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Jennifer Aniston Brings Norman on 'Chelsea Lately'

Jennifer Aniston Brings Norman on 'Chelsea Lately'

Jennifer Aniston takes along her dog Norman for her appearance on Chelsea Lately, which will air this Monday (February 7).

The 41-year-old Just Go With It actress said that she brought her 15-year-old pooch along because he wanted “to say hi to Chuy more than anything.”

Jen even dressed Norman up in an argyle sweater that matched her pal Chelsea Handler‘s sidekick’s signature look.

Catch the full interview on Chelsea Lately on Monday, February 7 at 11pm!

Jennifer Aniston Brings Norman on ‘Chelsea Lately’
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  • lexy hates bilson

    I thought they were fighting?? Good for them for making up. Chelsea needs Jen’s star power on her show!

  • lin

    Horse face interviewing another horse face. The dog is even cuter than them. Two pathetic fools.

  • Jane

    Woah, can this woman just look any better?! Its like she looks hotter with age, flawless skin, hair and dont even get me started about her body, INSANE!!

  • yo

    so it is astonishing how she calls perez a bully while she is besties with the biggest bully around and no one calls her on it!

  • Helen

    I can’t stand that she is friends with this nasty piece of work who constantly puts Jolie down – you want to move on – stop letting other people do your dirty work.

  • Speak Now


    Careful, you’ll get attacked for that lol. Some people are so filled with hate it’s sick.

  • Jelly

    She is friends with Handler because she badmouths Jolie. Aniston constantly uses her fans and celeb friends to get back at Jolie. Move on you desperate cow.

  • Jim

    Yuck two old hags talking about getting drunk and picking up men – how sexy? Less is more gals and both of you are a bit long in the tooth to be acting like aging teenagers.

  • Dean

    Yawn. Who cares?

  • Lisa

    Wow. The girl next door has got this old viper to badmouth Jolie for her – how utterly classy….

  • Lisa

    I guess when you don’t have kids or a husband you have to use your dog for attention. I wonder how long it will take for the next sleazy photo shoot…anything to stay in the public eye.

  • ellie’

    Its sad you all think Jen had anything to with Chelsea ..Its no secret Chelsea never like Angie for yrs..Chelsea is a comedian and they put down anyone especially stars.. You actually think Angie is the only one…

  • jess

    She seriously has the best damn legs and I hate her for it ;)

  • loko

    she will never be with brad pitt again, thats for sure.. brad is character and he would be with somebody who is friend with somebody who speaks bad about his children.. she is desperate – one movie after another.. and no man in her life… brad was the best thing that she ever had
    Chelsea´s dream is to be hollywood star.. but she is pathetic..and to make fun of hollywood legend like angelina isn´t good too..
    nobody ever said about jennifer aniston that she is legend.. because she is star only when she is alive.. but angelina will be legend like elizabeth taylor, marilyn monroe, sophia loren…

    move on pathetic botox lady

  • Melissa

    It just doesn’t get any better then Jennifer, she is such an awesome person and always so funny.

  • Melissa

    Bring on the jealous comments losers!!!! Jennifer doesn’t give a shit what some old hags think of her. Get over yourselves.

  • ellie’

    Now on another note Jennifer looks so sexy such beauty.. You see that face and body. . Jen is a great actress .Love her movies… I just love to see her… .
    You people can’t feel good about all need some self esteem..
    Jennifer is not old I’m older and feel great about my self.. If I live to be a 100. I would still feel like a young 100 woman.. Everyday matters in my life… Not to sure about yours…

  • Melissa

    And as for bad mouthing Jolie, who cares??? What Chelsea said was the truth. It is not like she lied or made anything up. Maybe if Angelina was a better person she would have friends to defend her, but like Chelsea said, she doesn’t because she is a nasty bitch

  • bob

    not funny – try to be funny

  • bob

    fake hair, fake eyes, fake smile.
    she’s greek not american

  • Green bay

    jennifer aniston is happy

  • cuckoo

    oh great, now the dog talks to her and tells her he wants to meet little people. :rollseyes:
    cute doggie but doesn’t seem very attached to her. my dog hangs around me every time she’s in unfamiliar territory.

  • bob

    happy with her dog and her lesbian friend chelsea

  • bob

    brad vince john gerard WHERE ARE YOU ?

  • Mirror-On-The_Wall

    Some of you don’t have a life, that’s why you are commenting about Jennifer Aniston who is laughing all the way to the bank..She has been married once, what about you spinters who are as *desperate* as the you claim JA is w/o a husband. She’s been there done that. Some opf yopu will never get married let alone to a movie star.


    re: both Anniston and Handler’
    Your 15 minutes is up.


    She dressed up her dog and brought it to a show. Riiight. She is clearly on her way to the land of Cat Lady meets Mss Haversham.
    Two more classless people would be harder to find. They exude phoniness.

  • Poppy

    Oh look!!!!! Two self centered, good for nothing whinny bitches catching up on the latest on-dit
    they probably don’t have much to share anyway

  • Poppy

    hey jared!! you censored my comment =(
    anyways jen you are rich please fix that chin of yours


    Jen is beautiful as always, she has this natural sensuality, which gives, Jen, this unique side

  • maria

    what a nice woman. can\t stand the HOMEWRECKER

  • Vicky

    Amazing Legs!!Wow!!

  • carolynlee

    The one word that comes to me when I read about any interview or appearance she has is the word vacuous . There is nothing to her of any significance . She is devoid of any impressive talent , she certainly is not naturally beautiful , depth of humanity is not displayed ( if she has any ) , and to cover her snarkiness and passive aggessiveness she attempts unfunny humor . I think she is fake as hell and her publicist has helped to put up a facade .

  • Glee


  • ugh

    BAHAHAA HATERS!! HATERS!!! HATERS!!! make her richER #losers get a life :)

  • ugh

    so, apart from the jolie-pitts on this site does AJ has anyone else to defend her? HAHAHA #stupind CUNT

  • anonymous

    If you tell a lie long enough or if you see it enough you will believe it. JA don’t have any body part better than half of the actresses in Hollywood, but she shows what she got more than any other actress in Hollywood, her body is used as a decoy because SHE HAS NO ACTING SKILLS!! TALK ABOUT HER BODY IS ALL SHE’S GOT!

  • anonymous

    @Green bayTo Green Bay: So happy that she appears at most of her functions slurring her words stoned, A pitiful sight since Brad Pitt dumped her and angie stole her man and she hs failed to attract another she has steadily gone down hill, the Razzie lifetime award will be the crowning jewel to a pathetic career of a middle-age old hag.

  • Melissa

    Don’t you old hags have anything better to do then stalk Jennifer Aniston and pretend you don’t like her just because you are trying to convince yourselves your not jealous and pathetic?

  • why does she hide her face?

    She has a nice figure, but why does she always hide behind her hair. It’s all in her face.

  • Melissa

    And don’t say something stupid like I am not jealous of Jennifer, OF COURSE YOU ARE!!!!!!

  • boston61

    I can’t believe I used to like her.

  • Jen’s a hypocrite

    Somebody here already mentioned it, but will say it again … amazing how this idiot blasts Perez Hilton for being mean while she hangs out with this vile woman. Jennifer Aniston is a has been, an immature girl/woman, she is no longer relevant, and furthermore, she’s a hypocritical twit. Jen and Chelsea can do a menage a trois with Norman.

  • Man Repellant Spray

    That poor dog didnt want to be pulled up there… poor thing, putting a 13 year old dog and frightening him like that…Jen should know better than to do jepordize the well being of own dog, tramatizing him like that, did you see he just walked off and away from aniston and she thought it was funny..She wont think it’s funny when he’s gone, just like the rest of the men in her life.

  • bobbi

    Simple. I’ve boycotted Handler’s show.

  • hayley

    i love jen shes amazing and gorgeous <3

  • angelinais100xbettathanme*cry*

    haha, ur own dog doesnt like u jennifa.

  • Media Wh@re MANiston

    Melissa @ 02/04/2011 at 8:41 pm

    I am only jealous of the money she has. The rest. She sucks.

  • Tommy Boy

    How fun! Jennifer always knows what to bring on a talk show whether it’s a gift or just something fun and different. Loved her stint on Ellen the other day. That was way fun!!!

  • annie

    i love jen, totally amazing woman! get a life all you jealous haters!