is TB shooting yet???

    Yeah, this is the SECOND time he’s been spotted with a script. Real Subtle, Alex.

  • Is TB shooting yet???

    Yeah, this is the SECOND time he’s been spotted with a script. Real Subtle, Alex.

  • Is TB shooting yet???

    Yeah, this is the SECOND time he’s been spotted with a script. Real Subtle, Alex.

  • oh please…

    He’s sooooo over-rated, nice body but the face….very average!

  • amtj2008

    Are we all looking at the same pictures? He looks bigger than he has in a while. He has not looked this big since G/K and the first season of TB.

    Oh and wow just because he associate with a famewh*re does not make him one. I mean have people forgotten that he is an actor and a MAN??? It is not like he can put the script in a purse. Oh and he has to read it before he takes the business meeting, it is also important to have it at the meeting.

    So it begins…….
    People who say they are his fan are going to dissect every picture for “signs” and bring up the famewh*re.

  • Alex is a SELLOUT

    HA, I see now he is walking pathetically with a script in his hands like Rachel Bilson…and his poser girlfriend Kate Bosworthless, he did sell his soul or career to the devil lol

  • http://Tja Sligo ^ __ ^ cute

    Take alex in polic

  • wow

    Just let the guy be. Why do people have to bring up KBosworth at every chance? Fair enough if she was in the actual pics with him. But she isn’t.
    He’s going about his everyday life, which is being an actor… & reading scripts or going to business meetings is part of what they do! Leave his personal life outta it!

  • FreeSpirit71

    Looking good Skars….despite all the other conjecture, he’s a good actor and its nice to see him getting offers for films. Not a fan of KB and her ways, but ignorance is bliss. All I see is a good looking Swede.

  • Mar

    Hel-lo, tall, blonde, and gorgeous!

  • FreeSpirit71


    Yes, but even the fans that are critical of that, are still fans and have a great deal of hope that the negativity can be turned around. Myself,? This season on TB, and his films will be the test. I think his work ethic will prove itself out. Fame in HW is cyclical, everyone has ups and downs, associations with bad eggs or what-have-you. Its how you recover that makes your career. And yes, I dare to add I post on tPF and WoS.

  • Odd

    Is odd that there are no photos from the trueblood set like there were from the two years before like from fans. Alan Ball must have a serious no leaks rule now because there has been nothing and they started filming in dec-jan .

  • @amtj2008

    @ free spirit71
    What is tpf and wos?

  • @free spirit71

    Some would also say the DAMAGE has been done, perception is everything in hollywood. Imagine if director Kevin Smith whose worked with Ben Affeck is like wtf is he doing with Kate B, and laughing at his expense can you imagine what the rest of industry is now thinking/laughing about him.


    How does JJ know he’s coming from (or going to) a business meeting? He could have been coming from a friend’s or anywhere. I guess a little birdy must have told JJ the info.

  • Sunkitz

    @Free spirit71.

    Hold on to your hope about TB because Alan Ball is not going with the books, he feels Bill and Sookie are soul mates, an sad I’m an Eric fan Alex fan not soo much.

  • FreeSpirit71

    I have been as critical as any over the PR. However can Kevin Smith or Ben Affleck claim a spotless, flawless reputation? My post is only commenting on these photos, of him, without her, and my hope that he can turn it around.

  • Mailey

    Always looks grumpy. Seems like a jerk. Maybe he’s not, but that’s the energy he gives off.

  • Sunkitz

    @Free Spirit 71

    I woud say what work ethic? I watched an interview from youtube that TB Alan Ball gave in which he was asked why the Eric character changed his hair color and was not blonde anymore, he was some what defensive and stated that it was not his or the writter’s idea to change his appearence that way, but was Alex. He just showed up with darker hair and he decided to leave it that way. Alan seemed some what miffed .
    Great Actors repect their character’s appearence,s fine get rid of the wig but change the color hair, btw which is being kniwn for that character is lame it’s like having the character snow white have blonde hair. No other actor from TB has changed their appearence like Alex has. I get the feeling he is vain and he did not want to look like his gf KB ‘S brother lol

  • Dreamy

    Eric is getting amnesia, according to AB. We shall see. Melancholia comes out soon. The best thing is Alex looks healthier. More relaxed. That is always something nice for the fan girls to see.



    Do you have a link for the Alan Ball video? Thanks.

  • Priceless

    Hahhahah…Rachel Bilson’s movie being advertised right under Alex’s pictures, 2 for 1 deal JJ????

  • SpiVsSpi

    Looking hawt! If he grinned it would be 10/10.

  • mememe

    @@free spirit71:

    Can you back up what you said about Kevin Smith talking about Kate, or are you just repeating a rumour? If it is true it would be hysterical – i mean, Kate is bad enough by herself, but i don’t think that Kevin Smith is in a position to judge – i mean Kevin is responsible for bringing the Ben Affleck and JLo media-blitz in our faces by casting them together in his shit movies so he can’t exactly comment on other unfortunate Hollywood pairings.

  • Rachel

    I love him..he’s a sweet, patient, and charming man.

  • Anna

    I’m always happy for a “beigeless” Alex sighting. I wish he wouldn’t look so grumpy too, but people need to understand that the paps are being obnoxious and yelling ridiculous things at him while they’re taking his picture- that’s why he looks like this. Give him a break! Oh, and Alex, you look good in black!

  • Sunbug

    It was AB’s idea to take the wig off Alex. AB has said on numerous occasions that it freed Alex’s performance. His hair was shorter in season 3 because Alex had to cut it for Straw Dogs and again this time for Battleship. It’s just hair. I love Eric from the books too, however I’m not going to get myself in a tizzy because his hair isn’t perfect. Alex does a wonderful job with Eric.
    Hopefully this was another meeting for Kon-Tiki. That role is made for him. Lots of shirtless Alex in the South Pacific. YUM!

  • To little, to late

    The thrill is gone. What used to make my mouth drool no longer applies. He has made the choice to take up with a notorious famewhore and gone from sweet, humble and GREATFUL up-and-comer to arrogant, entitled ass.

    I will not see Melancholia, Battleship or the horror that is Straw Dogs and I’m on the brink of cancelling my HBO subscription. When TB ends, which will be very soon since Alan Ball continues to thumb his nose at the loyal book fans and write horrible fanfiction, I hope Alex will remember what a d!ck he was as he flys home to Sweden permanently.

  • @Sunbug

    Stop putting excuses for Alex , who gives a fu*k about the wig but changing the hair color…! whats so hard using a boottle of hair coloring for 20 minutes he could have changed it back. Anna Paquin colored her hair blonde you do not see her changing it back to brown because she has other roles to play do you? That’s being a professional. The Eric character is known for being BLONDE, he should show more dedication for the role. For example Nicole Kidman wore that fake nose for the role of Virginia Wolf .She Won an Oscar, sure she could have said you know what the fake nose is not needed, but her and everyone involved with the character believed that the nose was Virgina Wolf’s physical fortay or feature that stood out. That is why it is called acting some thigs are going to be uncomfortable.

  • Mr DeMille

    @39 and 40….nice to see you schoolchildren arrived home safely….

  • Malanna

    I agree with people who are disappointed with Alex changing the color of the character Eric’s hair. IMHO he looked the best season 2 with the short blonde hair, now not so much. I also have much more respect for an actors who fully transforms himself or herself into the character they are playing both physically and emotionally! Kristen Stewart wore a wig for the Bella character right, she cut her hair short for a role but she didn’t what the heck Bella should have short hair like me! No she kept up with the apperence of the character of Bella.

  • @Mr Demille/jam/hans

    Not, we are just pointing out that Alex will never be seen as a serious Actor always remain a B lister or C lister never like a Bard Pitt or Johnny Depp or another method actor the great Al Pachino. Alex is lazy and unappreciative. He is known here in the States for the character Eric. I feel he doesn’t give a rats azz about his fans, Charlaine Harris fans or even what his famewhore boney Gf thinks. Alex true colors have been seen. He only wants to make as much money as he can and go back to Sweden.
    to his fans ..OPEN YOUR EYES ALREADY!!!

  • TBfan

    @ A little too late
    Yeah I agree, Alan Ball needs to stick with the storyline of books. Do something drastic because many saw TB season 3 as a dud. TB was not even nominated for GG. I as surprised when I found out that Boardwalk Empire got 15-20 million viewers, I was like wow I did not even know that an HBO show could gadner that many viewers. \
    TB at it’s peak garnered around 5 million. Thus TB is not the star of HBO anymore. If the ratings start declining the HBO execs will not fight for it to remain because it has not recieved critical acclaim like In Treatment and Boardwalk Empire has. Sad, because I wanted it to last 7 seasons or more since there are 10 books. Now, I see that Alex still has not gone back to blonde dissapoints me further, little things like that bring back fans! Alex looked so good in season 2.

  • veruca

    According to skarsgardnews (unnoficial site who actually talk to Alex), he says he’s laying low, ‘diving in and not resurfacing’ until True Blood finishes filming in June, after which he’ll be doing press for the show (FINALLY he’ll be on the US talk show circuit, where he’s quite desired). And he’s been offered the part in Kon Tiki, but hasn’t accepted yet, he’s reading the script and won’t make an announcement about it until the studio does.

    So dating Kate does not seem to be hurting his career. I’m sure I’d look grumpy too if cameras were constantly in my face, whether initially wanted or not. As for his mood – all reports I’ve heard about him say he’s an absolute sweetheart of a goofball. Not exactly the asshole some people here want to paint him as.

  • what next

    Seeing the comments here, I’m surprised people aren’t more pleased to see him working. I get the commentary about him sitting around at pap spots but he’s been seen with scripts or by himself working out or something that seems job-related lately so I’ll cut him some slack. Can’t believe we’re still having the Eric hair color discussion. He spent all of Season 3 with that hair, so it’s not going anywhere. Alan Ball should have dealt with it last year, and he didn’t. To be honest, if he takes his clothes off again as Eric, I’m not gonna be looking at his hair…

  • ElisaDay

    exaggerating there a little bit with the 15-20 million: “This makes Boardwalk Empire their second-most popular series BEHIND True Blood”

    I watched Boardwalk Empire, well I managed about 5-6 episodes before I got totally bored. Yes, it’s great acting, great directing, great set design, etc, but there is absolutely no suspense and you just don’t get emotionally involved with the story so you lose interest.

    I totally agree with: @Sunbug Those who worry about Eric’s hair colour are probably 16-17 year-old girls who have no concept of his actual character. The series is (loosely) BASED ON the books not a word-for-word interpretation. A lot of other characters are also different from those in the books, get over it.

  • I’m sorry but…..

    @FreeSpirit71: I thought you left WOS, awhile back. I’m confused, and I don’t see what posting on WOS or tpf has anything to do with the comments here on JJ. and btw what work ethic? How is his work ethic any different from any other starving actor that wants to carve out a career for her or himself? How would JJ know that he has a script in his hand, and attending a business meeting? Yep, PR definately in the play. Oh well, guy gotta eat, he still looks good ,albeit grumpy. LOL, I love the way some of you speculate, like you actually know this guy , up close and personal.

  • Well Apparently…..

    @ElisaDay: the critics and fans do not agree with you. They took home major awards for cast and best series. Something TB has not been able to do . The lead actor Steve Buscemi, hs won everal awrds also. Lets face it, weall love Alex, for his looks, and thats good, but looks and a storyline with 20 major players is hard to follow and will only go so far.

  • askars lover!!

    I agree that “dating” the BOZWORTHLESS has not harmed his career and I am glad alex is laying low that proves to me he is taking control and putting his career first over the BOZWORTHLESS YAY!!!! for him.

    however about alex looking grumpy yes the paps are very unwelcomed and I feel sorry for alex being followed around. but that’s what you get when you live in LA and trying to make it as a HW actor it comes with job and alex needs to deal with it!

    however the jobless again BOZWORTHLESS!! she loves the paps in her face if she could get a public snog with alex she would call every single paper, radio station, tv hosts to film it. BOZ always trys to look like she is NOT enjoying the paps in her face.
    but clearly she is an attention seeker and loves it special thanks to alex !!!.
    did anyone check out the pics with her and alex’s pal at jone’s on third what’s going on with them two??? always hooking up!!!nice couple lol and what’s with her always covering her face???. and his pal whom looks like another BOZ paplover is getting some nice free publicity thanks to hanging out with the BOZ. at-least he enjoys her company more than alex!!

    jj has still not but up those jone’s pics what’s wronge??

  • Enough with the hair color!

    Seriously people. Let it go.

  • Rojo

    Any hotness he may have had has completely evaporated. He looks scrawny, slouchy, baggy and grumpy. And I don’t think his performance in S3 was good. To me, he seemed like he was phoning it in. He looked bored and WAS boring. S1 and 2 he was Eric. Now, he’s just that limp Swedish guy. Next!

  • Jaymie

    Always happy to see new pics of ASkars especially when he’s looking this good!

  • st-th-prz8

    Thought his character was very mystical and hot as hell with the long hair infirst season. The hair did it for me….I like with longer strands.

    But JoeManganiello is the major hotness on that show now and his body is lean and mean…plus he always seems proud and happy to be strolling with his lady..Audra Marie.

    Just a few months more folks….SEASON 4..The wtiches!!

  • PhX

    Yeah, yeah, yeah… but what about Kate Bosworth, what is she up to?

  • Martha fowler

    Love serious Askars. Glad he is working….hope to see him get more job opportunities as a result of TB.