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Jennifer Lopez: FAO Schwarz with the Twins!

Jennifer Lopez: FAO Schwarz with the Twins!

Jennifer Lopez leaves her hotel to go to FAO Schwarz on Friday (January 4) in New York City.

The 41-year-old American Idol judge met husband Marc Anthony and their twins, Max and Emme, at the famous toy store.

Earlier this week, Jennifer attended the launch of the Venus Goddess Fund for Education.

On Sunday, Jennifer and Marc will be at the White House, where they were invited to watch the Super Bowl with President Obama!

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  • rsm

    hey cant afford to shop there… isnt marc in major debt? isnt that why they sold their kids to gucci and now venus….? shameful fame whore.

  • She stinks!

    Is that JHO or some white girl?

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  • Vade Retro

    Pretty Charming

  • Ben

    Her daughter is so ugly!!!! No wonder Ben wanted nothing to do with procreating with JLO he knew what the kids would look like. Ben is a smart man!

  • BostonFan

    Such an ugly child.

  • Madrid

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    I bet ‘she stinks’ is Jennifer Garner…still worried about the original bennifer. come on you insecure bitch

  • jglow

    Jlo looks beautiful and happyas usual and her kids are so cute. The little girl looks just like Jlo. she is going to be gorgeosu like her mom.

  • Courtney

    Um Jared she’s not officially 41 until July 24th she was born in 1970 not 1969. wonder where they are is it LA didn’t know there was an FAO Schwartz in LA I know the flag ship store is in NYC and there used to be one in boston which unfortunately closed some years ago

  • Anna2

    Ben’s kids are just as ugly.

  • natalie

    your a bunch of haters she is a sweet heart n so is her husband they r both really good parents and love there kids

  • me

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  • jillyro

    JLo wants us to think she is very motherly, but she isn’t because she is rarely holding her kids and seems to be more concerned with how she looks. Life is one big photo op. for JLo. it seems. She’s addicted to attention. Beautiful woman, but she seems selfish, not a warm mother, poor kids, it’s all about her.

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