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Leonardo DiCaprio: Sad The Lakers Lost

Leonardo DiCaprio: Sad The Lakers Lost

Leonardo DiCaprio watches the San Antonio Spurs beat the Los Angeles Lakers by the final score of 89-88 at the Staples Center on Thursday (February 3) in Los Angeles.

The 36-year-old actor is set to star in director Clint Eastwood‘s film J. Edgar, a biopic about FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who was rumored to be a closeted homosexual and cross-dresser. Armie Hammer (The Social Network), who plays Hoover’s Associate Director of the FBI and rumored lover, revealed that there are “a ton of kissing scenes” with DiCaprio.

“I actually just met [Leo] for the first time Saturday at the DGA Awards. Sure, we talked business,” Hammer told E!. “He’s a talented actor. I’m not nervous or afraid of it being awkward. The script is great. The scenes are in there for a reason. I’m really excited.”

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  • hanni

    He’s too hot to be on this site.

  • Svetlana

    I was there too

  • Carmen Vergara

    I wish that they would replace Leonardo DiCaprio with Billy Crudup in Clint Eastwood’s forthcoming film, J. Edgar and make it a spin-off from Public Enemies (2009).
    I hope that he drops out of many of the following projects as it is difficult to follow with so many:
    The Devil in the White City
    Conspiracy of Fools
    The Wolf of Wall Street
    The Infiltrator
    The Guardians
    The Many Deaths of Barnaby James
    The Great Gatsby
    Travis McGee
    Beat the Reaper
    The NeverEnding Story
    Untitled Brian Koppelman and David Levien Project
    Untitled Twilight Zone Project
    Untitled Gucci Biopic
    In Dark Woods
    Brave New World
    Untitled Michael Mann/1930s Noir Project
    The Chancellor Manuscript
    The Low Dweller

  • Thai

    Oh, Leo, come on, dont worry, theres no sugar!

  • Fan of Beauty

    So cool to see him without his usual facial hair…. he’s been like that for the last 10 days!!!! LOVE HIM!

  • hyoid

    something’s off w/ his face…

  • Dasha

    I can’t wait to see his new movie, i love him so much, the best actor of his generation, and he’s so handsome, i sound like a fangirl? i don’t care lol

  • Lilakoi Moon

    God, am I the only who thinks his face looks weird here? Like, creepy-looking. It almos scared me. He looks like Michael Jackson in those main pictures. And I don’t mean that as a compliment!

  • Mari

    I think he looks really young in these photos, probably because of the lackof facial hair and the white socks (don’t know why that makes him look younger but it does). As for the comments about his face looking “off” I wonder if something was done to his eyebrows for the movie. They looked perfectly normal at the awards show but here they look shaped, perhaps? Or maybe it’s just that they’re darker than normal. Regardless, I think he looks handsome.

  • mailey

    he looks like he has some sort of terminal disease with this hat for some reason. weird.

  • ha

    @Lilakoi Moon: WTF are you talking about? I don’t even like him but even I can admit he looks gorgeous here.

  • jbird

    I think he looks like he’s lost weight (maybe for a role?).

  • Ann

    Loving the Leo. He looks great and like he had a great time .

    I’m looking forward to seeing this talented actor bring Hoover to life.

  • anonymous

    Thanks for great pix of adorable Leo.

    But, Jared, you missed that he was sitting with Tom Hardy.

  • Anna

    Tom Hardy was there too, I just came to see his pictures.:)


    ehi you missed TOM HARDY, c’mon!!!

  • http://Tj Sligo ^_^ cute

    Leo the best and cute

  • charada

    IMO He looks younger.

    He is into his new role, Hoover. He has dyed his hair (now he has black hair), he has shaved and he has a new hair cut.

  • Kaz simply Amaazzing !!!!!!!!

    Hes so gorgoues!! :D


    Leo is a great actor, but his extracurricular activites have taken a toll on his looks. I’m not so blinded by his talent that I can’t evaluate his physical appearance. .

  • gatsby fan

    i don’t know what you people are on about, but I think he looks really cute and young.. I like the clean shaven look on him too… And he must have lost some weight for the role perhaps… he def. looks great..!!

  • tinkertoy

    dont cry, pookie, they’ll still make it to the playoffs. Love him with short, even harsh looking cut— looked great with a crew cut in the Departed.
    havent seen bar in a few weeks…so nice. But remember, she has to stick to him like glue its business as much as pleasure.

    at least he’ll be filming for a few weeks.

    jason stratam is looking for a house with Rosie Huntington Whitely. Guess who is NOT looking for a house with Bar. hahahahahhahahhahah

    leo is obviously in work mode. Love it !

  • tinkertoy

    tee hee hee white socks…..a little bit of a nerd still in there somewhere.

    looks good clean shaven. eyes nice and wide and healthy…he’s in work mdoe.

  • Mrs. DiCaprio

    @23: hmm… i don´t think he will be whit Bar after seeing her in Big Brother (israeli version)… i´m positive they´ve split… he was parting really hard all this time and now he will shoot a movie, and remember whem he filmed Inception he dumped her so no… i don´t think we will see them together again… thanks good!!! i can´t imagine how embarraced Leo must be after hearing his “GF” will be in BB… poor Leo… Bar just has not class!!!

  • @25

    You’re gonna be so disappointed to see him with bar probably soon. Leo’s standards are obviously way too low to care about his mediocre girlfriend’s mediocre jobs. He doesn’t seem to care about her fake marriage or her ‘Egypt is primitive comment’ so why do you think he would care about Big Brother? Brace yourself!

  • Lisa rose

    @Mrs. DiCaprio: Bar is NOT going to compite in “The Big Brother” house!!! she’s just gonne be there for a few HOURS!!! along with few other celebrities!!! and yeah, you are going to be VERY dissapointed when you’ll new pics of Leo WITH Bar!!!

  • Lisa rose

    @Lisa rose: *disappointed

  • @25

    Don`t get me wrong I totally agree with you, bar has no class at all. But believing that they broke up is pretty naive. Leo is still showing how much he prefers low class and lack of quality in woman. He seems to be perfectly content with a joke of a girlfriend and I assume he is not any better than her. So get used to the idea that bar is gonna be back UNFORTUNATELY and you will see him around his mediocre gf again.
    @27: Crazy lisa rose is back! Wonderful! Celeb ( if you can call her that ) or not it is embarrassing for a `supermodel` to do Big Brother! What a career! LOL!

  • Mrs. DiCaprio

    hi lisa rose, are you sure she will stay only a few hours? cuz i guess she will be there at least for one entire day (24 hs at least)… i just can´t imagine her in that house full of guys who sleep all on the same bed, the idea of Bar sharing bed whit one of them or the idea or her being spotted 24/7 by the entire country, or the idea of Bar being spotted while she´s in bathroom or taking a shower makes me sick!!! i still don´t understand why she said yes to that!!! if you find how much time she will be there please tell me… and i also would like to know if the rest of the celebs who are also expected to be there will get inside the house at same day as Bar or will they get inside the house on other day? god.. how could she say yes to that!!! and about the break up, i don´t know , may be it is naive to think they split but on the other hand that´s what i fell… i don´t think Leo will be that proud of her after this… sorry, but like i said i just can´t deal whit the idea of Bar in BB!!! it´s to much for me… (and for your info i never hated her, but whit this i´m very disappointed..)

  • Anon

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Hawtness

  • P

    Kaz real name(leonardo d) and sligo (adam lambert)

  • tinkertoy

    P, really? that would be interesting. But I dont think so. If I were him I could not read this site at all. I bet someone reads it for him at his PR agency. No, he doesnt care what bar does….but I’m not sure exactly. remember, if he does break up with her for any reason she will be on the phone whining to get back. For months if it takes. This is a business arrangement too, you know, for both of them. I think there has been a cooling off…he didnt go on vacay with her in Mexico, only came down for a Vlad Doronin party. And then in Hawaii, supposedly he was texting his mystery lady that’s why he was happy.

    I dont care if they take pictures together they always look horrible. She brings him down to nada. But then again he doesnt take her that seriously either, not with the amount of cheating he does. He’s a “summertime man” – some of yours, some of mine, some of hers…

    I hope so anyway. This is not a play year and this boy has a major film to do, starting TOMORROW. with a HARDCORE director who is not known for being particularly nice in hollywood. Scorcese might be your “favorite uncle” but Eastwood isnt. So we wont see her for a while-he wants to concentrate on what is important and what gives him his power- his career.

    Look at his eyes, they are clear and serious. This is game time folks !
    I cant think he’ll be sneaking barfie in the back room of his hotel. Hope not!

    But then again, Lisa Rose, whatever. We know he fools around on her. We dont feel bad for her ! She may be the headliner but there are warm-up acts and encores too. But she isnt enough for him. I dont think she can pull any of her passive aggressive nonsense while he is working either–if she tries any nonsense he’ll hang-up. Just a feeling.

    Anyway, no pictures of them TOGETHER since October. Except for Hawaii, when I think that grin of his was about something else. and someone else, and that scared/troubled expression of hers was funny too. We wont see em together for a while, and even if we do, so what. I’m over it ! He doesnt love her ! He’s not going to marry her. You dont cheat on people you seriously want to marry. Or love. The End !

    Leo dump her, c’mon man.

  • tinkertoy

    then again I think Lisa Rose is Sparkly Adi, so maybe she knows something we dont- she usually knows when there is a hook-up planned. RALPH. I kind of think there was a cooling after the

  • tinkertoy

    …after the stupid Egypt remark. I think before that they broke up, but she whined her way back and got on the Egypt junket. But I think our boy is quietly playing elsewhere ! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY

    I know she is there is in part to make him look like a grown up but his adult female FANS ARE NOTHING BUT HAPPY WHEN HE PLAYS AROUND.

    Get it, Ken Sunshine et al??? LET HIM BREAK UP.

  • tinkertoy

    Ok, one last…I would be so embarrassed to be Bar. First off, anywhere I went in Israel I would be embarrassed to show my face, but also now anywhere in Hollywood. She’s a laughing stock after all the posts on Ted C….the “wandering eyes” remark and the party girl…… a fool.

    Im telling ya, reality tv is the best option for her. She cant act, so she has to do something else. She has enough of a personality for people to either like or hate her, she still looks ok in a bikini. There’s a lot of mileage there, I’m telling ya.

    Since when did he ever take her seriously anyway? Did we see him at either “Sessions” screening? NAH. And when he went to see her during the filming he told the waitress he was going to see his “friend”- meaning euphemism for “I’m available.”

  • tinkertoy

    OK, one more…do you think his PR people post here constantly about his films…I mean there have been like ten Hoover posts…because he gets so much attention? Or do t hey fax them out randomly and Jared uses them because he knows we’ll post a lot.

    Anyway, love you Leo, hate your girlfriend, but love you boo !

  • Mandy

    Leo definitely makes sitting courtside even more appealing :!

    Love both him and Tom. Looks like the guys had lots of fun on their night out win or lose.

  • CanadaGirl

    @tinkertoy: Hmm.. hard to tell if his do, but hers do definitely. We get the mystery, private pics. and info. I am convinced that Kim K or her people were on the last Leo thread seeing how her comment about Leo was being taken. No-one on Leo threads talks about Kim and all of a sudden there’s an argument about her. The last comment actually sounds like something that KK would say. Weird.

  • no

    he is gross

  • what



  • sue

    What a dweeb. He’s wearing flood pants. He lost his looks right after Titanic.

  • Lisa rose

    @tinkertoy: Did you have ANY proof that Leo is really cheating on her????? and I’m not talking about tweets and “sighting”…
    and by the way I AM NOT anyone else!!!! and I’m not Adi or whetever her name is and I’m tierd of telling you this!!!! so f**** you, I am not changing my name like YOU!!

    @Mrs. DiCaprio:
    she’s NOT going to sleep there!! do you really think that she is going to sleep in the house and being filmed all day?! its just for a menition for A FEW HOURS!!! as a guest!!!

  • hahaha

    It seems like lisa rose forgot her meds again. lol

  • Lisa Rose is All Thorns

    Hey, Lisa Loon. How have you been? We’ve missed you. The thread has been so dull and rational without you.

  • Evelyn


  • Lisa rose

    @hahaha: LMAO… NOT!!

  • sourpatch575


  • what


    NO. He looked amazing in-Catch me if you can, The Aviator, The Departed, Blood Diamond and Inception.

  • sal