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Jake Gyllenhaal & Carey Mulligan: 'Three Sisters' Night!

Jake Gyllenhaal & Carey Mulligan: 'Three Sisters' Night!

Jake Gyllenhaal attends the opening night of “Three Sisters” at the CSC theatre on Thursday (February 3) in New York City.

The 30-year-old actor came out to support his sister Maggie, who stars in the Classic Stage Company production. It also stars her husband Peter Sarsgaard.

Carey Mulligan, 25, also bundled up and attended the show which is running until March 6th.

FYI: Jake is wearing a Burberry coat.

10+ pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal and Carey Muligan attending Three Sisters

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jake gyllenhaal carey mulligan three sisters opening night 01
jake gyllenhaal carey mulligan three sisters opening night 02
jake gyllenhaal carey mulligan three sisters opening night 03
jake gyllenhaal carey mulligan three sisters opening night 04
jake gyllenhaal carey mulligan three sisters opening night 05
jake gyllenhaal carey mulligan three sisters opening night 06
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Credit: Joseph Marzullo; Photos: WENN
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  • BEAN

    Meh. I’ve completely gone off Jake since the whole Taylor Swift farce. He is fake as hell and a fame whore like the rest of them.

  • Lena

    Anton Chekhov actually wrote the play. He died in 1904

  • tina

    Anton Chekhov could not star in this pay since he’s long time dead. Check your facts, dude! Because that’s a little bit embarassing.

  • Mary from Russia

    Anton Chekhov is the Russian writer and the author of this play, and he died long time ago.

  • jean

    bahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! Anton Checkov Jared??? Dude died 100+ years ago, he’s the writer of the play! Oh man, that’s embarassing Jared, tsk tsk tsk tsk….

  • mailey

    theyd be cute together. better match for him than swift. she’s kinda airheaded. carey’s brainer. matches him more.

  • Buzz

    Jake is so overrated

  • Les

    Carey..A brainer..please have you read some of her interviews…Some of you people are obess with Taylor Swift…This post had nothing to do with her ,but now everytime we see Jake…people who are obess with Taylor mention her…

  • slambang

    Beautiful man! TEAM JAKE!

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Befor jake play raxophone

  • BigB

    Carey is so cute. I love her outfit.

  • pickles

    Carey is dating some guy who’s in a play on Broadway, not Jake.

  • LTavares2011

    Carey and Jake are both smart and talented. I love them. If the midia begin to speculate about them being together I wouldn´t be disappointed. It would have so much more sense than Swift or Redmayne.

  • Jim

    Poor Jake. I mean that literally. Again he is not even in the top 40 Hollywood earners for 2010. He keeps making movies but doesn’t seem to get paid much. Witherspoon is also slipping it seems. For starring in a new movie “This Means War” she got only 12 million way below the 20 million she used to get. And for co-starring in Water for Elephants she got only 2 million. (Information from Vanity Fair).

  • Jim

    @BigB: How many words besides “cute” do you know? 10? 15? Maybe like 6?

  • cam


    There is nothing air headed about Taylor Swift. She is an amazing business woman and co produces her albums. The girl is a money making machine and very very talented. You are entitled to your opinion about her music, but no way is she an air head – she knows exactly where she wants her career to go & she is making it happen by hard work.

    Jake on the other hand appears to be the airhead.

  • Spudley

    @Les: @Les: You are wrong about Carey. She is extremely bright. Perhaps you have misinterpreted her optimism and enthusiasm for naivety.

  • Les

    Carey is not bright….
    All she does in her inteviews is complain and whiny about her hair, not being on Glee, going to a plastic surgeron, then getting upset when they told her to get botox for her crowfeets…

    People love picking on Taylor Swift, but she is one of the more leveled headed, professional people in the music, not running around wearing meat or slutty clothes for attention

    Jake does seems like the immature one to me.

  • Julia

    Jake is so pathetic now that his PR team tries to butch him up like he’s linked to every young girl out there.

  • Jim

    The main appeal of Jake is not his acting which is competent but not great. His main appeal is to people speculating about his sexuality. If his sexuality was clear and unambiguous, nobody would pay much attention to him at all.

  • Juls

    Jake and Carey such lovely guys!!!!

  • Svetlana

    eww cari

  • miria bequilla

    @Jim: I agree and I think he keeps it that way so he won’t just fade into the woodwork.

  • madmax

    @jim I agree with you. People speculating about Jake’s sexuality. I think he is OK actor but he really hasn’t had a really ‘great’ role since Brokeback.

  • Julia

    I think he’s a publicity ho and a creep.

  • stella

    Who´s great actor nowadays in Hollywood? Robert Patz!!! Give me a break!
    Jake is great actor but this is not to do he´s nominned to Oscar every year.
    People hate Jake, calm down, he´s young and a has big career ahead. I believe some awards are on his way.

  • Dee

    Jake is a great actor. Take time to actually watch the acting. Loved him in LAOD and am looking forward to Source Code. Did this ariticle say anything about them going to this play together? No. So why are people speculating. Yes, I would love to see them together, better than Taylor.

  • hanna

    uh, i love taylor and all, she seems like a sweet girl BUT it is kinda her fault too. maybe she’s not good in relationships, think about all the guys she’s been with, and hasn’t stayed with for long, its not just the guys fault, its hers too! she must have some kind of problem, who knows! and i don\t think this whole hating on jake, just because of the swift thing, is fair. he’s ten years older than her, she should’ve known from past experiences (romance with john mayer!) what was coming. jake seems like a nice guy, who wouldn’t take advantage of a young girl, taylor is beautiful and talented, you cant blame him for falling for her! AND he did meet up with her after the split, also, jake is still has a good relationship with all his ex’s, OBVIOUSLY he was the one to call her up. SO stop hatin!

  • emma

    @hanna: totally agree with you! jake is an awesome actor, and people shouldn;t hate just because of the whole taylor thing, that was in the past people! :)

  • ROB

    MO is Jake does better in the friends department when it comes to girls.

  • Crystal

    Carey is Jake’s new gf and I guess she’s better than Taylor but I’m thinking Jake is her rebound guy so it probably won’t last.

  • Lara

    @ROB: I totally agree with you. I think he needs stop and review his concepts about women, and also buy glass or make laser eye surgery, because his tasty sucks.

  • se

    Jake Gyllenhaal must grown up. It is a teenager party.
    He is very old to take part of this kind of party!

  • Ben

    Jake seems to go for girls who look like teenage boys and he acts way too immature for a 30yo guy. Damn if he lives to be 50 he will be dating teenagers and looking like an old fool.

  • e-Lulu

    Fiiiine looking man! He gets better with age!!!

  • se


  • Maria V.

    Aww. Carey is such a wonderful girl. Love her.